Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.360 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Preconcentration of ultrafine ilmenite ore using a superconducting magnetic separator
Shen SP, Yuan ZT, Liu JT, Meng QY, Hao HQ
10 - 20 Flame propagation of corn starch in a modified Hartmann tube with branch structure
Han B, Li G, Yuan CM, Wang QS
21 - 32 Packing of different shaped tetrahedral particles: DEM simulation and experimental study
Zhao B, An XZ, Wang Y, Zhao HY, Shen LL, Sun XD, Zou RP
33 - 42 CFD-DEM study of the effects of food grain properties on drying and shrinkage in a fluidised bed
Azmir J, Hou QF, Yu AB
43 - 54 Comparison of techniques for measuring CFB solids circulation rates at low and high temperatures
Rahman MH, Bi XTT, Grace JR, Lim CJ
55 - 64 Chromium (VI) adsorption and reduction by humic acid coated nitrogen-doped magnetic porous carbon
Zhang T, Wei S, Waterhouse GIN, Fu L, Liu L, Shi WJ, Sun JC, Ai SY
65 - 79 Ignition mechanism and characteristics of gel fuels based on oil-free and oil-filled cryogels with fine coal particles
Glushkov DO, Kuznetsov GV, Nigay AG, Yanovsky VA, Yashutina OS
80 - 95 Structure and magnetic properties of milled maraging steel powders
Thotakura GV, Goswami R, Jayaraman TV
96 - 103 High electrorheological effect in Bi1.8Fe1.2SbO7 suspensions
Egorysheva AV, Kraev AS, Gajtko OM, Kusova TV, Baranchikov AE, Agafonov AV, Ivriov VK
104 - 111 Granular flow in a silo discharged with a conveyor belt
Gella D, Maza D, Zuriguel I
112 - 119 Mass flow rate measurement of bulk solids based on microwave tomography and microwave Doppler methods
Zou J, Liu CG, Wang HG, Wu ZP
120 - 128 Numerical study on the influence of fine particle deposition characteristics on wall roughness
Hong WP, Wang BH, Zheng JX
129 - 140 Unravelling the consequences of ultra-fine milling on physical and chemical characteristics of flax fibres
Mayer-Laigle C, Bourmaud A, Shah DU, Follain N, Beaugrand J
141 - 150 Comparison between Lagrangian and Eulerian approaches for prediction of particle deposition in turbulent flows
Xu ZM, Han ZM, Qu HW
151 - 164 Properties of 316L formed by a 400 W power laser Selective Laser Melting with 250 mu m layer thickness
Shi WT, Wang P, Liu YD, Hou YJ, Han GL
165 - 176 Synthesis and performance characterization of a novel wetting cementing agent for dust control during conveyor transport in coal mines
Zhou G, Ding JF, Ma YL, Li SL, Zhang MG
177 - 192 Effect of bend angle on granular size segregation in the chute flow under periodic flow inversion
Mantravadi B, Tan DS
193 - 208 Fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics over a superelliptic cylinder at incidence
Zhang N, Rong LW, Dong KJ, Zeng QD
209 - 220 Probabilistic characterization and simulation of realistic particle shape based on sphere harmonic representation and Nataf transformation
Nie JY, Li DQ, Cao ZJ, Zhou B, Zhang AJ
221 - 230 Influence of sucrose reduction on powder and reconstitution properties of powdered cocoa malted beverage
Wee JJY, Chan RX, Seow YX, Viton F, Zhou WB
231 - 240 Suppression characteristics of double-layer wire mesh on wheat dust flame
Dai HM, Wang XT, Chen XF, Nan X, Hu Y, He S, Yuan BH, Zhao Q, Dong ZQ, Yang P
241 - 252 Particle tracking velocimetry of porous sphere settling under gravity: Preparation of the model porous particle and measurement of drag coefficients
Ma L, Xu SL, Li X, Guo Q, Gao DY, Ding Y, Ye M, Liu ZM
253 - 263 Experimental and numerical investigation on heap formation of granular soil sparsely cemented by bacterial calcification
Kashizadeh E, Mukherjee A, Tordesillas A
264 - 277 A forcing fictitious domain method to simulate fluid-particle interaction of particles with super-quadric shape
Wu MQ, Peters B, Rosemann T, Kruggel-Emden H
278 - 288 A general methodology and the correlation for the prediction of the solids flow rates through the L-valves
He PF, Fan LS
289 - 300 Effect of adhesion on clogging of microparticles in fiber filtration by DEM-CFD simulation
Tao R, Yang MM, Li SQ
301 - 311 Production and characterization of aluminum powder derived from mechanical saw chips and its processing through powder metallurgy
Rojas-Diaz LM, Verano-Jimenez LE, Munoz-Garcia E, Esguerra-Arce J, Esguerra-Arce A
312 - 323 Discrete element modeling of particle breakage considering different fragment replacement modes
Zhou W, Wang D, Ma G, Cao XX, Hu C, Wu W
324 - 336 Image-based size analysis of agglomerated and partially sintered particles via convolutional neural networks
Frei M, Kruis FE
337 - 351 On mechanical activation of glauconite: Physicochemical changes, alterations in cation exchange capacity and mechanisms
Singla R, Alex TC, Kumar R
352 - 365 PTV experiments and DEM simulations of the coefficient of restitution for irregular particles impacting on horizontal substrates
Jiang ZC, Du JJ, Rieck C, Buck A, Tsotsas E
366 - 371 A note on an article, titled "Simulation and validation of a model for a batch wall-heated fluidized bed dryer"
Ghalavand A, Ghalavand Y
372 - 382 Effect of geometric form of concrete meso-structure on its mechanical behavior under compression
Yang X, Dai HZ
383 - 391 Bioactive compounds-rich powders: Influence of different carriers and drying techniques on the chemical stability of the Hibiscus acetosella extract
Mar JM, da Silva LS, Lira AC, Kinupp VF, Yoshida MI, Moreira WP, Bruginski E, Campos FR, Machado MB, de Souza TP, Campelo PH, Bezerra JD, Sanches EA
392 - 397 Evaluation of the effect of hydraulic shear intensity on coal-slime water flocculation in a gradient fluidized bed
Lin Z, Sun XL, Wang QW, Cao JW, Wang CZ, Kuang YL
398 - 410 Experimental and computational analysis of a cyclone separator with a novel vortex finder
Li Q, Wang QG, Xu WW, Zhu ZL, Zhu KH
411 - 420 Fundamental investigation on the effects of ammonium polyphosphate on flame propagation behaviors of starch dust deflagration
Wang LC, Yuan BH, Zhang HM, Jiang SH
421 - 429 Experimental investigation of acoustic agglomeration of diesel engine exhaust particles using new created acoustic chamber
Kilikeviciene K, Kacianauskas R, Kilikevicius A, Maknickas A, Matijosius J, Rimkus A, Vainorius D
430 - 443 Densification behavior of ultrafine W-Ni-Fe composite powders produced by a two-stage reduction process
Li ZB, Zhang GH, Chou KC
444 - 451 Electrostatic powder coated osmotic pump tablets: Influence factors of coating powder adhesion and film formation
Yang QL, Yuan F, Ma YL, Shi KQ, Yang GS, Zhu J
452 - 461 Investigation on particle motions and resultant impact erosion on quartz crystals by the micro-particle laden waterjet and airjet
Zhang L, Ji RQ, Fu YF, Qi H, Kong FZ, Li HN, Tangwarodomnukun V
462 - 480 Investigation on the multiphase sink vortex Ekman pumping effects by CFD-DEM coupling method
Li L, Qi H, Yin ZC, Li DF, Zhu ZL, Tangwarodomnukun V, Tan DP
481 - 492 Particle near-neighbour separation index for quantification of segregation of granular material
Chibwe DK, Evans GM, Doroodchi E, Monaghan BJ, Pinson DJ, Chew SJ
493 - 502 Effects of particle sizes on compressive deformation and particle breakage of gangue used for coal mine goaf backfill
Li M, Li AL, Zhang JX, Huang YL, Li JM
503 - 508 Green one-step roasting method for efficient extraction of vanadium and chromium from vanadium-chromium slag
Li HY, Wang CJ, Lin MM, Guo Y, Xie B
509 - 521 Selective laser melting of CoCrFeNiMn high entropy alloy powder modified with nano-TiN particles for additive manufacturing and strength enhancement: Process, particle behavior and effects
Li B, Zhang L, Xu Y, Liu ZY, Qian B, Xuan FZ
522 - 533 Intensification of uniflow cyclone performance at low loading
Pillei M, Kofler T, Wierschem A, Kraxner M
534 - 548 Identification of regime transition from bubbling to turbulent fluidization through dynamic phase tracking method
Wang HL, Zhu J, Huang WX, Zhang H
549 - 554 Rearrangement of irregular sand particles in a rotary drum after Cheek for avalanche flow
Chen Q, Yang H, Li R, Xiu WZ, Zheng G, Kong P
555 - 561 Investigation of the oxidation induration mechanism of Hongge vanadium titanomagnetite pellets with different Al2O3 additions
Li W, Fu GQ, Chu MS, Zhu MY
562 - 568 Prediction of particles separation in narrow inclined channels of liquid-solid fluidized bed
He SR, Li YF, Liu TS, Li ZY, Chen P, Zhao YF, Liang L, Zhang J
569 - 576 A new experimental approach to examination of orientation distribution of cylindrical particles in random packed beds
Marek M, Niegodajew P
577 - 587 Impact of vertical internals on the hydrodynamics and separation performance of a gas-solid separation fluidized bed
Lv B, Deng XW, Luo ZF, Fu YH, Chen CS, Xu X
588 - 597 Revealing the dependence of graphene concentration and physicochemical properties on the crushing strength of co-granulated fertilizers by wet granulation process
Kabiri S, Tran DNH, Baird R, McLaughlin MJ, Losic D
598 - 607 Efficient measurement of the percolation threshold for random systems of congruent overlapping ovoids
Li MQ, Chen HS, Lin JJ
608 - 621 Numerical simulation of the effect of fine fraction on the flowability of powders in additive manufacturing
Ma YF, Evan TM, Philips N, Cunningham N
622 - 634 Capillary bridges between spherical particles under suction control: Rupture distances and capillary forces
Zhao CF, Kruyt NP, Millet O
635 - 648 Hydrodynamics of solid and liquid phases in a mixing tank containing high solid loading slurry of large particles via tomography and computational fluid dynamics
Kazemzadeh A, Ein-Mozaffari F, Lohi A
649 - 657 Studies on the fluidization performance of a novel fluidized bed reactor for iron ore suspension roasting
Tang ZD, Gao P, Sun YS, Han YX, Li EL, Chen J, Zhang YH
658 - 672 Particle-scale characteristics of the three distinct regions in the multi-chamber slot-rectangular spouted bed
Yang SL, Wang H, Wei YG, Hu JH, Chew JW
673 - 682 Modelling heterogeneous coal-rock (HCR) failure patterns under dynamic impact loads using image-based finite element (FE) and discrete element (DE) model
Zheng KH, Qiu BJ, Wang ZY, Li JP, Gao KD
683 - 694 Influences of ventilation velocity on dust dispersion in coal roadways
Hu SY, Liao Q, Feng GR, Huang YS, Shao H, Gao Y, Hu F
695 - 703 Effect of copper foam on explosion suppression at different positions in the pipe
Shao H, Wang C, Yu HK
704 - 714 Effect of particle size and concentration on the migration behavior in porous media by coupling computational fluid dynamics and discrete element method
Feng QH, Cha LM, Dai CL, Zhao G, Wang S
715 - 730 Induction time and zeta potential study of nucleating and growing struvite crystals for phosphorus recovery improvements within fluidized bed reactors
Fromberg M, Pawlik M, Mavinic DS
731 - 740 Time- and temperature-dependent rheological properties of cemented paste backfill that contains superplasticizer
Haruna S, Fall M
741 - 746 Preparation and characterization of anhydrous magnesium carbonate under the present of potassium ions solution
Dong WT, Liu RJ, Zhao H, Han XS
747 - 768 Analysis and discussion of two fluid modelling of pipe flow of fully suspended slurry
Messa GV, Matousek V
769 - 779 A numerical study on adhesive collision between a micro-sized particle and a wall
Fang Z, Zhang YY, Wei MZ, Zhao SM, Wu XX, Sun LB
780 - 788 Kinetic theory for multi-particulate flow: Description of granular flow with rotary movement of particles
Rahaman MF, Sarhan AR, Naser J
789 - 817 Pulsatile flow of power-law fluids over a sphere: Momentum and heat transfer characteristics
Mishra G, Patel SA, Chhabra RP
818 - 834 Study of the discharge behavior of Rosin-Rammler particle-size distributions from hopper by discrete element method: A systematic updates analysis of mass flow rate, segregation and velocity profiles
Kumar R, Gopireddy SR, Jana AK, Patel CM
835 - 845 Numerical study of particle injection into a gas-solid fluidized bed
Liu Y, Tian SH, Li SS, Yang Y, Huang ZL, Sun JY, Liao ZW, Wang JD, Yang YR, Yang J
846 - 854 Pilot-scale study on enhanced carbothermal reduction of low-grade pyrolusite using microwave heating
Li KQ, Chen J, Peng JH, Ruan R, Srinivasakannan C, Chen G
855 - 862 Nanoalloying of clusters of immiscible metals and the formation of bimetallic nanoparticles in the conditions of non-synchronous explosion of two wires
Pervikov AV, Suliz KV, Lerner MI
863 - 871 Activation of hydration properties of iron ore tailings and their application as supplementary cementitious materials in cement
Yao G, Wang Q, Wang ZM, Wang JX, Lyu XJ
872 - 881 Fluidization characteristics in a vibrated gas-fluidized bed of Geldart D particles based on the collaborative measurement by impact force sensor and high-speed image analysis system
Wang S, Wu WW, Yang XL, Zhao YM
882 - 889 Wireless detector for translational and rotational motion of spherical-particle flow
Zhu YH, Yang H, Li R, Zhang YJ, Chen Q, Hua YS, Sun QC, Kong P
890 - 910 Determination of the optimal axial-to-radial flow ratio of the wall-mounted swirling ventilation in fully mechanized excavation face
Li YJ, Wang PF, Liu RH, Jiang YD, Han H
911 - 920 Measurements of wall-media contact forces and work in a vibratory finisher
Maciel LS, Spelt JK
921 - 936 Deep learning based system identification of industrial integrated grinding circuits
Miriyala SS, Mitra K
937 - 943 Effect of compact spherical potassium 12-tungstosilicate and lithium heteropolytungstate additives on the rheology and surface chemistry of washed spherical and platelet alpha-Al2O3 suspensions: Patch charge bridging
Zhang W, Sun CB, Leong YK, Parsons D
944 - 955 Impact of polydispersity of particle shape and size on percolation threshold of 3D particulate media composed of penetrable superellipsoids
Lin JJ, Chen HS, Liu L
956 - 966 Investigations of a new combined application of nanofluids in heat recovery and air purification
Yang L, Huang JN, Ji WK, Mao M
967 - 976 Development of a standard calibration procedure for the DEM parameters of cohesionless bulk materials - Part II: Efficient optimization-based calibration
Richter C, Rossler T, Kunze G, Katterfeld A, Will F
977 - 988 Agglomeration of stoichiometric hydroxyapatite: Impact on particle size distribution and purity in the precipitation and maturation steps
Tourbin M, Brouillet F, Galey B, Rouquet N, Gras P, Chebel NA, Grossin D, Frances C
989 - 997 Preparation techniques for micron-sized particulate samples in X-ray microtomography
Ditscherlein R, Leissner T, Peuker UA
998 - 1005 Effect of powder characteristics on production of oxide dispersion strengthened Fe-14Cr steel by laser powder bed fusion
Vasquez E, Giroux PF, Lomello F, Nussbaum M, Maskrot H, Schuster F, Castany P
1006 - 1016 Research on the air flow distribution law on the driving face based on wall-attached jet dust control
Zhang XT, Cao SG, Li DW, Sui JJ, Xu K
1017 - 1027 CFD-DEM simulation of fluidization of multisphere- modelled cylindrical particles
Farivar F, Zhang H, Tian ZF, Gupte A
1028 - 1036 Effects of particle size and ferric hydroxo complex produced by different grinding media on the flotation kinetics of pyrite
Zhang XL, Han YX, Gao P, Li YJ, Sun YS
1037 - 1046 The surface structure and the active layer depth of the irregular sand particles in a continuously avalanching flow
Qiang ZD, Wang BD, Li R, Chen Q, Zheng G, Zivkovic V, Yang H
1047 - 1054 Dynamic ball indentation for powder flow characterization
Tirapelle M, Santomaso AC, Hare C
1055 - 1066 Feeding spent coffee ground powders with a non-mechanical L-valve: Experimental analysis and TFM simulation
Sousa LM, Ferreira MC, Hou QF, Yu AB
1067 - 1078 Numerical study on hydrodynamics and explosion hazards of corn starch at high-temperature environments
Wang D, Qian XM, Wu DJ, Ji TC, Zhang Q, Huang P
1079 - 1091 Agglomeration potential evaluation of industrial Mn dusts and sludges based on physico-chemical characterization
Dubos JL, Orberger B, Milazzo JM, Blancher SB, Wallmach T, Lutzenkirchen J, Banchet J
1092 - 1101 Comparison of different effective diameter calculating methods for sphero-cylinders by geometrically exact DEM simulations
Yu FH, Zhang Y, Zheng Y, Han MZ, Chen GJ, Yao ZH
1102 - 1116 An efficient 3D DEM-FEM contact detection algorithm for tire-sand interaction
Yang P, Zang MY, Zeng HY
1117 - 1125 Effect mechanism of the iso-propanol substituent on amine collectors in the flotation of quartz and magnesite
Liu WB, Peng XY, Liu WG, Wang XY, Zhao Q, Wang BY
1126 - 1133 Optimization and tracking of coating processes of pellets with polyvinylpyrrolidone solutions in an acoustic levitator
Wong DL, Wirsching AL, Betz K, Reinbeck A, Moritz HU, Pauer W
1134 - 1142 The impact of sonication and stirring durations on the thermal conductivity of alumina-liquid paraffin nanofluid: An experimental assessment
Chen ZX, Shahsavar A, Al-Rashed AAAA, Afrand M
1143 - 1156 A comparative investigation on the accuracy of magnetic force models in ferrohydrodynamics
Goharkhah M, Bezaatpour M, Javar D
1157 - 1166 Effect of perlite particles on the filtration properties of high-density barite weighted water-based drilling fluid
Bageri BS, Adebayo AR, Al Jaberi J, Patil S
1167 - 1176 Lecithin-based modified soft agglomerate composite microparticles for inhalable montelukast: Development, tolerability and pharmacodynamic activity
Abdel-Gawad R, Osman R, Awad GAS, Mortada N
1177 - 1191 The impact of self-sustained oscillations on particle residence time in a commercial scale spray dryer
Jubaer H, Afshar S, Le Maout G, Mejean S, Selomulya C, Xiao J, Chen XD, Jeantet R, Woo MW
1192 - 1199 Hierarchical micro/nanofibrous filter for effective fine-particle capture
Liu YS, Qian XM, Wang L, Qian Y, Bai H, Wang XB
1200 - 1209 Multi-parameter optimization of rigid-flexible coupled elastic rod screening for moist coal
Huang L, Zhao YM, Jiang HS, Dong L, Duan CL, Qiao JP, Han J, Pan M
1210 - 1219 Experimental and numerical investigation on the packing of binary mixtures of spheres and ellipsoids
Li CX, Zhou ZY, Zou RP, Pinson D, Shen YS, Yu AB
1220 - 1226 Preparation and dissolution characteristic evaluation of carvedilol-Kollicoat IR solid dispersions with HPMC and MC as combined carriers
Xi ZY, Zhang W, Gao ZS, Xie LY, Chen L, Cui MS, Xi YR, Xu L
1227 - 1236 Multistep reduction kinetics of Fe3O4 to Fe with CO in a micro fluidized bed reaction analyzer
He K, Zheng Z, Chen ZW
1237 - 1252 A large eddy simulation study of cyclones: The effect of sub-models on efficiency and erosion prediction
Tofighian H, Amani E, Saffar-Avval M
1253 - 1270 Comparison of different drag models in CFD-DEM simulations of spouted beds
Marchelli F, Hou QF, Bosio B, Arato E, Yu AB
1271 - 1277 Atomic force microscopy to identify dehydration temperatures for small volumes of active pharmaceutical ingredients
Atamanuk K, Thomas MC, Wadams RC, Linthicum W, Yu WL, Huey BD
1278 - 1294 CFD-DEM Modeling of soluble NaCl particles conveyed in brine
Uzi A, Halevy GB, Levy A
1295 - 1304 The effect of particle shape on porosity of swelling granular materials: Discrete element method and the multi-sphere approximation
Sweijen T, Hassanizadeh SM, Aslannejad H, Leszczynski S
1305 - 1320 Grain-scale reconstruction and simulation of coal mechanical deformation and failure behaviors using combined SEM Digital Rock data and DEM simulator
Xu H, Wang G, Fan C, Liu XL, Wu MM
1321 - 1336 Numerical study on granule aggregation and breakage in fluidized bed granulation by a novel PBM with DEM-CFD coupling approach
Hayashi K, Nakamura H, Watano S
1337 - 1347 DEM study of the porosity distribution of pellet sandpile formed by ternary size particles
Wei H, Ge Y, Li M, Li Y, Saxen H, He ZJ, Yu YW
1348 - 1354 Reaction mechanism study of new scheme using elemental sulfur for conversion of barite to barium sulfide
Zhang W, Zhang FZ, Ma LP, Yang J, Yang J, Xiang HP
1355 - 1367 Effect of external electric field on particle impact charging process
Hu JW, Liang C, Han C, Zhou Q, Ma JL, Liu DY, Chen XP
1368 - 1376 LDV measurements of particle fluctuation velocities in dilute gravity-driven gas-particle flows
Feng H, Meng AH, Zhang YG, Gong YL, Li QH
1377 - 1387 EMMS-based solid stress model for the multiphase particle-in-cell method
Jiang Y, Li F, Ge W, Wang W