Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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1 - 12 Risk analysis of spontaneous coal combustion in steeply inclined longwall gobs using a scaled-down experimental set-up
Su HT, Zhou FB, Song XL, Qiang ZY
13 - 22 Evaluation and disposability study of actual textile wastewater treatment by electro-oxidation method using Ti/RuO2 anode
Kaur P, Kushwaha JP, Sangal VK
23 - 30 Biosorption of strontium(II) from aqueous solutions by Bacillus cereus isolated from strontium hyperaccumulator Andropogon gayanus
Long JY, Li HS, Jiang DQ, Luo DG, Chen YH, Xia JR, Chen DY
31 - 39 Phycoremediation of phenolic effluent of a coal gasification plant by Chlorella pyrenoidosa
Priyadharshini SD, Bakthavatsalam AK
40 - 51 Biosorption of lead(II) by chemically modified Mangifera indica seed shells: Adsorbent preparation, characterization and performance assessment
Moyo M, Pakade VE, Modise SJ
52 - 59 The feasibility of recovering oil from contaminated soil at petroleum oil spill site using a subcritical water extraction technology
Islam MN, Jung SK, Jung HY, Park JH
60 - 64 Glass foams produced from glass bottles and eggshell wastes
Souza MT, Maia BGO, Teixeira LB, de Oliueira KG, Teixeira AHB, de Oliveira APN
65 - 74 Performance study of humidification-dehumidification system operating on the principle of an airlift pump with tunable height
Oueslati A, Megriche A, Hannachi A, Elmaaoui M
75 - 84 Fragility assessment of chemical storage tanks subject to floods
Khakzad N, Van Gelder P
85 - 93 Explosion characteristics of methane-air mixtures in a spherical vessel connected with a duct
Kundu SK, Zanganeh J, Eschebach D, Mahinpey N, Moghtaderi B
94 - 101 Pressure and temperature influence on propagation indices of n-butane-air gaseous mixtures
Giurcan V, Mitu M, Razus D, Oancea D
102 - 111 Characterization and electrocoagulative treatment of landfill leachates: A statistical approach
Alver A, Altas L
112 - 121 Nanocomposite films based on chitosan-poly(vinyl alcohol) and silver nanoparticles with high antibacterial and antioxidant activities
Hajji S, Salem RBSB, Hamdi M, Jellouli K, Ayadi W, Nasri M, Boufi S
122 - 127 Investigation of the efficiency of a designed electrocoagulation reactor: Application for dairy effluent treatment
Bassala HD, Dedzo GK, Bememba CBN, Seumo PMT, Dazie JD, Nanseu-Njiki CP, Ngameni E
128 - 137 Integrated Haematococcus pluvialis biomass production and nutrient removal using bioethanol plant waste effluent
Hague F, Dutta A, Thimmanagari M, Chiang YW
138 - 147 Efficiency of electro-Fenton process in removing Acid Red 18 dye from aqueous solutions
Malakootian M, Moridi A
148 - 159 Noble metal-TiO2 supported catalysts for the catalytic ozonation of parabens mixtures
Gomes JF, Bednarczyk K, Gmurek M, Stelmachowski M, Zaleska-Medynska A, Bastos FC, Quinta-Ferreira ME, Costa R, Quinta-Ferreira RM, Martins RC
160 - 169 Catalytic upgrading of bio oil model compound into polyol ester via green alginate catalyzed esterification reaction
Cheryl-Low YL, Lee HV, Hamid SBA
170 - 179 Study of oxytetracycline degradation by means of anodic oxidation process using platinized titanium (Ti/Pt) anode and modeling by artificial neural networks
Belkacem S, Bouafia S, Chabani M
180 - 193 Photocatalytic degradation of azo anionic dye (RR120) in ZnO-Ghezeljeh nanoclay composite catalyst/UV-C system: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic studies
Siahpoosh ZH, Soleimani M
194 - 210 Evaluation of a new method for puff arrival time as assessed through wind tunnel modelling
Chaloupecka H, Janour Z, Miksovsky J, Jurcakova K, Kellnerova R
211 - 220 Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system-genetic algorithm vs. response surface methodology: A case of optimization of ferric sulfate-catalyzed esterification of palm kernel oil
Ishola NB, Adeyemi OO, Adesina AJ, Odude VO, Oyetunde OO, Okeleye AA, Soji-Adekunle AR, Betiku E
221 - 231 Comparative assessment on defluoridation of waste water using chemical and bio-reduced graphene oxide: Batch, thermodynamic, kinetics and optimization using response surface methodology and artificial neural network
Roy S, Manna S, Sengupta S, Ganguli A, Goswami S, Das P
232 - 243 An inherently fail-safe electronic logic design for a safety application in nuclear power plant
Sravanthi S, Dheenadhayalan R, Devan K, Madhusoodanan K
244 - 252 Preparation and characterization of calcium treated bentonite clay and its application for the removal of lead and cadmium ions: Adsorption and thermodynamic modeling
Meneguin JG, Moises MP, Karchiyappan T, Faria SHB, Gimenes ML, de Barros MASD, Venkatachalam S
253 - 262 Concentrated landfill leachate treatment with a combined system including electro-ozonation and composite adsorbent augmented sequencing batch reactor process
Mojiri A, Lou ZY, Wang H, Ahmad Z, Tajuddin RM, Abu Amr SS, Kindaichi T, Aziz HA, Farraji H
263 - 269 Competitive adsorption of Pb(II) and Zn(II) from aqueous solution by modified beer lees in a fixed bed column
Dong YB, Lin H
270 - 282 Photo Fenton-like oxidation of Tartrazine under visible and UV light irradiation in the presence of LaCuO3 perovskite catalyst
Palas B, Ersoz G, Atalay S
283 - 291 Performance, combustion and emission analysis on the effect of ferrofluid, on neat biodiesel
Deuarajan Y, Munuswamy DB, Mahalingam A
292 - 299 Influence on the methane/air explosion characteristics of the side venting position in a pipeline
Yu MG, Wan SJ, Zheng K, Guo PK, Chu TX, Yuan Z
300 - 319 Effect of process control on optimization of pulp and paper mill wastewater treatment by electrocoagulation
Camcioglu S, Ozyurt B, Hapoglu H
320 - 325 A new procedure to estimate BLEVE overpressure
Hemmatian B, Casal J, Planas E
326 - 334 Thermal runaway and shortstopping of esterification in batch stirred reactors
Zhang MG, Ni L, Jiang JC, Zhang WX
335 - 345 Cost-effective sequential biogas and bioethanol production from the cotton stem waste
Patel VR
346 - 354 Human health risk assessment due to ambient PM10 and SO2 by an air quality modeling technique
Khaniabadi YO, Polosa R, Chuturkova RZ, Daryanoosh M, Goudarzi G, Borgini A, Tittarelli A, Basiri H, Armin H, Nourmoradi H, Babaei AA, Naserian P
355 - 362 Influence of light intensity and tannery wastewater concentration on biomass production and nutrient removal by microalgae Scenedesmus sp.
da Fontoura JT, Rolim GS, Farenzena M, Gutterres M
363 - 374 Performance assessment of a Canna indica assisted vermifilter for synthetic dairy wastewater treatment
Samal K, Dash RR, Bhunia P
375 - 387 Modeling of gas adsorption by aerosol plumes emitted from industrial sources
Elperin T, Fominykh A, Katra I, Krasovitov B
388 - 398 Derivation of a societal risk acceptance criterion for major accident hazard installations in Sri Lanka
De Silva KGVK, Gunasekera MY, De Alwis AAP
399 - 408 Double filtration as an effective system for removal of arsenate and arsenite from drinking water through reverse osmosis
Victor-Ortega MD, Ratnaweera HC
409 - 419 Dactyloctenium aegyptium biomass (DAB)-MMT nano-composite: Synthesis and its application for the bio-sorption of Cu(II) ions from aqueous solution
Khan U, Rao RAK
420 - 427 Bio-drying of green waste with high moisture content
Mohammed M, Ozbay I, Durmusoglu E
428 - 438 Photocatalytic oxidation of high concentrated dye solutions enhanced by hydrodynamic cavitation in a pilot reactor
Caliskan Y, Yatmaz HC, Bektas N
439 - 448 New models for predicting the flash point of mixtures containing different alcohols
Torabian E, Sobati MA
449 - 461 Design and CFD modelling of the anodic chamber of a continuous PhotoFuelCell reactor for water treatment
Phuan YW, Ismail HM, Garcia-Segura S, Chong MN
462 - 474 Distinguishing the roles of carrier and biofilm in filtering media for the removal of pharmaceutical compounds from wastewater
Muter O, Perkons I, Svinka V, Svinka R, Bartkeuics V
475 - 490 Removal of lead ions from water using PES-based nanocomposite membrane incorporated with polyaniline modified GO nanoparticles: Performance optimization by central composite design
Ghaemi N, Zereshki S, Heidari S
491 - 506 Intelligent safety adjustment of branch airflow volume during ventilation-on-demand changes in coal mines
Wang K, Jiang SG, Wu ZY, Shao H, Zhang WQ, Pei XD, Cui CB
507 - 519 A fuzzy Bayesian network approach for risk analysis in process industries
Yazdi M, Kabir S
520 - 528 Photo assisted electro-peroxone to degrade 2,4-D herbicide: The effects of supporting electrolytes and determining mechanism
Jaafarzadeh N, Barzegar G, Ghanbari F
529 - 543 Dynamic failure analysis of process systems using neural networks
Adedigba SA, Khan F, Yang M
544 - 559 Single and mixture adsorption of clofibric acid, tetracycline and paracetamol onto Activated carbon developed from cotton cloth residue
Boudrahem N, Delpeux-Ouldriane S, Khenniche L, Boudrahem F, Aissani-Benissad F, Gineys M
560 - 568 Effects of two different accelerated carbonation processes on MSWI bottom ash
Um N, Ahn JW
569 - 581 Study on corrosion reliability of oil/gas pipelines based on enhanced Hamacher Operator and Bayesian Assessment
Peng XY, Yao DC, Liang GC, Qin L, Yu JS, He S
582 - 591 CO2 sequestration potential of halo-tolerant bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa SSL-4 and its application for recovery of fatty alcohols
Mishra S, Chauhan P, Gupta S, Raghuvanshi S, Singh RP, Jha PN
592 - 626 Iron oxide and its modified forms as an adsorbent for arsenic removal: A comprehensive recent advancement
Siddiqui SI, Chaudhry SA
627 - 634 Nitrate reduction using hybrid system consisting of zero valent magnesium powder/activated carbon (Me-0/AC) from water
Mirabi M, Ghaderi E, Sadabad HR
635 - 651 Automated HAZOP revisited
Taylor JR
652 - 662 Selection of representative accident scenarios for major industrial accidents
Markowski AS, Siuta D
663 - 677 A systematic methodology for multi-objective molecular design via Analytic Hierarchy Process
Ooi J, Promentilla MAB, Tan RR, Ng DKS, Chemmangattuvalappil NG
678 - 686 Failure probability analysis of the urban buried gas pipelines using Bayesian networks
Wang WH, Shen KL, Wang BB, Dong CF, Khan F, Wang QS
687 - 700 Mathematical modelling and computer simulation of toxic gas building infiltration
Argyropoulos CD, Ashraf AM, Markatos NC, Kakosimos KE
701 - 713 Sustainability of a non-edible vegetable oil based bio-lubricant for automotive applications: A review
Singh Y, Farooq A, Raza A, Mahmood MA, Jain S
714 - 725 Security vulnerability assessment of gas pipelines using Discrete-time Bayesian network
Fakhravar D, Khakzad N, Reniers G, Cozzani V
726 - 732 Micromechanism of coal dust wettability and its effect on the selection and development of dust suppressants
Yao QG, Xu CC, Zhang YS, Zhou G, Zhang SC, Wang D
733 - 739 Design, development and performance evaluation of distillery yeast sludge dryer
Khan MU, Shariati MA, Kadmi Y, Elmsellem H, Majeed M, Khan MR, Fazel M, Rashidzadeh S
740 - 746 The influence of dust particles on the stability of foam used as dust control in underground coal mines
Ren WX, Shi JT, Guo Q, Zhao QK, Bai L
747 - 756 Single cell oil and its application for biodiesel production
Madani M, Enshaeieh M, Abdoli A
757 - 765 Optimizing of lipid production in Cryptococcus heimaeyensis through M32 array of Taguchi design
Enshaeieh M, Madani M, Ghojavand S
766 - 774 Utilization of dissolved iron as catalyst during Fenton-like oxidation of pretreated pulping effluent
Lal K, Garg A
775 - 784 Interaction between gas explosion flame and deposited dust
Song YF, Zhang Q, Wu WW
785 - 794 Investigation of the minimum ignition temperature and lower explosion limit of multi-components hybrid mixtures in the Godbert-Greenwald furnace
Addai EK, Addo A, Abbas Z, Krause U
795 - 809 Integration of reverse osmosis desalination with hybrid renewable energy sources and battery storage using electricity supply and demand-driven power pinch analysis
Li Q, Moya W, Esfahani IJ, Rashidi J, Yoo C
810 - 810 The feasibility of Thamnidium elegans cells for color removal from real wastewater (vol 105, pg 316, 2017)
Akar T, Sayin F, Turkyilmaz S, Akar ST