Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 6 High retention rate NCA cathode powders from spray drying and flame assisted spray pyrolysis using glycerol as the solvent
Zhang JN, Xu SQ, Hamad KI, Jasim AM, Xing YC
7 - 22 Conveying mechanisms of dense-phase pneumatic conveying of pulverized lignite in horizontal pipe under high pressure
Zhou HJ, Xiong YQ
23 - 37 PTV measurement and DEM simulation of the particle motion in a flighted rotating drum
Zhang LY, Jiang ZC, Weigler F, Herz F, Mellmann J, Tsotsas E
38 - 47 Selective flotation and adsorption of ilmenite from titanaugite by a novel method: Ultrasonic treatment
Wu HQ, Fang S, Shu KQ, Xu YB, Wang ZJ, Luo LP, Yang J, Xu LH
48 - 58 Improving the heat transfer capability and thermal stability of vehicle engine oils using Al2O3/TiO2 nanomaterials
Ali MKA, Hou XJ
59 - 73 Capillary forces on wet particles with a liquid bridge transition from convex to concave
Xiao F, Jing JQ, Kuang SB, Yang L, Yu AB
74 - 85 Characterization of granular electrostatics generation
Yao J, Li JZ, Zhao YL, Wang CH
86 - 94 Synthesis and characterization of the novel nano composite pigments using CoWO4 on different silica sources: A comparative study
Rostampour M, Eavani S
95 - 106 Catalytic total oxidation of toluene over carbon-supported Cu-Co oxide catalysts derived from Cu-based metal organic framework
Li JR, Wang FK, He C, Huang CY, Xiao H
107 - 111 Statistical analysis of monodispersed coarse particle motion in a gas-fluidized bed
Hou QF, Zhou ZY, Curtis JS, Yu AB
112 - 121 Fractal breakage of porous carbonate sand particles: Microstructures and mechanisms
Li HY, Chai HW, Xiao XH, Huang JY, Luo SN
122 - 134 Experimental research into the characteristics of child droplets formed due to collisions of liquid fragments in a gas
Shlegel NE, Solomatin YS, Strizhak PA
135 - 145 Cross effect between temperature and consolidation on the flow behavior of granular materials in thermal energy storage systems
Duran-Olivencia FJ, Espin MJ, Valverde JM
146 - 151 Model and experimental study of relationship between solid fraction and back-mixing in a fluidized bed
Zhang CX, Li SY, Wang ZG, Shen YS, Wei F
152 - 160 Development and performance testing of the new sealing material for gas drainage drilling in coal mine
Ni GH, Dong K, Li S, Sun Q, Huang DM, Wang N, Cheng YY
161 - 168 Comparative magnetic capture characteristics of revolving and spinning wires in uniform magnetic field
Zeng JW, Tong X, Xu GD, Yi F, Chen LZ
169 - 180 An improved CFD simulation for investigation of the sand particles flow behavior in the sand shooting process
Tong LL, Zhou JX, Yin YJ, Shen X, Shehabeldeen TA, Ji XY, Tu ZX
181 - 186 Impact of collisions between fine and coarse particles on the terminal velocity of coarse particles
Zarzycki R, Wlodarczyk R, Kobylecki R, Bis Z
187 - 194 The behaviors of particle-wall collision for non-spherical particles: Experimental investigation
Wang JY, Zhang M, Feng LL, Yang HR, Wu YX, Yue GX
195 - 206 Influence of process variables on spray agglomeration process in a continuously operated horizontal fluidized bed
Du J, Buck A, Tsotsas E
207 - 217 Flame propagation mechanism of nano-scale PMMA dust explosion
Zhang XY, Gao W, Yu JL, Zhang YS, Chen HY, Huang XW
218 - 231 Shape-anisotropic cobalt-germanium-borate glass flakes as novel Li-ion battery anodes
Esper JD, Zhuo Y, Barr MKS, Yokosawa T, Spiecker E, de Ligny D, Bachmann J, Peukert W, Romeis S
232 - 244 Application of pulsed spray and moisture content control strategies on quality consistency control in fluidized bed granulation: A comparative study
Tian G, Wei YD, Zhao J, Li WL, Qu HB
245 - 255 Effects of particle elongation on the binary coalescence dynamics of powder grains for Laser Sintering applications
Haeri S, Benedetti L, Ghita O
256 - 264 Fine generation ratio of iron ore in the cyclone of a gas-solid circulating fluidized bed
Sung WC, Kim JY, Ko CK, Lee DH
265 - 274 Numerical investigation on the effects of operating conditions and configuration parameters in industrial risers
Wang SM, Wang JR, Song C, Wen J, Tu JY
275 - 285 Shape and drag of irregular angular particles and test dust
Connolly BJ, Loth E, Smith CF
286 - 299 Study on the influence of solids volume fraction on filter cake structures using micro tomography
Lower E, Pham TH, Leissner T, Peuker UA
300 - 309 Performance analysis of an online lime separation system in a refuse incineration plant
Chen WY, Lin SL, Chen TC, Wang CH, Su CC, Wang P, Lin CEC, Li MY, Su CL
310 - 325 Insights to the action of additives for stabilization of ultrafine particles of Fenofibrate in aqueous suspensions produced by Sonoprecipitation
Pandey KU, Poornachary SK, Dalvi SV
326 - 336 Evaluation of the capturing of dry fine particles between grinding media by drop-weight tests
Prziwara P, Hamilton LD, Breitung-Faes S, Kwade A
337 - 348 SnO2/SnS2 nanocomposite anchored on nitrogen-doped RGO for improved photocatalytic reduction of aqueous Cr(VI)
Wang YY, Su Y, Fang WJ, Zhang YC, Li XC, Zhang GS, Sun WH
349 - 359 An original method for measuring liquid surface tension from capillary bridges between two equal-sized spherical particles
Nguyen HNG, Zhao CF, Millet O, Gagneux G
360 - 368 Stability, thermal performance and artificial neural network modeling of viscosity and thermal conductivity of Al2O3-ethylene glycol nanofluids
Li L, Zhai YL, Jin YJ, Wang J, Wang H, Ma MY
369 - 386 Impact of the coarse aggregate shape parameters on compaction characteristics of asphalt mixtures
Pouranian MR, Shishehbor M, Haddock JE
387 - 397 Numerical modelling of multiphase FLOW and calcination process in an industrial calciner with fuel of heavy oil
Mao Y, Zhang D, Chen ZB, Jiang Z, Chen X, Deng YH
398 - 407 A note on large-size supercritical CFB technology development
Cheng LM, Ji JQ, Wei YJ, Wang QH, Fang MX, Luo ZY, Ni MJ, Cen KF
408 - 418 Effect of solid particles on the lost circulation of drilling fluid: A numerical simulation
Wang MB, Guo YL, Chen WQ
419 - 427 Verifying the tangential and normal restitution coefficients for double-sphere particles
Zhang S, Gui N, Huang XL, Ge L, Yang XT, Tu JY, Jiang SY
428 - 441 Instability of saturated granular materials in biaxial loading with polygonal particles using discrete element Method (DEM)
Khabazian M, Hosseininia ES
442 - 447 Fluidization characteristics of particles in a groove induced by horizontal air flow
Lin Z, Liu ZX, Liu Q, Li Y
448 - 472 Hybrid nanofluid flow and heat transfer over backward and forward steps: A review
Salman S, Abu Talib AR, Saadon S, Sultan MTH
473 - 487 Experimental investigation of rockfill particle breakage under large-scale triaxial tests using five different breakage factors
Khonji A, Bagherzadeh-Khalkhali A, Aghaei-Araei A
488 - 499 Caking of anhydrous lactose powder owing to phase transition and solid-state hydration under humid conditions: From microscopic to bulk behavior
Afrassiabian Z, Saleh K
500 - 508 Microscopic mechanistic study on the removal of catalyst particles in FCCS by an electrostatic field
Li Q, Li AM, Guo LF, Cao H, Xu WW, Wang ZB
509 - 518 Experimental study on the dynamic characteristics of wall normal stresses during silo discharge
Wang X, Liang C, Guo XQ, Chen YY, Liu DY, Ma JL, Chen XP, An HQ
519 - 524 Particle morphology and powder properties during spray drying of maltodextrin and whey protein mixtures
Both EM, Boom RM, Schutyser MAI
525 - 540 A breakage kernel for use in population balance modelling of twin screw granulation
Wang LG, Pradhan SU, Wassgren C, Barrasso D, Slade D, Litster JD
541 - 558 Hydrodynamic characteristics of a 2D2D cyclone separator with a finned cylindrical body
Dasar M, Patil RS
559 - 568 The influence of pore structure of coal on characteristics of dust generation during the process of conical pick cutting
Zhou WD, Wang HT, Wang DM, Du YH, Zhang K, Zhang J
569 - 574 Evaluation of an advanced powder-die frictional model
Staf H, Larsson PL
575 - 583 Convection behavior of ellipsoidal particles in a quasi-two-dimensional bed under vertical vibration
Chen BD, Wu P, Xing HH, Liu HW, Li L, Wang L
584 - 592 Deviation of continuum formulation for solid-solid momentum transfer rate in terms of spatial averaging in mixtures with large particle size ratios
Shah S, Jalali P
593 - 601 On the selection of wetting liquid for spherical agglomeration of cefotaxime sodium
Cheng XW, Li F, Luo L, Ding ZY, Zeng LL, Mao YF, Huang X, Hao HX
602 - 610 Adhesion effects on spreading of metal powders in selective laser melting
Wang L, Li EL, Shen H, Zou RP, Yu AB, Zhou ZY
611 - 620 A new index to characterize the segregation of binary mixture
Dai BB, Yang J, Liu FT, Gu XQ, Lin KR
621 - 628 Arching effect analysis of granular media based on force chain visualization
Fang YG, Guo LF, Hou MX
629 - 641 Abnormal size effect of particle breakage probability under repeated impacts
Sun HQ, Zeng YW, Ye Y, Chen X, Zeng TC
642 - 651 Interfacial self-propagation of oleophilic vaterite in crude oil emulsion and its application for reinforcing polyethylene
Shi WG, Ma ZQ, Mu YQ, Wang JF, Liu XY, Dong ZH, Wang SH, Bai MX, Teng ZG
652 - 656 Strong grain-size effect on martensitic transformation in high-carbon steels made by powder metallurgy
Jiang T, Sun JJ, Wang YJ, Liu HJ, Guo SW, Liu WQ, Liu YN
657 - 664 Assessment of the electronic structure, morphology, and photoluminescence properties of Ca9-xAl6O18:xEu(3+) phosphor using the hydrothermal assisted solid state method
Yang Y, Pan H, Zhang XC, He TY, Hou Z, Yang ZP, Wang DW, Guan L, Li X
665 - 675 Synthesis of graphene encased alumina and its application as nanofluid for cooling of heat-generating electronic devices
Selvaraj V, Krishnan H
676 - 686 Numerical study on flow dynamics characteristics of supercritical water transporting particles under transcritical temperature conditions driven by pressure difference
Cheng ZN, Jin H, Chen J, Ren ZH, Ou ZS, Ren CS, Guo LJ
687 - 698 Simulation of solid-fluid interaction in a supercritical water fluidized bed with a cold jet
Ren CS, Jin H, Ren ZH, Ou ZS, Dong Y, Cheng ZN, Guo LJ
699 - 716 An experimental investigation into the effect of particle mixture ratio on specific heat capacity and dynamic viscosity of Al2O3-ZnO hybrid nanofluids
Wole-Osho I, Okonkwo EC, Kavaz D, Abbasoglu S
717 - 734 A scale -up and design basis of continuous tube mills in cement industries
Nomura S
735 - 744 Feeding characteristics of a novel double-bin pneumatic feeder of biomass particles
Li P, Wang NN, Si H, Chang JM
745 - 756 Numerical investigation of pulsed fluidized bed using CFD-DEM: Insights on the dynamics
de Oliveira DG, Wu CL, Nandakumar K