Process Biochemistry

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ISSN: 1359-5113 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Concomitant wastewater treatment with lipid and carotenoid production by the oleaginous yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides grown on brewery effluent enriched with sugarcane molasses and urea
Dias C, Reis A, Santos JAL, da Silva TL
15 - 29 Applications of red pigments from psychrophilic Rhodonellum psychrophilum GL8 in health, food and antimicrobial finishes on textiles
Bisht G, Srivastava S, Kulshreshtha R, Sourirajan A, Baumler DJ, Dev K
30 - 38 Fabrication of curcumin-loaded zein nanoparticles stabilized by sodium caseinate/sodium alginate: Curcumin solubility, thermal properties, rheology, and stability
Liu QG, Han CP, Tian YM, Liu TY
39 - 50 Recent advances in Agaricus bisporus polysaccharides: Extraction, purification, physicochemical characterization and bioactivities
Feng YQ, Zhang JX, Wen CT, Dzah CS, Juliet IC, Duan YQ, Zhang HH
51 - 57 Improving hydrogen production in microbial electrolysis cells through hydraulic connection with thermoelectric generators
Jain A, He Z
58 - 65 Isolation, characterization, and application of thermotolerant Streptomyces sp. K5 for efficient conversion of cellobiose to chitinase using pulse- feeding strategy
Mutturi S, Ike M, Yamagishi K, Tokuyasu K
66 - 78 Bioactive extracts from edible nettle leaves using microwave hydrodiffusion and gravity and distillation extraction techniques
Lopez-Hortas L, Le Juge C, Falque E, Dominguez H, Torres MD
79 - 85 Engineering a colanic acid biosynthesis pathway in E. coli for manufacturing 2 '-fucosyllactose
Chen Q, Wu HY, Ji MH, Xie YK, Li SJ, Li YQ, Shi JP, Sun JS
86 - 98 Improving the stability of uricase from Aspergillus flavus by osmolytes: Use of response surface methodology for optimization of the enzyme stability
Mirzaeinia S, Pazhang M, Imani M, Chaparzadeh N, Amani-Ghadim AR
99 - 109 Effect of periodic high-frequency vibration with rigid spheres added on high solids enzymatic hydrolysis of steam-exploded corn straw
Zhang JT, Wang L, Chen HZ
110 - 115 Recovery efficiency of a hydrophilic ionic-liquid aqueous biphasic system for the primary purification of cytochrome c from simulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae fermentation broth
Lin YY, Kee PE, Ng HS, Lan JCW
116 - 125 Partitioning of amylase produced by Aspergillus niger in solid state fermentation using aqueous two-phase systems
dos Santos KA, Fontan RDI, Santos LS, Batista ID, Gandolfi ORR, Castro SD, Sampaio VS, Veloso CM, Bonomo RCF
126 - 135 Systematic and validated techniques for the detection of ovarian cancer emphasizing the electro-analytical approach
Anzar N, Hasan MR, Akram M, Yadav N, Narang J
136 - 142 Effects of herbal and mushroom formulations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine on in vitro human cancer cell lines at the preclinical level: An empirical review of the cell killing mechanisms
Wu QL, Dai TT, Song J, Liu XR, Song SM, Li LL, Liu JB, Pugazhendhi A, Jacob JA
143 - 151 A comparative assessment of biological activities of Gundelia dersim Miller and Gundelia glabra Vitek, Yuce & Ergin extracts and their chemical characterization via HPLC-ESI-TOF-MS
Cadiz-Gurrea MD, Zengin G, Leyva-Jimenez FJ, Fernandez-Ochoa A, Sinan KI, Cakilcioglu U, Babacan EY, Mahomoodally MF, Picot-Allain C, Xiao JB, Segura-Carretero A
152 - 163 Biologically-relevant interactions, phase separations and thermodynamics of chitosan-mucin binary systems
Ahmad M, Ritzoulis C, Pan WC, Chen JS
164 - 171 A new member of the surfactin family produced by Bacillus subtilis with low toxicity on erythrocyte
Fei D, Liu FF, Gang HZ, Liu JF, Yang SZ, Ye RQ, Mu BZ
172 - 179 Determining different impact factors on the xylonic acid production using Gluconobacter oxydans DSM 2343
Hahn T, Torkler S, van Der Bolt R, Gammel N, Hesse M, Moller A, Preylowski B, Hubracht V, Patzsch K, Zibek S
180 - 189 Site-saturation mutagenesis of proline 176 in Cyclodextrin Glucosyltransferase from Bacillus sp. Y112 effects product specificity and enzymatic properties
Li XH, Sun JJ, Wang W, Guo JM, Song K, Hao JH
190 - 197 Optimization of cultivation conditions for efficient production of carotenoid-rich DHA oil by Schizochytrium sp. S31
Chang M, Zhang T, Guo X, Liu Y, Liu RJ, Jin QZ, Wang XG
198 - 206 Proteolysis kinetics and structural characterization of ultrasonic pretreated sunflower protein
Dabbour M, Alenyorege EA, Mintah B, He RH, Jiang H, Ma HL
207 - 212 A novel green enzymatic synthetic route of 2,3-dihydroxybenzoic acid from glucose and CO2 fixation
Chen KX, Yan F, Cao XP, Jian L, Hao T, Jing T
213 - 223 In vitro and in vivo biofilm forming Vibrio spp: A significant threat in aquaculture
Arunkumar M, LewisOscar F, Thajuddin N, Pugazhendhi A, Nithya C
224 - 234 Comparison of batch and repeated batch operation of lactulose synthesis with cross-linked aggregates of Bacillus circulans beta-galactosidase
Guerrero C, Suarez S, Aburto C, Ubilla C, Ramirez N, Vera C, Illanes A
235 - 242 Enhanced endoxylanase production by Myceliophthora thermophila using rice straw and its synergism with phytase in improving nutrition
Dahiya S, Kumar A, Singh B
243 - 257 Production enhancement of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) in Halogeometricum borinquense, characterization of the bioplastic and desalination of the bioreactor effluent
Mahansaria R, Bhowmik S, Dhara A, Saha A, Mandal MK, Ghosh R, Mukherjee J
258 - 265 Effects of viral promoters, the Woodchuck hepatitis post-transcriptional regulatory element, and weakened antibiotic resistance markers on transgene expression in Chinese hamster ovary cells
Wang W, Guo X, Chen SJ, Wang TY, Wang F, Li Q, Wang YF
266 - 272 A correlation study on optimum conditions of microbial precipitation and prerequisites for self-healing concrete
Xu J, Tang YH, Wang XZ
273 - 281 Novel Single-step Pretreatment of Steam Explosion and Choline Chloride to De-lignify Corn Stover for Enhancing Enzymatic Edibility
Nasir A, Chen HZ, Wang L
282 - 288 A D-glucose- and D-xylose-tolerant GH1 beta-glucosidase from Cellulosimicrobium funkei HY-13, a fibrolytic gut bacterium of Eisenia fetida
Kim DY, Kim J, Lee SH, Chung C, Shin DH, Ku BH, Son KH, Park HY
289 - 296 Expanding the repertoire of nitrilases with broad substrate specificity and high substrate tolerance for biocatalytic applications
Sunder AV, Shah S, Rayavarapu P, Wangikar PP
297 - 304 Photostabilization of phycocyanin from Spirulina platensis modified by formaldehyde
Munawaroh HSH, Gumilar GG, Alifia CR, Marthania M, Stellasary B, Yuliani G, Wulandari AP, Kurniawan I, Hidayat R, Ningrum A, Koyande AK, Show PL
305 - 312 Assessing the effect of chitosan on pesticide removal in grape juice during clarification by gas chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry
Venkatachalapathy R, Packirisamy ASB, Ramachandran ACI, Udhyasooriyan LP, Peter MJ, Senthilnathan K, Basheer VA, Muthusamy S
313 - 318 Extracellular electron transfer of Methylophilus methylotrophs
Yang YY, Wang H, Zheng Y, Zhu BL, Wu X, Zhao F
319 - 328 Development and evaluation of different strategies for the clean synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Yarrowia lipolytica and their antibacterial activity
Bolbanabad EM, Ashengroph M, Darvishi F
329 - 339 Rational design and synthesis of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIP) for purifying tylosin by seeded precipitation polymerization
Zeng HN, Yu X, Wan JF, Cao XJ
340 - 348 Biodegradation of organophosphorus insecticides by two organophosphorus hydrolase genes (opdA and opdE) from isolated Leuconostoc mesenteroides WCP307 of kimchi origin
Haque AM, Hwang CE, Kim SC, Cho D, Lee HY, Cho KM, Lee JH
349 - 358 Avicennia marina engineered nanoparticles induce apoptosis in adenocarcinoma lung cancer cell line through p53 mediated signaling pathways
Varunkumar K, Anusha C, Saranya T, Ramalingam V, Raja S, Ravikumar V
359 - 364 Development of light-shielding hydrogel for nitrifying bacteria to prevent photoinhibition under strong light irradiation
Nishi K, Akizuki S, Toda T, Matsuyama T, Ida J
365 - 369 Directing cell catalysis of glucose to 2-keto-D-gluconic acid using Gluconobacter oxydans NL71
Zhou XL, Shen Y, Xu Y, Balan V
370 - 379 Biochemical characterization of a novel protease-resistant alpha-galactosidase from Paecilomyces thermophila suitable for raffinose family oligosaccharides degradation
Liu Y, Yan QJ, Guan LY, Jiang ZQ, Yang SQ