Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Effect of distributor design on particle distribution in a binary fluidised bed
Windows-Yule CRK, Gibson S, Werner D, Parker DJ, Kokalova TZ, Seville JPK
10 - 19 Tracking of powder lump formation and dispersion with the use of FBRM technology and video recordings
Mitchell WR, Forny L, Althaus T, Niederreiter G, Palzer S, Hounslow MJ, Salman AD
20 - 31 LIF or dye: Comparison of different tracing methods for granular solids
Scheibelhofer O, Kruisz J, Rehrl J, Faulhammer E, Witschnigg A, Khinast JG
32 - 39 Effect of nano-SiC on thermal properties of expanded graphite/1-octadecanol composite materials for thermal energy storage
Gong SQ, Cheng XM, Li YY, Wang XL, Wang YP, Zhong H
40 - 46 Coal fly ash derived zeolite for highly efficient removal of Ni2+ in waste water
He XP, Yao B, Xia Y, Huang H, Gan YP, Zhang WK
47 - 55 Effect of capacitance on physicochemical evolution characteristics of bituminous coal treated by high-voltage electric pulses
Yan FZ, Xu J, Peng SJ, Zou QL, Li QG, Long K, Zhao ZG
56 - 66 Parameter determination of the Compressible Packing Model (CPM) for concrete application
Bala M, Zentar R, Boustingorry P
67 - 81 Particle-based model for functional and diffusion layers of solid oxide cells electrodes
Moussaoui H, Debayle J, Gavet Y, Cloetens P, Laurencin J
82 - 96 Investigation of heat transfer mechanisms among particles in horizontal rotary retorts
Wang Q, Liu BW, Wang ZC
97 - 104 The interaction of nanoparticulate Fe2O3 in the sintering process: A molecular dynamics simulation
Liu ZJ, Cheng Q, Li KJ, Wang YZ, Zhang JL
105 - 114 Numerical investigation on the pressure loss of coarse particles hydraulic lifting in the riser with the lateral vibration
Liu Y, Chen LY
115 - 121 Saltiness enhancement in white pan bread supplemented with spray-dried salt-yeast complex
Lee J, Bae J, Jeong H, Cho Y, Choi MJ
122 - 132 Three-dimensional particle shape characterizations from half particle geometries
Zheng JX, Sun Q, Zheng H, Wei DH, Li ZC, Gao L
133 - 142 The effect of multi-wall carbon nanotubes/turbine meter oil nanofluid concentration on the thermophysical properties of lubricants
Pourpasha H, Heris SZ, Mahian O, Wongwises S
143 - 156 Evaluation of thermal conductivity of deionized water containing SDS-coated NiO nanoparticles under the influences ofconstant and alternative varied magnetic fields
Chen ZX, Liu PP, Zare A, Karimipour A, Abdollahi A, Tlili I
157 - 162 Growth behavior of iron grains during deep reduction of copper slag
Zhang L, Chen HH, Deng RD, Zuo WR, Guo B, Ku JG
163 - 171 Cementing efficiency factors of ceramic polishing residue in compressive strength and chloride resistance of mortar
Li LG, Zhuo ZY, Kwan AKH, Zhang TS, Lu DG
172 - 182 Experimental study on the two-phase flow of gas-particles through a model brake valve
Zhang G, Zhang YF, Liu Q, Li Y, Lin Z
183 - 191 Stretching the limits of dynamic and quasi-static flow testing on cohesive limestone powders
Shi H, Lumay G, Luding S
192 - 205 MHD flow and heat transfer near stagnation point over a stretching/shrinking surface with partial slip and viscous dissipation: Hybrid nanofluid versus nanofluid
Aly EH, Pop I
206 - 212 Suppression of polyethylene dust explosion by sodium bicarbonate
Wang Y, Lin CD, Qi YQ, Pei B, Wang LY, Ji WT
213 - 224 Consequence of nanoparticles size on heat transfer characteristics of a radiator
Ramalingam S, Dhairiyasamy R, Govindasamy M, Muthaiah VMR
225 - 232 Effect of titanium hydride powder addition on microstructure and properties of titanium powder injection molding
Hu K, Zou LM, Shi Q, Hu K, Liu X, Duan BH
233 - 242 Effect of swirling gas nozzles on gas-solid flow patterns inside a novel multi-regime riser
Wang SS, Cheng M, Zhu XL, Lin CH, Wang GW, Zhen XP, Tian LY, Li CY
243 - 252 Effect of low-concentration coal dust on gas explosion propagation law
Guo CW, Shao H, Jiang SG, Wang YJ, Wang K, Wu ZY
253 - 265 The effect of SDS synergistic composite acidification on the chemical structure and wetting characteristics of coal
Xie HC, Ni GH, Xie JN, Cheng WM, Xun M, Xu YH, Wang H, Wang G
266 - 276 Recurrent neural network based detection of faults caused by particle attrition in chemical looping systems
Pan JH, Pottimurthy Y, Wang DW, Hwang S, Patil S, Fan LS
277 - 284 Flow mechanisms and solid flow rate prediction of powders discharged from hoppers with an insert
Sun D, Lu HF, Cao JK, Wu YT, Guo XL, Gong X
285 - 295 Numerical study of heat transfer in gravity-driven dense particle flow around a hexagonal tube
Tian X, Yang J, Guo ZG, Wang QW, Sunden B
296 - 304 Motion behavior of micro-bubbles in a delta shape tundish using impact pad
Chang S, Huang WX, Zou ZS, Li BK, Guthrie RIL
305 - 316 Selective enrichment of iron particles from complex refractory hematite-goethite ore by coal-based reduction and magnetic separation
Yuan S, Zhou WT, Han YX, Li YJ
317 - 325 Self-excited gas-solid two-phase flow using non-uniform soft fins
Dong L, Rinoshika A
326 - 335 Impact of local fluidized bed hydrodynamics on the distribution of liquid sprayed into the bed
Li Y, Careaga FS, Briens C, Berruti F, McMillan J
336 - 346 Evolution of gas transport pattern with the variation of coal particle size: Kinetic model and experiments
Zhao W, Wang K, Cheng YP, Liu SM, Fan L
347 - 357 Study of the thermal conductivity of hybrid nanofluids: Recent research and experimental study
Huminic G, Huminic A, Dumitrache F, Fleaca C, Morjan I
358 - 375 CFD investigation on influence of orifice geometry on micro-scale inclusion movement
Wang Q, Liu Y, Huang A, Yan W, Gu HZ, Li GQ
376 - 389 Development of processing strategies for multigraded selective laser melting of Ti6Al4V and IN718
Scaramuccia MG, Demir AG, Caprio L, Tassa O, Previtali B
390 - 398 Coupling of stress and gas pressure in dual porosity medium during coal seam mining
Chen YX, Chu TX, Chen XX, Chen P
399 - 410 Promoting the removal of fine particles by turbulent agglomeration with the coupling of different-scale vortexes
Sun ZK, Yang LJ, Chen S, Wu X
411 - 420 Effect of PbO on cyanidation leaching behavior of bornite
Yang W, Zhang K, Wang YP, Long T, Wan H, Li H, Wang Q
421 - 426 Frictional effect of bottom wall on granular flow through an aperture on a conveyor belt
Zhu HW, Shi QF, Li LS, Yang MC, Xu AG, Zheng N
427 - 442 Effect of shale mineralogy characteristics on the perforation performance and particle fragmentation of abrasive waterjet
Qu H, Wu XG, Liu Y, Feng YJ, Tang SM, Zhang S, Hu YS
443 - 455 Numerical study on natural convection of Ag-MgO hybrid/water nanofluid inside a porous enclosure: A local thermal non-equilibrium model
Mehryan SAM, Ghalambaz M, Chamkha AJ, Izadi M
456 - 463 Solving a sticking related tablet problem by multivariate statistics and computational tomographic analysis
Costa NF, Paulo MG, Diogo HP, Pinto JF
464 - 473 Effects of sonication duration and nanoparticles concentration on thermal conductivity of silica-ethylene glycol nanofluid under different temperatures: An experimental study
Li YC, Kalbasi R, Nguyen Q, Afrand M
474 - 486 Analysis of screw feeding of faceted particles by discrete element method
Lopez A, Vivacqua V, Hammond R, Ghadiri M
487 - 496 A comparison of liquid binders for drum granulation of biochar powder
Briens L, Bowden-Green B
497 - 505 Heat transfer in a pulsed fluidized bed by using coupled CFD-DEM method
Zhang K, Wang S, Li BW, He YR, Zhao YH
506 - 516 Effect of nitric acid on the pore structure and fractal characteristics of coal based on the low-temperature nitrogen adsorption method
Ni GH, Li S, Rahman S, Xun M, Wang H, Xu YH, Xie HC
517 - 526 Dynamic fracture and fragmentation of rock-like materials under column charge blasting using electrical explosion of wires
Peng JY, Zhang FP, Yang XH
527 - 538 A mineral liberation distribution estimator for monitoring and process control applications
Perez-Garcia EM, Bouchard J, Poulin E
539 - 557 Bulk properties variability and interdependency determination for cohesive iron ore
Mohajeri MJ, van den Bos MJ, van Rhee C, Schott DL
558 - 567 Cost-effective and facile one step synthesis of ZSM-5 from silica fume waste with the aid of metakaolin and its NOx removal performance
Chen H, Zhang YJ, He PY, Li CJ
568 - 575 A novel and low cost coal separation process: Combination of deep screening classification and gravity separation
Zhou EH, Yan GH, Weng XY, Zhang ZX, Zhao PF, Zhang B
576 - 596 Direct numerical simulation of particle pore-scale transport through three-dimensional porous media with arbitrarily polyhedral mesh
Su JW, Chai GL, Wang L, Yu JB, Cao WD, Gu ZL, Chen CG, Meng W
597 - 607 Formation mechanisms of TiB2 tracks on Ti6Al4V alloy during selective laser melting of ceramic-metal multi-material
Wang R, Gu DD, Chen CY, Dai DH, Ma CL, Zhang HM
608 - 615 On the effective surface tension of powder-derived liquid marbles
Wang RX, Li XG
616 - 631 An investigation into the distinctive sintering performance and consolidation mechanism of limonitic laterite ore
Zhu DQ, Xue YX, Pan J, Yang CC, Guo ZQ, Tian HY, Liao H, Pan LT, Huang XZ
632 - 642 Dynamic characteristics of the large particles inside the fluidized bed with an inclined air distribution plate
Yan L, Liu HZ, Li F, Liu JF
643 - 658 Numerical simulation of particle motion characteristics in quantitative seed feeding system
Gao XJ, Zhou ZY, Xu Y, Yu YB, Su Y, Cui T
659 - 670 Effects of stress state and fine fraction on stress transmission in internally unstable granular mixtures investigated via discrete element method
Li WC, Deng G, Liang XQ, Sun XX, Wang SW, Lee ML
671 - 679 A simple method for assessing powder spreadability for additive manufacturing
Ahmed M, Pasha M, Nan WG, Ghadiri M
680 - 680 Room temperature hydrocarbon generation in olivine powders: Effect of mechanical processing under CO2 atmosphere (vol 364, pg 915, 2020)
Torre F, Farina V, Taras A, Pistidda C, Santoru A, Bednarcik J, Mulas G, Enzo S, Garroni S
681 - 688 An automated and continuous method for the optical measurement of wood pellet size distribution and the gravimetric determination of fines
Jagers J, Wirtz S, Scherer V
689 - 702 Quantitative comparison of experimental and Mohr-Coulomb finite element method simulation flow characteristics from quasi two-dimensional flat-bottomed bins
Pardikar K, Zahid S, Wassgren C
703 - 712 Experimental study on 3D vibrated packing densification of mono-sized dodecahedral particles
Li JW, An XZ, Wang J, Zhao HY, Zou RP, Dong KJ, Gou DZ
713 - 723 Triboelectric charging of polyethylene powders: Comparison of same-material and different-material contributions to the charge build-up
Konopka L, Jantac S, Vrzacek M, Svoboda M, Kosek J
724 - 739 Atomization simulation and preparation of 24CrNiMoY alloy steel powder using VIGA technology at high gas pressure
Wei MW, Chen SY, Sun M, Liang J, Liu CS, Wang M
740 - 750 Physical degradation of hydrophobized sands
Lin HJ, Lourenco SDN
751 - 761 Inhibition of diammonium phosphate on the wheat dust explosion
Zhao Q, Chen XF, Dai HM, Huang CY, Liu J, He S, Yuan BH, Yang P, Zhu HW, Liang GQ, Zhang BQ
762 - 773 Sol-gel (template) synthesis of osteoplastic CaSiO3/HAp powder biocomposite: "In vitro" and "in vivo" biocompatibility assessment
Papynov EK, Shichalin OO, Apanasevich VI, Portnyagin AS, Yu MV, Yu BI, Merkulov EB, Kaidalova TA, Modin EB, Afonin IS, Evdokimov IO, Geltser BI, Zinoviev SV, Stepanyugina AK, Kotciurbii EA, Bardin AA, Korshunova OV
774 - 781 Controllable synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles embedded holey reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as a high-performance anode for lithium-ion batteries
Wu DB, Wu HJ, Niu YB, Wang C, Chen Z, Ouyang YR, Wang S, Li HL, Chen LP, Zhang LY
782 - 787 Effect of particle size polydispersity on dust cloud minimum ignition energy
Castellanos D, Bagaria P, Mashuga CV
788 - 795 Experimental evaluating the rheological behavior of ethylene glycol under graphene nanosheets loading
Zheng YZ, Zhang XZ, Shahsavar A, Nguyen Q, Rostami S
796 - 808 A review on the enrichment of iron values of low-grade Iron ore resources using reduction roasting-magnetic separation
Roy SK, Nayak D, Rath SS
809 - 819 Evaluating the effects of aluminum dust concentration on explosions in a 20 L spherical vessel using ultrasonic sensors
Fu SH, Lou WZ, Wang HJ, Li CB, Chen ZH, Zhang Y
820 - 830 Collision of water droplets with different initial temperatures
Shlegel NE, Tkachenko PP, Strizhak PA
831 - 831 Editorial: Gas-liquid-solid reactors
Yang N, Wang TF
832 - 832 Editorial: Gas-liquid-solid reactors
Yang N, Wang TF
833 - 840 Effects of red mud additions on gangue-cemented paste backfill properties
Chen Sj, Du ZW, Zhang Z, Yin DW, Feng F, Ma JB
841 - 859 Mechanistic understanding of granule growth behavior in bi-component wet granulation processes with wettability differentials
Muthancheri I, Ramachandran R
860 - 876 Influence of ignition delay on explosion severities of the methane-coal particle hybrid mixture at elevated injection pressures
Li HT, Deng J, Chen XK, Shu CM, Kuo CH, Hu XY
877 - 888 CFD approach for two-phase CuO nanofluid flow through heat exchangers enhanced by double perforated louvered strip insert
Nakhchi ME, Esfahani JA
889 - 900 Swelling of clay minerals during the leaching process of weathered crust elution-deposited rare earth ores by magnesium salts
Chen Z, Zhang ZY, Liu DF, Chi XW, Chen WD, Chi R