Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.384 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Multifunctional metal-chelated phosphonate/Fe3O4 magnetic nanocomposite particles for defeating antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Akhlaghi N, Najafpour-Darzi G
9 - 16 Properties of intragranular-oxide-strengthened Fe alloys fabricated by a versatile facile and scalable route
Zhang DY, Wu T, Jia BR, Wu HY, Zhang L, Qin ML, Qu XH
17 - 28 Sodium silicate effect on setting properties, strength behavior and microstructure of cemented coal fly ash backfill
Cavusoglu I, Yilmaz E, Yilmaz AO
29 - 35 DEM simulation of vibrated packing densification of mono-sized regular octahedral particles
Wang L, An XZ, Wu YL, Qian Q, Zou RP, Dong KJ
36 - 50 Simulation and optimization of crushing chamber of gyratory crusher based on the DEM and GA
Chen ZR, Wang GQ, Xue DM, Cui D
51 - 61 Sensitivity analysis of process parameters for granular mixing in an intensive mixer using response surface methodology
Zuo ZJ, Gong SG, Xie GL, Zhang JP
62 - 69 Screening method for producing suitable spray-dried HA powder for SLS application
Schappo H, Giry K, Damia C, Hotza D
70 - 81 Ultrasound assisted Eu3+-doped strontium titanate nanophosphors: Labeling agent useful for visualization of latent fingerprints
Trabelsi H, Akl M, Akl SH
82 - 99 Influence of the inlet cross-sectional shape on the performance of a multi-inlet gas cyclone
Babaoglu NU, Parvaz F, Hosseini SH, Elsayed K, Ahmadi G
100 - 111 Multi-laser powder bed fusion of Ti-6.5Al-2Zr-Mo-V alloy powder: Defect formation mechanism and microstructural evolution
Li SH, Yang JJ, Wang ZM
112 - 124 Influence of block shape on macroscopic deformation response and meso-fabric evolution of crushed gangue under the triaxial compression
Li JM, Huang YL, Pu H, Gao HD, Li YS, Ouyang SY, Guo YC
125 - 131 Experimental investigation of thermo-physical properties of drilling fluid integrated with nanoparticles: Improvement of drilling operation performance
Farahbod F
132 - 140 Fabrication of TiAl alloys turbocharger turbine wheel for engines by metal injection molding
Liu YJ, Pan Y, Lu X, Sun JZ, Hui TL, Yang YC, Yu AH, Qu XH, Zhang JZ
141 - 147 The interaction of nanoparticulate Fe3O4 during the diffusion-limited aggregation process: A molecular dynamics simulation
Liu ZJ, Cheng Q, Wang YZ, Li KJ, Wang RR, Zhang JL
148 - 159 Numerical modeling of a batch fluidized-bed gasifier: Interaction of chemical reaction, particle morphology development and hydrodynamics
Rossger P, Richter A
160 - 175 Evolution of active arching in granular materials: Insights from load, displacement, strain, and particle flow
Zhao Y, Gong QM, Wu YJ, Zornberg JG, Tian ZY, Zhang X
176 - 185 A methodology for capturing tire wear particles: Computational particle fluid dynamics modelling and experimental verification
Dong JN, Huang HB, Pei JQ, Xu YW, Cao J
186 - 194 An artificial neural network model applied to convert sucrose chord length distributions into particle size distributions
Crestani CE, Bernardo A, Costa CBB, Giulietti M
195 - 199 Impact of excipients on batch and continuous powder blending
Jaspers M, de Wit MTW, Kulkarni SS, Meir B, Janssen PHM, van Haandel MMW, Dickhoff BHJ
200 - 210 X-ray tomography for 3D analysis of ice particles in jet A-1 fuel
Haffar I, Flin F, Geindreau C, Petillon N, Gervais PC, Edery V
211 - 222 Effects of spreader geometry on powder spreading process in powder bed additive manufacturing
Wang L, Yu AB, Li EL, Shen HP, Zhou ZY
223 - 235 Influence of temperature on the rheological behaviour of eco-mortar with binary and ternary cementitious blends of natural pozzolana and marble powder
Dada H, Belaidi ASE, Soualhi H, Kadri EH, Benabed B
236 - 246 The effect of silver coated copper particle content on the properties of novel Cu-Ag alloys prepared by hot pressing method
Varol T, Guler O, Akcay SB, Aksa HC
247 - 257 Permeability and inertial resistance coefficient correction model of broken rocks in coal mine goaf
Liu Q, Lin BQ, Zhou Y, Li YJ
258 - 266 Fire-retardant foam designed to control the spontaneous combustion and the fire of coal: Flame retardant and extinguishing properties
Tang ZQ, Xu G, Yang SQ, Deng J, Xu Q, Chang P
267 - 275 Comparison of surface energy and adhesion energy of surface-treated particles
Sansao BMB, Kellar JJ, Cross WM, Schottler K, Romkes A
276 - 283 Investigation of the heat transfer characteristics of a novel thermosyphon with different particle sizes
Li HJ, Jiang F, Qi GP, Li XL
284 - 296 Study on the inhibition of Al-Mg alloy dust explosion by modified Mg(OH)(2)
Wang Z, Meng XB, Yan K, Li ZY, Xiao Q, Ma XS, Wang JF
297 - 303 Investigation of particle density on dust cloud dynamics in a minimum ignition energy apparatus using digital in-line holography
Prasad S, Schweizer C, Bagaria P, Saini A, Kulatilaka WD, Mashuga CV
304 - 312 Experimental study on the permeability and resistance characteristics in the packed bed with the multi-size irregular particle applied in the sinter vertical waste heat recovery technology
Zhang SZ, Wen Z, Liu XL, Liu XH, Wang S, Zhang H
313 - 331 Designing enhanced spray dried particles for inhalation: A review of the impact of excipients and processing parameters on particle properties
Alhajj N, O'Reilly NJ, Cathcart H
332 - 341 The effect of coating material combination and encapsulation method on propolis powder properties
Baysan U, Bastioglu AZ, Coskun NO, Takma DK, Balcuk EU, Sahin-Nadeem H, Koc M
342 - 352 Rational design of Z-scheme Bi12O17Cl2/plasmonic Ag/anoxic TiO2 composites for efficient visible light photocatalysis
Li X, Jin YC, Dou ZX, Zhou S, Zhang QZ, Bao N
353 - 367 Particle-scale study of gas-solid flows in a bubbling fluidised bed: Effect of drag force and collision models
Wang TY, Wang S, Shen YS
368 - 378 Integrated modeling methodology for ash agglomeration in poly-disperse fluidized beds using particle population framework
Khadilkar AB, Kennedy JR, Rozelle PL, Pisupati SV
379 - 386 Experimental study of gas-solid flow characteristics and flow-vibration coupling in a full loaded inclined pipe
Jia MD, Wei YD, Yan CY, Jiang PX, Xu RN
387 - 401 Single-particle crush test for ultrafine particles and direct numerical simulation of fracture process
Soda R, Ishihara S, Kushimoto K, Kano J, Ozaki K
402 - 413 Flowability of steel and tool steel powders: A comparison between testing methods
Marchetti L, Hulme-Smith C
414 - 422 Enhancement of start-up and thermal performance in pulsating heat pipe with GO/water nanofluid
Zhou Y, Yang HH, Liu LW, Zhang M, Wang YF, Zhang YK, Zhou B
423 - 430 Fluidization stability vs. powder history of Geldart group C+ particles
Du HM, Zhou YDZ, Zhao DQ, Shao YY, Zhu ES
431 - 441 Different bubble behaviors in gas-solid fluidized bed of Geldart group A and group C+ particles
Zhou YDZ, Xu JR, Zhu J
442 - 451 Saturation carrying capacity Group B particles in a circulating fluidized bed
Breault RW, Weber J, Yang JS
452 - 465 Peristaltic transport of biological graphene-blood nanofluid considering inclined magnetic field and thermal radiation in a porous media
Khazayinejad M, Hafezi M, Dabir B
466 - 478 Thermophysical properties improvement of a common liquid by adding reduced graphene oxide: An experimental study
Yu H, Duan BR, Feng LX, Kalbasi R
479 - 493 A novel CFD-DEM coarse-graining method based on the Voronoi tessellation
Che HQ, O'Sullivan C, Sufian A, Smith ER
494 - 504 Pressure drop in sintered wicks with spherical or irregular particles
Cui Z, Huang D, Dang C, Jia L
505 - 521 The critical atomization conditions of high-potential fire suppressant droplets in an air flow
Voytkov IS, Kuznetsov GV, Strizhak PA
522 - 541 Two-phase analysis of heat transfer and entropy generation of water-based magnetite nanofluid flow in a circular microtube with twisted porous blocks under a uniform magnetic field
Ibrahim M, Saeed T, Bani FR, Sedeh SN, Chu YM, Toghraie D
542 - 553 Application of hydrodynamic lubrication in discrete element method (DEM) simulations of wet bead milling chambers
Cabiscol R, Jansen T, Marigo M, Ness C
554 - 563 A study on the pelletizing condition for roll compaction of powdered radioactive wastes
Lim SH, Kim SI, Song JS, Kim KH
564 - 574 Investigation of cold flow hydrodynamics in a dual fluidized bed for gasification of high-ash coal
Gupta S, De S