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III - III Untitled
2583 - 2595 Anaerobic treatment of dairy wastewaters: a review
Demirel B, Yenigun O, Onay TT
2597 - 2601 Production of pyruvate from lactate using recombinant Pichia pastoris cells as catalyst
Gough S, Dostal L, Howe A, Deshpande M, Scher M, Rosazza JNP
2603 - 2607 Effect of biodegradable substrates on the removal rate of concentrated p-phenol sulphonic acid in the solid phase aerobic biological treatment process
Lim BR, Hu HY, Ahn KH, Fujie K
2609 - 2614 Optical resolution of racemic pantolactone by Fusarium sp BU-011 with high lactonohydrolase activity
Yu MR, Tan TW
2615 - 2622 Structural characterization of olive mill waster-water after aerobic digestion using elemental analysis, FTIR and C-13 NMR
Hafidi M, Amir S, Revel JC
2623 - 2627 Study on phosphorus removal using a coagulation system
Xie WM, Wang QH, Ma HZ, Ohsumi Y, Ogawa HI
2629 - 2636 alpha-amylase from B-amyloliquefaciens: purification, characterization, raw starch degradation and expression in E-coli
Demirkan ES, Mikami B, Adachi M, Higasa T, Utsumi S
2637 - 2642 Immobilization and stabilization of pullulanase from Klebsiella pneumoniae by a multipoint attachment method using activated agar gel supports
Kuroiwa T, Shoda H, Ichikawa S, Sato S, Mukataka S
2643 - 2648 Surface activity and metabolism of hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms growing on hexadecane and naphthalene
Puntus IF, Sakharovsky V, Filonov AE, Boronin AM
2649 - 2654 Removal of cadmium ions with olive stones: the effect of somes parameters
Blazquez G, Hernainz F, Calero M, Ruiz-Nunez LF
2655 - 2658 Effect of water activity on gibberellic acid production by Gibberella fujikuroi under solid-state fermentation conditions
Corona A, Saez D, Agosin E
2659 - 2670 Composition of fatty acids and lipid classes in bulk products generated during enzymic hydrolysis of cod (Gadus morhua) by-products
Dauksas E, Falch E, Slizyte R, Rustad T
2671 - 2676 Hysteresis area, a rheological parameter used as a tool to assess the ability of filamentous sludges to settle
Guibaud G, Tixier N, Baudu M
2677 - 2682 Carboxymethylcellulose and poly(vinyl alcohol) used as a film support for lipases immobilization
Dalla-Vecchia R, Sebrao D, Nascimento MD, Soldi V
2683 - 2687 Influence of heavy metals on growth and ferrous sulphate oxidation by Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans in pure and mixed cultures
Cabrera G, Gomez JM, Cantero D
2689 - 2694 Comparative evaluation of neutral protease production by Aspergillus oryzae in submerged and solid-state fermentation
Sandhya C, Sumantha A, Szakacs G, Pandey A
2695 - 2705 Impact of Tween 80 during Bacillus thuringiensis fermentation of wastewater sludges
Brat SK, Verma M, Barnabe S, Tyagi RD, Valero JR, Surampalli R
2707 - 2714 Immobilization of Streptomyces olivaceoviridis E-86 xylanase on Eudragit S-100 for xylo-oligosaccharide production
Ai ZL, Jiang ZQ, Li LT, Deng W, Kusakabe I, Li HS
2715 - 2720 Large scale application of membrane bioreactor technology for the treatment and reuse of an anionic surfactant wastewater
Dhouib A, Hdiji N, Hassairi I, Sayadi S
2721 - 2728 Production of a new sea anemone neurotoxin by recombinant Escherichia coli: Optimization of culture conditions using response surface methodology
Wang YH, Jing CF, Yang B, Mainda G, Dong ML, Xu AL
2729 - 2734 PHBV production by Ralstonia eutropha in a continuous stirred tank reactor
Yu ST, Lin CC, Too JR
2735 - 2744 Toxicity and intermediates of CI Direct Red 28 dye through sequential anaerobic/aerobic treatment
Sponza DT, Isik M
2745 - 2749 Effect of biosurfactant on 2,4-dichlorophenol biodegradation in an activated sludge bioreactor
Uysal A, Turkman A
2751 - 2755 Use of the methane yield to indicate the metabolic behaviour of methanogenic biofilms
Michaud S, Bernet N, Buffiere P, Delgenes JP
2757 - 2762 Optimization of nutritional conditions for nattokinase production by Bacillus natto NLSSE using statistical experimental methods
Liu JG, Xing JM, Chang TS, Ma ZY, Liu HZ
2763 - 2770 Control of a continuous bioreactor using model predictive control
Ramaswamy S, Cutright TJ, Qammar HK
2771 - 2779 Performance evaluation of a compost biofilter treating toluene vapours
Rene ER, Murthy DVS, Swaminathan T
2781 - 2791 Modelling of the alcohol dehydrogenase production in baker's yeast
Presecki AV, Vasic-Racki D
2793 - 2797 The role of lipoxygenase in elicitor-induced taxol production in Taxus chinensis cell cultures
Huang YF, Lan WZ, Chen C, Yu LJ
2799 - 2803 Biosorption of Pb(II) by Pleurotus ostreatus immobilized in calcium alginate gel
Pan XL, Wang JL, Zhang DY
2805 - 2811 Mathematical modelling of aerobic degradation of vinasses with Penicillium decumbens
Jimenez AM, Borja R, Martin A, Raposo F
2813 - 2819 Application of selected starter cultures for the production of wheat sourdough bread using a traditional three-stage procedure
Paramithiotis S, Chouliaras Y, Tsakalidou E, Kalantzopoulos G
2821 - 2826 Effect of glycation on stability and kinetic parameters of thermostable glucoamylase from Aspergillus niger
Sutthirak P, Dharmsthiti S, Lertsiri S
2827 - 2832 Microbial production of a poly (gamma-glutamic acid) derivative by Bacillus subtilis
Shih IL, Wu PJ, Shieh CJ
2833 - 2840 Preparation and characterization of trypsin immobilized on silica gel supported macroporous chitosan bead
Xi FN, Wu JM, Jia ZS, Lin XF
2841 - 2848 Use of a protease-modified-alumina complex to design a continuous stirred tank reactor for producing bioactive hydrolysates
Ticu EL, Vercaigne-Marko D, Froidevaux R, Huma A, Artenie V, Guillochon D
2849 - 2857 Bioaugmentation of an anaerobic sequencing batch biofilm reactor (AnSBBR) with immobilized sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) for the treatment of sulphate bearing chemical wastewater
Mohan SV, Rao NC, Prasad KK, Sarma PN
2859 - 2864 Detection of aflatoxigenic fungi in selected food commodities by PCR
Manonmani HK, Anand S, Chandrashekar A, Rati ER
2865 - 2872 Adsorption of malachite green onto Pithophora sp., a fresh water algae: Equilibrium and kinetic modelling
Kumar KV, Sivanesan S, Ramamurthi V
2873 - 2878 Monitoring and control of biological nutrient removal in a Sequencing Batch Reactor
Akin BS, Ugurlu A
2879 - 2884 Effect of organic loading on performance of rotating biological contactors using Palm Oil Mill effluents
Najafpour G, Yieng HA, Younesi H, Zinatizadeh A
2885 - 2889 Production of pectinase by solid-state fermentation with Penicillium viridicatum RFC3
Silva D, Tokuioshi K, Martins ED, Da Silva R, Gomes E
2891 - 2895 Extraction optimization of xylanases obtained by solid-state cultivation of Bacillus circulans BL53
Heck JX, Hertz PF, Ayub MAZ
2897 - 2905 UASB treatment of wastewater with VFA and alcohol generated during hydrogen fermentation of food waste
Han SK, Kim SH, Shin HS
2907 - 2914 Treatment of azo dye Orange II in aerobic and anaerobic-SBR systems
Ong SA, Toorisaka E, Hirata M, Hano T
2921 - 2921 Effect of additives on the behavioural properties of tannin acyl hydrolase (vol 38, pg 1285, 2003)
Kar B, Banerjee R, Bhattacharyya BC