Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.383 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Experimental study on particle velocity and acceleration length in pneumatic and hydraulic conveying systems
Santo N, Portnikov D, Kalman H
11 - 18 Determination of tensile strength of shaped tablets
Yohannes B, Abebe A
19 - 29 Bed-to-wall heat transfer in a gas-solid fluidized bed with external solids circulation:Modified packet renewal model
Li JT, Yao XY, Liu L, Zhong XD, Lu CX
30 - 42 Impact of atomization gas on characteristics of austenitic stainless steel powder feedstocks for additive manufacturing
Gao MZ, Ludwig B, Palmer TA
43 - 55 Characterization and stabilization of nano-metakaolin colloidal suspensions
Malta JO, Oliveira LVS, Ueki MM, Barreto LS
56 - 64 Improved heat transfer of the engine oil by changing it to hybrid nanofluid: Adding hybrid nano-powders
Liu KN, Zhang Y, Dai F, Sun W
65 - 73 Main powder physicochemical characteristics influencing their reconstitution behavior
Fournaise T, Petit J, Gaiani C
74 - 83 Investigation of 3-aminopropyltriethoxysilane modifying attapulgite for Congo red removal: Mechanisms and site energy distribution
Yang S, Zhao F, Sang QQ, Zhang Y, Chang L, Huang DJ, Mu B
84 - 92 Effect of high energy ball milling and low temperature densification of plate-like alumina powder
Saghir M, Umer MA, Ahmed A, Monir NB, Manzoor U, Razzaq A, Xian L, Mohammad K, Shahid M, Park YK
93 - 103 Experimental and numerical investigation in the series arrangement square cyclone separator
Venkatesh S, Sivapirakasam SP, Sakthivel M, Ganeshkumar S, Prabhu MM, Naveenkumar M
104 - 114 Removing Pb2+ and As(V) from polluted water by highly reusable Fe-Mg metal-organic complex adsorbent
Shi XF, Mai XM, Wei RB, Ma Y, Naik N, He ZF, Chen YJ, Wang C, Dong BB, Guo ZH
115 - 130 Novel algorithm elucidating the tablet dividing mechanism in scored tablets and its experimental verification
Sato T, Morita N, Obata Y, Takayama K
131 - 142 Investigation of the vibrating feeding system for sphericity separation of coated fuel particles using DEM
Fan T, Liu ML, Ma HQ, Liu B, Shao YL, Zhao YZ
143 - 158 Numerical analysis on spatial distribution for concentration and particle size of particulate pollutants in dust environment at fully mechanized coal mining face
Zhang LC, Zhou G, Ma Y, Jing B, Sun B, Han FW, He M, Chen X
159 - 166 Image-based prediction of granular flow behaviors in a wedge-shaped hopper by combing DEM and deep learning methods
Liao ZH, Yang YZ, Sun CF, Wu RQ, Duan ZH, Wang YY, Li XP, Xu J
167 - 174 Pozzolanic activity and hydration properties of feldspar after mechanical activation
Yao G, Wang ZM, Yao J, Cong XS, Anning C, Lyu XJ
175 - 182 Development of a method for producing submicron cemented carbide from a powder obtained by electrical discharge erosion of scrap in oil
Dvornik MI, Mikhailenko EA, Nikolenko SV
183 - 197 Fluid fl ow assisted mixing of binary granular beds using CFD-DEM
Vijayan A, Joy B, Annabattula RK
198 - 211 Macroscopic and microscopic study on the compression bearing characteristics and deformation failure mechanism of gangue with different particle sizes
Wu DT, Luo F, Li M, Diao YL, Guo YJ, Xu PD
212 - 219 Degradation of methylene blue by a heterogeneous Fenton reaction catalyzed by FeCo2O4-N-C nanocomposites derived by ZIFs
Zhang T, Ma QQ, Zhou MQ, Li CY, Sun JC, Shi WJ, Ai SY
220 - 232 Vacuum drying of the Terbina fi ne HCl powder: A kinetics study and mathematical modeling
Hentabli M, Belhadj AE, Benimam H, Dahmoune F, Keskes S
233 - 243 Study on preparation and properties of mineral surfactant - microbial dust suppressant
Zhu SC, Zhao YY, Hu XM, Wu MY, Cheng WM, Fan YJ, Song CY, Tang XL
244 - 255 Modeling comminution of iron ore concentrates in industrial-scale HPGR
Campos TM, Bueno G, Tavares LM
256 - 269 Analysis of solid particle erosion in direct impact tests using the discrete element method
Zhang R, Zhao XF, Zhao GH, Dong S, Liu HX
270 - 279 Numerical study of heat transfer enhancement of non-Newtonian nano fl uid in porous blocks in a channel partially
Javaherdeh K, Karimi H, Khojasteh A
280 - 291 Dem simulations on gate loads and bin storage characteristics before discharge
Shen JH, Roberts A, Wheeler C
292 - 301 A detailed study of the interaction between levitated microspheres and the target electrode in a strong electric fi eld
Jimidar ISM, Sotthewes K, Gardeniers H, Desmet G
302 - 317 In fl uence of the spray drying operating conditions on the estimated drying kinetics of emulsion single droplets and the properties of microencapsulated chia oil
Bordon MG, Alasino NPX, Martinez V, Peter RG, Iturralde R, Ribotta PD, Martinez ML
318 - 327 Collisional damping of spherical ice particles
Eidevag T, Thomson ES, Sollen S, Casselgren J, Rasmuson A
328 - 335 Predicting the behavior of granules of complex shapes using coarse-grained particles and artificial neural networks
Nasato DS, Albuquerque RQ, Briesen H
336 - 347 Numerical simulation of electric fi eld in cylindrical silo based on non -uniform electrostatic charge distribution caused by particle segregation
Zhou Q, Liang C, Hu JW, Chen XP, Ma JL
348 - 355 Powder grinding and nano-particle sizing: Sound, light and enlightenment
Camargo WF, Mantas PQ, Segadaes AM, Cruz RCD
356 - 370 Sustainability of coal mines: Separation of clean coal from the fine-coal rejects by ultra-fine grinding and density-gradient-centrifugation
Sriramoju SK, Kumar D, Majumdar S, Dash PS, Shee D, Banerjee R
371 - 380 Room temperature photocatalytic deposition of Au nanoparticles on SnS2 nanoplates for enhanced photocatalysis
Zhang F, Shen L, Li J, Zhang YC, Wang GL, Zhu AP
381 - 395 Effects of surface functionalization with alkylalkoxysilanes on the structure, visible light photoactivity and biocidal performance of Ag-TiO2 nanoparticles
Zarzuela R, Moreno-Garrido I, Gil MLA, Mosquera MJ
396 - 409 Flow characterization of compressible biomass particles using multiscale experiments and a hypoplastic model
Lu YM, Jin WC, Klinger J, Westover TL, Dai S
410 - 417 Particle interactions with permeable drops in shear fl ow
Baysinger S, Davis R
418 - 442 Comparative CFD modeling of a bubbling bed using a Eulerian & ndash;Eulerian two-fluid model (TFM) and a Eulerian-Lagrangian dense discrete phase model (DDPM)
Adnan M, Sun J, Ahmad N, Wei JJ
443 - 453 Shape effects on mechanical properties of maximally random jammed packings of intersecting spherocylinders
Deng W, Liu LF, Yuan Y, Li SX
454 - 470 DEM simulation of binary mixing particles with different density in an intensive mixer
Zuo ZJ, Gong SG, Xie GL, Zhang JP
471 - 483 Numerical investigation on the water vaporization during semi dry fl ue gas desulfurization in a three-dimensional spouted bed
Du JL, Yue K, Wu F, Ma XX, Hui ZQ
484 - 497 Two-phase analysis of nano fl uid fl ow within an innovative four-layer microchannel heat exchanger: Focusing on energy ef fi ciency principle
Mazaheri N, Bahiraei M, Razi S
498 - 508 Slurry development for lithography-based additive manufacturing of cemented carbide components
Rieger T, Schubert T, Schurr J, Butschle M, Schwenkel M, Bernthaler T, Schneider G
509 - 521 Microwave-intensified treatment of low-zinc EAF dust: A route toward high-grade metallized product with a focus on multiple elements
Wang LC, Peng ZW, Lin XL, Ye Q, Ye L, Zhang J, Liu Y, Liu MD, Rao MJ, Li GH, Jiang T
522 - 535 Meta-model of vertical air classification: A unified understanding of different separation curve models
Yoshida T, Hirai Y, Sakai SI
536 - 541 Dilute-to-dense fl ow transition and fl ow -rate behavior of lateral bifurcated granular fl ow
Zhou XY, Liu SK, Zhao ZH, Li X, Li CH, Sun M, Huang DC
542 - 553 Experimental study on grain failure of lightweight expanded clay aggregate under uniaxial and biaxial load conditions
Roces-Alonso EA, Gonzalez-Galindo J, Estaire J
554 - 563 Rigidly-mounted roll mill as breakage tester for characterizing fine particle breakage
Bottcher AC, Thon C, Fragniere G, Chagas A, Schilde C, Kwade A
564 - 583 The influence of material and process parameters on powder spreading in additive manufacturing
Shaheen MY, Thornton AR, Luding S, Weinhart T
584 - 597 Numerical calibration for thermal resistance in discrete element method by finite volume method
Guo ZG, Yang J, Zhang S, Tan ZT, Tian X, Wang QW
598 - 605 Algorithm for the determination of the angle of repose in bulk material analysis
Muller D, Fimbinger E, Brand C
606 - 606 RETRACTION: Preparation of granulated N-doped TiO2/diatomite composite and its applications of visible light degradation and disinfection (Retraction of Vol 303, Pg 176, 2016)
Chen Y, Liu KR
607 - 607 RETRACTION: MHD raviative boundary layer analysis of micropolar dusty fluid with graphene oxide (Go)- engine oil nanoparticles in a porous medium over a stretching sheet with joule heating effect (Retraction of Vol 338, Pg 425, 2018)
Ghadikolaei SS, Hosseinzadeh K, Ganji DD
608 - 608 RETRACTION: Magnetic Ce-doped TiO2/NiFe2O4/diatomite ternary composite: enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance (Retraction of Vol 313, Pg 44, 2017)
Chen Y, Liu KR