Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Wall stress analysis in an unsteady hopper flow with ellipsoidal particles
Liu SD, Gan JQ, Zou RP, Yu AB, Zhou ZY
10 - 20 Continuum modelling of primary and secondary granular flows in a torsional shear cell
Zheng QJ, Luo Q, Yu AB
21 - 32 Coarse-grained DEM study of solids sedimentation in water
Xie ZZ, Shen YS, Takabatake K, Yamaguchi A, Sakai M
33 - 44 Particle velocity distribution function around a single bubble in gas-solid fluidized beds
Liu RJ, Zhou ZY, Xiao R, Ye M, Yu AB
45 - 51 An experimental study of packing of ellipsoids under vibrations
Li CX, Zou RP, Pinson D, Yu AB, Zhou ZY
52 - 61 Modelling of the pyrolysis of low-rank-coal briquettes in an industrial-scale gas heat carrier pyrolyzer
Zhuo YT, Shen YS
62 - 73 Numerical simulation of dense-phase pneumatic transport of powder in horizontal pipes
Miao Z, Kuang SB, Zughbi H, Yu AB
74 - 86 Numerical study of gas-solid flow behaviors in the air reactor of coal-direct chemical looping combustion with Geldart D particles
Li SY, Shen YS
87 - 98 Numerical study of the solid flow behavior in a rotating drum based on a multiphase CFD model accounting for solid frictional viscosity and wall friction
Rong WJ, Feng YQ, Schwarz P, Witt P, Li BK, Song T, Zhou JW
99 - 111 An experimentally validated coarse-grain DEM study of monodisperse granular mixing
Cai RH, Zhao YZ
112 - 123 Explicitcontact force model for superellipses by Fourier transform and application to superellipse packing
Arifuzzaman SM, Dong KJ, Hou QF, Zhu HP, Zeng QH
124 - 135 Model study of central coke charging on ironmaking blast furnace performance: Effects of charing pattern and nut coke
Yu XB, Shen YS
136 - 144 CFD modeling of hydrodynamics and kinetic reactions in a heavy oil riser reactor: Influence of downward feed injection scheme
Chang J, Wang X, Liu WY, Wang LY, Meng FD
145 - 159 Computational fluid dynamics study of re-blowin operation in an ironmaking blast furnace
Liu YR, Curtis J, Shen YS
160 - 170 DEM simulation on random packings of binary tetrahedron-sphere mixtures
Zhao B, An XZ, Zhao HY, Gou DZ, Shen LL, Sun XD
171 - 178 Investigation into water vapor and flue gas temperatures on the separation capability of a novel cyclone separator
Zhang YM, Yu GY, Jin RZ, Chen XY, Dong KJ, Jiang YC, Wang B
179 - 189 Shape optimization of conical hoppers to increase mass discharging rate
Huang XJ, Zheng QJ, Yu AB, Yan WY
190 - 202 Multi-super-ellipsoid model for non-spherical particles in DEM simulation
Liu ZH, Zhao YZ
203 - 209 Numerical study on rheological properties for dispersed and aggregated particle systems
Udono H, Uruga K, Tsukada T, Sakai M
210 - 219 Flow simulation and performance analysis of a cyclone-granular bed filter
You MH, Li ZY, Zhan MS, Liu ML, Sun GG, Chen JQ
220 - 225 CFD-DEM simulations of densification of tetrahedron particles under air impact
Gou DZ, An XZ, Zhao B, Yang RY
226 - 237 Experimental and numerical studies of the gas-molten reduction behavior of blast furnace dust particles during in-flight process
Xu J, Wang N, Zhou ZY, Chen M, Wang PF
238 - 247 Numerical simulation of particle migration in electrostatic precipitator with different electrode configurations
Gao WC, Wang YF, Zhang H, Guo BY, Zheng CH, Guo J, Gao X, Yu AB
248 - 257 Promote cohesive solid flow in a screw feeder with new screw designs
Li X, Hou QF, Dong KJ, Zou RP, Yu AB
258 - 273 Application of GPU-DEM simulation on large-scale granular handling and processing in ironmaking related industries
Gan JQ, Evans T, Yu AB
274 - 282 Numerical study on mixed charging process and gas-solid flow in COREX melter gasifier
You Y, Luo ZG, Zou ZS, Yang RY
283 - 296 Influence of particle shape on microstructure and heat transfer characteristics in blast furnace raceway with CFD-DEM approach
Wei GC, Zhang H, An XZ, Jiang SQ
297 - 305 Investigation of densification behavior of tungsten powders during hot isostatic pressing with a 3D multi-particle FEM approach
Zou Y, An XZ, Zou RP
306 - 314 DEM simulation of cubical particle percolation in a packed bed
Kou MY, Zhou H, Wu SL, Shen YS
315 - 325 CFD-DEM modelling of mixing of granular materials in multiple jets fluidized beds
Liu RJ, Zhou ZY, Xiao R, Yu AB
326 - 336 Evaluation of effective thermal conductivity in random packed bed: Heat transfer through fluid voids and effect of packing structure
Cheng GJ, Gan JQ, Xu DL, Yu AB
337 - 348 Reactive force field molecular dynamics (ReaxFF MD) simulation of coal oxy-fuel combustion
Qiu Y, Zhong WQ, Shao YJ, Yu AB
349 - 362 Particle shape effects on dynamic behaviors in a spouted bed: CFD-DEM study
Liu XJ, Gan JQ, Zhong WQ, Yu AB
363 - 373 Orientation of spheroidal particles in single jet bubbling fluidized beds
Shrestha S, Kuang SB, Yu AB, Zhou ZY
374 - 388 Elucidation of the role of cohesion in the macroscopic behaviour of coarse particulate systems using DEM
Hassanzadeh V, Wensrich CM, Moreno-Atanasio R
389 - 399 Multi-particle FEM modelling on hot pressing of TiC-316L composite powders
Wang DF, An XZ, Han P, Jia Q, Fu HT, Zhang H, Yang XH, Zou QC
400 - 413 3D CPFD simulations of gas-solids flow in a CFB downer with cluster-based drag model
Wu YY, Shi XG, Liu YC, Wang CX, Gao JS, Lan XY
414 - 423 Numerical prediction on the drag force and heat transfer of non-spherical particles in supercritical water
Zhang H, Xiong B, An XZ, Ke CH, Chen J
424 - 434 DEM study on the packing density and randomness for packing of ellipsoids
Gan JQ, Yu AB
435 - 445 Segregation of granular binary mixtures with large particle size ratios during hopper discharging process
Zhang TF, Gan JQ, Yu AB, Pinson D, Zhou ZY
446 - 446 Particle size distribution recovery in dynamic light scattering by optimized multi-parameter regularization based on the singular value distribution (vol 353, pg 320, 2019)
Zhang WW, Shen J, Thomas JC, Mu TT, Xu YA, Xiu WZ, Xu M, Zhu XJ
447 - 447 Isolation of graphene and graphite by supercritical CO2 elutriation technique: CFD simulation and experimental (vol 352, pg 478, 2019)
Gai YZ, Xiao D, Navik R, Tan HJ, Shafi S, Zhao YP
448 - 454 MP-PIC simulation of blood cell movement through a LAD with high stenosis
Liu J, Yu F, Zhang Y
455 - 461 Distribution and motion behavior of desulfurizer particles in hot metal with mechanical stirring
He ML, Wang N, Chen M, Chen M, Li CF
462 - 472 Simulation of desulphurization wastewater evaporation through flue gas
Ye XL, Zhang CC, Wang S, Yang D, Guo BY, An XZ, Yu AB
473 - 473 A GPU-based coupled SPH-DEM method for particle fluid flow with free surfaces (vol 338, pg 548, 2018)
He Y, Bayly AE, Hassanpour A, Muller F, Wu K, Yang DM
474 - 489 Particle-resolved simulations of catalytic fixed bed reactors: Comparison of turbulence models, LES and PIV measurements
Karthik GM, Thaker AH, Buwa VV
490 - 490 An investigation on flowability and compressibility of AA 6061(100-x)-x wt% TiO2 micro and nanocomposite powder prepared by blending and mechanical alloying (vol 201, pg 70, 2010)
Sivasankaran S, Sivaprasad K, Narayanasamy R, Iyer VK
491 - 498 Investigation of filtration properties and microbiological characteristics of sewage sludge after physical conditioning with the use of ground walnut shells
Wojcik M
499 - 506 Computational fluid dynamics modeling and laboratory analysis of aerosol particles' capture on thin swirling water film in a Vortecone
Kumar AR, Levy A, Kumar A, Schafrik S, Novak T
507 - 511 Experimental study on the explosion-propagation law of coal dust with different moisture contents induced by methane explosion
Niu YH, Zhang LL, Shi BM
512 - 519 Mechanical properties and tribological behavior of aluminum matrix composites reinforced with Fe-based metallic glass particles: Influence of particle size
He TB, Lu TW, Ciftci N, Tan H, Uhlenwinkel V, Nielsch K, Scudino S
520 - 528 Capturing heavy loading microparticles using electrostatic precipitator with square-wave collecting electrode
Wen TY, Xue QZ
529 - 539 Efficient enrichment of low-grade refractory rhodochrosite by preconcentration-neutral suspension roasting-magnetic separation process
Yuan S, Zhou WT, Han YX, Li YJ
540 - 547 Gas pulsation effect on flow behaviors and heat transfer in a tapered fluidized bed
Zhang K, Wang S, Tang YX, Liu GD, He YR
548 - 561 Intermediate size fine coal beneficiation by Reflux (TM) Classifier using statistical approach
Kopparthi P, Sachinraj D, Awasthi A, Mukherjee AK, Ranjan A
562 - 570 Investigation of a circulating turbulent fluidized bed with a fractal gas distributor by electrostatic-immune electrical capacitance tomography
Wang SN, Sun XL, Xu CL, Bao JT, Peng C, Tang ZY
571 - 580 A new approach for recovering iron from iron ore tailings using suspension magnetization roasting: A pilot-scale study
Sun YS, Zhang XL, Han YX, Li YJ
581 - 590 Wear of graphite pebbles modeled using a macroscopic particle model in a pneumatic transport lifting pipe
Sun Q, Ye P, Peng W, Yu SY, Zhou HB, Wang J
591 - 599 Recovery of iron from hazardous tailings using fluidized roasting coupling technology
Tang ZD, Gao P, Li YJ, Han YX, Li WB, Butt S, Zhang YH
600 - 609 CFD-DEM study of bridging mechanisms at the static solid-liquid surface filtration
Hund D, Losch P, Kerner M, Ripperger S, Antonyuk S
610 - 616 Chemical and physical characterization of Konjac glucomannan-based powders by FTIR and C-13 MAS NMR
da Silva DF, Ogawa CYL, Sato F, Neto AM, Larsen FH, Matumoto-Pintro PT
617 - 623 Effect of oxygen contents on predominant sintering mechanism during initial stage of pure titanium powder
Li DY, He H, Lou J, Li YM, He ZY, Chen YZ, Luo FH
624 - 632 Activation of kaolinite by a low-temperature chemical method and its effect on methylene blue adsorption
Asuha S, Fei F, Wurendaodi W, Zhao S, Wu H, Zhuang X
633 - 641 Thermal performance of thermosyphon with flat evaporating surface combined with different sizes of micro pillars
Zhao ZC, Zhao K, Ma XL, Chen XD, Li SL, Yang S
642 - 650 Manufacture of fine cellulose powder from chemically crosslinked kraft pulp sheets using dry milling
Korpela A, Orelma H
651 - 662 Impact breakage of acicular crystals
Saifoori S, Goh WP, Ali M, Ghadiri M
663 - 678 Roles of surfactant and polymer in drug release from spray-dried hybrid nanocrystal-amorphous solid dispersions (HyNASDs)
Rahman M, Ahmad S, Tarabokija J, Bilgili E
679 - 686 Mechanically milled powder from cotton gin trash for diverse applications
Hague ANMA, Remadevi R, Wang XG, Naebe M
687 - 703 A novel framework for a rational, fully-automatised calibration routine for DEM models of cohesive powders
Orefice L, Khinast JG
704 - 710 Impact of oxygen content in powders on the morphology of the laser molten tracks in preparation for additive manufacturing of silicon
Le Dantec M, Guniat L, Leistner M, Figi R, Bleiner D, Leparoux M, Hoffmann P
711 - 718 Particle shape matters - Using 3D printed particles to investigate fundamental particle and packing properties
Landauer J, Kuhn M, Nasato DS, Foerst P, Briesen H
719 - 726 Numerical study on the fusion gasification characteristics for a char particle
Xu Y, Zhai M, Zou X, Zheng Y, Dong P
727 - 738 Deposition of solid particles exposed to the suction of dual pumps in the tank of a pumping station
Kang C, Li Q, Li MY, Teng S
739 - 747 The relationship between static and kinetic friction for plant granular materials
Wojcik A, Fraczek J, Niemczewska-Wojcik M
748 - 758 Pressure drops of fresh cemented paste backfills through coupled test loop experiments and machine learning techniques
Qi CC, Chen QS, Dong XJ, Zhang QL, Yaseen ZM
759 - 768 A lattice Boltzmann study of the collisions in a particle-bubble system under turbulent flows
Chen SY, Chen XH, Wan DD, Yi X, Sun X, Ji L, Wang GC
769 - 781 Simulation of bubbles behavior in steel continuous casting mold using an Euler-Lagrange framework with modified bubble coalescence and breakup models
Yang WD, Luo ZG, Gu YJ, Liu ZY, Zou ZS
782 - 790 Operational performance characteristics of a novel fluidized bed with the internal separator for pulverized coal self-sustained preheating
Song WH, Li SY, Ouyang ZQ
791 - 802 In-situ measurement in the iron ore pellet distribution chain using active RFID technology
Bergquist B, Vanhatalo E
803 - 811 Investigations on fluid dynamics of binary particles in a dual fluidized bed reactor system for enhanced calcium looping gasification process
Liu YJ, Sun Z, Toan S, Chen SY, Xiang WG
812 - 816 Effect of surface roughness on the detachment between bubble and glass beads with different contact angles
Xing YW, Zhang YF, Ding SH, Zheng X, Xu MD, Cao YJ, Gui XH
817 - 826 Designing a 1D/2D W18O49/rGO heterostructure and constructing a bilayer structure of light absorber for highly efficient steam generation
Li ZK, Wei N, Zheng M, Yao AP, Xu RQ, Song XJ, Wang HH, Liu Q, Cui HZ
827 - 835 Energy absorption and specific breakage rate of particles under different operating conditions in dry ball milling
Gupta VK
836 - 848 CFD-DEM study of air entrainment in falling particle plumes
Chu KW, Wang Y, Zheng QJ, Yu AB, Pan RH
849 - 859 The fragmentation mechanism of coal impacted by water jets and abrasive jets
Xue YZ, Si H, Chen GH
860 - 866 Apparatus design for measuring electrostatic charge transfer due to particle-particle collisions
Chowdhury F, Elchamaa B, Ray M, Sowinski A, Passalacqua A, Mehrani P
867 - 879 Particle velocity and stationary layer height analysis for modification and validation of particulate Plug-2 pressure drop model
Rawat A, Kalman H
880 - 893 Extended validation and verification of XPS/AVL-Fire (TM), a computational CFD-DEM software platform
Forgber T, Toson P, Madlmeir S, Kureck H, Khinast JG, Jajcevic D
894 - 902 Interaction between iron ore and magnesium additives during induration process of pellets
Wang RR, Zhang JL, Liu ZJ, Liu XL, Xu CY, Li Y
903 - 909 A material-saving and robust approach for obtaining accurate out-of-die powder compressibility
Hirschberg C, Paul S, Rantanen J, Sun CC
910 - 916 Microencapsulation of n-octadecane and methyl palmitate phase change materials in silica by spray drying process
Methaapanon R, Kornbongkotmas S, Ataboonwongse C, Soottitantawat A
917 - 929 Effect of calcium silicate nanoparticle on surface feature of calcium phosphates hybrid bio-nanocomposite using for bone substitute application
Aghdam HA, Sanatizadeh E, Motififard M, Aghadavoudi F, Saber-Samandari S, Esmaeili S, Sheikhbahaei E, Safari M, Khandan A
930 - 942 Flow dynamics of binary mixtures of non-spherical particles in the rolling-regime rotating drum
Yang SL, Wang H, Wei YG, Hu JH, Chew JW
943 - 956 The effect of polydispersity on the stresses of cylindrical particle flows
Hao JH, Li YJ, Guo Y, Jin HH, Curtis JS
957 - 967 The stability, viscosity and thermal conductivity of carbon nanotubes nanofluids with high particle concentration: A surface modification approach
Li XK, Chen WJ, Zou CJ
968 - 982 Study of the polymer mortar based on dredged sediments and epoxy resin: Effect of the sediments on the behavior of the polymer mortar
Maherzi W, Ennahal I, Benzerzour M, Mammindy-Pajany Y, Abriak NE
983 - 989 An experimental method to measure the friction coefficients between a round particle and a flat plate
Zhao S, Schneider HC, Kamlah M
990 - 994 A modified Yoon and Luttrell model for predicting the efficiency of particle-bubble collision
Arriagada S, Jaques A, Vinnett L, Acuna C
995 - 1005 Microencapsulation of fermented noni juice via micro-fluidic-jet spray drying: Evaluation of powder properties and functionalities
Zhang C, Khoo SLA, Chen XD, Quek SY
1006 - 1020 Simulation on the effect of particle on flow hydrodynamics in a slurry bed
Su W, Shi XG, Wu YY, Gao JS, Lan XY
1021 - 1037 Development and verification of a novel design space and improved scale-up procedure for fluid bed granulation using a mechanistic model
Kemp IC, van Millingen A, Khaled H
1038 - 1059 Lumped analysis criteria for heat transfer in a diluted co - current moving bed heat exchanger with isothermal walls
Bertoli SL, de Almeida J, de Souza CK, Lovatel A, Padoin N, Soares C
1060 - 1069 Prediction of terminal velocity of fractal aggregates with IBM-LBM method
Guan L, Yuan ZL, Moghtaderi B, Peng ZB, Evans GM, Gu CH, Doroodchi E
1070 - 1080 Performance investigation of the combined series and parallel arrangement cyclone separator using experimental and CFD approach
Venkatesh S, Sakthivel M, Saranav H, Saravanan N, Rathnakumar M, Santhosh KK
1081 - 1092 Modeling of dry snow adhesion during normal impact with surfaces
Eidevag T, Abrahamsson P, Matthias E, Rasmuson A