Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Enhanced removal of iron minerals from high-iron bauxite with advanced roasting technology for enrichment of aluminum
Yuan S, Xiao HX, Yu TY, Li YJ, Gao P
8 - 14 Drag coefficient and settling velocity of fine particles with varying surface wettability
Wang LJ, Zheng KX, Ding ZY, Yan XK, Zhang HJ, Cao YJ, Guo CW
15 - 31 Theoretical and numerical analysis of key sub-grid quantities' effect on filtered Eulerian drag force
Chen X, Song N, Jiang M, Zhou Q
32 - 39 Dynamics of irregular particles in the passive layer under the slumping regime
Chen Q, Li R, Xiu WZ, Zheng G, Zivkovic V, Yang H
40 - 47 The role of the friction coefficients in the granular segregation in small systems
Song XH, Zhang GH
48 - 58 On artificial density treatment for the pressure Poisson equation in the DEM-CFD simulations
Mori Y, Takabatake K, Tsugeno Y, Sakai M
59 - 67 Prediction of flowability of cohesive powder mixtures at high strain rate conditions by discrete element method
Pasha M, Hekiem NL, Jia XD, Ghadiri M
68 - 75 Effect of superfine-grinding on the physicochemical and antioxidant properties of Lycium ruthenicum Murray powders
Zhang JT, Dong YS, Nisar T, Fang ZX, Wang ZC, Guo YR
76 - 83 The interaction between kaolinite and saline water in affecting the microstructure, rheology and settling of coal flotation products
Zhang N, Chen XM, Peng YJ
84 - 93 Particle capture in a high-temperature electrostatic precipitator with different electrode configurations
Zheng CH, Wu ZC, Shen ZY, Zhang H, Wang YF, Gao WC, Shao LY, Wu WH, Gao X
94 - 106 Enhanced sliding electrical contact properties of silver matrix self-lubricating nanocomposite using molecular level mixing process and spark plasma sintering
Kang X, Zhang L
107 - 116 Impact of formulation on reconstitution and flowability of spray-dried milk powders
Fournaise T, Burgain J, Perroud C, Scher J, Gaiani C, Petit J
117 - 127 A shear cell study on oral and inhalation grade lactose powders
Cavalli G, Bosi R, Ghiretti A, Cottini C, Benassi A, Gaspari R
128 - 135 Discharge of granular materials in a hemispherical bottom silo under vertical vibration
Du JP, Liu CP, Wang CC, Wu P, Ding YL, Wang L
136 - 147 Bimetallic Al-Ag, Al-Cu and Al-Zn nanoparticles with controllable phase compositions prepared by the electrical explosion of two wires
Pervikov AV, Kazantsev SO, Lozhkomoev AS, Lerner MI
148 - 160 Packing potential index for binary mixtures of granular soil
Chang CS, Deng YB
161 - 177 Phenomenological study of particulate materials compression - From individual through bed compression to tableting
Kalman H
178 - 191 Role of bubbling behaviour in segregation and mixing of binary gas-solids flow of particles with different density
Parvathaneni S, Buwa VV
192 - 203 Pressure drop characteristics and minimum pressure drop velocity for pneumatic conveying of polyacrylamide in a horizontal pipe with bends at both ends
Jia WG, Yan JL
204 - 211 Effect of 17-4PH stainless steel powders interaction on feedstocks
Ma HH, Li S, Jin ZS, Tian YW, Ren FM, Zhou ZF, Xu WB
212 - 226 A general modelling method for soybean seeds based on the discrete element method
Yan DX, Yu JQ, Wang Y, Zhou L, Yu YJ
227 - 234 Quantitative Structure-Property Relationship (QSPR) models for Minimum Ignition Energy (MIE) prediction of combustible dusts using machine learning
Chaudhari P, Ade N, Perez LM, Kolis S, Mashuga CV
235 - 245 Preparation, characterization, stability, and thermal conductivity of rGO-Fe3O4-TiO2 hybrid nanofluid: An experimental study
Cakmak NK, Said Z, Sundar LS, Ali ZM, Tiwari AK
246 - 257 Dynamics of a sphere launched vertically in water
Takamure K, Uchiyama T
258 - 266 Effect of mineral admixtures on flow properties of fresh cemented paste backfill: Assessment of time dependency and thixotropy
Jiang HQ, Fall M, Yilmaz E, Li YH, Yang L
267 - 274 Operation of a 1 MWth calcium looping pilot plant firing waste-derived fuels in the calciner
Haaf M, Hilz J, Peters J, Unger A, Strohle J, Epple B
275 - 289 Impact of column geometry and internals on gas and particle flows in a fluidized bed with downward solids circulation: Effect of lateral injection profile and baffles
Cochet Y, Briens C, Berruti F, McMillan J, Careaga FJS
290 - 304 Calibrating friction coefficients in discrete element method simulations with shear-cell experiments
Angus A, Yahia LAA, Maione R, Khala M, Hare C, Ozel A, Ocone R
305 - 316 Effect of cylinder vortex stabilizer on separator performance of the Stairmand cyclone
Duan JH, Gao S, Hou CG, Wang WW, Zhang P, Li CJ
317 - 324 Effect of hammer and pin milling on triboelectrostatic separation of legume flour
Vitelli M, Rajabzadeh AR, Tabtabaei S, Assatory A, Shahnam E, Legge RL
325 - 335 Effect of nano-SiO2/styrene-acrylic emulsion on compactness and strength of mine drilling seal materials
Dong K, Ni GH, Xu YH, Xun M, Hui W, Li S, Sun Q, Li YF
336 - 350 Numerical exploration of hydrodynamic features in a methanol-to-olefins fluidized bed reactor with two parallel reaction zones
Zhang CH, Wang FF, Lu BN, Wang W, Liu MX, Lu CX
351 - 361 CFD analysis of second law characteristics for flow of a hybrid biological nanofluid under rotary motion of a twisted tape: Exergy destruction and entropy generation analyses
Bahiraei M, Mazaheri N, Daneshyar MR
362 - 371 Simulating a laboratory-scale cone crusher in DEM using polyhedral particles
Andre FP, Tavares LM
372 - 393 Computationally inexpensive simulation of agglomeration in spray drying while preserving structure related information using CFD
Jubaer H, Afshar S, Mejean S, Jeantet R, Xiao J, Chen XD, Selomulya C, Woo MW
394 - 403 Effect of storage conditions on physicochemical and microstructural properties of skim and whole milk powders
Phosanam A, Chandrapala J, Huppertz T, Adhikari B, Zisu B
404 - 419 Experimentally calibrated CFD-DEM study of air impairment during powder discharge for varying hopper configurations
Hesse R, Krull F, Antonyuk S
420 - 427 Three-way coupling of fine particle deposition behavior on a rib-roughened surface
Hong WP, Liu Y, Wang BH, Li HR
428 - 437 Numerical simulation of a novel fluidized bed for gas-solid non-catalytic reactions (NRFB)
Duan ZY, Sun SJ, Lan ZJ, Wang Y, Zhang JM, Wang JT
438 - 447 Experimental research on the separation characteristics of a gas-liquid cyclone separator in WGS
Zhou W, Chenglin E, Fan YP, Wang KS, Lu CX
448 - 454 3D random pore structure modeling and simulation of pressure drop characteristics in fixed-bed contactors
Xie L, Jiang CW
455 - 465 Self-dispersible nanocrystals of azoxystrobin and cyproconazole with increased efficacy against soilborne fungal pathogens isolated from peanut crops
Camiletti BX, Camacho NM, Paredes AJ, Allemandi DA, Palma SD, Grosso NR
466 - 476 Effect of gas-particle interaction on roller spreading process in additive manufacturing
Nan WG, Pasha M, Ghadiri M
477 - 485 Rate of capillary rise in quartz nanochannels considering the dynamic contact angle by using molecular dynamics
Zhang SQ, Pei HF
486 - 496 Gold nanorods/polydopamine-capped hollow hydroxyapatite microcapsules as remotely controllable multifunctional drug delivery platform
Cao YC, Shi J, Wu Z, Li JG, Cao SK
497 - 505 Experimental study of nanofluids flow and heat transfer over a backward-facing step channel
Hilo AK, Abu Talib A, Iborra AA, Sultan MTH, Hamid MFA
506 - 518 Fabrication of ZrB2-SiC powder with a eutectic phase for sintering or plasma spraying
Sun SJ, Liu YB, Ma Z, Zhu SZ, Hong CQ, Chen HK, Ma KZ
519 - 531 Effects of different inlet structures on the flow field of cyclone separators
Gao ZW, Wang J, Liu ZX, Wei YD, Wang JY, Mao Y
532 - 541 Experimental research on the separation performance of W-shaped hydrocyclone
Jiang LY, Liu PK, Yang XH, Zhang YK, Li XY, Zhang YL, Wang H
542 - 562 Improving the feeder shoe design of an eccentric tablet press machine
Ramirez-Aragon C, Alba-Elias F, Gonzalez-Marcos A, Ordieres-Mere J
563 - 577 Thermal and exergy analysis of air-nanofluid bubbly flow in a double-pipe heat exchanger
Jafarzad A, Heyhat MM
578 - 584 Recovery of chromium from ferronickel slag: A comparison of microwave roasting and conventional roasting strategies
Peng ZW, Wang LC, Gu FQ, Tang HM, Rao MJ, Zhang YB, Li GH, Jiang T
585 - 599 CFD analysis and experimental study on the effect of oxygen level, particle size, and dust concentration on the flame evolution characteristics and explosion severity of cornstarch dust cloud deflagration in a spherical chamber
Li HT, Chen XK, Deng J, Shu CM, Kuo CH, Yu YC, Hu XY
600 - 610 Lubricated contact model for numerical simulations of suspensions
Chevremont W, Bodiguel H, Chareyre B
611 - 624 Bubble-based EMMS/DP drag model for MP-PIC simulation
Kadyrov T, Li F, Wang W
625 - 637 Effects of acoustic fields on the dynamics of micron-sized particles in a fluidized bed
Zhu L, Tang Y
638 - 658 CFD-DPM and experimental study of the dynamics of wheat starch powder/pyrolysis gases hybrid mixtures in the 20-L Sphere
Pico P, Ratkovich N, Munoz F, Dufaud O
659 - 670 Effects of distributor on the particle distribution in a horizontal multi-tube liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed heat exchanger
Jiang F, Wang JJ, Qi GP, Liang X, Dong XH, Zhao PL, Wu M, Li XL
671 - 684 Influence of contact parameters on Discrete Element method (DEM) simulations of flow from a hopper: Comparison with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) measurements
Danczyk M, Meaclem T, Mehdizad M, Clarke D, Galvosas P, Fullard L, Holland D
685 - 693 Ex vivo and in vitro evaluation of the influence of the inhaler device and formulation on lung deposition of budesonide
Aloum F, Al Ayoub Y, Mohammad MA, Obeed M, Paluch K, Assi KH
694 - 702 Flammability and flame propagation of propane/L-leucine powder hybrid mixtures
Kim W, Anraku S, Endo T, Choi K
703 - 703 RETRACTION: MHD raviative boundary layer analysis of micropolar dusty fluid with graphene oxide (Go)- engine oil nanoparticles in a porous medium over a stretching sheet with joule heating effect (Retraction of Vol 338, Pg 425, 2018)
Ghadikolaei SS, Hosseinzadeh K, Ganji DD