Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 13 CuO nanomaterial two-phase simulation within a tube with enhanced turbulator
Sheikholeslami M, Abohamzeh E, Jafaryar M, Shafee A, Babazadeh H
14 - 25 Numerical modeling of multiphase flow in gas stirred ladles: From a multiscale point of view
Li LM, Li XJ, Zhu ZC, Li BK
26 - 38 Influence of physical and chemical parameters on ultrafine fluorspar froth flotation
Corpas-Martinez JR, Calero M, Perez A, Martin-Lara MA, Amor-Castillo C, Navarro-Dominguez R
39 - 45 New soft chemistry route to titanomagnetite magnetic nanoparticles with enhanced peroxidase-like activity
Zhang JW, Wang ZJ, Chen R, Chen FX
46 - 57 Effects of partial inerting on flame structures of starch dust deflagration in duct
Zhang HM, Xie T, Yuan BH, Huang CY, Zhao Q, Chen XF, Wang ZX
58 - 72 CFD-DEM simulation of pneumatic conveying n a horizontal pipe
Zhao HM, Zhao YZ
73 - 81 An innovative technology for full component recovery of iron and manganese from low grade iron-bearing manganese ore
Yuan S, Zhou WT, Han YX, Li YJ
82 - 92 Nanoscale SiO2-coated superhydrophobic meshes via electro-spray deposition for oil-water separation
Chen FJ, Hao SM, Huang S, Lu Y
93 - 98 Impact of anionic and cationic surfactants interfacial tension on the oil recovery enhancement
Pan F, Zhang ZX, Zhang XX, Davarpanah A
99 - 108 The production schedule optimization of a multilayer superposed CBM system: An experimental study
Peng SJ, Jia L, Xu J, Zhang CL, Li QX, Han ED
109 - 117 Determination of the effect of resin-coating on ceramic proppant settlement for optimal hydraulic fracturing applications
Wei GJ, Huang H, Babadagli T, Hou L, Li HZ
118 - 141 Study of particle mass loading effects on sand erosion in a series of fittings
Farokhipour A, Mansoori Z, Rasoulian MA, Rasteh A, Saffar-Avval M, Ahmadi G
142 - 146 New method to measure interaction force between particle and air bubble/water droplet using a micro-Newton mechanics testing instrument
Zhang YF, Xing YW, Ding SH, Cao YJ, Gui XH
147 - 151 Selective flotation of magnesite from dolomite using ot-chloro-oleate acid as collector
Zhong WX, Yin WZ, Wang YL, Yao J
152 - 163 PR-DNS on the momentum and heat transfer of a rotating ellipsoidal particle in a fluid
Zhang H, Zhang LX, An XZ, Yu AB
164 - 173 Size and structural characterization of Si nanocrystal aggregates from a low pressure nonthermal plasma reactor
Chen XS, Seto T, Kortshagen UR, Hogan CJ
174 - 183 Monitoring the hydrodynamics and critical variation of separation efficiency of cyclone separator via acoustic emission technique with multiple analysis methods
Zhou YF, Xu ZY, Xiao GK, Hu XY, Chen HB, Zhang R, Luo X, Wang JD, Yang YR
184 - 194 Piezoresistivity enhancement of functional carbon black filled cement-based sensor using polypropylene fibre
Dong WK, Li WG, Wang KJ, Guo YP, Sheng DC, Shah SP
195 - 209 A review of existing mixing indices in solid-based continuous blending operations
Bhalode P, Ierapetritou M
210 - 219 Combustion behavior of pulverized sponge iron as a recyclable electrofuel
Toth P, Ogren Y, Sepman A, Gren P, Wiinikka H
220 - 231 Flow characteristics of three typical granular materials in near 2D moving beds
Dai YL, Liu XJ, Xia DH
232 - 241 In situ Raman composition profiling in drying droplets
Lima RD, Braeuer AS, Arlabosse P, Re MI
242 - 253 Optimization of gas parameters in a three-phase fluidized bed flotation column
Liu TS, Li YF, He SR, Chen P, Li ZY
254 - 266 Numerical simulation on the effects of different inlet pipe structures on the flow field and seperation performance in a hydrocyclone
Li F, Liu PK, Yang XH, Zhang YK
267 - 273 Using a vibrating electrical curtain conveyor for separation of plastic/metal particles
Ali AH, Zelmat ME, Touhami S, Louhadj S, Benmimoun Y, Louati H, Tilmatine A
274 - 288 Artificial neural network model development for prediction of nonlinear flow in porous media
Wang Y, Zhang SX, Ma Z, Yang Q
289 - 300 Flow ability of cemented pastefill material that contains nano-silica particles
Roshani A, Fall M
301 - 309 Influence of particle size distribution of iron ore fines on liquefaction during marine transportation
Moreira DDC, dos Santos CAS, Mesquita ALA, Moreira DC
310 - 322 Simultaneous evaluation of wind flow and dust emissions from conveyor belts using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling and experimental measurements
Torno S, Torano J, Alvarez-Fernandez I
323 - 335 Refining the method for determining the flow rate of air entrained by freely falling polydisperse loose material
Logachev IN, Popov EN, Logachev KI, Averkova OA
336 - 346 Comparative performance of granular scaling laws for lightweight grouser wheels in sand and lunar simulant
Thoesen A, McBryan T, Mick D, Green M, Martia J, Marvi H
347 - 356 Influence of heat exchange on the motion characteristics and mechanical behavior of fine particles in an electrostatic precipitator
Pan XH, Zhang Z, Cui L, Zhang QG, Ma CY
357 - 361 A first-order segregation phenomenon in fluid-immersed granular systems
Nair P, Cisneros LAT, Windows-Yule CRK, Agrawal N, Roy S, Poschel T
362 - 368 Non-isothermal kinetic studies of rubidium extraction from muscovite using a chlorination roasting-water leaching process
Tian L, Gong A, Wu XG, Li JH, Liu CW, Yu XQ, Xu ZF
369 - 383 Gas flow distribution and solid dynamics in a thin rectangular pressurized fluidized bed using CFD-DEM simulation
Liu DY, Song JL, Ma JL, Chen XP, van Wachem B
384 - 396 3D CPFD simulation of gas-solids flow in the high-density downer with FCC particles
Wu YY, Shi XG, Liu YC, Wang CX, Gao JS, Lan XY
397 - 410 On the heat transfer effectiveness and pumping power assessment of a diamond-water nanofluid based on thermophysical properties: An experimental study
Alshayji A, Asadi A, Alarifi IM
411 - 420 Preparation of high-performance bismuth yellow hybrid pigments by doping with inorganic oxides
Wang XW, Mu B, Xu J, Wang AQ
421 - 432 Modelling of a combined biomass CLC combustion and renewable-energy-based methane production system for CO2 utilization
Bareschino P, Mancusi E, Urciuolo M, Coppola A, Solimene R, Pepe F, Chirone R, Salatino P
433 - 445 A four-way coupled CFD-DEM modeling framework for charged particles under electrical field with applications to gas insulated switchgears
Wang ZK, Liu MB, Yang X
446 - 458 Fixed bed adsorption as affected by thermodynamics and kinetics: Yellow tuff for CO2 capture
Ammendola P, Raganati F, Chirone R, Miccio F
459 - 467 Cluster identification criterion with experimental validation for the cluster solid holdup model during fluidization
Liu Y, Dai QT, Qi HY
468 - 475 Photocatalytic properties and controlled morphologies of TiO2-modified hydroxyapatite synthesized by the urea-assisted hydrothermal method
Goto T, Shin J, Yokoi T, Cho SH, Sekino T
476 - 487 DEM study on the effects of pellet characteristics on particle flow in rectangular hopper
Luo XF, Zhao L, Zhang MH, Dong H
488 - 496 CN/iodine-doped CN homojunction powder catalysts with excellent visible-light photocatalytic properties
Xia J, Chai LL, Tian T, Li HQ, Hao FY, Cui YM, Wang Y, Li MD, Zhu YF
497 - 509 Influences of turbulence modeling on particle-wall contacts in numerical simulations of industrial furnaces for thermal particle treatment
Knoll M, Gerhardter H, Hochenauer C, Tomazic P
510 - 521 Experimental and DEM studies of velocity profiles and residence time distribution of non-spherical particles in silos
Golshan S, Esgandari B, Zarghami R, Blais B, Saleh K
522 - 534 Three-dimensional simulation of the co-firing of coal and biomass in an oxy-fuel fluidized bed
Liu QW, Zhong WQ, Gu JR, Yu AB
535 - 542 The influence of crystal modifiers on the crystallinity, particle morphology and brightness of precipitated calcite powders hydrothermally prepared from black marble waste
Lu JS, Li QH, Song WF, Liu ZY, Wang CL
543 - 554 Modeling and analysis of flow regimes in hydraulic conveying of coarse particles
Zhou MM, Kuang SB, Luo K, Zou RP, Wang S, Yu AB
555 - 568 Lattice Boltzmann simulations of magnetic particles in a three-dimensional microchannel
He Q, Li YJ, Huang WF, Hu Y, Li DC, Wang YM
569 - 580 Effect of evaporation section setting on the thermal performance of a closed thermosyphon combined with fluidized bed heat transfer technology
Jiang F, Shen Y, Jing WY, Qi GP, Liang X, Li RJ, Li XL
581 - 589 Promoting fine particle removal in double-tower cascade wet flue gas desulfurization system by flue gas temperature reduction
Wang QW, Wang LL, Wu H, Yang HM
590 - 598 Interrogation of a new inline multi-bin cyclone for sorting of produced powders of a lab-scale spray dryer
Poozesh S, Jafari SM, Akafuah NK
599 - 613 Deformation characteristics and failure modes of sandstones under discontinuous multi-level cyclic loads
Peng K, Zhou JQ, Zou QL, Zhang YJ, Tan GW
614 - 619 Fabrication of BiInSn alloy powder via the combination of ultrasonic crushing with dispersants
Shi JT, Shu QQ, Tong BX, Fu JH, Tang SS, Wang Q, Liu J
620 - 626 The role of sodium alginate in the flotation separation of apatite and dolomite
Zhong CH, Feng B, Zhang WP, Zhang LZ, Guo YT, Wang T, Wang HH
627 - 636 A revisit to saturation carrying capacity and saturated solid fraction in gas-solid upward flow
Zhang GH, Chen ZW, Bao J, Wei WS, Bi XT
637 - 646 Multi-objective optimization of guide vanes for axial flow cyclone using CFD, SVM, and NSGA II algorithm
Deng YJ, Yu B, Sun DL
647 - 659 Turbulent coarse-particle suspension flow: Measurement and modelling
Zheng EZ, Rudman M, Kuang SB, Chryss A
660 - 670 Sequential co-precipitation as a convenient preparation method o anticorrosive hybrid calcium phosphate/calcium silicate powder pigments
Przywecka K, Kowalczyk K, Grzmil B
671 - 680 Heat transfer and fouling deposition investigation on the titanium coated heat exchanger surface
Oon CS, Kazi SN, Hakimin MA, Abdelrazek AH, Mallah AR, Low FW, Tiong SK, Badruddin IA, Kamanger S
681 - 688 Optimization of the powder state to enhance the enrichment of functional mung bean protein concentrates obtained by dry separation
Zhu HG, Wang Y, Cheng YQ, Li ZG, Tong LT
689 - 701 Individual enrichment of manganese and iron from complex refractory ferromanganese ore by suspension magnetization roasting and magnetic separation
Yuan S, Zhou WT, Han YX, Li YJ
702 - 715 Synergistic mechanism of thermal conductivity enhancement and economic analysis of hybrid nanofluids
Ma MY, Zhai YL, Yao PT, Li YH, Wang H
716 - 726 Flexible and super hydrophobic polymethylsilsesquioxane based silica aerogel for organic solvent adsorption via ambient pressure drying technique
Ding J, Zhong K, Liu SJ, Wu XD, Shen XD, Cui S, Chen XB
727 - 740 Co-benefits of CO2 emission reduction and sintering performance improvement of limonitic laterite via hot exhaust-gas recirculation sintering
Zhu DQ, Xue YX, Pan J, Yang CC, Guo ZQ, Tian HY, Wang X, Huang QZ, Pan LT, Huang XZ
741 - 753 Compaction simulation of crystalline nano-powders under cold compaction process with molecular dynamics analysis
Khoei AR, Sameti AR, Mofatteh H
754 - 757 Utilization of local electrochemical impedance spectroscopy to study the attenuation law of the sulfide layer on the surface of smithsonite
Bai X, Liu J, Wen SM, Wang Y
758 - 764 Hemicelluloses monosaccharides and their effect on molybdenite flotation
Castillo I, Gutierrez L, Hernandez V, Diaz E, Ramirez A