Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.356 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Experimental and theoretical study of the collection efficiency of the two-stage electrostatic precipitator
Li SS, Zhang SY, Pan WX, Long ZW, Yu T
11 - 20 Contact detection between convex polyhedra and superquadrics in discrete element codes
Peng D, Hanley KJ
21 - 30 Effects of particle size on dynamic constitutive relation and energy absorption of calcareous sand
Lv YR, Wang Y, Zuo DJ
31 - 38 Dual-beam interferometric particle imaging for size measurement of opaque metal droplet
Wu YC, Lin ZM, Wu XC, Cen KF
39 - 49 Effect of SiO2 nanoparticles on the heat transfer characteristics of refrigerant and tribological behaviour of lubricant
Sanukrishna SS, Shafi M, Murukan M, Prakash MJ
50 - 59 Studies on pneumatic transport of ice cores in reverse circulation air drilling
Cao PL, Cao HY, Cao J, Liu MM, Chen BY
60 - 72 Laboratory-scale validation of a DEM model of a toothed double-roll crusher and numerical studies
Li YW, Zhao LL, Hu EY, Yang KK, He JF, Jiang HS, Hou QF
73 - 82 Rings growth behavior within a pre-reduction rotary kiln: The layered structure and formation mechanism
Wang YZ, Zhang JL, Liu ZJ
83 - 96 Amorphous magnesium silicate ultrasound-assisted precipitation in a mixing system: Population balance modelling and crystallization rates identification
Dietemann M, Baillon F, Espitalier F, Calvet R, Greenhill-Hooper M
97 - 101 Effect of particle size on interfacial bonding strength of bilayer tablets
Chang SY, Sun CC
102 - 111 Investigation into the effects of various parameters on the performance and classification potential of a cyclone classifier
Caliskan ME, Karagoz I, Avci A, Surmen A
112 - 118 Obtainment of the alumina polyamide-coated spherical particles
de Oliveira I, Vernilli F, Vieira R, da Silva JVL
119 - 128 Synthesis of nanostructured fcc/hcp hollow Ni particles by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis and its dry reforming catalytic properties
Aghaali MH, Firoozi S
129 - 138 Numerical simulation of a dense flow cyclone using the kinetic theory of granular flow in a dense discrete phase model
Hwang IS, Jeong HJ, Hwang J
139 - 147 Measurement of granule layer thickness in a spouted bed coating process via optical coherence tomography
Pietsch S, Peter A, Wahl P, Khinast J, Heinrich S
148 - 161 Numerical study on abnormal airflow patterns and particle deposition characteristics in the realistic HUA model with pharyngeal obstruction
Yan WW, Tang CW, Liu Y, Li GZ
162 - 169 Efficient and selective removal of congo red by mesoporous amino -modified MIL-101(Cr) nanoadsorbents
Tan YM, Sun ZQ, Meng H, Han YD, Wu JB, Xu JL, Xu Y, Zhang X
170 - 176 Insight into effect of CaCO3 on reduction roasting of fine-grained silicate type iron oxide ore and its application on Fe separation and recovery
Wu FF, Deng J, Mi BB, Xiao Z, Kuang JQ, Liu H, Liang M, Liu BQ, Yu P
177 - 192 Fluid-solid interaction simulation for particles and walls of arbitrary polygonal shapes with a coupled LBM-IMB-DEM method
Li XG, Wang FZ, Zhang D, Gu S, Gao X
193 - 199 Influence of the fountain confiner in a conical spouted bed dryer
Estiati I, Tellabide M, Saldarriaga JF, Altzibar H, Olazar M
200 - 207 Enhanced fluidization of nanosized TiO2 by a microjet and vibration assisted (MVA) method
An K, Andino JM
208 - 221 Impact of dominant elastic to elastic-plastic millimeter-sized metal spheres with glass plates
Jebelisinaki F, Boettcher R, van Wachem B, Mueller P
222 - 230 Experiments and CFD-DEM simulations of cohesive particles sedimentation in stilled fluid
Lu RR, Zhang L, Ricoux P, Wang LM
231 - 239 Drag in wet granular materials
Artoni R, Loro G, Richard P, Gabrieli F, Santomaso AC
240 - 252 Thermal lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection in a multi-pipe sinusoidal-wall cavity filled with Al2O3-EG nanofluid
Khakrah H, Hooshmand P, Jamalabadi MYA, Azar S
253 - 262 On the formation of core-shell granules in batch high shear granulators at two scales
Mandi FM, Mehrabi M, Hassanpour A, Muller FL
263 - 272 The effect of adding surfactant to the treating acid on the chemical properties of an acid-treated coal
Xie JN, Ni GH, Xie HC, Li S, Sun Q, Dong K
273 - 283 Modelling pressure drop in bends for pneumatic conveying of fine powders
Sharma A, Mallick SS
284 - 294 Enhanced removal of phenol by novel magnetic bentonite composites modified with amphoteric-cationic surfactants
Ren S, Deng J, Meng ZF, Wang T, Xie T, Xu SE
295 - 303 Improved watershed analysis for segmenting contacting particles of coarse granular soils in volumetric images
Sun Q, Zheng JX, Li C
304 - 309 Effect of particle size reduction due to dust dispersion on minimum ignition energy (MIE)
Bagaria P, Hall B, Dastidar A, Mashuga C
310 - 324 Estimating pressure drop and Ergun/Forchheimer parameters of flow through packed bed of spheres with large particle diameters
Amiri L, Ghoreishi-Madiseh SA, Hassani FP, Sasmito AP
325 - 334 Low frequency microwave absorption property of CIPs/ZnO/Graphene ternary hybrid prepared via facile high-energy ball milling
Yin PF, Zhang LM, Wang J, Feng X, Wang KM, Rao HB, Wang YY, Dai JW
335 - 341 Enhancing the thermal conductivity of SAE 50 engine oil by adding zinc oxide nano-powder: An experimental study
Yang L, Mao M, Huang JN, Ji WK
342 - 352 An optimization-based approach for modeling of complex particles
Tahmasebi P
353 - 372 Effects of multi inlet guide channels on the performance of a cyclone separator
Nassaj OR, Toghraie D, Afrand M
373 - 382 Synthesis and characterization of manganese ferrite MnxFe3-xO4 from ferruginous manganese ores by multi-step roasting and magnetic separation
Gao LH, Liu ZG, Ge Y, Feng C, Chu MS, Tang J
383 - 390 Inspiration from a thermosensitive biomass gel: A novel method to improving the stability of core-shell "dry water" fire extinguishing agent
Zou YY, Li KY, Yuan BH, Chen XF, Fan A, Sun YR, Shang S, Chen GQ, Huang CY, Dai HM, Yun YL
391 - 402 Experimental study of the effect of various surfactants on surface sediment and pool boiling heat transfer coefficient of silica/DI water nano-fluid
Tian Z, Etedali S, Afrand M, Abdollahi A, Goodarzi M
403 - 413 Microwave hot press sintering: New attempt for the fabrication of Fe-Cu pre-alloyed matrix in super-hard material
Hou M, Guo SH, Yang L, Ullah E, Gao JY, Hu T, Ye XL, Hu LT
414 - 422 Preparation and in-situ surface modification of CaCO3 nanoparticles with calcium stearate in a microreaction system
Han CL, Hu YP, Wang K, Luo GS
423 - 438 Roughness analysis of general-shape particles, from 2D closed outlines to 3D closed surfaces
Su D, Wang X, Yang HW, Hong CY
439 - 442 How to measure the volume fraction of granular assemblies using x-ray radiography
Baur M, Claussen J, Gerth S, Kollmer J, Shreve T, Uhlmann N, Poschel T
443 - 457 Numerical simulation study on the coupling mechanism of composite-source airflow-dust field in a fully mechanized caving face
Xiu ZH, Nie W, Chen DW, Yan JY, Cai P, Liu Q, Wei CH
458 - 479 Mechanical dry particle coating on cohesive pharmaceutical powders for improving flowability - A review
Sharma R, Setia G
480 - 492 Removal of fine solid particles in aggressive gas flows in a newly designed multi-channel cyclone
Baltrenas P, Chlebnikovas A
493 - 499 Energy transfer and influence of excitation frequency in granular materials from the perspective of Fourier transform
Wang J, Chu XH, Jiang QH, Xiu CX
500 - 507 Resistance of deliquescence and caking to enhance the effective utilization of potassium nitrate: A novel surface modification method by SDS
He XT, Li J, Chen M, Jin Y, Wang YB, Li JD
508 - 516 Optical and dielectric properties of ethylene glycol-based nanofluids containing nanodiamonds with various purities
Di Rosa D, Wanic M, Fal J, Zyla G, Mercatelli L, Sani E
517 - 527 Energy performance and calorimetric behaviour of cements bearing granite sludge
Medina G, del Bosque IFS, Frias M, de Rojas MIS, Medina C
528 - 546 Comparison of numerical schemes for 3D lattice Boltzmann simulations of moving rigid particles in thermal fluid flows
Rosemann T, Kravets B, Reinecke SR, Kruggel-Emden H, Wu M, Peters B
547 - 558 Controlled synthesis of reduced graphene oxide supported magnetically separable Fe3O4@rGO@AgI ternary nanocomposite for enhanced photocatalytic degradation of phenol
Rehman GU, Tahir M, Goh PS, Ismail AF, Khan IU
559 - 565 Investigation of enhanced thermal properties of Cu-Ar nanofluids by reverse non equilibrium molecular dynamics method
Chen JH, Han K, Wang S, Liu XG, Wang P, Chen JY
566 - 580 Study of the effect of milling parameters on mechanosynthesis of hydroxyfluorapatite using the Taguchi method
Hajji H, Nasr S, Millot N, Ben Salem E
581 - 593 A tensor-based analysis of stress variability in granular media subjected to various loading conditions
Huang X, Lei QH, Zhang ZX, Qin H
594 - 606 Effect of energy density on formability, microstructure and micro-hardness of selective laser melted Sc- and Zr- modified 7075 aluminum alloy
Lei ZL, Bi J, Chen YB, Chen X, Qin XK, Tian Z
607 - 617 Quantifying the loading capacity of a carrier-based DPI formulation and its dependence on the blending process
Benassi A, Perazzi I, Bosi R, Cottini C, Bettini R
618 - 627 Discrete simulation of particle manipulation in micro-fluid with acoustic force
Yang WJ, Liu PJ, Li Q
628 - 639 Magnetic properties of micro-particles with different shapes and postures in the high precision particles detection
Jia R, Ma B, Zheng CS, Ba X, Wang LY, Du Q
640 - 648 Experimental study and thermal analysis of the combustion characteristics of powder-activated cokes
He Y, Zhang XB, Chen W, Zhang B, Zhang Z
649 - 660 Predicting the critical outlet width of a hopper using a continuum finite element method model
Pardikar K, Wassgren C
661 - 670 Synthesis and luminescence properties of Eu3+ codoped Ca0.7Y0.3Ti0.7Al0.3O3:Dy3+ white-emitting phosphor through sol-gel method
Zhang WT, Zou CY, Bao CS, Dai SY, Huang Y, Wu L, Qiu KH
671 - 690 Silt particles affect cavitation flow: Analyzing variations in silt mean diameter and concentration
Han XD, Kang Y, Zhao WG, Sheng JP, Li D
691 - 701 Insight of iron ore-coal composite reduction in a pilot scale rotary kiln: A post-mortem study
Liang ZK, Yi LY, Huang ZC, Lu B, Jiang X, Cai W, Tian BZ, Jin YY
702 - 714 Influence of external pressure on granular flow in a cylindrical silo based on discrete element method
Ji SY, Wang SQ, Peng Z
715 - 725 A comparative study of induced and transferred charges for mass flow rate measurement of pneumatically conveyed particles
Hu YH, Yan Y, Qian XC, Zhang WB
726 - 734 Template-free microwave-assisted synthesis of FeTi coordination complex yolk-shell microspheres for superior catalytic removal of arsenic and chemical degradation of methylene blue from polluted water
Shi XF, Wang C, Ma YY, Liu H, Wu SD, Shao Q, He ZF, Guo L, Ding T, Guo ZH
735 - 749 Comparative behavior of damping terms of viscoelastic contact force models with consideration on relaxation time
Jian B, Hu GM, Fang ZQ, Zhou HJ, Xia R
750 - 758 Experimental study on rock-like materials fragmentation by electric explosion method under high stress condition
Peng JY, Zhang FP, Yan GL, Qiu ZG, Dai XH
759 - 768 Fine spherical powder production during gas atomization of pressurized melts through melt nozzles with a small inner diameter
Li XG, Zhu Q, Shu S, Fan JZ, Zhang SM
769 - 777 The influence of the local effect of electric current on densification of tungsten powder during spark plasma sintering
Deng SH, Zhao HJ, Li RD, Yuan TC, Li LB, Cao P
778 - 789 DEM study on size segregation and voidage distribution in green bed formed on iron ore sinter strand
Li CZ, Honeyands T, O'Dea D, Moreno-Atanasio R
790 - 794 Beta distributions for particle size having a finite range and predetermined mode, mean or median
Peleg M
795 - 807 Calibration of linear contact stiffnesses in discrete element models using a hybrid analytical-computational framework
Qu TM, Feng YT, Zhao T, Wang M
808 - 817 Particle velocity reduction in horizontal-horizontal bends of dilute phase pneumatic conveying
Kalman H, Santo N, Tripathi NM
818 - 831 DEM-based modelling framework for spray-dried powders in ceramic tiles industry. Part I: Calibration procedure
Tiscar JM, Escrig A, Mallol G, Boix J, Gilabert FA
832 - 846 Four objective optimization of aluminum nanoparticles/oil, focusing on thermo-physical properties optimization
Esfe MH, Motallebi SM
847 - 857 Continuous twin screw granulation: Impact of the starting material properties and various process parameters
Hwang KM, Cho CH, Yoo SD, Cha KI, Park ES
858 - 870 Numerical analysis of the effect of the contraction rate of the curved hopper on flow characteristics of the silo discharge
Liu HR, Jia FG, Xiao YW, Han YL, Li GR, Li AQ, Bai SG
871 - 879 Analysis of effect of radial confluence flow on vortex core motion
Yang JX, Dong ZZ, Shen C, Zhang W, Hao XG, Guan GQ
880 - 883 Effect of vibration mode on detachment of low-rank coal particle from oscillating bubble
Zhang YF, Xing YW, Ding SH, Cao YJ, Gui XH
884 - 891 Effect of bubble size on the performance flotation of fine particles of a low-grade Brazilian apatite ore
Reis AS, Reis AM, Demuner LR, Barrozo MAS
892 - 898 Can we predict trends in tribo-charging of pharmaceutical materials from first principles?
Brunsteiner M, Zellnitz S, Pinto JT, Karrer J, Paudel A
899 - 908 Zein/luteolin microparticles formation using a supercritical fluids assisted technique
Palazzo I, Campardelli R, Scognamiglio M, Reverchon E
909 - 919 Effect of particle flow dynamics on the fabric evolution in spherical granular assemblies filled under gravity
Vijayan A, Annabattula RK
920 - 929 Alteration in interfacial properties and stability of coal water slurry by lignosulfonate
Konduri MKR, Fatehi P
930 - 940 Modification of the agglomeration kernel and simulation of the flow pattern in acoustic field with fine particles
Zheng JX, Li YK, Wan ZQ, Hong WP, Wang L
941 - 956 Numerical analysis of flow field and separation characteristics in hydrocyclones with adjustable apex
Jiang LY, Liu PK, Yang XH, Zhang YK, Wang H, Xu CC
957 - 973 Optimized heat exchanger integration within a TSA-process based on experimentally evaluated heat transfer correlations for finned-tubes in fluidized-beds
Hofmann R, Vogtenhuber H, Prendl L
974 - 979 Attrition of ilmenite ore during consecutive redox cycles in chemical looping combustion
Hatanaka T, Yoda Y
980 - 989 Strengthening and plasticity improvement mechanisms of titanium matrix composites with two-scale network microstructure
Jiao Y, Huang LJ, Geng L, Zhang R, Jiang S, Li XT, Gao YN
990 - 1000 Local scaling of CaCO3 on carbon steel surface with different corrosion types
Zhu TZ, Wang LD, Sun W, Yang ZQ, Wang SL, Zhao LQ, Xiao GJ, Wang GZ, Liu ZM, Shu XQ, Liu GC
1001 - 1007 Effect of novel built-in rotator on the performance of pleated cartridge filter
Li SH, Jin H, Hu SD, Tan XY, Liu H, Xie B, Kang JH, Zhou FB
1008 - 1015 A simple L-shape pipe flow test for practical rheological properties of backfill slurry: A case study
Xiao BL, Wen ZJ, Wu F, Li LT, Yang ZQ, Gao Q
1016 - 1023 Dynamic vapor sorption measurement and identification of mineral species in industrial-scale flotation cell samples
Malm L, Sand A, Bolin NJ, Rosenkranz J, Ymen I
1024 - 1028 Classification of coal and gangue under multiple surface conditions via machine vision and relief-SVM
Dou DY, Wu WZ, Yang JG, Zhang Y
1029 - 1044 Evaluation of the properties of POE/SiO2 nanolubricant for an energy-efficient refrigeration system - An experimental assessment
Narayanasarma S, Kuzhiveli BT
1045 - 1058 DEM analysis of compression breakage of 3D printed agglomerates with different structures
Ge RH, Wang LG, Zhou ZY
1059 - 1076 Comparing the strengthening efficiency of multiwalled carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoplatelets in aluminum matrix
Singh LK, Bhadauria A, Laha T
1077 - 1086 Experimental study on synergistic wetting of a coal dust with dust suppressant compounded with noncationic surfactants and its mechanism analysis
Shi GQ, Han C, Wang YM, Wang HT
1087 - 1096 Novel preparation process of iron powders with semisteel by rotary cup atomizer
He WC, Lv XW, Pan FF, Li XQ, Yan ZM