Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.375 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Biodegradable cotton gin trash/poly(vinyl alcohol) composite plastic: Effect of particle size on physicochemical properties
Haque AMA, Remadevi R, Wang XG, Naebe M
11 - 19 Particle distribution around the damage area of asphalt mixture based on digital image correlation
Xing C, Zhang L, Anupam K, Tan YQ, Wang DW, Zhai CH
20 - 27 Blending performance of the coupled Ross static mixer and vertical feed mixer - Discrete element model approach
Pezo L, Pezo M, Banjac V, Jovanovic AP, Krulj J, Kojic J, Kojic P
28 - 32 Comminution of pulverized Pittsburgh coal during ASTM E1226-12a dust combustibility testing
Miller J, Mulligan P, Johnson CE
33 - 41 Introduction of the energy to break an avalanche as a promising parameter for powder flowability prediction
Trpelkova Z, Hurychova H, Kuentz M, Vranikova B, Sklubalova Z
42 - 59 Discrete element study on mesomechanical behavior of crack propagation in coal samples with two prefabricated fissures under biaxial compression
Xu H, Qin YP, Wang G, Fan C, Wu MM, Wang R
60 - 80 Impact of IN718 bimodal powder size distribution on the performance and productivity of laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing process
Farzadfar SA, Murtagh MJ, Venugopal N
81 - 88 Influences on the transition from bubbling to turbulent fluidization for Geldart's group B particles
Wytrwat T, Hartge EU, Yazdanpanah M, Heinrich S
89 - 100 Velocity and porosity relationships within dense phase pneumatic conveying as studied using coupled CFD-DEM
Lavrinec A, Orozovic O, Rajabnia H, Williams K, Jones MG, Klinzing G
101 - 108 Synthesis of KNN powders: Scaling effect of the milling step
Beltrami R, Mercadelli E, Baldisserri C, Galassi C, Braghin F, Lecis N
109 - 123 Investigation of bubble-particle attachment, detachment and collection efficiencies in a mechanical flotation cell
Darabi H, Koleini SMJ, Deglon D, Rezai B, Abdollahy M
124 - 135 Fabrication and mechanical properties of alpha-Al2O3 whisker reinforced cu-graphite matrix composites
Tan WY, Jiang XS, Shao ZY, Sun HL, Song TF, Luo ZP
136 - 145 Pressure drop of liquid-solid two-phase flow in a down-flow circulating fluidized bed
Lv SY, Jiang F, Qi GP, Chen XL, Li XL
146 - 160 Grinding aids for dry fine grinding processes - Part I: Mechanism of action and lab-scale grinding
Prziwara P, Kwade A
161 - 173 Fluidized bed CFD using simplified solid-phase coupling
Diba F, Karim MR, Naser J
174 - 181 SMOTE-XGBoost using Tree Parzen Estimator optimization for copper flotation method classification
Dong HP, He DK, Wang FL
182 - 198 A numerical study of the mechanism of liquid film spread and distribution on spherical particles including wall effects
Mo HY, He GX, Zhang RR, Jin HB, Du W, Liu H
199 - 209 Effect of particle size on tribocharging
Liu XY, Kolehmainen J, Nwogbaga I, Ozel A, Sundaresan S
210 - 220 Influence of operating parameters on process behavior and product quality in continuous spray fluidized bed agglomeration
Strenzke G, Durr R, Buck A, Tsotsas E
221 - 232 Discrete particle simulation of heterogeneous gas-solid flows in riser and downer reactors
Kuang SB, Li K, Shrestha S, Yu AB
233 - 243 Numerical study of the fine particle deposition behaviors on three-dimensional random rough walls
Hong WP, Wang BH, Liu Y, Li HR
244 - 248 A novel online moisture monitoring method for vacuum drying of lithium ion battery powder
Zhao F, Han F, Zhang SW, Zhang ZJ
249 - 261 Numerical investigation on horizontal wellbore hole cleaning with a four-lobed drill pipe using CFD-DEM method
Yan T, Qu JY, Sun XF, Chen Y, Hu QB, Li W, Zhang HX
262 - 270 Utilization of fly ash microsphere powder as a mineral admixture of cement: Effects on early hydration and microstructure at different curing temperatures
Sun JW, Zhang ZQ, Hou GH
271 - 274 The bridging action of microbubbles in particle-bubble adhesion
Li YJ, Wu F, Xia WC, Mao YQ, Peng YL, Xie GY
275 - 283 Particle arrangement using external magnetic field and its effect on pressure drop in a tightly packed ferromagnetic porous bed
Sundarnath JK, Resendiz EM, Kuravi S
284 - 291 Experimental study on the utilization of steel slag for cemented ultra-fine tailings backfill
Zhao YL, Ma ZY, Qiu JP, Sun XG, Gu XW
292 - 301 Investigation of particle flow behaviors in a simplified downcomer of multistage fluidized bed
Chen C, Yang Y, Huang ZL, Sun JY, Wang JD, Yang YR
302 - 309 Effect of TPGS surfactant on dissolution sensitivity of a poorly water-soluble drug using high-shear wet granulation
Sotthivirat S, Ramesh R, Wasylaschuk W, Bottone C, Xia BF, Stellabott J, McNevin M, Skomski D, Brown C
310 - 316 Adsorption studies of sulphidic refractory gold ore
Owusu C, Agorhom EA, Fosu S, Budu-Arthur E
317 - 326 FlotationNet: A hierarchical deep learning network for froth flotation recovery prediction
Pu YY, Szmigiel A, Chen J, Apel DB
327 - 336 Scale effect of aggregate rupture: Using the relationship between friability and fractal dimension to parameterise discrete element models
Barbosa LAP, Keller T, Ferraz ACD
337 - 351 Effects of inlet concentration on the hydrocyclone separation performance with different inlet velocity
Li F, Liu PK, Yang XH, Zhang YK, Zhao YQ
352 - 359 Experimental investigation on low-pressure pulse dust cleaning performance of plate-frame microporous membrane filter media
Chen LM, Ye MM, Liu Z, Qian FP, Wei M, Han YL, Lu JL
360 - 368 Evaluating the permeability properties of green bed in iron ore sintering using high resolution X-ray computed tomography and orthogonal array tests
Zhou MX, Xu JN, Zhou H
369 - 383 Discrete element simulations of heart-shaped particle systems
Zhao C, Cheng XY, Peng YX, Li CB
384 - 396 Laser cladding of TiC reinforced 316L stainless steel composites: Feedstock powder preparation and microstructural evaluation
Ertugrul O, Enrici TM, Paydas H, Saggionetto E, Boschini F, Mertens A
397 - 408 The unforeseen relationship of Fe2O3 and ZnO on fibrous silica KCC-1 catalyst for fabricated Z-scheme extractive-photooxidative desulphurization
Hitam CNC, Jalil AA, Izan SM, Azami MS, Hassim MH, Chanlek N
409 - 419 Production and characterization of pineapple-mint juice by spray drying
Braga V, Guidi LR, de Santana RC, Zotarelli MF
420 - 432 Preparation of porous silica powder via selective acid leaching of calcined tobermorite
Zhao QY, Li T, Cui C, Wang ZZ, Ding XF, Zhang SH
433 - 444 Modeling of maize breakage in hammer mills of different scales through a population balance approach
Cotabarren I, Fernandez MP, Di Battista A, Pina J
445 - 452 Pore wetting regulation of porous active carbon by sodium oleate and its influence on particles-bubble attachment: A guidance for improving porous mineral floatability
Mao YQ, Li Q, Xia WC, Li YJ, Xie GY, Peng YL
453 - 462 A kinetic model of gas-particle mass transfer in aerosol: Application to phase state in aerosol
Li CP, Wang K, Wang YS, Chen YK, Zhang C
463 - 471 Coca-Cola solvothermal synthesis of mesoporous SnO2 blooming flower-like architecture assembled from single crystal nanorods and its gas sensing properties
Wang YY, Na HB, Zhang M, Deng ZP, Huo LH, Gao S
472 - 492 Applications of nanomaterial for parabolic trough collector
Ebrazeh S, Sheikholeslami M
493 - 503 Nanoparticles migration due to thermophoresis and Brownian motion and its impact on Ag-MgO/Water hybrid nanofluid natural convection
Goudarzi S, Shekaramiz M, Omidvar A, Golab E, Karimipour A, Karimipour A
504 - 512 Effect of impurity content difference between quartz particles on flotation behavior and its mechanism
Jiang XS, Chen J, Wei MN, Li FF, Ban BY, Li JW
513 - 520 Influence of nanoparticles and porous plates on discharging of ventilation unit
Hajizadeh MR, Abohamzeh E, Jafaryar M, Tiwari AK, Bach QV
521 - 532 A simplified finite volume method for effective thermal conductivity in discrete particles
Guo ZG, Yang J, Tan ZT, Tian X, Zhang S, Wang QW
533 - 538 Esterification of lignin to produce pharmaceutical intermediates using mSiO(2)@Al mesoporous molecular sieve spheres as a catalyst
Yu ST, Li YY, Chen QY, Li L, Ge XP, Li HX
539 - 548 Effect of superfine blast furnace slags on the binary cement containing high-volume fly ash
Zhao YL, Qiu JP, Zhengyu MA, Guo ZB, Liu H
549 - 558 Effect of particulate environment on the grinding kinetics of mixtures of minerals in ball mills
Gupta VK