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1 - 12 Experimental study and DEM analysis of granular segregation in a rotating drum
Brandao RJ, Lima RM, Santos RL, Duarte CR, Barrozo MAS
13 - 26 Experimental investigation of mechanisms influencing friction coefficient between lost circulation materials and shale rocks
She JP, Zhang H, Han K, Feng Y, Kang YL, Zhong Y
27 - 35 Joint effects of liquid level and baffle height on the particle distribution and pressure drop in a vertical two-pass circulating fluidized bed evaporator with a baffle
Li N, Zhang YQ, Jiang F, Qi GP, Wang HY, Su R, Zhang WW, Shi N
36 - 48 Layer-by-layer assembled diatomite based on chitosan and ammonium polyphosphate to increase the fire safety of unsaturated polyester resins
Chen ZQ, Jiang JC, Yu Y, Zhang QW, Chen TT, Ni L
49 - 59 Shape effects on packing properties of bi-axial superellipsoids
Liu LF, Li SX
60 - 69 Characterization of the shear behavior of mineral suspensions at controlled negative pressure conditions
Craipeau T, Jacquet Y, Lecompte T, Toussaint F, Perrot A
70 - 77 Carbon encapsulation and chlorine doping enable Na3V2(PO4)(3) superior sodium ion storage properties as cathodematerial for sodium ion battery
Liu XY, Li MY, Yang X, Zeng X, Wang HX, Jiang HM
78 - 87 Hazard evaluation of explosion venting behaviors for aluminum powder/air fuels using experimental and numerical approach
Xu S, Wang J, Wang HS, Jiang RP, Zhang Y, Zhao MK, Li YY, Shi TL, Cao WG
88 - 97 Engineered superhydrophilicity and superhydrophobicity of graphene-nanoplatelet coatings via thermal treatment
Lim CS, Kueh TC, Soh AK, Hung YM
98 - 114 Investigation of powder flowability at low stresses: Influence of particle size and size distribution
Stavrou AG, Hare C, Hassanpour A, Wu CY
115 - 122 Impact of the powder particle size on the oxidative stability of microencapsulated oil
Linke A, Hinrichs J, Kohlus R
123 - 134 DEM simulation of drained triaxial tests for glass-beads
Hazzar L, Nuth M, Chekired M
135 - 144 An interpretable fuzzy logic based data-driven model for the twin screw granulation process
AlAlaween WH, Khorsheed B, Mahfouf M, Reynolds GK, Salman AD
145 - 151 Effect on parboiling processing on structure and thermal properties of highland barley flours
Zhu YD, Wang ZY, Wang Y, Li D, Wang LJ
152 - 158 Influence of divergent length on the gas-particle flow in dual hose dry ice blasting nozzle geometry
Mat MNH, Asmuin NZ, Basir MFM, Goodarzi M, Abd Rahman MF, Khairulfuaad R, Jabbar BA, Kasihmuddin MSM
159 - 166 SnO2 core-shell hollow microspheres co-modification with Au and NiO nanoparticles for acetone gas sensing
Wang XZ, Liu FJ, Chen XY, Lu GX, Song XJ, Tian J, Cui HZ, Zhang GS, Gao KD
167 - 182 Coarse graining Euler-Lagrange simulations of cohesive particle fluidization
Tausendschon J, Kolehmainen J, Sundaresan S, Radl S
183 - 188 Effect of diesel on the froth stability and its antifoam mechanism in fine coal flotation used MIBC as the frother
Xu MD, Xing YW, Jin W, Li M, Cao YJ, Gui XH
189 - 204 Metal injection moulding of surgical tools, biomaterials and medical devices: A review
Dehghan-Manshadi A, Yu P, Dargusch M, StJohn D, Qian M
205 - 217 Particles residence time distribution in a gas-solid cyclone reactor using a CFD-DDPM tracer method
Li AJ, Zhu LY, Wang K, Wang GT, Wang ZB
218 - 228 Insights into horizontal slug flow pneumatic conveying from layer fraction and slug velocity measurements
Orozovic O, Lavrinec A, Alkassar Y, Chen J, Williams K, Jones MG, Klinzing GE
229 - 240 Adsorption of anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac by MgAl/layered double hydroxide supported on Syagrus coronata biochar
dos Santos GED, Ide AH, Duarte JLS, McKay G, Silva AOS, Meili L
241 - 250 Using fractal dimension and shape factors to characterize the microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) particle morphology and powder flowability
Xiu HJ, Ma FY, Li JB, Zhao X, Liu LH, Feng P, Yang X, Zhang XF, Kozliak E, Ji Y
251 - 263 Investigation on gas-solid flow behavior in a multistage fluidized bed by using numerical simulation
Wu GP, Chen W, He Y
264 - 275 Multi-fluid Eulerian simulation of fluidization characteristics of mildly-cohesive particles: Cohesive parameter determination and granular flow kinetic model evaluation
Wei LP, Gu YK, Wang YB, Lu YJ
276 - 299 Image texture surface analysis using an improved differential box counting based fractal dimension
Panigrahy C, Seal A, Mahato NK
300 - 309 Preparation of iron powders using rotary cup atomizer with water curtain
He WC, Lv XW, Pan FF, Yan ZM
310 - 320 Particle volume flow rate measurement by combination of dual electrical capacitance tomography sensor and plug flow shape model
Maung CO, Kawashima D, Oshima H, Tanaka Y, Yamane Y, Takei M
321 - 331 Improved flowability of iron ore using superabsorbent polymers
Srikakulapu NG, Cheela SS, Makhija D, Sharma N
332 - 342 Multi-level DEM study on liner wear in tumbling mills for an engineering level approach
Xu L, Bao SY, Zhao YZ
343 - 362 Optimum structure of a laval nozzle for an abrasive air jet based on nozzle pressure ratio
Liu Y, Zhang J, Wei JP, Liu XT
363 - 372 Two-fluid modeling of a wet spouted fluidized bed with wet restitution coefficient model
Zhong HB, Zhang YN, Xiong QG, Zhang JT, Zhu YQ, Liang SR, Niu B, Zhang XY
373 - 381 A probability prediction model of erosion rate for Ti-6Al-4V on high-speed sand erosion
Yan C, Chen W, Zhao ZH, Liu LL
382 - 391 Kinematics of a novel screen surface and parameter optimization for steam coal classification
Pan M, Duan CL, Tang LG, Jiang HS, Zhao YM, Huang L, Wen PF
392 - 403 Experimental analysis for optimum thermal performance and thermophysical parameters of MWCNT based capric acid PCM by using T-history method
Yadav C, Sahoo RR
404 - 415 Adding granite polishing waste as sand replacement to improve packing density, rheology, strength and impermeability of mortar
Chen JJ, Li BH, Ng PL, Kwan AKH
416 - 416 Editorial: Gas-liquid-solid reactors
Yang N, Wang TF
417 - 428 A tunable aggregation model incorporated in Monte Carlo simulations of spray fluidized bed agglomeration
Singh AK, Tsotsas E
429 - 456 On the validity of the two-fluid-KTGF approach for dense gravity-driven granular flows as implemented in ANSYS Fluent R17.2
Busch A, Johansen ST
457 - 466 An experimental investigation on the influence of coal brittleness on dust generation
Zhou WD, Wang HT, Wang DM, Du YH, Zhang K, Qiao YC
467 - 477 Application of the kinetic theory of rough spheres to the simulation of the hydrodynamics of particles and liquid phases in a fluidized bed
Tian RC, Wang SQ, Wang SY, Li M, Wang X, Ma YM, Sun QJ
478 - 483 Selective laser melting of silver submicron powder modified 316L stainless steel: Influence of silver addition on microstructures and performances
Quan JF, Lin KJ, Gu DD
484 - 493 Theoretical analysis of erosion in elbows due to flows with nano- and micro-size particles
Kosinska A, Balakin BV, Kosinski P
494 - 506 An investigation of heat transfer of flexible fibers in a rotating drum dryer using the Discrete Element Method
Xu DD, Yang F, Jin HH, Curtis JS, Guo Y
507 - 521 Carbohydrate-based Trojan microparticles as carriers for pulmonary delivery of lipid nanocapsules using dry powder inhalation
Umerska A, Mugheirbi NA, Kasprzak A, Saulnier P, Tajber L
522 - 530 Aerosol growth and photothermal ignition of multilayer graphene-encapsulated nickel nanoparticles
Kim JH, Kim HS, Kim SH
531 - 537 Mechanical characterization of powder materials: A general approach detailed for cemented carbides
Staf H, Olsson E, Larsson PL
538 - 552 Alignment of functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes in forward osmosis membrane support layer induced by electric and magnetic fields
Samieirad S, Mousavi SM, Saljoughi E
553 - 561 Modelling mineral slurries using coupled discrete element method and smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Wu DL, Chen W, Glowinski D, Wheeler C
562 - 571 Enhancing the collection efficiency of a gas cyclone with atomization and electrostatic charging
Wang B, Liu HY, Zhou CL, Huo HH, Dong KJ, Jiang YC
572 - 583 Numerical study on characteristics of particle deposition efficiency on different walls of 90 degrees square bend
Guo JW, Chen ZX, Shen BX, Wang J, Yang L
584 - 592 Powdered biosorbent from the mandacaru cactus (cereus jamacaru) for discontinuous and continuous removal of Basic Fuchsin from aqueous solutions
Georgin J, Franco D, Drumm FC, Grassi P, Netto MS, Allasia D, Dotto GL
593 - 603 Measurement and simulation validation of DEM parameters of pellet, sinter and coke particles
Wei H, Nie H, Li Y, Saxen H, He ZJ, Yu YW
604 - 621 Improved water recovery: A review of clay-rich tailings and saline water interactions
Liu D, Edraki M, Fawell P, Berry L
622 - 634 Effects of liquid property on onset velocity of circulating fluidization in liquid-solid systems: A CFD-DEM simulation
Hua LN, Lu LQ, Yang N
635 - 646 Three-dimensional morphological characteristics of particles in nature and its application for DEM simulation
Feng ZK, Xu WJ, Lubbe R
647 - 653 Pressure drop prediction of ceramic membrane filters at high temperature
Xiong R, Sun GC, Si KK, Liu QZ, Liu KQ
654 - 663 Microencapsulation of sour cherry oil by spray drying: Evaluation of physical morphology, thermal properties, storage stability, and antimicrobial activity
Basyigit B, Saglam H, Kandemir S, Karaaslan A, Karaaslan M
664 - 672 Development of a kinetic model for particles size reduction in cyclones
Rosa LM, Offeney L, Kastelic B, Cardoso CA, Decker RK, Meier HF
673 - 679 In-line particle size measurement and process influences on rotary fluidized bed agglomeration
Langner M, Kitzmann I, Ruppert AL, Wittich I, Wolf B
680 - 688 Water sorption and hydration properties of high protein milk powders are influenced by enzymatic crosslinking and calcium chelation
Power OM, Maidannyk V, McSweeney DJ, Fenelon MA, O'Mahony JA, McCarthy NA
689 - 697 Dynamic mechanical contact behaviours of amorphous nanoparticles subjected to high-speed impact
Sun WF, Jiang J, Chen PW
698 - 707 A DEM-based mechanistic model for scale-up of industrial tablet coating processes
Li L, Kemp I, Palmer M
708 - 718 Monitoring lubricant addition in pharmaceutical tablet manufacturing through passive vibration measurements in a V-blender
Cameron A, Briens L
719 - 724 Magnetic Sn/SnO/FeSn2 nanocomposite as a high-performance anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Zeng J, Peng CQ, Wang RC, Cao CY, Wang XF, Liu J
725 - 737 Effects of Si doping on structural and electrochemical performance of LiNi0.5Mn1.5O4 cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Zong B, Deng ZY, Yan SH, Lang YQ, Gong JJ, Guo JL, Wang L, Liang GC
738 - 745 Aerosol aggregation through modulated symmetrically opposing acoustic field in normal 16-sided waveguide coupled with resonators
Qiao ZH, Liang SH, Pan XJ, Bi XL, Zhang SW, Bian CX, Gu HM, Chen LH, Cheng M, Jin YW, Shi SY, Zhu DJ
746 - 773 Investigation of particle dynamics and classification mechanism in a spiral jet mill through computational fluid dynamics and discrete element methods
Bna S, Ponzini R, Cestari M, Cavazzoni C, Cottini C, Benassi A
774 - 784 Investigation on matching relationship and plugging mechanism of self-adaptive micro-gel (SMG) as a profile control and oil displacement agent
Chen X, Li YQ, Liu ZY, Zhang J, Chen C, Ma M
785 - 794 Effect of superficial air and water velocities on the erosion of horizontal elbow in slug flow
Cao XW, Li XB, Fan Y, Peng WS, Xie ZQ
795 - 809 Stability, thermophysical and electrical properties of synthesized carbon nanofiber and reduced-graphene oxide-based nanofluids and their hybrid along with fuzzy modeling approach
Said Z, Abdelkareem MA, Rezk H, Nassef AM, Atwany HZ
810 - 810 Editorial note for the launch of IFPRI Corner in Powder Technology
Mort P, Fan LS
811 - 821 Numerical simulation of particle flow and segregation during roller spreading process in additive manufacturing
Nan WG, Pasha M, Ghadiri M
822 - 830 Preparation, properties and phase transition of mesoporous hydromagnesite with various morphologies from natural magnesite
Wang YL, Liu JY, Shi TJ, Yang B, Li C, Xu H, Yin WZ
831 - 844 Calibration of parameters for DEM simulations of solar particle receivers by bulk experiments and surrogate functions
Grobbel J, Brendelberger S, Henninger M, Sattler C, Pitz-Paal R
845 - 850 Directed assembly of nanomaterials using electrospray deposition and substrate-level patterning
Zhu YQ, Chiarot PR
851 - 878 Calibration of the discrete element method: Strategies for spherical and non-spherical particles
Coetzee C
879 - 888 Experimental study on the injection performance of the gas-solid injector for large coal particles
Yang DL, Xing BS, Li JP, Wang YX, Gao KD, Zhou F, Xia YT, Wang C
889 - 900 Fe/S modified sludge-based biochar for tetracycline removal from water
Ma J, Zhou BQ, Zhang H, Zhang WB
901 - 914 Preparation and performance study of a novel polymeric spraying dust suppression agent with enhanced wetting and coagulation properties for coal mine
Zhang HH, Nie W, Yan JY, Bao Q, Wang HK, Jin H, Peng HT, Chen DW, Liu ZQ, Liu Q
915 - 923 Room temperature hydrocarbon generation in olivine powders: Effect of mechanical processing under CO2 atmosphere
Torre F, Farina V, Taras A, Pistidda C, Santoru A, Bednarcik J, Mulas G, Enzo S, Garroni S
924 - 942 The effects of vertical and horizontal sources on heat transfer and entropy generation in an inclined triangular enclosure filled with non-Newtonian fluid and subjected to magnetic field
Li ZX, Shahsavar A, Niazi K, Al-Rashed AAAA, Talebizadehsardari P
943 - 953 High-efficiency industrial cyclone separator: A CFD study
Misiulia D, Antonyuk S, Andersson AG, Lundstrom TS
954 - 962 Numerical investigation of impact breakage mechanisms of two spherical particles
Deng XL, Sun SW
963 - 970 Particle size distributions of P(VAc-co-MMA) beads produced through nonconventional suspension copolymerizations II. Use of focused beam reflectance measurements for in-line monitoring of chord size distributions
Azevedo GD, Pinto JCCD
971 - 985 Review of die design and process parameters in the biomass pelleting process
Nielsen SK, Mando M, Rosenorn AB
986 - 993 Granular drag force during immersion in dry quicksand
Zaidi AA
994 - 1008 Mimicking layer inversion in solid-liquid fluidized beds in narrow tubes
Cunez FD, Franklin EM
1009 - 1024 An in-depth comparative study of three-dimensional angularity indices of general-shape particles based on spherical harmonic reconstruction
Su D, Wang X, Wang XT
1025 - 1038 Development of feed factor prediction models for loss-in-weight powder feeders
Tahir F, Palmer J, Khoo J, Holman J, Yadav IK, Reynolds G, Meehan E, Mitchell A, Bajwa G
1039 - 1048 Compaction and dilatancy of irregular particles avalanche flow in rotating drum operated in slumping regime
Chen Q, Yang H, Li R, Xiu WZ, Han R, Sun QC, Zivkovic V
1049 - 1061 Investigating grinding media dynamics inside a vertical stirred mill using the discrete element method: Effect of impeller arm length
Daraio D, Villoria J, Ingram A, Alexiadis A, Stitt EH, Marigo M
1062 - 1075 Gas hydrodynamics of a novel MTO high-speed loop reactor: The bypassing and backmixing along with average residence time
Wang FF, Ma SH, Wen JJ, Chenglin E, Lu CX