Process Safety and Environmental Protection

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ISSN: 0957-5820 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Photocatalytic degradation of veterinary antibiotics: Biodegradability and antimicrobial activity of intermediates
Adamek E, Baran W, Sobczak A
10 - 22 Reliable method for safety assessment of melting points of energetic compounds
Hamadanian M, Keshavarz MH, Nazari B, Mohebbi M
23 - 35 Removal of atrazine as an organic micro-pollutant from aqueous solutions: a comparative study
Shirmardi M, Alavi N, Lima EC, Takdastan A, Mahvi AH, Babaei AA
36 - 45 Possible mechanism of gallium bioleaching from gallium nitride (GAN) by Arthrobacter creatinolyticus: Role of amino acids/peptides/proteins bindings with gallium
Maneesuwannarat S, Teamkao P, Vangnai AS, Yamashita M, Thiravetyan P
46 - 59 Information fusion of plume control and personnel escape during the emergency rescue of external-caused fire in a coal mine
Wang K, Jiang SG, Ma XP, Wu ZY, Shao H, Zhang WQ, Cui CB
60 - 68 A biotech-systematic approach to select fungi for bioconversion of winery biomass wastes to nutrient-rich feed
Jin B, Zepf F, Bai ZH, Gao BY, Zhu NW
69 - 75 Mesh rotating reactors for biofilm pre-treatment of wastewaters -Influence of media type on microbial activity, viability and performance
Hassard F, Biddle J, Cartmell E, Stephenson T
76 - 86 Preparation of adsorbents from sewage sludge pyrolytic char by carbon dioxide activation
Alvarez J, Lopez G, Amutio M, Bilbao J, Olazar M
87 - 96 Effective removal of bisphenol A (BPA) from water using a goethite/activated carbon composite
Koduru JR, Lingamdinne LP, Singh J, Choo KH
97 - 106 Vermicomposting-mediated conversion of the toxic and allelopathic weed ipomoea into a potent fertilizer
Hussain N, Abbasi T, Abbasi SA
107 - 114 Production and application of carbon nanotubes, as a co-product of hydrogen from the pyrolysis-catalytic reforming of waste plastic
Wu CF, Nahil MA, Miskolczi N, Huang J, Williams PT
115 - 125 QSPR estimation of the auto-ignition temperature for pure hydrocarbons
Borhani TNG, Afzali A, Bagheri M
126 - 135 A novel spraying/negative-pressure secondary dust suppression device used in fully mechanized mining face: A case study
Nie W, Ma X, Cheng WM, Liu YH, Xin L, Peng HT, Wei WL
136 - 143 Invertase production and molasses decolourization by cold-adapted filamentous fungus Cladosporium herbarum ER-25 in non-sterile molasses medium
Taskin M, Ortucu S, Unver Y, Tasar OC, Ozdemir M, Kaymak HC
144 - 152 Low-cost biosorbent: Anadara inaequivaluis shells for removal of Pb(II) and Cu(II) from aqueous solution
Bozbas SK, Boz Y
153 - 162 Investigation on haloacetic acid (HAA) degradation by iron powder: Application of response surface methodology
Behbahani M, Seo Y
163 - 173 Quantitative risk analysis on leakage failure of submarine oil and gas pipelines using Bayesian network
Li XH, Chen GM, Zhu HW
174 - 182 Extraction mechanism of lead from shooting range soil by ferric salts
Yoo JC, Shin YJ, Kim EJ, Yang JS, Baek K
183 - 191 Well specific oil discharge risk assessment by a dynamic blowout simulation tool
Liu RC, Hasan AR, Ahluwalia A, Mannan MS
192 - 202 Solar photoelectrocatalytic degradation of Acid Orange 7 with ZnO/TiO2 nanocomposite coated on stainless steel electrode
Ghalebizade M, Ayati B
203 - 211 Control technology for the avoidance of the simultaneous occurrence of a methane explosion and spontaneous coal combustion in a coal mine: A case study
Qin BT, Li L, Ma D, Lu Y, Zhong XX, Jia YW
212 - 226 Novel, facile, and fast technique for synthesis of AgCl nanorods loaded on activated carbon for removal of methylene blue dye
Nekouei F, Kargarzadeh H, Nekouei S, Keshtpour F, Makhlouf ASH
227 - 236 Synthesis and characterization of gel beads based on ethyleneglycol dimethacrylate and 2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propane sulfonic acid: Removal of Fe(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), and Ni(II) from metal finishing wastewater
Cavus S, Yasar G, Kaya Y, Gonder ZB, Gurdag G, Vergili I
237 - 251 Recycling and utilization assessment of waste fired clay bricks (Grog) with granulated blast-furnace slag for geopolymer production
Zawrah MF, Gado RA, Feltin N, Ducourtieux S, Devoille L
252 - 258 Comparison of Fenton and electro-Fenton processes for oxidation of phenol
Gumus D, Akbal F
259 - 270 Fluidized bed reactor for treatment of gaseous pollutant: Flourides a case study
Sahoo P, Sahoo A
271 - 272 Special issue: Process Integration
Bandyopadhyay S, Foo DCY, Tan RR
273 - 290 Superstructural approach to the synthesis of free-cooling system through an integrated chilled and cooling water network
Leong YT, Tan RR, Chew IML
291 - 307 A review on process integration techniques for carbon emissions and environmental footprint problems
Foo DCY, Tan RR
308 - 314 Ion exchange system for the final purification of olive mill wastewater: Performance of model vs. real effluent treatment
Vitor-Ortega MD, Ochando-Pulido JM, Martinez-Perez A
315 - 333 Process integration of waste heat upgrading technologies
Oluleye G, Jobson M, Smith R
334 - 347 Evaluation and integration of energy utilization in a process system through material flow analysis coupled with exergy flow analysis
Yang FF, Liu YZ
348 - 364 Design of a water allocation and energy network for multi-contaminant problems using multi-objective optimization
Almaraz SDL, Boix M, Montastruc L, Azzaro-Pantel C, Liao Z, Domenech S
365 - 376 Involving economic, environmental and safety issues in the optimal purification of biobutanol
Martinez-Gomez J, Sanchez-Ramirez E, Quiroz-Ramirez JJ, Segovia-Hernandez JG, Ponce-Ortega JM, El-Halwagi MM
377 - 390 Simultaneous synthesis of flexible heat exchanger networks for unequal multi-period operations
Isafiade AJ, Short M
391 - 404 Synthesis of mass exchange networks for single and multiple periods of operations considering detailed cost functions and column performance
Isafiade AJ, Short M
405 - 412 Strategy of effluent recovery technology selection in polyolefin plants
Tu GN, Liao ZW, Huang ZL, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR
413 - 423 Enhanced recovery of PGME and PGMEA from waste photoresistor thinners by heterogeneous azeotropic dividing-wall column
Chaniago YD, Haruianto GR, Bahadori A, Lee M
424 - 441 Robust fuzzy and multi-objective optimization approaches to generate alternate solutions for resource conservation of eco-industrial park involving various future events
Kolluri SS, Esfahani IJ, Yoo C
442 - 454 A simultaneous methodology for the optimal design of integrated water and energy networks considering pressure drops in process industries
Torkfar F, Avami A
451 - 451 Special Issue - Challenges in Environmental Science and Engineering
Shon HK, Phuntsho S, Jegatheesan V
452 - 464 Understanding the risk of scaling and fouling in hollow fiber forward osmosis membrane application
Majeed T, Phuntsho S, Jeong SY, Zhao YX, Gao BY, Shon HK
455 - 465 Integrated oxyfuel power plant with improved CO2 separation and compression technology for EOR application
Font-Palma C, Errey O, Corden C, Chalmers H, Lucquiaud M, del Rio MS, Jackson S, Medcalf D, Livesey B, Gibbins J, Pourkashanian M
465 - 471 Why does pH increase with CaCl2 as draw solution during forward osmosis filtration
Shu L, Obagbemi IJ, Liyanaarachchi S, Nauaratna D, Parthasarathy R, Ben Aim R, Jegatheesan V
472 - 480 Removal of Pb (II) ions using polymer based graphene oxide magnetic nano-sorbent
Ravishankar H, Wang JF, Shu L, Jegatheesan V
481 - 489 Removal of cephalexin from effluent by activated carbon prepared from alligator weed: Kinetics, isotherms, and thermodynamic analyses
Miao MS, Liu Q, Shu L, Wang Z, Liu YZ, Kong Q
490 - 498 A novel removal of CO2 using nitrogen doped biochar beads as a green adsorbent
Nguyen MV, Lee BK
499 - 506 Acute toxicity assessment of TFT-LCD wastewater using Daphnia similis and Cyprinus carpio
Lee YC, Whang LM, Ngo MH, Chen TH, Cheng HH
507 - 516 Tracking changes in fluorescent organic composition in leachates using excitation emission matrix-parallel factor analysis
Aryal R, Yadav M, Hussain S, Beecham S, Diprose D
517 - 522 Ranking pipes in water supply systems based on potential to cause discolored water complaints
Al-Bedyry NK, Sathasivan A, Al-Ithari AJ
523 - 530 Seasonal population changes in the ammonia-oxidizing bacteria community structure of Songhua Lake, China
Zhao XY, Zhao Y, Xi BD, Wei ZM, Wu JQ, Zhao TZ
531 - 540 Migration and biodegradation of BDE-99 in different river-based natural groundwater recharge modes with treated municipal wastewater
Ma WF, Yan YL, Ma MS, Zhang YH, Cheng X
541 - 548 Membrane hybrid system combined with a trickling filter and a thin layer of biosand to reduce high levels of organic matter in drinking water in developing countries
Shin GA, Kim TY, Kim HS, Maeng MS, Dockko S
549 - 557 Solar photocatalytic degradation of hazardous Congo red using low-temperature synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles
Ong CB, Mohammad AW, Rohani R, Ba-Abbad MM, Hairom NHH
558 - 563 Preparation and photocatalytic activity of heteropolyacid salt (POM)/TiO2 composites synthesized by solid phase combustion method
Tan W, Luo LJ, Zheng YL, Jegatheesan V, Shu L, Zhang SL, Yang M, Wang HB
564 - 570 Pilot study on hydrophilized PVDF membrane treating produced water from polymer flooding for reuse
Xu J, Ma C, Cao BQ, Bao J, Sun Y, Shi WX, Yu SL
571 - 586 Cation resin fixed-bed column for the recovery of valuable THAM reagent from the wastewater
Shu HY, Chang MC, Liu JJ
587 - 597 Improvement of nitrogen removal by external aeration and intermittent circulation in a subsurface flow constructed wetland of landscape garden ponds
Chyan JM, Jhu YX, Chen IM, Shiu RF