Powder Technology

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1 - 11 Simulating the wet granulation of TiO2 photocatalyst in fluidized bed: Population balance modelling and prediction of coalescence rate
Zizek K, Gojun M, Grcic I
12 - 25 Investigation of nanobubble enhanced reverse anionic flotation of hematite and associated mechanisms
Tao DP, Wu ZX, Sobhy A
26 - 37 Predicting the flowability of powder mixtures from their single components properties through the multi-component population-dependent granular bond number; extension to ground powder mixtures
Giraud M, Vaudez S, Gatumel C, Nos J, Gervais T, Bernard-Granger G, Berthiaux H
38 - 48 Fabrication of nanocrystalline austenitic stainless steel with superior strength and ductility via binder assisted extrusion method
Heidari L, Hadianfard MJ, Khalifeh AR, Vashaee D, Tayebi L
49 - 57 Eulerian modelling of the powder discharge of a silo: Attempting to shed some light on the origin of jet expansion
Audard F, Fede P, Belut E, Fontaine JR, Neau H, Simonin O
58 - 68 An assessment of the mathematical models for estimating the coordination number of the packing of multisized particles
Yi LY, Zou RP, Pinson D, Dong KJ, Yu AB
69 - 88 Verification and validation of the DDPM-EMMS model for numerical simulations of bubbling, turbulent and circulating fluidized beds
Adnan M, Sun J, Ahmad N, Wei JJ
89 - 95 Effect of particle morphology on dust cloud dynamics
Prasad S, Schweizer C, Bagaria P, Kulatilaka WD, Mashuga CV
96 - 107 DEM simulations of cemented sands with a statistical representation of micro-bond parameters
Wu MM, Huang R, Wang JF
108 - 126 Coarse-grid simulations of full-loop gas-solid flows using a hybrid drag model: Investigations on turbulence models
Li JS, Zhu LT, Yan WC, Bin Rashid TA, Xu QJ, Luo ZH
127 - 143 Multiscale simulation of atomization process and droplet particles diffusion of pressure-swirl nozzle
Yu HM, Jin YC, Cheng WM, Yang XH, Peng XL, Xie Y
144 - 153 Microfluidic spray dried and spray freeze dried uniform microparticles potentially for intranasal drug delivery and controlled release
Di AJ, Zhang SY, Liu X, Tong ZB, Sun SP, Tang ZC, Chen XD, Wu WD
154 - 164 Effect of limestone and dolomite flux on the quality of pellets using high LOI iron ore
Prusti P, Barik K, Dash N, Biswal SK, Meikap BC
165 - 173 Emergence and breakup of a cluster of ordered microparticles during the interaction of thermocapillary and thermogravitational convection
Misyura SY, Egorov RI, Morozov VS, Zaitsev AS
174 - 183 When swarm meets fuzzy logic: Batch optimisation for the production of pharmaceuticals
AlAlaween WH, Mahfouf M, Salman AD
184 - 190 Fabrication of microspherical Hexanitrostilbene (HNS) with droplet microfluidic technology
Han RS, Chen JH, Zhang F, Wang YL, Zhang L, Lu FP, Wang HF, Chu EY
191 - 202 An experimental investigation on the thermo-hydraulic properties of CuO and Fe3O4 oil-based nanofluids in inclined U-tubes: A comparative study
Ledari BH, Sabzpooshani M, Khayat M
203 - 216 An error-controlled adaptive time-stepping method for particle advancement in coupled CFD-DEM simulations
Sitaraman H, Vaidhynathan D, Grout R, Hauser T, Hrenya CM, Musser J
217 - 222 Effect of impurity ions on the primary nucleation of ammonium alum precipitated from aqueous solution
Qu M, You SW, Liu PF
223 - 230 Scale-up effects of the flow structure in bubbling and turbulent fluidized beds
Wei XY, Liu JS, Zhu J
231 - 240 Numerical and experimental investigations of instability in a spouted bed with non-spherical particles
Wang TY, Gao QH, Deng AM, Tang TQ, He YR
241 - 250 Optimization of pipe-and-spike discharge electrode shape for improving electrostatic precipitator collection efficiency
Lee GH, Hwang SY, Cheon TW, Kim HJ, Han B, Yook SJ
251 - 264 Three-dimensional Voronoi analysis of realistic grain packing: An XCT assisted set Voronoi tessellation framework
Zhang CH, Zhao SW, Zhao JD, Zhou XW
265 - 278 On the discrimination of particle clusters in circulating fluidized beds
Wei XY, Zhu J
279 - 295 Dynamic CFD modeling evaluation of ash deposition behavior and morphology evolution with different tube arrangements
Mu L, Miao HC, Zhao C, Zhai ZD, Shang Y, Yin HC
296 - 306 Impact dynamics of wet agglomerates onto rigid surfaces
Chen HS, Liu WW, Zheng Z, Li SQ
307 - 320 An experimental study on free-surface rolling segregation and correlations with angle of repose and particle sphericity
Deng T, Garg V, Salehi H, Bradley MSA
321 - 334 A new time-dependent rate constant of the coalescence kernel for the modelling of fluidised bed granulation
Cronin K, Ortiz FJG, Ring D, Zhang FW
335 - 344 Experimental study on conveying characteristics of a novel top-discharge blow tank for fine cohesive powders
Zhu HP, Xu HB, Zhong WQ, Yu AB
345 - 361 Mechanism of inter-tablet coating variability: Investigation about the motion behavior of ellipsoidal tablets in a pan coater
Xie CH, You Y, Ma HQ, Zhao YZ
362 - 372 Study on the packing characteristics of a special "J" shape ceramic packed pebble bed based on discrete element modeling
Wang J, Lei MZ, Yang H, Xu SL, Xu K, Yin Z, Li C, Zhao PH, Song YT
373 - 383 Effect of surfactant on the rheological behavior and thermophysical properties of hybrid nanofluids
Ma MY, Zhai YL, Yao PT, Li YH, Wang H
384 - 392 An alternative strategy to compensate for screw wear in gravity induced stirred mills
Esteves PM, Mazzinghy DB, Hilden MM, Yahyaei M, Powell MS, Galery R
393 - 406 Relationship between shock parameter and coal particle parameter of advanced premixed micro-soft abrasive coal-water jet
Chen J, Guo LW, Zhang JY
407 - 416 Ultra-high adsorption capacity and selective removal of Congo red over aminated graphene oxide modified Mn-doped UiO-66 MOF
Eltaweil AS, Elshishini HM, Ghatass ZF, Elsubruiti GM
417 - 427 Discharge electrode influence on electrostatic precipitation of nanoparticles
Andrade RGSA, Guerra VG
428 - 437 Irreversible expansion of silica-gel beads and quantification of pore structure made by silica-gel bead infiltration method
Li H, Gao Y, Zhao YY
438 - 446 Frequency analysis of stress relaxation patterns reveals the effect of formulation and process history on tablet disintegration
Tomas J, Dvorak J, Dammer O, Stepanek F
447 - 456 Evaluating the effect of microstructural refinement on the ignition of Al-Mg-Zr ball-milled powders
Lakshman SV, Gibbins JD, Weihs TP
457 - 465 Effect of particle concentration on the stability of water-based SiO2 nanofluid
Zhang TC, Zou QL, Cheng ZH, Chen ZH, Liu Y, Jiang ZB
466 - 477 High-efficiency extraction of iron from early iron tailings via the suspension roasting-magnetic separation
Li YJ, Zhang Q, Yuan S, Yin H
478 - 484 Efficient preparation of ultrafine powder from waste cellulose by physicochemical method
Gan LL, Xiao ZH, Wang AM, Pan H, Hu JB, Xu WL, Wang YL, Wang XG
485 - 493 Effect of feed size on residence time and energy consumption in a stirred mill: An attainable region method
Guo W, Han YX, Gao P, Li YJ, Tang ZD
494 - 504 Coupled discrete element and multibody simulation, part I: implementation, verification and validation
Richter C, Roessler T, Otto H, Katterfeld A
505 - 514 The characteristics of particulate matter and optical properties of Brown carbon in air lean condition related to residential coal combustion
Song SY, Wang YS, Wang YL, Wang T, Tan HZ
515 - 525 Molding properties of titanium-based feedstock used in low-pressure powder injection molding
Ghanmi O, Demers V
526 - 536 An investigation into applicability of different compression behaviour assessment approaches for multiparticulate units characterization
Vasiljevic I, Turkovic E, Piller M, Zimmer A, Parojcic J
537 - 546 Dominance of cohesion of EG-water molecules over Van derWaals force between SiO2-ZnO nanoparticles in the liquid interface
Alsarraf J, Al-Rashed AAAA, Alnaqi AA, Goldanlou AS
547 - 559 DEM investigations of the effects of intermediate principal stress ratio and particle breakage on the critical state behaviors of granular soils
Shi DD, Cao D, Deng YB, Xue JF
560 - 575 Effect of particle size and shape on liquid-solid fluidization in a HydroFloat cell
Islam MT, Nguyen AV
576 - 584 Effects of particle size and wettability on froth stability in a collophane flotation system
Fang J, Ge YY, Yu J
585 - 595 Reducing cohesion of metal powders for additive manufacturing by nanoparticle dry-coating
Gartner E, Jung HY, Peter NJ, Dehm G, Jagle EA, Uhlenwinkel V, Madler L
602 - 616 Optimization of DEM parameters using multi-objective reinforcement learning
Westbrink F, Elbel A, Schwung A, Ding SX
617 - 629 Improving the effectiveness of the Comil as a dry-coating process: Enabling direct compaction for high drug loading formulations
Capece M, Borchardt C, Jayaraman A
630 - 640 Basic research on the microwave absorbing properties and microwave roasting mechanism of stibnite concentrate
Zhao PF, Liu CH, Srinivasakannan C, Zhang LB, Wang F, Gao JY
641 - 654 Production of mixed rare earth oxide powder from a thorium containing complex Bastnasite ore
Kursunoglu S, Hussaini S, Top S, Ichlas ZT, Gokcen HS, Ozsarac S, Kaya M
655 - 655 Letter to editor about "Comment on the paper "Investigation of squeezing unsteady nanofluid flow using ADM", M. Sheikholeslami, DD Ganji, HR Ashorynejad, Powder Technology 239 (2013) 259-265"
Sheikholeslami M, Ganji DD, Ashorynejad HR
656 - 656 Letter to editor
Zhu HP, Yang L