Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Effects of particle type on the particle distribution in a two-pass circulating fluidized bed evaporator with baffle
Li N, Zhang YQ, Jiang F, Wang HY, Li XL
12 - 21 Powder bed packing and API content homogeneity of granules in single drop granule formation
Gao TX, Singaravelu ASS, Oka S, Ramachandran R, Stepanek F, Chawla N, Emady HN
22 - 35 Charge material distribution behaviour in blast furnace charging system
Chibwe DK, Evans GM, Doroodchi E, Monaghan BJ, Pinson DJ, Chew SJ
36 - 42 Effects of corona wire distribution on characteristics of electrostatic precipitator
Wang XH
43 - 51 Effect of shape and size of filler particle on the aggregation and sedimentation behavior of the polymer composite
Samal S
52 - 62 Suppression of aluminum dust explosions by expandable graphite
Zhang TJ, Bi MS, Jiang HP, Gao W
63 - 72 Evaluation of particle shape, size and magnetic field intensity for targeted delivery efficiency and plaque injury in treating atherosclerosis
Zhang XL, Zheng LC, Luo MY, Shu C, Wang EH
73 - 81 Assessment of blending performance of pharmaceutical powder mixtures in a continuous mixer using Discrete Element Method (DEM)
Behjani MA, Motlagh YG, Bayly AE, Hassanpour A
82 - 95 An evaluation of the Johanson model for roller compaction process development for a high dose API
Moroney KM, Cronin P, Adeleye OA, Schaller BE, Howard MA, Castro-Dominguez B, Ramachandran R, Walker GM
96 - 106 Enhanced visible light photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutants by iron doped titania nanotubes synthesized via facile one-pot hydrothermal
Subramaniam MN, Goh PS, Lau WJ, Ismail AF, Karaman M
107 - 111 Towards homogeneous distribution of coarse grain in a tri-modal Al-based composites utilizing localized grain growth
Wu CD, Luo GQ, Shen Q, Gan ZH, Liu J, Zhang LM
112 - 118 Simplified empirical and phenomenological evaluation of relation between particle size and kinetics of flotation
Drzymala J, Bednarek-Gsbka P, Kowalczuk PB
119 - 129 Electrostatic charging behaviour of a silica powder during pulse pneumatic conveying
Taghavivand M, Cho BJ, Mehrani P, Sowinski A
130 - 136 Research on the separation of malachite from quartz with S-carboxymethyl-O, O '-dibutyl dithiophosphate chelating collector and its insights into flotation mechanism
Zhang XR, Lu L, Zhu YG, Han L, Li CB
137 - 143 The behaviors of particle-wall collision for non-spherical particles: Modeling analysis
Wang JY, Yang HR, Feng LL, Zhang M, Wu YX, Yue GX
144 - 149 Particle technology education in the 21st century - Outcomes from the IFPRI sponsored workshop in Sheffield, April 2017
Litster JD, Michaels JN, Jacob KV
150 - 163 Influence of guest and host particle sizes on dry coating effectiveness: When not to use high mixing intensity
Zheng K, Kunnath K, Ling ZP, Chen L, Dave RN
164 - 174 Numerical simulation of magnetic nanoparticle-based drug delivery in presence of atherosclerotic plaques and under the effects of magnetic field
Varmazyar M, Habibi M, Amini M, Pordanjani AH, Afrand M, Vahedi SM
175 - 184 Zeolite synthesis from aluminum saline slag waste
Yoldi M, Fuentes-Ordonez EG, Korili SA, Gil A
185 - 196 Hybrid phenomenological/ANN-PSO modelling of a deformable material in spouted bed drying process
Veloso YMD, de Almeida MM, de Alsina OLS, Passos ML, Mujumdar AS, Leite MS
197 - 205 Hydrodynamics and subsequent separation of gas-solid separation fluidized bed with secondary air injection
Lv B, Luo ZF, Deng XW, Chen JT, Fang CJ, Zhu XN
206 - 215 A rational approach towards spray drying of biopharmaceuticals: The case of lysozyme
Ziaee A, Albadarin AB, Padrela L, Ung MT, Femmer T, Walker G, O'Reilly E
216 - 229 A novel comparative experimental study on rheological behavior of mono & hybrid nanofluids concerned graphene and silica nano-powders: Characterization, stability and viscosity measurements
Kazemi I, Sefid M, Afrand M
230 - 238 Role of ethanol on particle size and morphology during copper oxalate synthesis by Precipitation-Stripping
Shah K, Gupta K, Sengupta B
239 - 248 High adsorption of methylene blue by activated carbon prepared from phosphoric acid treated eucalyptus residue
Han QN, Wang J, Goodman BA, Xie JK, Liu ZG
249 - 260 Effects of flow behavior index and consistency coefficient on hydrodynamics of power-law fluids and particles in fluidized beds
Pang BX, Wang SY, Chen WQ, Hassan M, Lu HL
261 - 274 DEM simulation for separating coated fuel particles by inclined vibrating plate
Fan T, Liu ML, Ma HQ, Shao YL, Liu B, Zhao YZ
275 - 282 Bioactive dietary Fiber powder from asparagus leaf by-product: Effect of low-temperature ball milling on physico-chemical, functional and microstructural characteristics
Chitrakar B, Zhang M, Zhang XH, Devahastin S
283 - 292 Experimental study of de-foulant hydrocyclone performance with a conical surface
Song T, Tian JY, Ni L, Shen C, Yao Y
293 - 293 Calibration of parameters for DEM simulations of solar particle receivers by bulk experiments and surrogate functions (vol 364, pg 831, 2020)
Grobbel J, Brendelberger S, Henninger M, Sattler C, Pitz-Paal R
294 - 304 Transient temperature evolution of pulverized coal cloud deflagration in a methane-oxygen atmosphere
Li HT, Deng JL, Chen XK, Shu CM, Kuo CH, Zhai XW, Wang QH, Hu XY
305 - 323 Understanding effect of filtration and washing on dried product: Paracetamol case study
Ottoboni S, Simurda M, Wilson S, Irvine A, Ramsay F, Price CJ
324 - 336 Numerical study on the effect of the supersaturated vapor on the performance of a gas cyclone
Jin RZ, Keshavarzian E, Dong KJ, Dong SJ, Wang B, Kwok K, Zhao M
337 - 347 Numerical investigation of the performance of electrostatic precipitators with wet rope array as collection electrodes
Jiang Y, Yan XH
348 - 357 Effects of humidity on cellulose pellets loaded with potassium titanium oxide oxalate for detection of hydrogen peroxide vapor in powders
Kastvig MH, Hirschberg C, Van den Berg FWJ, Rantanen J, Andersen ML
358 - 368 A novel post-modification of powdered activated carbon prepared from lignocellulosic waste through thermal tension treatment to enhance the porosity and heavy metals adsorption
Kharrazi SM, Mirghaffari N, Dastgerdi MM, Soleimani M
369 - 381 A review of granular flow in screw feeders and conveyors
Minglani D, Sharma A, Pandey H, Dayal R, Joshi JB, Subramaniam S
382 - 394 Study of the linear and nonlinear packing model based on mixing of quartz sand
Liu Q, Jia DT, Miao JL
395 - 407 Gas-solid two-phase flow and erosion calculation of gate valve based on the CFD-DEM model
Lin Z, Sun XW, Yu TC, Zhang YF, Li Y, Zhu ZC
408 - 419 A DEM-PBM multiscale coupling approach for the prediction of an impact pin mill
Chen XZ, Wang L, Ooi JY
420 - 433 Investigation of gas-solids flow characteristics in a pressurised circulating fluidised bed by experiment and simulation
Zhu XL, Dong PF, Tu QY, Zhu ZP, Yang WQ, Wang HG
434 - 447 Comparison of DEM predictions and measured wall-media contact forces and work in a vibratory finisher
Maciel LD, Spelt JK
448 - 459 Fast and efficient particle packing algorithms based on triangular mesh
Zhang KY, Liu F, Zhao GF, Xia KW
460 - 469 Directly irradiated fluidized bed reactor for thermochemical energy storage and solar fuels production
Tregambi C, Padula S, Galbusieri M, Coppola G, Montagnaro F, Salatino P, Troiano M, Solimene R
470 - 476 Effect of elevated pressure on gas-solid flow characteristics in a circulating fluidized bed
Liu DY, Hu JD, Song JL, Liang C, Xu CL, Chen XP
477 - 487 Modification mechanism of lead ions and its response to wolframite flotation using salicylhydroxamic acid
Meng QY, Yuan ZT, Li LX, Lu JW, Yang JC
488 - 496 The hopper angle role on the velocity and solid-fraction profiles at the outlet of silos
Darias JR, Gella D, Fernandez ME, Zuriguel I, Maza D
497 - 507 Breakage of green iron ore pellets
Tavares LM, de Almeida RF
508 - 519 An integrated model of predicting sand erosion in elbows for multiphase flows
Kang R, Liu HX
520 - 526 A molding method of Na2CO3/Al2O3 sorbents with high sphericity and low roughness for enhanced attrition resistance in CO2 sorption/desorption process via extrusion-spheronization method
Liu W, Wu Y, Cai TY, Xu ZK, Liu DY, Ma JL, Chen XP, Liu D
527 - 536 Calibration of parallel bond parameters in bonded particle models via physics-informed adaptive moment optimisation
Qu TM, Feng YT, Wang M, Jiang SQ
537 - 545 A novel rutile TiO2/AlPO4 core-shell pigment with substantially suppressed photoactivity and enhanced dispersion stability
Dong XB, Zhang XW, Yu XC, Jiang ZG, Liu XR, Li CQ, Sun ZM, Zheng SL, Dionysiou DD
546 - 551 Dust discrimination in dynamic light scattering based on a quantile outliers detection method
Wang WJ, Liu W, Qi TT, Qiu WQ, Jia HY, Wang YJ, Shen J, Liu ZM, Thomas JC
552 - 559 Study on properties of coal-sludge-slurry prepared by sludge from coal chemical industry
Zhang YX, Xu ZQ, Tu YN, Wang JY, Li J
560 - 570 Investigation of arch structure of granular assembly in the trapdoor test using digital RGB photoelastic analysis
Park KH, Baek SH, Jung YH
571 - 586 Using neural network optimized by imperialist competition method and genetic algorithm to predict water productivity of a nanofluid-based solar still equipped with thermoelectric modules
Bahiraei M, Nazari S, Moayedi H, Safarzadeh H
587 - 597 Numerical simulation and optimization of flash reduction of iron ore particles with hydrogen-rich gases
Wang XN, Fu GQ, Li W, Zhu MY
598 - 609 Particulate patterns generated by liquid templates
Maggi DB, Martino R, Rosen M, Piva M, Boschan A
610 - 616 A simple emulsification technique for the production of micro-sized flexible powder of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS)
Lopez M, Rubio M, Sadek SH, Vega EJ
617 - 628 Study on interaction effects between the hydrocyclone feed flow rate and the feed size distribution
Cui BY, Zhang CE, Zhao Q, Hou DX, Wei DZ, Song T, Feng YQ
629 - 640 Mechanochemical versus chemical routes for graphitic precursors and their performance in micropollutants removal in water
Mahmoud AE, Franke M, Stelter M, Braeutigam P
641 - 652 CFD-DEM investigation of the interaction between a particle swarm and a stationary bubble: Particle-bubble collision efficiency
Ge LH, Evans GM, Moreno-Atanasio R
653 - 660 Investigating the ability of iron nitride particles to polish titanium plate
Tan XX, Wang SY
661 - 666 Experimental study on the effect of metal protrusions inside silos on electrostatic discharges
Choi K, Osada Y, Endo Y, Suzuki T
667 - 688 High shear seeded granulation: Its preparation mechanism, formulation, process, evaluation, and mathematical simulation
Maharjan R, Jeong SH
689 - 700 Dependency of single-particle crushing patterns on discretization using peridynamics
Wan J, Chen Z, Chu XH, Liu H
701 - 708 Moisture barrier films for herbal medicines fabricated by electrostatic dry coating with ultrafine powders
Yang QL, Yuan F, Xu L, Zhong WZ, Yang Y, Shi KQ, Yang GS, Zhu J
709 - 721 Comparative investigation on the reduction behavior of blast furnace dust particles during in-flight process in hydrogen-rich and carbon monoxide atmospheres
Xu J, Wang N, Chen M, Zhou ZY, Yu HY
722 - 735 DEM simulation of dense granular flows in a vane shear cell: Kinematics and rheological laws
Qi FL, de Richter SK, Jenny M, Peters B
736 - 746 CFD-DEM study of effects of particle density on spout deflection behavior in a spout fluidized bed
Yue YH, Wang TY, Shen YS
747 - 760 Strong contacts, connectivity and fabric anisotropy in granular materials: A 3D perspective
Liu JY, Zhou W, Ma G, Yang SH, Chang XL
761 - 775 Bubble-slurry interfacial shear stress and frictional pressure drop in a rectangular column in the presence and absence of a surface-active agent
Prakash R, Majumder SK, Singh A
776 - 787 Particle breakage of calcareous sand at high strain rates
Lv YR, Li X, Wang Y
788 - 820 Presenting two new empirical models for calculating the effective dynamic viscosity and thermal conductivity of nanofluids
Garoosi F
821 - 831 Gaseous flow through coarse granular beds: The role of specific surface area
Buchwald T, Schmandra G, Schutzenmeister L, Fraszczak T, Mutze T, Peuker U
832 - 839 Influence of forest fuel structure on thermophysical characteristics
Kuznetsov GV, Kropotova SS, Islamova AG, Romanov DS
840 - 858 CFD-DEM simulations of a continuous square-based spouted bed and evaluation of the solids residence time distribution
Marchelli F, Moliner C, Curti M, Bosio B, Arato E
859 - 872 Design and proof of concept of a continuous pressurized multi-stage fluidized bed setup for deep sour gas removal using adsorption
Driessen RT, Knaken B, Buzink T, Jacobs DAF, Hrstka J, Brilman DWF
873 - 890 Process analytical technology-based (PAT) model simulations of a combined cooling, seeded and antisolvent crystallization of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API)
Trampuz M, Teslic D, Likozar B
891 - 905 Bench scale analysis of the physical attrition properties for copper-ferri-aluminate oxygen carriers during chemical looping combustion
Riley J, Siriwardane R, Poston J
906 - 924 Massively parallel numerical simulation using up to 36,000 CPU cores of an industrial-scale polydispersed reactive pressurized fluidized bed with a mesh of one billion cells
Neau H, Pigou M, Fede P, Ansart R, Baudry C, Merigoux N, Lavieville J, Fournier Y, Renon N, Simonin O
925 - 937 Investigation of the rotating drum technique to characterise powder flow in controlled and low pressure environments
Espiritu ERL, Kumar A, Nommeots-Nomm A, Lerma JAM, Brochu M
938 - 948 Investigating the bubble dynamics in fluidized bed by CFD-DEM
Mostafaei F, Golshan S, Zarghami R, Gharebagh RS, Mostoufi N