Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.380 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 17 A novel numerical investigation of erosion wear over various 90-degree elbow duct sections
Zolfagharnasab MH, Salimi M, Zolfagharnasab H, Alimoradi H, Shams M, Aghanajafi C
18 - 25 Relationship between crystal structures and physicochemical properties of lamotrigine cocrystal
Kuang WJ, Ji SC, Wang XF, Zhang JY, Lan P
26 - 38 Experimental and numerical investigations on the hydrodynamics of gas-solid fluidized bed with an inclined agitator
Li XL, Liu Y, Wang T, Li N, Zhang TA
39 - 46 Effects of geometrical parameters on the capture efficiency of nanoparticles under the influence of the magnetic field in a stenosed vessel
Ardalan A, Aminian S, Seyfaee A, Gharehkhani S
47 - 58 Effect of vibration mode on self-assembly of granular spheres under three-dimensional vibration
Amirifar R, Dong KJ, Zeng QH, An XZ, Yu AB
59 - 66 Effect of tuff powder on the hydration properties of composite cementitious materials
Liu SH, Fang PP, Wang HL, Kong YN, Ouyang L
67 - 79 Novel designs for square cyclone using rounded corner and double-inverted cones shapes
Fatahian H, Fatahian E, Nimvari ME, Ahmadi G
80 - 88 A model of extracellular polymeric substances on crystal growth and morphogenesis of struvite: Effects of sodium alginate
Li H, Zhao TL, Qian FJ, Jiang HF, Yao QZ, Luo Y, Fu SQ, Zhou GT
89 - 95 Laminar and turbulent flows in a vibrated granular system
Cai H, Miao GQ
96 - 105 Injection moulding of porous MAX phase Ti3SiC2 without using space-holder
Tabares E, Cifuentes SC, Jimenez-Morales A, Tsipas SA
106 - 114 Experimental study on defluidization behaviours and its influence factors during gas switching fluidization
Lu HF, Cao JK, Macri D, Guo XL, Liu HF, Gong X
115 - 125 Hydrothermal synthesis of urchin-like NiCo2O4/stereotaxically constructed graphene microspheres for ultrahigh-rate lithium and sodium storage
Liang JL, Huang YF, Huang YZ, Xu M, Lei JW, Tao H, Wu XH, Wu WW
126 - 133 Wave propagation through submerged granular media over a wide range of fluid viscosities
Kocharyan H, Karanjgaokar N
134 - 142 Facile preparation of cotton-derived carbon fibers loaded with hollow Fe3O4 and CoFe NPs for significant low-frequency electromagnetic absorption
Yin PF, Zhang LM, Wang J, Feng X, Dai JW, Tang YT
143 - 151 The impact of swirling on the dynamics of a spouted bed
Shi HB, Reza MO, Nikrityuk PA
152 - 163 Stagnation-point flow of Ag-CuO/water hybrid nanofluids over a permeable stretching/shrinking sheet with temporal stability analysis
Arani AAA, Aberoumand H
164 - 182 Radiative heat transfer in the discrete element method using distance based approximations
Johnson EF, Tari I, Baker D
183 - 198 Numerical simulation of electrostatic field and its influence on submicron particle charging in small-sized charger for consideration of voltage polarity
Zhu Y, Chen C, Chen MX, Shi JW, Shangguan WF
199 - 204 Numerical simulation of avalanche propagation dynamics in a rotating drum
Han R, Feng JY, Zhang YF, Yang H, Zivkovic V, Li R
205 - 218 In-situ and real-time aggregation size evolution of copper sulfide precipitates using focused beam reflectance measurement (FBRM)
Barros L, Gim-Krumm M, Seriche G, Quilaqueo M, Castillo C, Ihle CF, Ruby-Figueroa R, Estay H
219 - 228 Iron sulfide nanoparticles prepared using date seed extract: Green synthesis, characterization and potential application for removal of ciprofloxacin and chromium
Bhattacharjee S, Habib F, Darwish N, Shanableh A
229 - 245 New understanding on reduction mechanism and alloying process of rich manganese slag: Phase formation and morphological evolution
Liu ZG, Zhang LF, Wang MY, Zhao ZC, Gao LH, Chu MS
246 - 255 Design of horizontal ball mills for improving the rate of mechanochemical degradation of DDTs
Gao X, Song J, Zhang DG, Rong YZ, Sui H
256 - 264 Synthesis of nano-sized TiC powders by designing chemical vapor deposition system in a fluidized bed reactor
Song M, Yang YF, Xiang MQ, Zhu QS, Zhao HD
265 - 272 In-situ 3D visualization of compression process for powder beds by synchrotron-radiation X-ray computed laminography
Yokota M, Kusano T, Mori M, Okuda K, Matsunaga T
273 - 281 A study on the zinc removal kinetics and mechanism of zinc-bearing dust pellets in direct reduction
Zhu DQ, Wang DZ, Pan J, Tian HY, Xue YX
282 - 287 Comparison of granular temperature measured by SVS and DEM in the rotating cylinder
Jing ZS, Yang H, Wang SS, Chen Q, Li R
288 - 302 Quantitative DEM simulation of pellet and sinter particles using rolling friction estimated from image analysis
Tripathi A, Kumar V, Agarwal A, Tripathi A, Basu S, Chakrabarty A, Nag S
303 - 310 Dynamic concentration measurement of micro/nano aluminum powder
Fu SH, Lou WZ, Wang JK, Ji TA, Li CB, Chen ZH
311 - 320 Effect of separating tank of compound dry separation bed on oil shale separation performance
Zhao LC, Li SY, Yu XD, Luo ZF
321 - 333 Granulation of teawaste and limestone using sodium-based lignosulfonate and DEM simulation of powder mixing
Liu JT, Chen HL, Albadarin AB, Mangwandi C
334 - 340 A novel photoelectrochemical approach for efficient assessment of TiO2 pigments weatherability
Guan RG, He ZJ, Liu SS, Han YY, Wang QX, Cui W, He T
341 - 348 An alternative method to manufacture Ti alloys from particulate materials
Bolzoni L, Raynova S, Yang F
349 - 357 Analysis of entropy generation of ferrofluid flow in the microchannel with twisted porous ribs: The two-phase investigation with various porous layers
Mosavi A, Sedeh SN, Toghraie D, Karimipour A
358 - 367 Theoretical and experimental analyses of energy distribution between particle and contact surface under static and dynamic loads
Shreiber A, Portnikov D, Kalman H
368 - 376 Synthesis and characterization of a penetrating and pre-wetting agent for coal seam water injection
Ma YL, Sun JA, Ding JF, Liu ZY
377 - 384 Analysis of hematite attrition in a grid jet apparatus
Bayham SC, Galinsky NL, Hughes B, Wei XY
385 - 393 Fluid dynamic analysis and residence time distribution determination for rectangular based spouted beds
Pailahueque N, Reyes A, Henriquez-Vargas L, Gil M, Castro P, Bubnovich V
394 - 407 Multi-scale mechanics of sand based on FEM-DEM coupling method
Zhou Q, Xu WJ, Lubbe R
408 - 420 Induration aspects of low-grade ilmenite pellets: Optimization of oxidation parameters and characterization for direct reduction application
Nayak D, Ray N, Dash N, Rath SS, Pati S, De PS
421 - 429 Insights into the selective adsorption mechanism of a multifunctional thioether-containing hydroxamic acid on separation of wolframite from fluorite
Sun Q, Ma X, Lu Y, Wang S, Zhong H
430 - 442 Entropy generation and exergy efficiency analysis of ethylene glycol-water based nanodiamond + Fe3O4 hybrid nanofluids in a circular tube
Saleh B, Sundar LS
443 - 461 Packing simulations of complex-shaped rigid particles using FDEM: An application to catalyst pellets
Farsi A, Xiang JS, Latham JP, Carlsson M, Stitt H, Marigo M
462 - 474 Flow behavior and heat transfer in bubbling fluidized-bed with immersed heat exchange tubes for CO2 methanation
Ngo SI, Lim YI, Lee D, Seo MW
475 - 485 The effect of magnetic field on the twisted porous ribs with various porous layers and pitches: The first and second laws of thermodynamics study with two-phase approach
Yarmohammadi A, Sedeh SN, Toghraie D, Alizadeh A
486 - 496 A new mechanistic model for abrasive erosion using discrete element method
Dong YS, Si FQ, Cao Y, Jin W, Ren SJ
497 - 505 Prediction of particle circulation rate in an internally circulating fluidized bed with a central draft tube
Chen HW, Song YF, Shi Y, Yang X
506 - 517 Numerical investigation of PM filtration in fluidized-bed-type PM removal device based on force balance via CFD-DEM simulation
Yokoo K, Kishida M, Yamamoto T
518 - 525 Binary-size granules segregation from core pattern to streak pattern in a rotating drum
Xiu WZ, Li R, Chen Q, Sun QC, Zivkovic V, Yang H
526 - 538 Derivation and validation of a hard-body particle-wall collision model for non-spherical particles of arbitrary shape
Quintero B, Lain S, Sommerfeld M
539 - 552 Numerical investigation of drag property for fluid flow through random arrays of elliptical cylinders
Song S, Rong LW, Dong KJ, Shen YS
553 - 566 Numerical simulation and application of entrainment dust collector for fully mechanized mining support based on orthogonal test method
Yin WJ, Zhou G, Liu D, Meng QZ, Zhang Q, Jiang T
567 - 573 Effect of strain rate on powder flow behaviour using ball indentation method
Zafar U, Hare C, Hassanpour A, Ghadiri M
574 - 583 Vibration augmentation of the solids volume dragged by the wake of a bubble rising in a fluidized bed
Cano-Pleite E, Hernandez-Jimenez F, Acosta-Iborra A
584 - 597 The effect of cell size on the kinetics of yeast disintegration in a bead mill
Solecki M, Trawinska A, Kacprowicz A
598 - 601 A continuum mechanics derivation of the empirical expression relating slug and particle velocities
Orozovic O, Lavrinec A, Georgiou F, Wensrich CM
602 - 612 Encapsulation of strawberry flavour and physicochemical characterization of the encapsulated powders
Balci-Torun F, Ozdemir F
613 - 628 Experimental and numerical analysis of void structure in random packed beds of spheres
von Seckendorff J, Achterhold K, Pfeiffer F, Fischer R, Hinrichsen O
629 - 637 Numerical simulation of baffled circulating fluidized bed with Geldart B particles
Benzarti S, Mhiri H, Bournot H
638 - 648 Measured damage resistance of corn and wheat kernels to compression, friction, and repeated impacts
Chen ZP, Wassgren C, Ambrose RPK