Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Chelating extraction of metals from e-waste using diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid
Verma A, Hait S
12 - 19 Vitrocrystalline foams produced with EPS as pore former: Processing and characterization
de Moraes EG, Bigi M, Stochero NP, Arcaro S, Siligardi C, de Oliveira APN
20 - 31 Arsenic removal from naturally arsenic contaminated ground water by packed-bed electrocoagulator using Al and Fe scrap anodes
Omwene PI, Celen M, Oncel MS, Kobya M
32 - 42 Dust distribution and control in a coal roadway driven by an air curtain system: A numerical study
Geng F, Gui CG, Wang YC, Zhou FB, Hu SY, Luo G
43 - 49 A model for the minimum ignition energy of dust clouds
Hosseinzadeh S, Berghmans J, Degreve J, Verplaetsen F
50 - 61 Assessment and validation of evaporation models for cryogenic liquids
Nawaz W, Olewski T, Vechot L
62 - 68 Effect of burner types and steam injection methods on thermal destruction of waste refrigerants (HFC-134a)
Ohm TI, Chae JS, Zhang MY, Moon SH
69 - 76 Experimental investigation of coal dust wetting ability of anionic surfactants with different structures
Xu CH, Wang DM, Wang HT, Ma LY, Zhu XL, Zhu YF, Zhang Y, Liu FM
77 - 86 Optimization of industrial intercooled post-combustion CO2 absorber by applying rate- base model and response surface methodology (RSM)
Hemmati A, Rashidi H
87 - 93 Reducing the use of nanotitanium dioxide by switching from single photocatalysis to combined photocatalysis-cavitation in dye elimination
Arbab P, Ayati B, Ansari MR
94 - 102 Production of polanga methyl esters and optimization of diesel engine parameters through response surface methodology approach
Sharma A, Singh Y, Singh GK, Habte AT, Singh N
103 - 117 A comparative optimization and performance analysis of four different electrocoagulation-flotation processes for humic acid removal from aqueous solutions
Hasani G, Maleki A, Daraei H, Ghanbari R, Safari M, McKay G, Yetilmezsoy K, Ilhan F, Marzban N
118 - 124 From trace to pure: Recovery of scandium from the waste acid of titanium pigment production by solvent extraction
Qiu HB, Wang ML, Xie YM, Song JF, Huang T, Li XM, He T
125 - 132 Enhanced treatment of greywater using electrocoagulation/ozonation: Investigation of process parameters
Barzegar G, Wu JX, Ghanbari F
133 - 142 Encapsulation of urea with alkyd resin-starch membranes for controlled N-2 release: Synthesis, characterization, morphology and optimum N-2 release
Uzoh CF, Onukwuli OD, Ozofor IH, Odera RS
143 - 154 Emerging perspectives on VOC emissions from landfill sites: Impact on tropospheric chemistry and local air quality
Nair AT, Senthilnathan J, Nagendra SMS
155 - 164 Adsorption of 17 beta-estradiol by a novel attapulgite/biochar nanocomposite : Characteristics and influencing factors
Yin ZH, Liu YG, Tan XF, Jiang LH, Zeng GM, Liu SB, Tian SR, Liu SJ, Liu N, Li MF
165 - 174 Effect of boron on the efficiency of MoCo catalysts supported on alumina for the hydrodesulfurization of liquid fuels
Saleh TA, AL-Hammadi SA, Al-Amer AM
175 - 183 Efficient degradation of evaporative condensing liquid of shale gas wastewater using O-3/UV process
Lu T, Chen Y, Liu M, Jiang WJ
184 - 193 Transient-state strategies for the removal of toluene vapor in a two-liquid phase biotrickling filter: Experimental study and neural network analysis
Boojari MA, Zamir SM, Shojaosadati SA
194 - 208 Biorefinery of food and beverage waste valorisation for sugar syrups production: Techno-economic assessment
Kwan TH, Ong KL, Hague MA, Kulkarni S, Lin CSK
209 - 220 The role of temperature on slow pyrolysis of olive cake for the production of solid fuels and adsorbents
Martin-Lara MA, Perez A, Vico-Perez MA, Calero M, Blazquez G
221 - 228 Catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of bio-oil using in situ generated hydrogen in plasma reactor: Effects of allumina supported catalysts and plasma parameters
Taghvaei H, Rahimpour MR
229 - 238 Utilization of Biochar as an amendment during lignocellulose waste composting: Impact on composting physics and Realization (probability) amongst physical properties
Jain MS, Paul S, Kalamdhad AS
239 - 246 Developing leading indicators-based decision support algorithms and probabilistic models using Bayesian network to predict kicks while drilling
Tamim N, Laboureur DM, Hasan AR, Mannan MS
247 - 253 The performance of anammox reactor during start-up: Enzymes tell the story
Lin QJ, Kang D, Zhang M, Yu T, Xu DD, Zeng Z, Zheng P
254 - 262 Poly (amidoxime) modified magnetic activated carbon for chromium and thallium adsorption: Statistical analysis and regeneration
Adio SO, Asif M, Mohammed ARI, Baig N, Al-Arfaj AA, Saleh TA
263 - 270 On the detonation behavior of methane-oxygen in a round tube filled with orifice plates
Wang LQ, Ma HH, Deng YX, Shen ZW
271 - 280 Development of hazard prevention strategies for inherent safety assessment during early stage of process design
Ahmad SI, Hashim H, Hassim MH, Rashid R
281 - 289 Environmental efficiency and policy change in China: A new meta-frontier non-radial angle efficiency evaluation approach
Song ML, Wang SH, Lei L, Zhou L
290 - 298 Using content analysis through simulation-based training for offshore drilling operations: Implications for process safety
Naqvi SAM, Raza M, Ybarra VT, Salehi S, Teodoriu C
299 - 306 Biopotential of compost and compost products derived from horticultural waste-Effect on plant growth and plant pathogens' suppression
Milinkovic M, Lalevic B, Jovicic-Petrovic J, Golubovic-Curguz V, Kljujev I, Raicevic V
307 - 311 Reconstruction of the fault tree based on accident evolution
Xin S, Zhang L, Jin XN, Zhang Q
312 - 325 Criticality analysis of petrochemical assets using risk based maintenance and the fuzzy inference system
Jaderi F, Ibrahim ZZ, Zahiri MR
326 - 337 Comparison of the staged inhibitory effects of two ionic liquids on spontaneous combustion of coal based on in situ FTIR and micro-calorimetric kinetic analyses
Ma LY, Wang DM, Kang WJ, Xin HH, Dou GL
338 - 348 Continuous degradation of an organic pollutant using heterogeneous magnetic biocatalyst and CFD analysis of the process
Zolfaghari P, Aghbolaghy M, Karimi A, Khataee A
349 - 356 Microbial biodiesel production: From sucrose-based carbon sources to alkyl esters via enzymatic transesterification
Bento HBS, Carvalho AKF, Reis CER, De Castro HF
357 - 366 A statistical analysis of coalmine fires and explosions in China
Zhu YF, Wang DM, Shao ZL, Xu CH, Zhu XL, Qi XY, Liu FM
367 - 373 Different response of 17 alpha-ethinylestradiol photodegradation induced by aquatic humic and fulvic acids to typical water matrixes
Ren D, Chen F, Ren ZG, Wang YW
374 - 386 Uptake of trivalent chromium from aqueous solutions by xanthate pine bark: Characterization, batch and column studies
Arim AL, Quina MJ, Gando-Ferreira LM