Process Biochemistry

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ISSN: 1359-5113 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Environmentally benign rapid biosynthesis of extracellular gold nanoparticles using Aspergillus flavus and their cytotoxic and catalytic activities
Abu-Tahon MA, Ghareib M, Abdallah WE
12 - 16 Bioconversion of a ganoderic acid 3-hydroxy-lanosta-8,24-dien-26-oic acid by a crude enzyme from Ganoderma lucidum
Cai SQ, Xiao H, Wang XZ, Lin SJ, Zhong JJ
17 - 29 Biochemical and kinetic evaluation of lipase and biosurfactant assisted ex novo synthesis of microbial oil for biodiesel production by Yarrowia lipolytica utilizing chicken tallow
Radha P, Prabhu K, Jayakumar A, AbilashKarthik S, Ramani K
30 - 35 Low-molecular weight peptides isolated from seahorse (Hippocampus abdominalis) improve vasodilation via inhibition of angiotensin-converting enzyme in vivo and in vitro
Je JG, Kim HS, Lee HG, Oh JY, Lu YA, Wang L, Rho S, Jeon YJ
36 - 46 Improvement of enzymatic performance of Asclepias curassavica L. proteases by immobilization. Application to the synthesis of an antihypertensive peptide
Origone A, Barberis S, Illanes A, Guzman F, Cami G, Liggieri C, Martinez R, Bernal C
47 - 54 Fabrication of an organic-inorganic nanocomposite carrier for enzyme immobilization based on metal-organic coordination
Qiu X, Xiang XR, Liu TT, Huang H, Hu Y
55 - 63 Novel fructooligosaccharide conversion from sugarcane syrup using a specialised enzymatic pH-stat bioreactor
Hajar-Azhari S, Abd Rahim MH, Wan-Mohtar WAI, Sarbini SR, Saari N
64 - 70 Pyridine degradation characteristics of a newly isolated bacterial strain and its application with a novel reactor for the further treatment in pyridine wastewater
Liu YX, Zhang Q, Lv YK, Ren RP
71 - 80 Laccase from Trametes versicolor supported onto mesoporous Al2O3: Stability tests and evaluations of catalytic activity
Kolodziejczak-Radzimska A, Budna A, Ciesielczyk F, Moszynski D, Jesionowski T
81 - 90 Poly(ethylene terephthalate) (PET) degradation by Yarrowia lipolytica: Investigations on cell growth, enzyme production and monomers consumption
da Costa AM, Lopes VRD, Vidal L, Nicaud JM, de Castro AM, Coelho MAZ
91 - 98 Facile synthetic nano-curcumin encapsulated Bio-fabricated nanoparticles induces ROS-mediated apoptosis and migration blocking of human lung cancer cells
Dong YH, Yang YJ, Wei YL, Gao YS, Jiang WH, Wang GG, Wang DW
99 - 107 Optimizing performance of a microbial carbon-capture cell using Box-Behnken design
Neethu B, Tholia V, Ghangrekar MM
108 - 114 Electron transfer via the non-Mtr respiratory pathway from Shewanella putrefaciens CN-32 for methyl orange bioreduction
Min D, Cheng L, Liu DF, Li WW, Yu HQ
115 - 121 Simultaneous amylase production, raw cassava starch hydrolysis and ethanol production by immobilized Aspergillus awamori and Saccharomyces cerevisiae in a novel alternating liquid phase-air phase system
Roble ND, Ogbonna J, Tanaka H
122 - 130 The effect of xylose reductase genes on xylitol production by industrial Saccharomyces cerevisiae in fermentation of glucose and xylose
Yang BX, Xie CY, Xia ZY, Wu YJ, Li B, Tang YQ
131 - 138 Core-shell Au@Co-Fe hybrid nanoparticles as peroxidase mimetic nanozyme for antibacterial application
Mirhosseini M, Shekari-Far A, Hakimian F, Haghiralsadat BF, Fatemi SK, Dashtestani F
139 - 147 Chlamydomonas reinhardtii-expressed multimer of Bacteriocin LS2 potently inhibits the growth of bacteria
Liu YX, Li ZF, Lv YJ, Dong B, Fan ZC
148 - 156 Inhibition of hyperthermostable xylanases by superbase ionic liquids
Hebal H, Parviainen A, Anbarasan S, Li H, Makkonen L, Bankar S, King AWT, Kilpelainen I, Benallaoua S, Turunen O
157 - 165 Characterization of edible soldier fly protein and hydrolysate altered by multiple-frequency ultrasound: Structural, physical, and functional attributes
Mintah BK, He RH, Dabbour M, Xiang JH, Jiang H, Agyekum AA, Ma HL
166 - 173 Role of calcineurin-responsive transcription factor CRZ1 in ganoderic acid biosynthesis by Ganoderma lucidum
Li H, Zhong JJ
174 - 185 Immobilisation of Candida rugosa lipase on polyhydroxybutyrate via a combination of adsorption and cross-linking agents to enhance acylglycerol production
Binhayeeding N, Yunu T, Pichid N, Klomklao S, Sangkharak K
186 - 196 Anticancer efficacies of persicogenin and homoeriodictyol isolated from Rhus retinorrhoea
Saquib Q, Ahmed S, Ahmad MS, Al-Rehaily AJ, Siddiqui MA, Faisal M, Ahmad J, Alsaleh AN, Alatar AA, Al-Khedhairy AA
197 - 203 Low temperature enhanced the podophyllotoxin accumulation vis-a-vis its biosynthetic pathway gene(s) expression in Dysosma versipellis (Hance) M. Cheng - A pharmaceutically important medicinal plant
Palaniyandi K, Jun W
204 - 213 Identification of a potent Angiotensin-I converting enzyme inhibitory peptide from Black cumin seed hydrolysate using orthogonal bioassay-guided fractionations coupled with in silico screening
Sutopo CCY, Sutrisno A, Wang LF, Hsu JL
214 - 222 Zero-waste biorefinery of oleaginous microalgae as promising sources of biofuels and biochemicals through direct transesterification and acid hydrolysis
Mandik YI, Cheirsilp B, Srinuanpan S, Maneechote W, Boonsawang P, Prasertsan P, Sirisansaneeyakul S
223 - 234 Auxin and cytokinin synergism augmenting biomass and lipid production in microalgae Desmodesmus sp. JS07
Singh J, Jain D, Agarwal P, Singh RP
235 - 241 Enzymatic synthesis of an orlistat intermediate using a mutant short-chain dehydrogenase from Novosphingobium aromaticivorans
Tang YP, Zhou YF, Zhao QJ, Zhao QL, Wang Z
242 - 250 Proteomic analysis of the response of Rhizopus oryzae ENHE to pentachlorophenol: Understanding the mechanisms for tolerance and degradation of this toxic compound
Ruiz-Lara A, Fierro F, Carrasco U, Oria JA, Tomasini A
251 - 259 Immobilization and stabilization of D-hydantoinase from Vigna angularis and its use in the production of N-carbamoyl-D-phenylglycine. Improvement of the reaction yield by allowing chemical racemization of the substrate
Becaro AA, Mendes AA, Adriano WS, Lopes LA, Vanzolini KL, Fernandez-Lafuente R, Tardioli PW, Cass QB, Giordano RDC
260 - 268 SpyTag/SpyCatcher cyclization and covalent immobilization in enhancing cephalosporin C acylase stability
Wang Y, Chang YH, Jia RQ, Sun HX, Tian JW, Luo H, Yu HM, Shen ZY
269 - 278 Improved gellan gum production by a newly-isolated Sphingomonas azotifigens GL-1 in a cheese whey and molasses based medium
Wang DX, Kim H, Lee S, Kim DH, Joe MH
279 - 287 Co-culture with Tetragenococcus halophilus changed the response of Zygosaccharomyces rouxii to salt stress
Yao SJ, Zhou RQ, Jin Y, Zhang LQ, Huang J, Wu CD
288 - 296 Influence of phosphate anions on the stability of immobilized enzymes. Effect of enzyme nature, immobilization protocol and inactivation conditions
Kornecki JF, Carballares D, Morellon-Sterling R, Siar E, Kashefi S, Chafiaa M, Arana-Pena S, Rios NS, Goncalves LRB, Fernandez-Lafuente R
297 - 306 Synergized subcritical-ultrasound-assisted aqueous two-phase extraction, purification, and characterization of Lentinus edodes polysaccharides
Chikari F, Han J, Wang Y, Ao WM
307 - 307 Proteolytic enzymes positively modulated the physicochemical and antioxidant properties of spent yeast protein hydrolysates (vol 91, pg 34, 2020)
Marson GV, de Castro RJS, Machado MTD, Zandonadi FD, Barros HDDQ, Marostica MR, Sussulini A, Hubinger MD