Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Conditioning the fluidization behaviour of a Geldart's B solid at varying temperature by addition of A particles
Girimonte R, Formisani B
12 - 18 Impact of ball filling rate and stirrer tip speed on milling iron ore by wet stirred mill: Analysis and prediction of the particle size distribution
Guo W, Han YX, Li YJ, Tang ZD
19 - 28 Efficient and green treatment of ultrapure magnetite to prepare powder metallurgy iron powders
Guo ZQ, Zhu DQ, Pan J, Yang CC, Li SW, Dong T, Tian HY, Yan XC
29 - 39 Influence of different wet milling on the properties of an attapulgite clay, contribution of inverse gas chromatography
Boudriche L, Calvet R, Chamayou A, Hamdi B
40 - 50 DEM-PBM coupling method for the layering granulation of iron ore
Baba T, Nakamura H, Takimoto H, Ohsaki S, Watano S, Takehara K, Higuchi T, Hirosawa T, Yamamoto T
51 - 59 A novel method for assessing the coating uniformity of hot-melt coated particles using micro-computed tomography
Woerthmann BM, Lindner JA, Kovacevic T, Pergam P, Schmid F, Briesen H
60 - 64 Packing of wet monodisperse spheres
Wang ZZ, Pereira JM, Gan YX
65 - 75 Experimental investigation of wet pharmaceutical granulation using in-situ synchrotron X-ray imaging
Li C, Zhang YZ, Zhu N, Emady HN, Zhang LF
76 - 84 Adsorptive removal of oil drops from ASP flooding-produced water by polyether polysiloxane-grafted ZIF-8
Wu M, Zhai MJ, Li XB
85 - 103 Comparison of CFD-DEM and TFM approaches for the simulation of the small scale challenge problem 1
Lungu M, Siame J, Mukosha L
104 - 123 Investigation of boiling heat transfer of titania nanofluid flowing through horizontal tube and optimization of results utilizing the desirability function approach
Dadhich M, Prajapati OS, Sharma V
124 - 144 Flowability characteristics of dry supplementary cementitious materials using Carr measurements and their effect on the rheology of suspensions
Youness D, Hosseinpoor M, Yahia A, Tagnit-Hamou A
145 - 159 Nanoparticle transportation inside a tube with quad-channel tapes involving solar radiation
Sheikholeslami M, Farshad SA
160 - 171 Calibration and verification of DEM parameters for the quantitative simulation of pharmaceutical powder compression process
Gao YJ, De Simone G, Koorapaty M
172 - 181 An innovative approach for determining the grinding media system of ball mill based on grinding kinetics and linear superposition principle
Yu JW, Qin YH, Gao P, Han YX, Li YJ
182 - 190 Preparation of Cr-doped BaTiO3 near infrared reflection pigment powder and its anti-aging performance for acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate
Tian MM, Han AJ, Ma SH, Zhu XF, Ye MQ, Chen X
191 - 201 Numerical simulation of semi-dry desulfurization spouted bed using the discrete element method (DEM)
Wang X, Wang SY, Wang RC, Yuan ZH, Shao BL, Fan JW
528 - 537 A hierarchical, spherical harmonic-based approach to simulate abradable, irregularly shaped particles in DEM
Capozza R, Hanley KJ
538 - 560 Modelling of shear zones during quasi-static granular silo flow using material point method (MPM)
Krzyzanowski J, Tejchman J, Solowski W, Wojcik M
561 - 575 Fragmentation dynamics of single agglomerate-to-wall impaction
Lowe A, Singh G, Chan HK, Masri AR, Cheng S, Kourmatzis A
576 - 584 Development and pharmaceutical performance of a novel co-processed excipient of alginic acid and microcrystalline cellulose
Benabbas R, Sanchez-Ballester NM, Bataille B, Sharkawi T, Soulairol I
585 - 592 Three-dimensional visualization of the evolution of pores and fractures in reservoir rocks under triaxial stress
Jiang CB, Liu XD, Wang WS, Wei WH, Duan MK
593 - 601 Multi-blade milling from log to powder in one step - Experimental design and results
Das AK, Agar DA, Larsson SH, Holdo T, Fernando D, Rudolfsson M
602 - 617 Non-negative differential evolution for particle sizing from ultrasonic attenuation spectroscopy
Boonkhao B, Wang XZ, Srinophakun TR
618 - 638 Investigations of lateral particle distribution for spherical and highly non-spherical particles by means of steady-state/transient RANS and LES simulations
Knoll M, Gerhardter H, Tomazic P, Hochenauer C
639 - 646 Superhigh-pressure fragments of metal nitride/carbide ceramic powders and their behavior under high-pressure and high-temperature sintering
Xie H, Deng FM, Wang H, Han SL
647 - 658 Graphite-reinforced Portland cement composites at alternate ultra-high temperatures
Zhang XG, Zhang XY, Li YG, Hu KL, Mao DS, Luo L, Du T, Zhang H, Liu KQ
659 - 666 Statistical investigation of structural and transport properties of densely-packed assemblies of overlapping spheres using the resistor network method
Birkholz O, Neumann M, Schmidt V, Kamlah M
667 - 679 Implementation of formation mechanisms in DEM simulation of the spheronization process of pharmaceutical pellets
Weis D, Grohn P, Evers M, Thommes M, Garcia E, Antonyuk S
680 - 684 Structural characterization of spray-dried microgranules by spin-echo small-angle neutron scattering
Biswas P, Sen D, Bouwman W
685 - 703 Frictional dissipation and stored energy in combined slip and sliding of two spherical grains
Balevicius R, Mroz Z
704 - 715 Analysis of wood pellet degradation characteristics based on single particle impact tests
Jagers J, Spatz P, Wirtz S, Scherer V
716 - 723 DEM and experimental study on the ultrasonic vibration-assisted abrasive finishing of WC-8Co cemented carbide cutting edge
Qi H, Qin SK, Cheng ZC, Zou YL, Cai DH, Wen DH
724 - 735 Numerical investigation of deposition mechanism in three mouth-throat models
Huang F, Zhang Y, Tong ZB, Chen XL, Yang RY, Yu AB
737 - 745 Synthesis and properties of template-free mesoporous alumina and its application in gas phase dehydration of glycerol
Lima DS, Perez-Lopez OW
746 - 759 Dissolution kinetics of zinc oxide and its relationship with physicochemical characteristics
Cardoso D, Narcy A, Durosoy S, Bordes C, Chevalier Y
760 - 771 Creation of realistic virtual aggregate avatars
Garcia-Hernandez A, Michot-Roberto S, Dopazo-Hilario S, Chiarelli A, Dawson A
772 - 784 Effect of particle segregation on non-uniform electrostatic charge distribution in cylindrical silo during loading binary particles with size ratio of 2.5:1 centrally
Zhou Q, Liang C, Hu JW, Chen XP, Liu DY, Ma JL
785 - 794 Isothermal reduction of V2O5 powder using H-2 as oxygen carrier: Thermodynamic evaluation, reaction sequence, and kinetic analysis
Pei GS, Xiang JY, Zhong DP, Li G, Lv XW
795 - 807 Modeling of degradation by impact of individual iron ore pellets
Cavalcanti PPS, Petit HA, Thomazini AD, de Carvalho RM, Tavares LM
808 - 830 Laminar forced convection heat transfer of nano fl uids inside non-circular ducts: A review
Haque ME, Hossain MS, Ali HM