Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.377 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Influence of air void structures on the coefficient of permeability of asphalt mixtures
Chen SY, You ZP, Yang SL, Garcia A, Rose L
10 - 19 Boiling flow of graphene nanoplatelets nano-suspension on a small copper disk
Goodarzi M, Tlili I, Moria H, Cardoso EM, Alkanhal TA, Anqi AE, Safaei MR
20 - 28 Catalytic role of sodium carbonate in reduction of ferromanganese spinel
Ye Q, Peng ZW, Li GH, Liu Y, Liu MD, Ye L, Wang LC, Rao MJ, Jiang T, Zhao BX
29 - 40 Multi-scale simulation of turbulence and heat transfer characteristics in randomly packed beds
Jiang LS, Ping W, Antonio F
41 - 54 Hydrodynamics characteristics and particle distribution in a liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed boiler
Jiang F, Shen Y, Qi GP, Jing WY, Li X, Yare S, Li XL
55 - 69 Effects of gas pressure on dynamic response of two-phase flow for coal-gas outburst
Zhou B, Xu J, Yan FZ, Peng SJ, Gao YB, Li QX, Cheng L
70 - 79 Fabrication of titanium components by low-pressure powder injection moulding using hydride-dehydride titanium powder
Moghadam MS, Fayyaz A, Ardestani M
80 - 88 Evidence for the synthesis of La-hexaaluminate from aluminum-containing saline slag wastes: Correction of structural defects and phase purification at low temperature
Torrez-Herrera JJ, Fuentes-Ordonez EG, Korili SA, Gil A
89 - 102 Numerical investigation on the mixing mechanism in a cross-torus paddle mixer using the DEM-CFD method
Li S, Kajiwara S, Sakai M
103 - 114 Quantitative study of mixing/segregation behaviors of binary-mixture particles in pilot-scale fluidized bed reactor
Xie L, Zhu JD, Jiang CW
115 - 127 Investigation of a thin permeable layer effect on turbulent flow and passive scalar transport in a channel
Jouybari NF, Lundstrom TS
128 - 138 Design and evaluation of inhalable nanocrystals embedded microparticles with enhanced redispersibility and bioavailability for breviscapine
Chen YC, Gui Y, Luo YJ, Liu Y, Tu LX, Ma YQ, Yue PF, Yang M
139 - 148 Study on the influence of venturi on the cleaning performance of elliptical filter cartridge
Lin LY, Liu TN, Yuan N, Xu ZY, Chen HY
149 - 162 A novel direct reduction-flash smelting separation process of treating high phosphorous iron ore fines
Bao QP, Guo L, Guo ZC
163 - 173 Colloid retention and mobilization mechanisms under different physicochemical conditions in porous media: A micromodel study
Nishad S, Al-Raoush RI
174 - 185 Effect of solid loading and inlet aspect ratio on cyclone efficiency and pressure drop: Experimental study and CFD simulations
Morin M, Raynal L, Karri SBR, Cocco R
186 - 193 Hydrophobic agglomeration of rhodochrosite fines in aqueous suspensions with sodium oleate
Zou S, Wang S, Zhong H, Qin WQ
194 - 211 Binder-free tableting experiments on manganese oxides and industrial mineral powders
Dubos JL, Orberger B, Banchet J, Milazzo JM, Blancher SB, Wallmach T, Lutzenkirchen J
212 - 221 Rheological and adhesion properties of nano-organic palygorskite and linear SBS on the composite modified asphalt
Jin J, Gao YC, Wu YR, Liu S, Liu RH, Wei H, Qian GP, Zheng JL
222 - 232 A stochastic particle replacement strategy for simulating breakage in DEM
Tavares LM, das Chagas AS
233 - 243 Influence of holdup on gas and particle flow patterns in a spiral jet mill
Scott L, Borissova A, Burns A, Ghadiri M
244 - 256 Evaluating the influence of milling time,and sintering temperature and time on the microstructural changes and mechanical properties of Al-Y2W3O12-AlN hybrid composites
Sethi J, Das S, Das K
257 - 268 Microstructure based simulation of the disintegration and dissolution of immediate release pharmaceutical tablets
Kalny M, Grof Z, Stepanek F
269 - 273 Preparation of multi-purpose TiO2 pigmentwith improved properties for coating applications
George J, Gopalakrishnan CC, Manikuttan PK, Mukesh K, Sreenish S
274 - 280 Novel dry-suspension granulation process for preparing pressed powders of ceramic tiles
Zheng WK, Cui T, Li H, Yang YX
281 - 288 Constructing 3D MoO2/N-doped carbon composites with amorphous nanowires and crystalline nanoparticles for high Li storage capacity
Wang HJ, Jiang XY, Wang YY, Yang X, Chai YQ, Yu ZG, Xu MW, Yuan R
289 - 296 A semi-empirical model to estimate the apparent viscosity of dense, bubbling gas-solid suspension
Chen SJ, Cai RX, Zhang Y, Yang HR, Zhang H, Lyu JF
297 - 307 Experimental, continuum- and DEM-based velocities in a flat-bottomed bin
Balevicius R, Maknickas A, Sielamowicz I
308 - 323 Energy absorption in particle breakage under impact load
Uzi A, Levy A
324 - 335 Controllable synthesis of Si@SiC plate@Si3N4 whisker with core-shell structure and their electrochemical performances
Chen Y, Wang X, Deng CJ, Yu C, Ding J, Zhu HX
336 - 349 A combined multi-criterion optimization to determine optimum geometrical parameters for flow of an ecofriendly graphene-based nano fluid inside tube enhanced with twisted conical strip inserts
Bahiraei M, Rahimi Z, Nazari F
350 - 360 Optimised curved hoppers with maximum mass discharge rate - an experimental study
Huang XJ, Zheng QJ, Yu AB, Yan WY
361 - 371 Cascade network for detection of coal and gangue in the production context
Lv ZQ, Wang WD, Xu ZQ, Zhang KH, Lv HM
372 - 378 New understanding of early hydration of C(4)AF under surface vitrification
Zhang GY, Ren Q, He JY, Jiang SW, Cheng XW, Yu Y, Huang S, Zhang CM, Zhou M
379 - 395 Analysis of high performing graphene oxide nanosheets based non-damaging drilling fl uids through rheological measurements and CFD studies
Medhi S, Chowdhury S, Bhatt N, Gupta DK, Rana S, Sangwai JS
396 - 414 Magnetic-induced nanoparticles and rotary tubes for energetic and exergetic performance improvement of compact heat exchangers
Bezaatpour M, Rostamzadeh H, Bezaatpour J, Ebadollahi M
415 - 428 Stability and thermophysical properties test of carbide-derived carbon thermal fluid; a comparison between functionalized and emulsified suspensions
Almanassra IW, Okonkwo EC, Alhassan O, Atieh MA, Kochkodan V, Al-Ansari T
429 - 438 A unique thermal conductivity model (ANN) for nanofluid based on experimental study
Pare A, Ghosh SK
439 - 452 Finite element investigation of Dufour and Soret impacts on MHD rotating flow of Oldroyd-B nanofluid over a stretching sheet with double diffusion Cattaneo Christov heat flux model
Ali B, Hussain S, Nie YF, Hussein AK, Habib D
453 - 463 Hierarchical mesoporous ZIF-67@LDH for efficient adsorption of aqueous Methyl Orange and Alizarine Red S
Saghir S, Xiao ZG
464 - 475 Effect of vortex limiter position and metal rod insertion on the flow field, heat rate, and performance of cyclone separator
Yohana E, Tauviqirrahman M, Yusuf B, Choi KH, Paramita V
476 - 487 Multi-scale resolution and cluster dynamics analysis of a gas-solid cyclone reactor
Li AJ, Wang K, Wang ZB, Zhu LY, Xu XG, Wang GT
488 - 505 Predicting the permeability and specific surface area of compressed and uncompressed fibrous media including the Klinkenberg effect
Woudberg S, Mare E, van Heyningen MC, Theron F, Le Coq L
506 - 513 The effect of particle size on removal of SO2 from flue gas by MgO absorbents
Zhao MX, Zou CJ
514 - 522 Photoprotection and release study of spinosad biopolymeric microparticles obtained by spray drying
Perez-Landa ID, Bonilla-Landa I, Monribot-Villanueva JL, Ramirez-Vazquez M, Lasa R, Ramos-Torres W, Olivares-Romero JL, Barrera-Mendez F
523 - 533 Effect of polymer flow aids on LD iron ore flowability
Srikakulapu NG, Cheela SS, Bari VK, Mukherjee AK, Bhatnagar AK
534 - 544 Analysis of the pick-up of crushed stone particles in a horizontal pipeline
Ji Y, Liu SY, Jia JG, Yao J
545 - 552 Fast NMR relaxation, powder wettability and Hansen Solubility Parameter analyses applied to particle dispersibility
Fairhurst D, Sharma R, Takeda S, Cosgrove T, Prescott SW
553 - 564 Granular roll waves along a long chute: From formation to collapse
Fei JB, Jie YX, Xiong H, Wu ZZ
565 - 574 Study on dry separation technology of a continuous gas-solid separation fluidized bed with a moving scraper (sic) - Separation performance
Lv B, Luo ZF, Deng XW, Chen JT, Fang CJ, Zhu XN
575 - 584 Coarse-fine mixtures subjected to repetitive K-o loading: Effects of fines fraction, particle shape, and size ratio
Kim SY, Park J, Lee JS
585 - 596 Motion and equilibrium position of elliptical and rectangular particles in a channel flow of a power-law fluid
Hu X, Lin JZ, Guo Y, Ku XK
597 - 606 Granular material fl ow regime map for planar silos and hoppers
Rabinovich E, Kalman H, Peterson PF
607 - 620 A DEM-embedded finite element method for simulation of the transient heat conduction process in the pebble bed
Liu X, Gui N, Yang XT, Tu JY, Jiang SY
621 - 631 Preparation and visible-light photocatalytic activity of ag-loaded TiO2@Y2O3 hollow microspheres with double-shell structure
Jiang XL, Peng ZT, Gao YR, You F, Yao C
632 - 639 Predicting particle collection performance of a wet electrostatic precipitator under varied conditions with artificial neural networks
Yang ZD, Cai YX, Li QY, Li HQ, Jiang Y, Lin RY, Zheng CH, Sun DS, Gao X
640 - 656 Simulation of rock fracture process based on GPU-accelerated discrete element method
Liu GY, Xu WJ, Govender N, Wilke DN
657 - 665 Wall normal stress characteristics in an experimental coal silo
An HQ, Wang X, Fang XH, Liu Z, Liang C
666 - 675 Influence of particle size distribution width on GFA index of uniaxially compressed granular materials
Venkatesh R, Brojan M, Emri I, Voloshin A, Govekar E
676 - 683 Effects of an effective adsorption region on removing catalyst particles from an FCC slurry under a DC electrostatic field
Li Q, Guo LF, Cao H, Li AM, Xu WW, Wang ZB
684 - 692 Enhanced fluidization of group A particles modulated by group C powder
Zhang XW, Zhou YDZ, Zhu J
693 - 708 Measurement of velocity and concentration profiles of pneumatically conveyed particles in a square-shaped pipe using electrostatic sensor arrays
Qian XC, Yan Y, Wu ST, Zhang S
709 - 722 Assessing predictability of packing porosity and bulk density enhancements after dry coating of pharmaceutical powders
Kunnath K, Chen L, Zheng K, Dave RN
723 - 732 Consolidation behaviour of Cu/AlN composites by pulse electric current sintering of copper-coated aluminium nitride precursors
Ramirez-Vinasco D, Leon-Patino CA, Nanko M, Aguilar-Reyes EA
733 - 738 Quantification of internal crystal defects using image analysis
Lins J, Heisel S, Wohlgemuth K
739 - 747 Micro-structural evolution of high aluminium fly ash enhanced by microwave heating to accelerate activation reaction process
Hu T, Kou LY, Yang L, Zhou BC, Zhou JW
748 - 759 The changes induced by pH in TiO2/water nanofluids: Stability, thermophysical properties and thermal performance
Zhang H, Qing S, Zhai YL, Zhang XH, Zhang AM
760 - 779 A surface mesh represented discrete element method (SMR-DEM) for particles of arbitrary shape
Zhan L, Peng C, Zhang BY, Wu W
780 - 794 Measurement and modelling of wall friction in the ram extrusion of stiff microcrystalline cellulose-based pastes
Ayton HC, Rough SL, Sutcliffe MPF, Muller P, Schafer J, Wilson DI
795 - 812 DEM-based modelling framework for spray-dried powders in ceramic tiles industry. Part II: Solver implementation
Tiscar JM, Escrig A, Mallol G, Boix J, Gilabert FA
813 - 826 Scale and water effects on the friction angles of two granular soils with different roughness
Marzulli V, Sandeep CS, Senetakis K, Cafaro F, Poschel T
827 - 831 Grain surface analysis of a hydrophobized sand: Thickness estimation of the soft coating layer
Yang HW, Lourenco SDN, Xing X
832 - 842 Reaction model and reaction behavior of carbon composite briquette in blast furnace
Tang HQ, Sun YJ, Rong T, Guo ZC
843 - 846 Ultrafine AlN synthesis by alumina carbothermal reduction under vacuum: Mechanism and experimental study
Xu YL, Zhou ZQ, Chen XM, Han CC, Yang B, Xu BQ, Liu DC
847 - 856 Turbulent mass transfer model for the simulation of liquid-solid CFB risers and its verification
Zhang YW, Ren PF, Li WB, Yu KS
857 - 867 CO2 storage and conversion to CH4 by wet mechanochemical activation of olivine at room temperature
Gamba N, Farina V, Garroni S, Mulas G, Gennari F
868 - 881 Optimization of CaCO3 synthesis through the carbonation route in a packed bed reactor
Liendo F, Arduino M, Deorsola FA, Bensaid S
882 - 889 Reduction of submicron-sized aerosols emission in electrostatic precipitation by electrical attraction with micron-sized aerosols
Choi HS, Hwang J
890 - 899 Process conditions optimization for the fabrication of highly porous activated carbon from date palm bark wastes for removing pollutants from water
Haghbin MR, Shahrak MN
900 - 912 Investigation on mechanical and microstructural properties of alkali-activated materials made of wood biomass ash and glass powder
Silva GJB, Santana VP, Wojcik M
913 - 923 A novel data-driven sampling strategy for optimizing industrial grinding operation under uncertainty using chance constrained programming
Sharma S, Pantula PD, Miriyala SS, Mitra K
924 - 938 DEM analysis of residence time distribution during twin screw granulation
Zheng C, Zhang L, Govender N, Wu CY
939 - 957 Optical properties and thermal stability evaluation of solar absorbers enhanced by nanostructured selective coating films
Liu B, Wang CY, Bazri S, Badruddin IA, Orooji Y, Saeidi S, Wongwises S, Mahian O
958 - 965 Drag, lift, and torque on a prolate spheroid resting on a smooth surface in a linear shear flow
Fillingham P, Vaddi RS, Bruning A, Israel G, Novosselov IV
966 - 973 Evolving surface properties of stirred wet milled aluminum-doped titanium dioxide: A discretely heterogeneous system
Austin D, Hassanpour A, Hunter TN, Robb J, Edwards JL, Sutcliffe S, Lee JW, Harbottle D
974 - 991 FibeR-CNN: Expanding Mask R-CNN to improve image-based fiber analysis
Frei M, Kruis FE