Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 1 World Congress on Particle Technology VIII
Cocco R
2 - 20 Design criteria for multicyclones in a limited space
Muschelknautz U
21 - 32 Development of a methodology for predicting particle attrition in a cyclone by CFD-DEM
Fulchini F, Ghadiri M, Borissova A, Amblard B, Bertholin S, Cloupet A, Yazdanpanah M
33 - 45 Experimental investigation of surface roughness effect on electrostatics generation
Zhao Y, Fang J, Wang Y, Shen Y, Yao J, Wang CH
46 - 53 Case study on the influence of electrostatic charges on particle concentration in turbulent duct flows
Grosshans H, Villafane L, Banko A, Papalexandris MV
54 - 63 Fluidization characteristics of cohesive powders in vibrated fluidized bed drying at low vibration frequencies
Lehmann SE, Hartge EU, Jongsma A, deLeeuw IM, Innings F, Heinrich S
64 - 73 Random loose packings of polydisperse adhesive microparticles with Gaussian size distribution
Liu WW, Chen S, Li SQ
74 - 82 Dynamic wetting of multicomponent particle systems
Kammerhofer J, Fries L, Dupas J, Forny L, Heinrich S, Palzer S
83 - 96 Deposition of wet microparticles on a fiber: Effects of impact velocity and initial spin
Chen HS, Liu WW, Li SQ
97 - 107 Fluidized bed torrefaction of biomass pellets: A comparison between oxidative and inert atmosphere
Brachi P, Chirone R, Miccio M, Ruoppolo G
108 - 116 High production circulating fluidized bed polymerization reactors
Gidaspow D
117 - 133 Investigation of the complex gas-solids flow characteristics in a fluidized bed with a Wurster tube by process tomography and CFD simulation
Zhou H, Tu QY, Wang HG
134 - 148 Using nondestructive techniques in mineral carbonation for understanding reaction fundamentals
Hague F, Santos RM, Chiang YW
149 - 157 Densification behavior of dry spent coffee ground powders: Experimental analysis and predictive methods
Sousa LM, Ferreira MC
158 - 163 Analysis of conveyor belt flexure resistance
Beh B, Wheeler CA, Munzenberger P
164 - 170 Study on the feeding characteristics of pulverized coal for entrained-flow gasification
Lu HF, Cao JK, Jin Y, Guo XL, Gong X
171 - 185 Application of open source FEM and DEM simulations for dynamic belt deflection modelling
Shen JH, Wheeler C, Ilic D, Chen J
186 - 192 Design optimization of an aerated hopper for discharge of cohesive pulverized coal
Lu HF, Cao JK, Guo XL, Gong X, Fu L
193 - 213 Pneumatic conveying of cohesive dairy powder: Experiments and CFD-DEM simulations
Olaleye AK, Shardt O, Walker GM, Van den Akker HEA
214 - 222 Design and optimization of NiMg/ceria-zirconia catalyst pellets
Zhao X, Stachurski P, Shah S, Maiti D, Ramani S, Wright A, Walker DM, Joseph B, Kuhn JN
223 - 231 Characterization of waxes as possible coating material for organic aerogels
Goslinska M, Heinrich S
232 - 239 Packing structure analysis of flexible rod particles in terms of aspect ratio, bending stiffness, and surface energy
Nam J, Lyu J, Park J
240 - 247 New mass flow limiting lines based on segregation pattern and magnitude
Johanson K
248 - 261 Emulsion stability with nanoparticles and utilization of demulsifiers for break-up
Nunez C, Dabirian R, Gavrielatos I, Mohan RS, Shoham O
262 - 268 Experimental investigation and modeling of moving bed to moving dunes transition
Dabirian R, Gavrielatos I, Mohan RS, Shoham O
269 - 280 A surface characterization platform approach to study Flowability of food powders
Montes BEC, Martinez-Alejo JM, Lozano-Perez H, Gumy JC, Zemlyanov D, Carvajal MT
281 - 290 Assessment of a powder rheometer equipped with a cylindrical impeller for the measurement of powder flow properties at low consolidation
Lupo M, Schutz D, Riedl E, Barletta D, Poletto M
291 - 304 Flow and force analysis on the formation of expanded beds in gas fluidization of fine ellipsoids
Gan JQ, Zhou ZY, Yu AB
305 - 312 Influence of binary and ternary particle systems on the spouting stability in a three-dimensional prismatic spouted bed
Pietsch S, Kieckhefen P, Muller M, Schonherr M, Jager FK, Heinrich S
313 - 321 Structural signature of binary sphere mixtures under air impact
Gou DZ, An XZ, Zhao HY, Zhang H, Yang RY, Fu HT, Yang XH
322 - 330 Radial segregation of binary-sized ellipsoids in a rotating drum
He SY, Gan JQ, Pinson D, Yu AB, Zhou ZY
331 - 342 Heat transfer in a pressurized fluidized bed with continuous addition of fines
Li F, Mielke E, Hughes RW, Fitzsimmons M, Macchi A, Mehrani P
343 - 351 Application of CPFD method in the simulation of vertical dense phase pneumatic conveying of pulverized coal
Jin Y, Lu HF, Guo XL, Gong X
352 - 359 Experimental study on flow characterization of a rectangular spouted bed by image processing
Yang J, Breault RW, Rowan SL, Weber JM
360 - 366 Some considerations for measuring the collisional dissipation rate of flexible fibers
Buettner KE, Guo Y, Curtis JS
367 - 376 Accelerated heat transfer simulations using coupled DEM and CFD
Sousani M, Hobbs AM, Anderson A, Wood R
377 - 386 Effect of surface wettability on filtration performance of gas-liquid coalescing filters
Chen F, Ji Z, Qi Q
387 - 397 Optimization of supercritical CO2-assisted spray drying technology for the production of inhalable composite particles using quality-by-design principles
Moura C, Casimiro T, Costa E, Aguiar-Ricardo A
398 - 407 Micromechanical analysis of bubbles formed in fluidized beds operated with a continuous single jet
Shrestha S, Gan JQ, Zhou ZY
408 - 416 The influence of nanobubbles on the interaction forces between alumina particles and ceramic foam filters
Ditscherlein L, Knupfer P, Peuker UA
417 - 427 Modified MFIX code to simulate hydrodynamics of gas-solids bubbling fluidized beds: A model of coupled kinetic theory of granular flow and discrete element method
Zhang QH, Cai WJ, Lu CL, Gidaspow D, Lu HL
428 - 435 Wake volume of injected bubbles in fluidized beds: A magnetic resonance imaging velocimetry study
Boyce CM, Penn A, Lehnert M, Pruessmann KP, Muller CR