Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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Prevention of a hydrogen explosion accident in the wet aluminum waste dust collection process based on L-malic acid
Xu XH, Wang B, Xu KL, Wang YT
1 - 22 Analysis of flow behavior of size distributed spherical particles in screw feeder
Minglani D, Sharma A, Pandey H, Dayal R, Joshi JB
23 - 39 Investigation of the effects of materials and dry granulation process on the mirabegron tablet by integrated QbD approach with multivariate analysis
Jang EH, Park YS, Choi D
40 - 47 Eco-conversion of coal into a nonporous graphite for high-performance anodes of lithium-ion batteries
Han L, Zhu X, Yang F, Liu Q, Jia XL
48 - 59 Upgrading and quality-classification of inertinite-rich coal from Western China based on maceral separation
Chang J, Li Z, Fu YH, Yang C, Song WG, Zhu ZQ
60 - 69 Experiments and CFD-DEM simulations of fine kaolinite particle sedimentation dynamic characteristics in a water environment
Lv K, Min FF, Zhu JB, Ren B, Bai XJ, Wang CZ
70 - 84 Combining 10 meta-heuristic algorithms, CFD, DOE, MGGP and PROMETHEE II for optimizing Stairmand cyclone separator
Izadi A, Kashani E, Mohebbi A
85 - 94 Coagulation and capture of fine particles in the coupling system of corona discharge and embedded turbulence
Wang JN, Huang WJ, Xu HM, Qu Z, Jia JP, Yan NQ
95 - 106 Experimental investigation of proppant particles transport in a tortuous fracture
Qu H, Tang SM, Liu ZH, Mclennan J, Wang R
107 - 117 DEM study of segregation degree and velocity of binary granular mixtures subject to vibration
Qiao JP, Duan CL, Dong KJ, Wang WN, Jiang HS, Zhu HP, Zhao YM
118 - 125 Fabrication of homogeneous nanosized nickel powders using a planetary ball mill: Applications to multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs)
Im T, Pyo J, Lee JS, Lee CS
133 - 143 Mechanisms of performance degradation and efficiency improvement of electret filters during neutral particle loading
Cai RR, Lu H, Zhang LZ
144 - 161 Azadirachta indica A. Juss (Meliaceae) microencapsulated bioinsecticide: Spray drying technique optimization, characterization, in vitro release, and degradation kinetics
Bezerra DG, de Andrade IR, Santos HLV, Xavier MDD, Fernandes PI, Devilla IA, Nascimento TL, Borges LL, Conceicao EC, de Paula JAM
162 - 172 Research on surface segregation and overall segregation of particles in a rotating drum based on stacked image
Huang P, Miao QH, Ding YF, Sang G, Jia MP
173 - 187 Softness abrasive flow polishing method using constrained boundary vibration
Ge JQ, Li C, Gao ZY, Ren YL, Xu XS, Li C, Xie Y
188 - 188 An analytical approach to explain the generation of secondary circulation in spiral concentrators (vol 308, pg 165, 2017)
Jain PK, Rayasam V
189 - 198 Effect of siderite dissolution on mineral particles interaction in aqueous suspension
Li D, Zhong HD, Li ZY, Yin WZ, Kou J, Sun CB
199 - 207 Influence of processing parameters on the porosity, thermal expansion, and oxidation behavior of consolidated Fe22Cr stainless steel powder
Ozturk B, Topcu A, Cora ON
208 - 231 A very boring 120 h: 15 million tablets under a continuous state of control
Holman J, Tantuccio A, Palmer J, van Doninck T, Meyer R
232 - 243 Numerical simulation of the wavy collecting plate effects on the performance of an electrostatic precipitator
Choi HY, Park YG, Ha MY
244 - 253 Sodium tripolyphosphate as a selective depressant for separating magnesite from dolomite and its depression mechanism
Yao J, Yang B, Chen KQ, Sun HR, Zhu ZL, Yin WZ, Song NB, Sheng QY
254 - 261 A novel neural network approach to modeling particles distribution on vibrating screen
Zhao Z, Jin MZ, Qin F, Yang SX
262 - 262 Fragmentation dynamics of single agglomerate-to-wall impaction (vol 378, pg 561, 2021)
Lowe A, Singh G, Chan HK, Masri AR, Cheng S, Kourmatzis A
263 - 273 Granular flowbehavior in a conveyor system: Fromlocal velocity profiles to mass flow rates
Higgins H, Roeing-Donna M, Krupiarz K, O'Connor R, Tan JF, Pohlman NA
274 - 283 Laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing, microstructure evolution, and mechanical performance of carbon nanotube-decorated titanium alloy powders
Zhou WW, Kamata K, Dong MQ, Nomura N
284 - 299 Study of grain-scale effects in bulk handling using discrete element simulations
Torres-Serra J, Rodriguez-Ferran A, Romero E
300 - 317 GPU-based DEM simulation for scale-up of bladed mixers
Herman AP, Gan JQ, Yu AB
318 - 330 Degree of dispersion assessments of highly filled stereolithography suspension using fineness of grind measurement
Alazzawi MK, Beyoglu B, Maniaci FF, Haber RA
331 - 338 Monitoring temperature evolution and drying of coating on a single fluidized particle by infrared thermography
Lindner JA, Muller MG, Briesen H, Foerst P
339 - 350 Numerical investigation of flow stratification behavior of binary particle mixture for high-temperature flue gas filtration on an inclined moving bed
Shen MY, Tong LG, Ding HS, Wang L, Ding YL
351 - 363 Modeling of non-spherical particle flows: Movement and orientation behavior
Romero-Valle MA, Goniva C, Nirschl H
364 - 367 Development of Ti-6Zr-5Fe alloy powder for laser powder bed fusion
Qi P, Li BL, Wang TB, Zhou L, Nie ZR
368 - 377 Interaction between fine particles of fluorapatite and phosphoric acid unraveled by surface spectroscopies
Kaba OB, Filippov LO, Filippova IV, Badawi M
378 - 387 Micro-explosion of a two-component droplet: How the initial temperature of the water core affects the breakup conditions and outcomes
Antonov DV, Kuznetsov GV, Fedorenko RM, Strizhak PA
388 - 397 Effect of powdery layer coverage on the sticking and rebound behaviors of ash particle impaction: A DEM study
Zhu RR, Li GD, Zhang YY, Song MH, Huang Y
398 - 405 Simulation of particle fouling characteristics with improved modeling on two different tubes
Xu ZM, Yu XY, Han ZM, Wang YC
406 - 419 Investigation on JKR surface energy of high-humidity maize grains
Feng X, Liu TH, Wang LJ, Yu YT, Zhang S, Song LL
420 - 430 Heterogeneous condensation combined with inner vortex broken cyclone to achieve high collection efficiency of fine particles and low energy consumption
Zhang YM, Jin RZ, Dong SJ, Wang YL, Dong KJ, Wei Y, Wang B
431 - 440 A novel PEG/PMMA based binder composition for void-free metal injection moulding of Ti components
Hayat MD, Zhang HZ, Karumbaiah KM, Singh H, Xu Y, Zou LM, Qu XH, Ray S, Cao P
441 - 453 Application of discrete element simulation in mechanical activation of boron concentrate
Kim KC, Jiang T, Xu YZ, Kim NI, Jin HS, Kim JC
454 - 466 Inertial measurement unit as a tool within dense phase pneumatic conveying. Investigation into velocity measurement accuracy, pressure and velocity relationships in slug flow
Lavrinec A, Orozovic O, Rajabnia H, Williams K, Jones MG, Klinzing G
467 - 477 Non-invasive, continuous, quantitative detection of powder level and mass holdup in a metal feed tube
Louge MY, Mandur J, Blincoe W, Tantuccio A, Meyer RF
478 - 490 Compaction behavior and densification mechanisms of Cu-W composite powders
Peng KF, Pan H, Zheng ZJ, Yu JL
491 - 504 Computational analysis of triboelectrification due to aerodynamic powder dispersion
Alfano FO, Di Renzo A, Di Maio FP, Ghadiri M
505 - 511 Dual-sheet interferometric particle imaging for opaque particle size and 2D location measurement
Lin ZM, Wu YC, Zhuo Z, Wu XC
512 - 523 Characterization of gas-solid flow in a cold fluidized bed from signals of a non-invasive electrical charge sensor
dos Reis E, de Andrade MFF, Albuquerque GM, Pontes RGB, Frajuca C
524 - 531 Effects of relative densities on particle breaking behaviour of non-uniform grading coral sand
Wang CY, Ding XM, Xiao Y, Peng Y, Liu HL
532 - 540 Thermal oxidation analysis of aerosol synthesized fuel particles composed of Al versus Al-Si
Vaz NG, Shancita I, Pantoya ML
541 - 549 Enhancing capacitive storage of carbonaceous anode by surface doping and structural modulation for high-performance sodium-ion battery
Han L, Li ZM, Yang F, Xiao ZH, Yu YT, Ning GQ, Jia XL
550 - 555 Microstructure and mechanical properties of ultra-hard spherical refractory high-entropy alloy powders fabricated by plasma spheroidization
Liu B, Duan H, Li LS, Zhou CS, He JY, Wu HB
556 - 565 Effect of grinding media properties and stirrer tip speed on the grinding efficiency of a stirred mill
Guo W, Gao P, Tang ZD, Han YX, Meng XZ
566 - 572 Reduction in minimum fluidization velocity and minimum bubbling velocity in gas-solid fluidized beds due to vibration
McLaren CP, Metzger JP, Boyce CM, Muller CR
573 - 593 Quantification of mechanisms governing the angle of repose, angle of tilting, and Hausner ratio to estimate the flowability of particulate materials
Kalman H
594 - 604 Effect of coal particle density on coal properties and combustion characteristics
Behera D, Nandi BK
605 - 618 A new SeDeM-SLA expert system for screening of solid carriers for the preparation of solidified liquids: A case of citronella oil
Shah DS, Jha DK, Gurram S, Sune-Pou M, Garcia-Montoya E, Amin PD