Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Electrostatic precipitation under coal pyrolysis gas at high temperatures
Chen QL, Fang MX, Cen JM, Zhao YF, Wang QH, Wang YW
11 - 16 Development of dried functional foods: Stabilization of orange pulp powder by addition of biopolymers
Pacheco C, Garcia-Martinez E, Moraga G, Pina J, Nazareno MA, Martinez-Navarrete N
17 - 25 The effect of surface roughness on normal restitution coefficient, adhesion force and friction coefficient of the particle-wall collision
Li X, Dong M, Jiang DY, Li SF, Shang Y
26 - 31 Microwave direct denitration for synthesis of Cu-Ce-Zr-O composite oxide and its characterization
Fukasawa T, Nakamura R, Ishigami T, Fukui K
32 - 36 The effect of size distribution of slag particles obtained in dry granulation on blast furnace slag cement strength
Liu JX, Qin Q, Yu QB
37 - 53 Numerical study of acoustic agglomeration process of droplet aerosol using a three-dimensional CFD-DEM coupled model
Shi Y, Wei JH, Qiu J, Chu HB, Bai WW, Wang GQ
54 - 56 A new explicit equation for the terminal velocity of a settling sphere
Goossens WRA
57 - 74 CFD-PBM simulations on hydrodynamics and gas-liquid mass transfer in a gas-liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed
Zhou XH, Ma YL, Liu MY, Zhang Y
75 - 83 Experimental test and particle mechanical analysis of gas adsorption-induced coal rock degradation
Wang HP, Liu ZZ, Yuan L, Wang SG, Wei SM, Zhang DM
84 - 89 Effect of bulk nanobubbles on the entrainment of kaolinite particles in flotation
Lei W, Zhang M, Zhang ZX, Zhan N, Fan R
90 - 100 Effects of process parameters of rotary tablet press on die filling behavior during mini-tablet production: Comparison with conventional tablet
Cho CH, Kim JY, Park ES
101 - 110 Investigating rock fragmentation in distributed spherical air-gap blasting technique
Balakrishnan V, Pradhan M, Dhekne PY
111 - 125 A CFD-sectional algorithm for population balance equation coupled with multi-dimensional flow dynamics
Shang XP, Wan MP, Ng BF, Ding SR
126 - 134 In situ synthesis of high content graphene nanoplatelets reinforced Cu matrix composites with enhanced thermal conductivity and tensile strength
Guo SY, Zhang X, Shi CS, Liu EZ, He CN, He F, Zhao NQ
135 - 144 Numerical simulation of a multi-port differential mobility analyzer (MP-DMA) used in a real-time nano-particle sizer (NPS)
Lee H, Lee HK, Ahn KH
145 - 148 A note on the multiphase balance equations
Hoffmann AC
149 - 156 Adding ceramic polishing waste as paste substitute to improve sulphate and shrinkage resistances of mortar
Li LG, Zhuo ZY, Zhu J, Kwan AKH
157 - 167 Discrete-element simulations of comminution in rotating drums: Effects of grinding media
Orozco LF, Nguyen DH, Delenne JY, Sornay P, Radjai F
168 - 176 Towards reliable optimization of metal powder-Lubricant mixing for high die filling performance: Exploring a rheology based approach
Nijikovsky B, Perales LA, Brika SE, Brailovski V
177 - 187 CFD simulation of combustible solid waste pyrolysis in a fluidized bed reactor
Ding K, Xiong QG, Zhong ZP, Zhong DX, Zhang YN
188 - 196 Influence of the milling conditions on the thermal decomposition of Bayer gibbsite
Mercury JMR, Sucupira JRM, Rodriguez MA, Cabral AA, De Aza AH, Pena P
197 - 207 The influence of control vanes on pneumatic conveying of pulverised fuel at a trifurcator
Abubakar I, Giddings D, Panorios B, Branson D, Lad N, Townsend S
208 - 220 Adapting a breakage model to discrete elements using polyhedral particles
Tavares LM, Andre FP, Potapov A, Maliska C
221 - 230 Impact of process parameters on particle morphology and filament formation in spray dried Eudragit L100 polymer
Shepard KB, Adam MS, Morgen MM, Mudie DM, Regan DT, Baumann JM, Vodak DT
231 - 237 Two types of particle dynamics in the passive layer of a granular bed composed of irregular particles
Li R, Zheng G, Chen Q, Xiu WZ, Yang H
238 - 245 Investigation of the dust control performance of a new transverse-flow air curtain soft-sealing system
Xiao D, Li XC, Fang ZC, Yan WD, Jiang YF, Zhao XL
246 - 256 Spatial characteristics of fluidization and separation in a gas-solid dense-phase fluidized bed
Fu YH, Chen W, Su D, Lv B, Luo ZF
257 - 266 Statistical image analysis of uniformity of hybrid nanofluids and prediction models of thermophysical parameters based on artificial neural network (ANN)
Ma MY, Zhai YL, Wang J, Yao PT, Wang H
267 - 277 Investigation on distribution of particles in inlet region of an FCC external catalyst cooler with different inlet structures
Li JT, Yao XY, Liu L, Lu CX
278 - 287 Study on the settling velocity of drilling cuttings in the power law fluid
Sun XF, Zhang KB, Chen Y, Li W, Qu JY
288 - 300 Geldart classification for wet particles
Yehuda T, Kalman H
301 - 306 Agglomerated xanthan gum powder used as a food thickener: Effect of sugar binders on physical, microstructural, and rheological properties
Lee H, Yoo B
307 - 322 The effect of temperature on the minimum fluidization conditions of industrial cohesive particles
Chirone R, Poletto M, Barletta D, Lettieri P
323 - 333 Evaluation of the ciprofloxacin adsorption capacity of common industrial minerals and application to tap water treatment
Bizi M, El Bachra FE
334 - 340 Evaluation of wettability of mineral particles via cavitation thresholds
Chen YR, Chang J, Bussonniere A, Xie GY, Liu QX
341 - 349 The effect of impurity particles on the forced convection velocity in a drop
Misyura SY, Kuznetsov GV, Volkov RS, Lezhnin SI, Morozov VS
350 - 361 Calibration of DEM-FEM model parameters for traction performance analysis of an off-road tire on gravel terrain
Zeng HY, Xu W, Zang MY, Yang P
362 - 374 Electrostatic induced charge signal extraction based on waveform characteristic in time domain
Wang C, Jia L, Zhang S, Li YD
375 - 385 Synthesis of Cu-based TiCx composites via in-situ reaction between CuxTi melt and dissolvable solid carbon
Guo L, Yang Y, Wen XC, Gao H, Wang Z, Guo ZC
386 - 398 Experimental analysis of the pore structure and fractal characteristics of different metamorphic coal based on mercury intrusion-nitrogen adsorption porosimetry
Han WB, Zhou G, Gao DH, Zhang ZX, Wei ZY, Wang HT, Yang HQ
399 - 408 Role of particle diameter in laminar combustion regimes for hybrid mixtures of coal dust and methane gas
Cloney CT, Ripley RC, Pegg MJ, Amyotte PR
409 - 415 Influence of the prebiotics hi-maize, inulin and rice bran on the viability of pectin microparticles containing Lactobacillus acidophilus LA-5 obtained by internal gelation/emulsification
Raddatz GC, da Fonseca BD, Poletto G, Jacob-Lopes E, Cichoski AJ, Muller EI, Flores EMM, da Silva CD, de Menezes CR
416 - 427 CFD-DEM study of the effects of direct current electric field on gas-solid fluidization
Liu GD, Liao PW, Zhao JN, Wang S, Wu Y, Yin XL, Lu HL
428 - 435 A new approach for the microencapsulation of curcumin by a spray drying method, in order to value food products
Lucas J, Ralaivao M, Estevinho BN, Rocha F
436 - 449 Experimental and numerical investigations on the particle behaviours in a bubbling fluidized bed with binary solids
Wang TY, Tang TQ, Gao QH, Yuan ZG, He YR
450 - 461 Numerical and experimental observations of the flow field inside a selective laser melting (SLM) chamber through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and particle image velocimetry (PIV)
Chen XX, Tzeng SJ, Wang WC
462 - 473 Double-layered surface decoration of flaky aluminum pigments with zinc aluminum phosphate and phytic acid-aluminum complexes for high-performance waterborne coatings
Li WQ, Shi L, Zhang JY, Cheng J, Wang XD
474 - 485 Fast Eulerian-Lagrangian simulations of moving particle beds under pseudo-steady-state conditions
Lichtenegger T
486 - 492 Kinetics study on non-isothermal carbothermic reduction of nickel laterite ore in presence of Na2SO4
Liu YJ, Lv XM, You ZX, Lv XW
493 - 500 Molecular dynamics simulation on agglomeration and growth behavior of dust particles during flue gas filtration
Yu YS, Tao YB, Sun J, He YL
501 - 506 A quick method for developing interparticle force models of spherical gold nanoparticles from molecular dynamics simulation
Yang P, Zeng QH, Dong KJ, Zhu HP
507 - 516 Study of identification of global flow regime in a long pipeline transportation system
Xu Q, Zhou HZ, Zhu YS, Cao YQ, Huang B, Li WS, Guo LJ
517 - 526 Novel sintering indexes to evaluate and correlate the crystal characteristics and compressive strength in magnetite pellets
Wang YZ, Schenk J, Zhang JL, Liu ZJ, Wang J, Niu LL, Cheng Q
527 - 538 Numerical investigation of erosion characteristics of multiple-particle impact on ductile material with patterned surfaces
Zhao XB, Tang GH, Liu ZG, Zhang YW
539 - 549 CFD-DEM study of coke combustion in the raceway cavity of an ironmaking blast furnace
Cui JX, Hou QF, Shen YS
550 - 558 Coalescence and sedimentation of liquid iron droplets during smelting reduction of converter slag with mechanical stirring
He ML, Wang N, Hou QF, Chen M, Yu HY
559 - 577 A new column collapse apparatus for the characterisation of the flowability of granular materials
Torres-Serra J, Romero E, Rodriguez-Ferran A
578 - 585 Effects of temperature and volume concentration on thermal conductivity of TiO2-MWCNTs (70-30)/EG-water hybrid nano-fluid
Moradi A, Zareh M, Afrand M, Khayat M
586 - 590 Electrophoretic classification based on differences in electrophoretic mobility caused by change in the applied electric field
Fukasawa T, Ono K, Ishigami T, Fukui K
591 - 603 Evolution characteristics of reservoir parameters during coalbed methane drainage via in-seam horizontal boreholes
Li QX, Xu J, Yan FZ, Peng SJ, Zhang CL, Zhang XL
604 - 614 Sensitivity analysis of particle contact parameters for DEM simulation in a rotating drum using response surface methodology
Rong WJ, Feng YQ, Schwarz P, Yurata T, Witt P, Li BK, Song T, Zhou JW
615 - 627 Joint analysis of pores in low, intermediate, and high rank coals using mercury intrusion, nitrogen adsorption, and nuclear magnetic resonance
Qin L, Li SG, Zhai C, Lin HF, Zhao PX, Yan M, Ding Y, Shi Y
628 - 634 Discrete element analysis of normal elastic impact of wet particles
Zhang L, Wu CY
635 - 644 Pore-throat characterization of unconsolidated porous media using watershed-segmentation algorithm
Patmonoaji A, Tsuji K, Suekane T
645 - 658 Determination of the energetic coefficient of restitution of maize grain based on laboratory experiments and DEM simulations
Wang LJ, Zheng ZH, Yu YT, Liu TH, Zhang ZH
659 - 670 Mapping key process parameters to the performance of a continuous dry powder blender in a continuous direct compression system
Palmer J, Reynolds GK, Tahir F, Yadav IK, Meehan E, Holman J, Bajwa G
671 - 679 Inducible regulation of spherical CaO particle for the recycling of carbide slag
Zhang JQ, Gong XZ, Wang Z, Liu JH, Chen YG, Wang D, Qian GY, Wang C
680 - 689 Multifield modeling of particle dynamics in an electrostatic precipitator equipped with pointed-end arista on corona
Tong YQ, Zhang L, Bu S, Chen FY, Xu WG, Wu R, Liu L, Xu YS
690 - 697 LiBiO2/Bi2O3 semiconductor heterojunctions with facile preparation and actively optical performances
Huang YL, Zhou GT, Qin J, Wei D, Seo HJ
698 - 706 Enhancing selectivity of modifier on magnesite and dolomite surfaces by pH control
Yao J, Sun HR, Han F, Yin WZ, Hong JS, Wang YL, Won CD, Du LG
707 - 716 A study of energy loss due to particle to particle and wall collisions during fluidized dense-phase pneumatic transport
Sharma K, Mallick SS, Mittal A
717 - 728 MRT lattice Boltzmann simulation of free convection in a symmetrical annulus combined with experimental data of TiO2-H2O nanofluid's properties
Ashraf MA, Liu ZL, Li C, Yang YF, Ross D
729 - 744 Mechanical property of granite from different buried depths under uniaxial compression and dynamic impact: An energy-based investigation
Peng K, Liu ZP, Zou QL, Wu QH, Zhou JQ
745 - 758 Effect of swirling flow on large coal particle pneumatic conveying
Li JP, Zhou F, Yang DL, Yu BC, Li YZ
759 - 769 Analysis of the performance of an L-valve feeding spent coffee ground powders into a circulating fluidized bed
Sousa LM, Ferreira MC
770 - 780 Superficial oscillation as an identifier of phenomena governing dynamics of solid-gas fluidized systems
Guardiola J, Elvira R, Briongos JV
781 - 789 Microwave-assisted self-reduction of EAF dust-biochar composite briquettes for production of direct reduced iron
Ye Q, Li GH, Peng ZW, Augustine R, Perez MD, Liu Y, Liu MD, Rao MJ, Zhang YB, Jiang T
790 - 804 Network analysis of heat transfer in sphere packings
Fei WB, Narsilio GA, van der Linden JH, Disfani MM
805 - 816 Experimental and numerical investigation on the structure characteristics of vortex generators affecting particle agglomeration
Liu HX, Yang FX, Tan HZ, Li ZH, Feng P, Du YL
817 - 825 Improvement of fluidization quality of a LiF bed using internal blades
Hu CB, Zhang PY, Wang XL, Yang XS, Yang L, Zhang ZY, Kong XJ
826 - 834 Evaluation of carbothermal reduction for processing of banded hematite jasper ore
Rayapudi V, Agrawal S, Dhawan N