Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 16 Microencapsulation of zinc by spray-drying: Characterisation and fortification
Polekkad A, Franklin MEE, Pushpadass HA, Battula SN, Rao SBN, Pal DT
17 - 24 Erosion behaviors of membrane tubes in a fluidized bed reactor with hydrogen separation
Yang XS, Wang S, Liu SY, He YR
25 - 43 Predicting cold gas-solid flow in a pilot-scale dual-circulating fluidized bed: Validation of computational particle fluid dynamics model
Zafiryadis F, Jensen AD, Laxminarayan Y, Lin WG, Hove EA, Larsen MB, Wu H
44 - 54 Thermal properties of powder beds in energy absorption and heat transfer during additive manufacturing with electron beam
Zhao YF, Koizumi Y, Aoyagi K, Yamanaka K, Chiba A
55 - 67 Effect of particle collision behavior on heat transfer performance in a down-flow circulating fluidized bed evaporator
Jiang F, Wang HY, Liu Y, Qi GP, Al-Rawni AE, Nkomazana P, Li XL
68 - 81 Modeling nanofluid droplet impingement on a superheated surface
Pournaderi P, Deilami M
82 - 91 Temperature-dependent rheological, mechanical and hydration properties of cement paste blended with iron tailings
Zhao YL, Qiu JP, Ma ZY
92 - 100 Study of Astroloy powder compaction at high temperature under hydrostatic load using finite elements
Elguezabal B, Alkorta J, Martinez-Esnaola JM
101 - 109 A coupled polygonal DEM-LBM technique based on an immersed boundary method and energy-conserving contact algorithm
Wang M, Feng YT, Qu TM, Zhao TT
110 - 121 Experimental and numerical studies on rebound characteristics of non-spherical particles impacting on stainless-steel at high temperature
Cai LX, Wang SS, Li Y, Mao JR, Li F, Liu ZK, Gao J
122 - 128 Filtration of kaolinite and coal mixture suspension: Settling behavior and filter cake structure analysis
Li YJ, Chen YT, Xia WC, Xie GY
129 - 140 Assessment of bi-disperse solid particles mixing in a horizontal paddle mixer through experiments and DEM
Ebrahimi M, Yaraghi A, Jadidi B, Ein-Mozaffari F, Lohi A
141 - 163 A versatile 3D computational model based on molecular dynamics for real-time simulation of the automatic powder filling processes
Zheleznyakova AL
164 - 180 Influence of non-uniform asymmetric heating on conjugate heat transfer in a rectangular minichannel using nanofluid by two-phase Eulerian-Lagrangian method
Borah A, Pati S
181 - 188 Use of titania powders in the laser sintering process: Link between process conditions and product mechanical properties
Sofia D, Macri D, Barletta D, Lettieri P, Poletto M
189 - 203 An indirect method for particle packing gradation evaluation of coal water slurry by wet preparation
Li HP, Chen XY, Liu WY, Wu ZQ, Wang G
204 - 223 A review of high shear wet granulation for better process understanding, control and product development
Liu BB, Wang JM, Zeng J, Zhao LJ, Wang YJ, Feng Y, Du RF
224 - 228 How stars are packed in the universe: A comparison with sphere packing
Wang CC, Dong KJ, Zou RP, Yu AB
229 - 244 Cross-section-phenomena in rotary drums with sectional internals
Priessen J, Kawka T, Behrens M, Schultz HJ
245 - 254 An approach to calibration of BPM bonding parameters for iron ore
Chen ZR, Wang GQ, Xue DM
255 - 268 Impact of binder constituents on the moldability of titanium-based feedstocks used in low-pressure powder injection molding
Cote R, Azzouni M, Demers V
269 - 279 Improved electrochemical properties of Li1.20Mn0.54Ni0.13Co0.13O2 cathode material with Li-conductive Li3PO4 coating and F- doping double modifications
Wan L, Liu TR, Zhou X, Chen F
280 - 284 Advanced modeling of HPGR power consumption based on operational parameters by BNN: A "Conscious-Lab" development
Tohry A, Yazdani S, Hadavandi E, Mahmudzadeh E, Chelgani SC
285 - 297 Analyzing bulk density and void fraction: B. Effect of moisture content and compression pressure
Kalman H, Portnikov D
298 - 312 A three-phase model for simulation of heat transfer and melt pool behaviour in laser powder bed fusion process
Li EL, Wang L, Yu AB, Zhou ZY
313 - 323 Experimental and numerical investigations on heterogeneous condensation of insoluble particles in the fluid catalytic cracking unit
Wang JR, Wang SM, Duan XD, Wen J, Tu JY
324 - 337 The effects of dry and wet rock surfaces on shear behavior of the interface between rock and cemented paste backfill
Xiu ZG, Wang SH, Ji YC, Wang FL, Ren FY, Nguyen VT
338 - 351 A novel comparative analysis between the experimental and numeric methods on viscosity of zirconium oxide nano fluid: Developing optimal artificial neural network and new mathematical model
Colak AB
352 - 365 Electrostatic charging due to individual particle-particle collisions
Chowdhury F, Ray M, Passalacqua A, Mehrani P, Sowinski A
366 - 380 Synthesis of superacid sulfated TiO2 prepared by sol-gel method and its use as a titania precursor in obtaining a kaolinite/TiO2 nano-hybrid composite
de Oliveira CRS, Batistella MA, de Souza AAU, de Souza SMDGU
381 - 391 Research on clogging mechanisms of bulk materials flowing trough a bottleneck
Xiao YW, Han YL, Jia FG, Liu HR, Li GR, Chen PY, Meng XY, Bai SG
392 - 400 Ultrasonic monitoring of variations in dust concentration in a powder classifier
Kazys R, Sliteris R, Mazeika L, Van den Abeele L, Nielsen P, Snellings R
401 - 411 Y Alleviating dependency on fossil fuel by using cow-dung during iron ore pelletization; Assessment of pellet physical and metallurgical properties
Sahu SN, Biswal SK
412 - 420 Study on multi-physical field characteristics of electrostatic precipitator with different collecting electrodes
Zhou WN, Jiang RB, Sun YF, Chen B, Liu BQ
421 - 439 Enhancing rock fragmentation in dragline bench blasts using near-field ground vibration dynamics and advanced blast design
Bhagade NV, Murthy VMSR, Ali MS
440 - 450 Characterization of intruder particle motion in a bladed mixer
Nadeem H, Subramaniam S, Sinha K, Heindel TJ
451 - 458 Shape classification of fumed silica abrasive and its effects on chemical mechanical polishing
Kim E, Lee J, Park Y, Shin C, Yang J, Kim T
459 - 476 Predicting heat transfer rate of a ribbed triple-tube heat exchanger working with nano fluid using neural network enhanced by advanced optimization algorithms
Bahiraei M, Foong LK, Hosseini S, Mazaheri N
477 - 487 Analyzing bulk density and void fraction: A. the effect of archimedes number
Kalman H, Portnikov D
488 - 488 Effects of multi inlet guide channels on the performance of a cyclone separator (vol 356, pg 353, 2019)
Nassaj OR, Toghraie D, Afrand M
489 - 502 Impact of polydispersity on the flow dynamics in the riser of a circulating fluidized bed
Yang SL, Wang S, Wang H
503 - 508 Effect of thermal treatment on the surface/interfacial behaviour of Au@SiO2 nanoparticles in the presence of CTAB surfactant molecules
Gundanna SK, Mitra A, Bhatta LKG, Bhatta UM
509 - 517 Flowability of ultrafine-tailings cemented paste backfill incorporating superplasticizer: Insight from water film thickness theory
Guo ZB, Qiu JP, Jiang HQ, Xing J, Sun XG, Ma ZY
518 - 519 Comment on the paper "Numerical analysis of the heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of a nanofluid-cooled micropin-fin heat sink using the Eulerian-Lagrangian approach, Tehmina Ambreen, Arslan Saleem, Cheol Woo Park, Powder Technol., 345 (2019), 509-520"
Pantokratoras A
520 - 538 Un-resolved CFD-DEM method: An insight into its limitations in the modelling of suffusion in gap-graded soils
Cheng K, Zhang CY, Peng KR, Liu HS, Ahmad M
539 - 550 Evaluation of different pre-processing methods of X-ray micro computed tomography images
Bollmann S, Kleinebudde P
551 - 560 Melting process of nanoparticle enhanced PCM through storage cylinder incorporating fins
Li FH, Almarashi A, Jafaryar M, Hajizadeh MR, Chu YM
561 - 566 Experimental investigate the effect of liquid distribution state on size segregation of wet granular materials in rotating drums
Liao CC, Huang YY
567 - 575 Micro non-contact interaction between falling particles and plates in viscous fluids
Zhang GD, Niu RB, Shi XY, Zhang RC, Wang F
576 - 584 Studies on the surface oxidation and its role in the flotation of mixed Cu-Ni sulfide ore
Liu DZ, Zhang GF, Liu JX, Pan GJ, Chen YF, Wang MT
585 - 600 Semi-resolved CFD-DEM modeling of gas-particle two-phase flow in the micro-abrasive air jet machining
Zhu GP, Li HZ, Wang ZK, Zhang T, Liu MB
601 - 610 Experimental study on vertical stress distribution underneath granular silos
Liu YY, Zhang DL, Dai BB, Su J, Li YR, Yeung AT
611 - 619 Geometric optimization of fi ltering cylindrical hydrocyclones
Salvador FF, Ascendino GG, de Faria EV, Barrozo MAD, Vieira LGM
620 - 631 Rapid and non-destructive determination of protein and starch content in agricultural powders using near-infrared and fluorescence spectroscopy, and data fusion
Vitelli M, Mehrtash H, Assatory A, Tabtabaei S, Legge RL, Rajabzadeh AR
632 - 641 Interaction between shock wave and solid particles: Establishing a model for the change of cloud's expansion rate
Xiong XY, Gao K, Zhang J, Li B, Xie LF, Zhang D, Mensah RA
642 - 651 Numerical simulation study on formation mechanism of void distributions of proppant particles
Hu SY, Guan SW, Feng GR, Zhang XT, Chen YB, Li SY
652 - 664 Measurement of bed-to-tube surface heat transfer coefficient to a vertically immersed u-tube in bubbling loop seal of a CFB boiler
Stenberg V, Lind F, Ryden M
665 - 684 CFD investigation of maldistribution in a full-loop circulating fluidized bed with double parallel cyclones
Li SY, Shen YS
685 - 697 A novel approach to determine the granule density of milled ribbons using multi-stage air classification combined with dynamic image analysis
Lillotte TD, Bebernik P, Wagner KG
698 - 720 A review on fluidization of Geldart Group C powders through nanoparticle modulation
Zhou Y, Zhu J