Process Biochemistry

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1 - 8 Heterologous production and biochemical characterization of a new highly glucose tolerant GH1 beta-glucosidase from Anoxybacillus thermarum
de Almeida PZ, de Oliveira TB, de Lucas RC, Salgado JCS, Perez MM, Galan B, Garcia JL, Polizeli MDLD
9 - 20 Synthesis of ethyl (R)-4-chloro-3-hydroxybutyrate by immobilized cells using amino acid-modified magnetic nanoparticles
Lu Y, Dai HQ, Shi HB, Tang L, Sun XY, Ou ZM
21 - 26 Gold nanoparticle assembly and disassembly in colorimetric immunoassay to detect 17 beta-estradiol and determine gynecological disorder
Zhang X, Shen ZJ, Su WH, Wu HY, Gopinath SCB, Chen RX
27 - 35 Near-infrared mediated polymer-coated carbon nanodots loaded cisplatin for targeted care management of lung cancer therapy
Fang W, Jin RH, Mu W
36 - 47 Melatonin delivery from PCL scaffold enhances glycosaminoglycans deposition in human chondrocytes - Bioactive scaffold model for cartilage regeneration
Kamath MS, Rao SK, Jaison D, Sridhar K, Kasthuri N, Gopinath V, Sivaperumal P, Patil SS
48 - 60 Enhanced production of cellulase from a novel strain Trichoderma gamsii M501 through response surface methodology and its application in biomass saccharification
Baskaran R, Krishnan C
61 - 69 Impact of Lactobacillus paracasei IMC502 in coculture with traditional starters on volatile and non-volatile metabolite profiles in yogurt
Gu YX, Li X, Xiao R, Dudu OE, Yang L, Ma Y
70 - 78 Expression and purification of ShLysG in Escherichia coli and initial characterization of its antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities
Dong B, Sun CL, Wu T, Wang J, Wang BG, Du W
79 - 86 Purification, partial structural characterization and health benefits of exopolysaccharides from potential probiotic Pediococcus acidilactici NCDC 252
Kumar R, Bansal P, Singh J, Dhanda S
87 - 95 One-pot production of D-allulose from inulin by a novel identified thermostable exoinulinase from Aspergillus piperis and Dorea sp. D-allulose 3-epimerase
Li W, Zhu YY, Jiang XL, Zhang WL, Guang C, Mu WM
96 - 102 Biological synthesis and anti-HeLa cells effect of glycosylated bafilomycins
Liu Z, Zhao SJ, Sun X, Mao XZ
103 - 111 ACE inhibitory peptide KYIPIQ derived from yak milk casein induces nitric oxide production in HUVECs and diffuses via a transcellular mechanism in Caco-2 monolayers
Lin K, Ma Z, Ramachandran M, De Souza C, Han X, Zhang LW
112 - 122 H-1-NMR-based metabolomics for cancer targeting and metabolic engineering -A review
Raja G, Jung Y, Jung SH, Kim TJ
123 - 130 Harnessing WYE-132 as an inhibitor of the mTOR signaling enriches the cytotoxicity effect of vinblastine in B16F10 melanoma cancer cells
Khaki-Khatibi F, Zeinali M, Ramezani B, Sabzichi M, Mohammadian J, Hamishehkar H
131 - 138 A new design strategy with stochastic optimization on the preparation of magnetite cross-linked tyrosinase aggregates (MCLTA)
Polatoglu I, Aydin L
139 - 146 Long-term continuous partial nitritation-anammox reactor aeration optimization at different nitrogen loading rates for the treatment of ammonium rich digestate lagoon supernatant
Yang S, Xu SN, Boiocchi R, Mohammed A, Li XR, Ashbolt NJ, Liu Y
147 - 153 Enhanced bioelectrochemical performance caused by porous metal-organic framework MIL-53(Fe) as the catalyst in microbial fuel cells
Wang HY, Jiang LT, Chen JF, Fu MY, Diao ZY, Liu HH, Guo HM
154 - 159 Improved photosynthetic characteristics of Chlorella mutant MS700 induced by nuclear radiation
Lu HX, Cheng J, Wang ZY, Zhu YX, Zhang XD, Liu JZ
160 - 170 Performance of the main downstream operations on hyaluronic acid purification
Cavalcanti ADD, de Melo AG, Ferreira BAM, Santana MHA
171 - 178 Human gastric carcinoma cells targeting peptide-functionalized iron oxide nanoparticles delivery for magnetic resonance imaging
Chen WZ, Yang ZH
179 - 186 Concomitant selective adsorption and covalent immobilization of a His-tagged protein switch with silica-based metal chelate-epoxy bifunctional adsorbents
You CX, Huang PH, Lin SC
187 - 195 Enzymatic hydrolysate of geniposide directly acts as cross-linking agent for enzyme immobilization
Ouyang J, Pu SJ, Wang JZ, Deng YF, Yang CL, Naseer S, Li DL
196 - 201 Overexpression and refolding of human Cyclin D3. A reliable method or not?
Coelho F, Pepino RD, Alencar DP, Santos JL, Canduri F
202 - 210 Using inexpensive substrate to achieve high-level lipase A secretion by Bacillus subtilis through signal peptide and promoter screening
Wu FY, Ma JY, Cha YP, Lu DL, Li ZW, Zhuo M, Luo XC, Li S, Zhu MJ
211 - 221 Pilot study on the upgrading configuration of UASB-MBBR with two carriers: Treatment effect, sludge reduction and functional microbial identification
Liu YH, Wang N, Wei YX, Dang K, Li MJ, Li YZ, Li QH, Mu RH
222 - 235 Valorisation of solid biowastes: The lactic acid alternative
Lopez-Gomez JP, Perez-Rivero C, Venus J
236 - 245 Dominated flow parameters applied in a recirculation microbial fuel cell
Wang CT, Chen YM, Tang RCO, Garg A, Ong HC, Yang YC
246 - 253 Inhibitions of monoamine oxidases and acetylcholinesterase by 1-methyl, 5-phenyl substituted thiosemicarbazones: Synthesis, biochemical, and computational investigations
Mathew GE, Oh JM, Mohan K, Kumudhavalli MV, Jayanthi S, Kim H, Mathew B
254 - 264 Partition of spiramycin in a recyclable aqueous two-phase system based on pH-responsive and thermosensitive polymers
Zhang Y, Zhang HZ, He D, Cao XJ, Wan JF
265 - 269 The effect of ultrasonication on enzymatic hydrolysis of chitin to N-acetyl glucosamine via sequential and simultaneous strategies
Wang YY, Zhang A, Mo XF, Zhou N, Yang S, Chen YK, Ouyang PK
270 - 281 Resource recovery from paddy field using plant microbial fuel cell
Kumar VK, Mohan KM, Manangath SP, Manju P, Gajalakshmi S
282 - 289 Activated sludge under free ammonia treatment using gel immobilization technology for long-term partial nitrification with different initial biomass
Wang JW, Yang H, Zhang F, Su Y, Wang SL
290 - 306 A review on biotechnological potential of multifarious enzymes in bread making
Dahiya S, Bajaj BK, Kumar A, Tiwari SK, Singh B
307 - 315 Enzymatic synthesis of N-10-undecenoyl-phenylalanine catalysed by aminoacylases from Streptomyces ambofaciens
Bourkaib MC, Delaunay S, Framboisier X, Humeau C, Guilbot J, Bize C, Illous E, Chevalot I, Guiavarc'h Y
316 - 323 Cavitation bubble- and gas bubble-induced fractional precipitation of paclitaxel from Taxus chinensis
Kang HJ, Kim JH
324 - 330 Flow shear stress applied in self-buffered microbial fuel cells
Wang CT, Tang RCO, Wu MW, Garg A, Ubando AT, Culaba A, Ong HC, Chong WT
331 - 339 The Importance of Amine-degrading Enzymes on the Biogenic Amine Degradation in Fermented Foods: A review
Li BB, Lu SL
340 - 347 Investigation of potential antibiofilm properties of Antimicrobial Peptide (AMP) from Linckia laevigata against Candida albicans: An in vitro and in vivo study
Seema S, Shafreen RB
348 - 356 Synthesis of biocompatible chitosan decorated silver nanoparticles biocomposites for enhanced antimicrobial and anticancer property
Gopinath V, MubarakAli D, Vadivelu J, Kamath SM, Syed A, Elgorban AM
357 - 366 Purification, characterization of mosquito larvicidal lectin from Annona muricata and its eco-toxic effect on non-target organism
Parthiban E, Arokiyaraj C, Janarthanan S, Ramanibai R