Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.376 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Quantification of particle size and concentration using in-line techniques and multivariate analysis
Ferreira C, Cardona J, Agimelen O, Tachtatzis C, Andonovic I, Sefcik J, Chen YC
12 - 21 Evolution of layered yttrium hydroxide nitrate particles during controlled double-jet precipitation
Aleshin DK, Mashkovtsev MA, Rychkov VN, Bunkov GM, Baksheev EO, Zhirenkina NV
22 - 30 Experimental measurement of granular flow layers in the chute
Wang SS, Li R, Chen Q, Zheng G, Zivkovic V, Yang H
31 - 41 Microscopic investigation of internal erosion in binary mixtures via the coupled LBM-DEM method
Zhou W, Ma QR, Ma G, Cao XX, Cheng YG
42 - 51 Sulfidation modified Fe3O4 nanoparticles as an efficient Fenton-like catalyst for azo dyes degradation at wide pH range
Tang XK, Li ZS, Liu K, Luo XP, He DS, Ao ML, Peng Q
52 - 59 Scalable generation of high concentration aerosol in the size range of 0.1-10 mu m from commercial powders using ultrasonic dispersion
Ahmed R, Suresh V, Li L, Gopalakrishnan R
60 - 71 Uniform shape elongation effects on the random packings of uniaxially variable superellipsoids
Liu LF, Li SX
72 - 79 Particle-resolved direct numerical simulation of collisions of bidisperse inertial particles in a homogeneous isotropic turbulence
Chen SY, Chen XH, Wan DD, Sun X, Ji L, Wu K, Yang F, Wang GC
80 - 92 Numerical analysis of size-induced particle segregation in rotating drums based on Eulerian continuum approach
Rong WJ, Li BK, Feng YQ, Schwarz P, Witt P, Qi FS
93 - 103 Simulation and optimization of gyratory crusher performance based on the discrete element method
Chen ZR, Wang GQ, Xue DM, Bi QS
104 - 112 Laser pyrolysis synthesis of zinc-containing nanomaterials using low-cost ultrasonic spray delivery of precursors
Malekzadeh M, Rohani P, Liu Y, Raszewski A, Ghanei F, Swihart MT
113 - 125 Mechanism of overcoming plugging and optimization of parameters for rigid-flexible coupled elastic screening of moist fine coal
Wang WN, Duan CL, Jiang HS, Yu SJ, Zhou ZG, Qiao JP, Zhao YM, Pan M
126 - 135 Improvement of roasting and metallurgical properties of fluorine-bearing iron concentrate pellets
Wang S, Guo YF, Zheng FQ, Chen F, Yang LZ
136 - 148 Uniaxial compression test on ceramic green compact with bending consideration using digital image correlation
de Melo CC, Furlan M, Hild F, Schmitt N, Canto RB
149 - 166 Study on coal dust crusting for coal pile based on a compound binder
Cheng JW, Wang Y, Lei YD, Zheng XR, Luo W, Song WT, Wang Z, Han FW
167 - 175 Impact of nanoparticle size and solid state on dissolution rate by investigating modified drug powders
Liu T, Yu XX, Yin HP
176 - 186 Numerical investigation of hard rock breakage by high-pressure water jet assisted indenter impact using the coupled SPH/FEM method
Jiang HX, Zhao HH, Gao KD, Wang OG, Wang YX, Meng DG
187 - 198 Comparison between twin-screw and high-shear granulation - The effect of filler and active pharmaceutical ingredient on the granule and tablet properties
Kytta KM, Lakio S, Wikstrom H, Sulemanji A, Fransson M, Ketolainen J, Tajarobi P
199 - 208 Direct observation of heterogeneous condensation on micron particles with uniform surface
Xu JC, Zhang J, Long HM
209 - 221 The bias of the interface thickness and diffusivity of concrete comprising Platonic aggregates induced by areal analysis
Li MQ, Chen HS, Lin JJ, Lura P, Zhu ZG
222 - 228 Effect of lime addition on the mineral structure and compressive strength of magnesium containing pellets
Wang RR, Zhang JL, Liu ZJ, Li Y
229 - 240 Discrete finite volume approach for multidimensional agglomeration population balance equation on unstructured grid
Singh M, Singh R, Singh S, Walker G, Matsoukas T
241 - 253 Data-driven model for the breakage of dry monodisperse agglomerates by wall impact applicable for multiphase flow simulations
Khalifa A, Breuer M
254 - 262 Enhancing the thermal performance of TiO2/water nanofluids flowing in a helical microfin tube
Kristiawan B, Rifa'i AI, Enoki K, Wijayanta AT, Miyazaki T
263 - 271 3D-structured CuCo2S4 as an excellent Fenton-like catalyst under alkaline solution
He ML, Nan ZD
272 - 284 Modeling of air and particles flow with revolving rotor hovering over the particles layer
Jiang XX, Xu YQ, Geng Y, Meng LZ, Ahmed M, Wang C, Lu HL
285 - 295 Impact of temperature and high pressure homogenization on the solubility and rheological behavior of reconstituted dairy powders of different composition
Warncke M, Kulozik U
296 - 319 Multiscale modeling of bubbling fluidized bed reactors using a hybrid Eulerian-Lagrangian dense discrete phase approach
Adnan M, Sun J, Ahmad N, Wei JJ
320 - 331 Performance optimization of rectangular flat pleated filter with slit nozzle for dust cleaning
Kang FF, Cheng H, Leng H, Zen SM, Xu ZY, Li X, Lu J, Lin LY, Chen HY
332 - 341 Stress analysis of blade Rheometry by DEM simulations
Nan WG, Gu YQ
342 - 350 Effect of Al2O3 on the gas-based direct reduction behavior of Hongge vanadium titanomagnetite pellet under simulated shaft furnace atmosphere
Zeng RQ, Li W, Wang N, Fu GQ, Chu MS, Zhu MY
351 - 362 Stability and settling performance of coal water slurries under vibration conditions
Chai ZF, Ren YG, Zhang RJ, Feng LH, Liu SC, Wang ZC, Zeng M
363 - 372 Effects of plasma rotating electrode process parameters on the particle size distribution and microstructure of Ti-6Al-4 V alloy powder
Cui YJ, Zhao YF, Numata H, Bian HK, Wako K, Yamanaka K, Aoyagi K, Zhang C, Chiba A
373 - 379 Density functional theory calculation of fracture surfaces of siderite and hematite
Yuan ZT, Zhang C, Li LX, Xu XY, Wang XM
380 - 389 Particle movement behavior and capture mechanism in a corrugated cooling channel
Liu JH, Ji BQ, Tang ZZ, Song Q
390 - 397 Modeling of capillary force between particles with unequal contact angle
Wu DL, Zhou P, Wang G, Zhao BJ, Howes T, Chen W
398 - 409 Effects of different magnetic fields on the boiling heat transfer coefficient of the NiO/deionized water nanofluid, an experimental investigation
Rostami S, Raki E, Abdollahi A, Goldanlou AS
410 - 423 A low-COST technique for the analysis of radial and axial segregation in a conical spouted bed
Morais JNS, Duarte CR, Barrozo MAS, Santos DA
424 - 437 Nanoparticle impact on discharging of PCM through a thermal storage involving numerical modeling for heat transfer and irreversibility
Hajizadeh MR, Alsabery AI, Sheremet MA, Kumar R, Li Z, Bach QV
438 - 457 Population balance modeling (PBM) of ribbon milling in pharmaceutical roller compaction process
Amini H, Palahnuk H, Akseli I
458 - 467 Investigation of cell geometry effect on the turbulence characteristics and flotation performance using particle image velocimetry technique
Darabi H, Koleini SMJ, Soltani F, Abdollahy M, Ghadiri M
468 - 476 Study on the influence of different carrier gases on the fluidization properties of glass bead and FCC powders
Jin Y, Lu HF, Guo XL, Gong X
477 - 485 Transparent characterization of spatial-temporal evolution of gangue solid wastes' void structures during compression based on CT scanning
Li JM, Huang YL, Gao HD, Ouyang SY, Guo YC
486 - 495 Effect of particle size on magnesite flotation based on kinetic studies and machine learning simulation
Fu YF, Yang B, Ma YQ, Sun QY, Yao J, Fu WB, Yin WZ
496 - 506 Effects of direct reduction process on the microstructure and reduction characteristics of carbon-bearing nickel laterite ore pellets
Zhang YY, Cui KK, Wang J, Wang XF, Qie JM, Xu QY, Qi YH
507 - 516 Comparison of the flow structures and regime transitions between a cylindrical fluidized bed and a square fluidized bed
Zhang HD, Sun ZN, Zhang MZ, Shao YY, Zhu J
517 - 526 An effective approach to modify the inhalable betamethasone powders based on morphology and surface control using a biosurfactant
Kadota K, Tanaka M, Nishiyama H, Tse JY, Uchiyama H, Shirakawa Y, Tozuka Y
527 - 536 Prediction on particle size characteristics of high-temperature liquid blast furnace slag in a centrifugal granulation process
Gao J, Feng YH, Zhang WX, Feng DL, Zhang XX
537 - 548 Numerical simulation of the effect of burden profile on gas flow in a COREX shaft furnace
Zhou H, Tian X, Kou MY, Wu SL, Shen YB, Li YT, Shen YS
549 - 564 Evolution of particle size distribution for carbonate sand under impact load
Lin L, Li S, Sun LQ, Liu XL, Chen WW
565 - 572 Pre-concentration of fine antimony oxide tailings using an agitated reflux classifier
Chu HR, Wang YH, Lu DF, Liu ZQ, Zheng XY
573 - 592 Study on the physical properties of coal pyrolysis in underground coal gasification channel
Xu M, Xin L, Liu WT, Hu XM, Cheng WM, Li C, Wang ZG
593 - 603 Au modified nanosheet-branched TiO2 hollow spheres exhibiting superior performance of adsorption and solar-light-driven photocatalysis
Fu HT, Gong ML, Ning XY, Yang XH, An XZ, Zou QC, Xiong SX, Han DZ
604 - 611 Exploring the adsorption and diffusion characteristics of tectonic coal at different mass ratios based on the specific surface Gibbs function
Zhao PX, Liu H, Li SG, Ho CH, Qin L, Jia YY, Yan M, Han YT
612 - 621 High-speed digital in-line holography for in-situ dust cloud characterization in a minimum ignition energy device
Schweizer C, Prasad S, Saini A, Mashuga CV, Kulatilaka WD
622 - 630 Impact of acid surface pretreatment on the flotation of ilmenite and titanaugite and its functional mechanism
Du YS, Meng QY, Yuan ZT, Zhao X, Xu YK
631 - 642 Heat transport in nanofluid coolant car radiator with louvered fins
Kumar A, Hassan MA, Chand P
643 - 651 Wetting behaviours and interfacial characteristics of Co-binder sintered polycrystalline diamond by Sn-Ti active solder
He QQ, Zhang YB, Duan N, Huang H, Mu DK, Liao XJ
652 - 660 Interactions of amphiphilic humic acid-based polymers with coal and effect on preparation of coal-water slurry
Zhang K, Tian Y, Zhang RH, Shi GX, Zhou B, Zhang GH, Niu YH, Tian ZH, Gong J
661 - 667 Evolution of grinding energy and particle size during dry ball-milling of silica sand
Blanc N, Mayer-Laigle C, Frank X, Radjai F, Delenne JY
668 - 696 An improved high-order ISPH method for simulation of free-surface flows and convection heat transfer
Garoosi F, Shakibaeinia A
697 - 707 Experimental evaluation of hydrodynamics and tube-to-bed heat transfer of fluidized Ilmenite ore particles at elevated pressures
McIntyre CJ, Symonds RT, Lu DY, Champagne S, Macchi A, Mehrani P
708 - 723 Impurity doping approach on bandgap narrowing and improved photocatalysis of Ca2Bi2O5
Ji XH, Lu JF, Wang Q, Zhang D