Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 6 Effect of particle morphology on dust minimum ignition energy
Bagaria P, Prasad S, Sun JZ, Bellair R, Mashuga C
7 - 17 Modeling transport of colloidal particles through polydisperse fibrous membrane filters under unfavorable chemical and physical conditions
Lee H, Kang S, Kim SC, Pui DYH
18 - 25 Characterization of colloidal nanoparticles in mixtures with polydisperse and multimodal size distributions using a particle tracking analysis and electrospray-scanning mobility particle sizer
Lee H, Kwak DB, Kim SC, Pui DYH
26 - 36 Microstructural characterization and gas-solid reduction kinetics of iron ore fines at high temperature
Qu YX, Xing LY, Shao L, Luo YJ, Zou ZS
37 - 56 Investigation of the dust release from bulk material undergoing various mechanical processes using a coupled DEM/CFD approach
Schulz D, Schwindt N, Schmidt E, Jasevicius R, Kruggel-Emden H
57 - 66 Experimental and numerical analysis of effects of supercritical carbon dioxide debinding on Inconel 718 MIM components
Olivier D, Aboubabky A, Antonia JM, Manuel TJ, Thierry B
67 - 71 Dead mass in continuous blending
Kauppinen A, Karhu H, Lakio S
72 - 82 The diffusion and separation of the oil shale in the compound dry beneficiation bed
Yu XD, Luo ZF, Li HB, Zhang JX, Gan DQ
83 - 92 Tuning the photocatalytic activity of carbohydrate-derived humins via ball milling: Insights by experimental and chemometrics approach
Tzvetkov G, Nedyalkova M, Zaharieva J, Spassov T, Tsyntsarski B
93 - 105 Numerical simulation of mono-disperse droplet spray dryer under the influence of nozzle motion
Wei YC, Woo MW, Selomulya C, Wu WD, Xiao J, Chen XD
106 - 118 Multi-objective optimization design of spiral demister with punched holes by combining response surface method and genetic algorithm
Yang LS, Wang JX, Sun XH, Xu MH
119 - 126 Reutilizing ceramic polishing waste as powder filler in mortar to reduce cement content by 33% and increase strength by 85%
Li LG, Zhuo ZY, Zhu J, Chen JJ, Kwan AKH
127 - 134 Synthesis of mesoporous SAPO-34 catalysts in the presence of MWCNT, CNF, and GO as hard templates in MTO process
Soltanali S, Darian JT
135 - 144 Monitoring of scale formation in a pneumatic conveying system operating in a metal production plant
Haugland IB, Chladek J, Halstensen M
145 - 156 Simulation of particle deposition in a plate-fin heat exchanger using a particle deposition model with a random function method
Xu ZM, Sun AD, Han ZM, Yu XY, Zhang Y
157 - 162 On the rheological properties of MWCNT-TiO2/oil hybrid nanofluid: An experimental investigation on the effects of shear rate, temperature, and solid concentration of nanoparticles
Alarifi IM, Alkouh AB, Ali V, Nguyen HM, Asadi A
163 - 171 Study on the element segregation and Laves phase formation in the carbon nanotubes reinforced IN718 superalloy by laser cladding
Chen Y, Zhang Q, Chen ZJ, Wang L, Yao JH, Kovalenko V
172 - 182 Improved PTV measurement based on Voronoi matching used in hopper flow
Song J, Yang H, Li R, Chen Q, Zhang YJ, Wang YJ, Kong P
183 - 190 A simple magnetite nanoparticle immobilized thermoresponsive polymer synthesis for heavy metal ion recovery
Hayashi K, Matsuyama T, Ida J
191 - 200 The separation of gold and vanadium in carbonaceous gold ore by one-step roasting method
Wang HJ, Feng YL, Li HR, Kang JX
201 - 212 Study of particle residence time in a pressurized fluidized bed with in-bed heat exchanger tubes
Seguin MA, Hughes RW, Fitzsimmons M, Macchi A, Mehrani P
213 - 225 Investigation of gas-solid flow and temperature distribution uniformity of 350 MW supercritical CFB boiler with polygonal furnace
Song GL, Yang Z, Lyu QG
226 - 241 Granular surface waves interaction across phases modeled by mesh-free method
Xu TB, Jin YC, Tai YC
242 - 250 Study of electrostatic charging of single particles during pneumatic conveying
Taghavivand M, Elchamaa B, Sowinski A, Mehrani P
251 - 263 Proposing a modified engine oil to reduce cold engine start damages and increase safety in high temperature operating conditions
Esfe MH, Esfandeh S, Arani AAA
264 - 267 A theory of angel hair: Analytic prediction of frictional heating of particulates in pneumatic transport
Lorenz RD
268 - 277 Reducing porosity at the starting layers above supporting bars of the parts made by Selective Laser Melting
Pal S, Lojen G, Kokol V, Drstvengek I
278 - 288 Thermo-hydraulic performance of a biological nanofluid containing graphene nanoplatelets within a tube enhanced with rotating twisted tape
Bahiraei M, Mazaheri N, Aliee F, Safaei MR
289 - 299 A novel approach of evaluating crushing energy in ball mills using regional total energy
Huang P, Ding YF, Wu L, Fu SQ, Jia MP
300 - 308 Numerical simulation and experimental verification for magnetic field analysis of thread magnetic matrix in high gradient magnetic separation
Li WB, Zhou LB, Han YX, Xu RQ
309 - 319 Novel index for evaluating continuous mixing process with pulse injection of bimodal tracer particles
Park C, Lee K, Hong S, Lee J, Cho S, Moon I
320 - 332 Effects of aspect ratio and component ratio on binary-mixed discharging pebble flow in hoppers
Ge L, Gui N, Yang XT, Tu JY, Jiang SY
333 - 339 Accumulation phenomenon in continuous flow of irregular particles in rotating drum
Zhang YJ, Yang H, Li R, Chen Q, Sun QC, Kong P
340 - 348 Introduction of milled kaolinite obtained by mechanosynthesis to cement mixture for the production of mortar: Study of mechanical performance of modified mortar
Hamzaoui R, Bouchenafa O, Ben Maaouia O, Guessasma S
349 - 354 Effect of particle length to width ratio on sieving accuracy and precision
Bartley PC, Jackson BE, Fonteno WC
355 - 362 Hemispheric ordered porous Eu(TTA)(3)(TPPO)(2)/ZnO fluorescence composites and its preparation method
Zhang WL, Yu H, Dong XT
363 - 371 A modified model for predicting bed density of air dense medium gas-solid fluidized bed (ADMGFB) using binary dense media
Liu CG, Lu S, He JF, Zhao YM, Zhu LT
372 - 385 Response surface optimization of spray-dried citronella oil microcapsules with reduced volatility and irritation for cosmetic textile uses
Yingngam B, Kacha W, Rungseevijitprapa W, Sudta P, Prasitpuriprecha C, Brantner A
386 - 392 CuO@Ag core-shell material preparation and as high-stability anodes for lithium-ion batteries
Zhang YY, Feng LL, Chen HY, Zhang W, Liu B, Ji SP, Chuan YM, Wang R
393 - 407 Influence of air supply pressure on atomization characteristics and dust-suppression efficiency of internal-mixing air-assisted atomizing nozzle
Wang PF, Zhang K, Liu RH
408 - 416 Enhanced properties of carbon nanotube-graphite hybrid-reinforced Cu matrix composites via optimization of the preparation technology and interface structure
Zhao Q, Gan XP, Zhou KC
417 - 424 Optimization of spray drying process parameters for production of groundnut milk powder
Saha D, Nanda SK, Yadav DN
425 - 437 DEM analysis of the flow and friction of spherical particles in steel silos with corrugated walls
Gallego E, Fuentes JM, Wicek J, Villar JR, Ayuga F
438 - 448 Suction filling of pharmaceutical powders
Zakhvatayeva A, Hare C, Wu CY
449 - 460 Stochastic model to simulate spray fluidized bed agglomeration: a morphological approach
Singh AK, Tsotsas E
461 - 473 Experimental investigation and simulation of rehydration dynamics of biopolymer powders
Wangler J, Teichmann H, Konstanz E, Kohlus R
474 - 480 Slurry bubble column measurements using advanced electrical capacitance volume tomography sensors
Sines JN, Hwang SW, Marashdeh QM, Tong A, Wang DW, He PF, Straiton BJ, Zuccarelli CE, Fan LS
481 - 494 Effects of underflow orifice diameter on the hydrocyclone separation performance with different feed size distributions
Zhang CE, Cui BY, Wei BZ, Lu SS
495 - 503 Dense phase pneumatic conveying for atomized slip in the ceramics industry: Pilot plant design and experimental tests
Bianchini A, Saccani C, Simoni M
504 - 513 The specific surface area and porosity of synthetic and calcined alpha-C2SH, kilchoanite and hydroxyledgrewite
Dambrauskas T, Baltakys K, Eisinas A, Kitrys S
514 - 525 High-shear granulation: An investigation into the granule consolidation and layering mechanism
de Koster SAL, Pitt K, Litster JD, Smith RM
526 - 534 Disruption of colliding liquid droplets with different surface geometries
Piskunov MV, Shlegel NE, Strizhak PA
535 - 541 Beneficiation of copper ores based on high-density separation fluidized bed
Yan GH, Zhang B, Duan CL, Zhao YM, Zhang ZX, Zhu GQ, Zhu XN
542 - 551 Experimental and mathematical investigations of spray angle and droplet sizes of a flash evaporation desalination system
Fathinia F, Khiadani M, Al-Abdeli YM
552 - 563 Performance analysis of hybrid nanofluid in a heat sink equipped with sharp and streamlined micro pin-fins
Ambreen T, Saleem A, Ali HM, Shehzad SA, Park CW
564 - 572 Effect of particle breakage conditions on child particle aspect ratio
Hill PJ, Reeves SM
573 - 581 The effect of coal proximate compositions on the characteristics of dust generation using a conical pick cutting system
Zhou WD, Wang HT, Wang DM, Du YH, Zhang K, Kang WJ
582 - 592 Investigation on the correlations between thermal behaviors and explosion severity of aluminum dust/air mixtures
Li QZ, Zhang GY, Zheng YN, Liu JF, Li XW
593 - 601 Potential food application of resveratrol microparticles: Characterization and controlled release studies
Cardoso T, Goncalves A, Estevinho BN, Rocha F
602 - 610 Developing dissimilar artificial neural networks (ANNs) to prediction the thermal conductivity of MWCNT-TiO2/Water-ethylene glycol hybrid nanofluid
Akhgar A, Toghraie D, Sina N, Afrand M
611 - 616 Ultrasound-assisted detachment behavior of glass beads and fragments from a fixed bubble
Ma GX, Xia WC, Xie GY, Peng YL
617 - 628 Spherulitic growth and morphology control of lithium carbonate: the stepwise evolution of core-shell structures
Wang Y, Du SC, Wang XM, Sun MM, Yang YJ, Gong JB
629 - 636 A novel blending principle and optimization model for low-carbon and low-cost sintering in ironmaking process
Huang XX, Fan XH, Chen XL, Gan M, Ji ZY, Zheng RY
637 - 648 Numerical study of the segregation of pyrolized char in a bubbling fluidized bed according to distributor configuration
Park HC, Choi HS
649 - 656 Huperzine A loaded multiparticulate disintegrating tablet: Drug release mechanism of ethyl cellulose microparticles and pharmacokinetic study
Peng TT, Shi Y, Zhu CN, Feng DS, Ma XY, Yang PP, Bai XQ, Pan X, Wu CY, Tan W, Wu CB
657 - 666 Promoting effect of water vapor on particle matter combustion in a low-temperature continuous regeneration type PM removal device using a fluidized bed
Yokoo K, Matsune H, Kishida M, Tatebayashi J, Yamamoto T
667 - 674 Cleaning method of vanadium precipitation from stripped vanadium solution using oxalic acid
Kang Q, Zhang YM, Bao SX
675 - 687 Comprehensive study of co-processed excipients F- Melts (R): Flow, viscoelastic and compacts properties
Svatinova P, Vranikova B, Dominik M, Elbl J, Pavlokova S, Kubalak R, Kopecka P, Franc A
688 - 699 Optimizing hydride-dehydride Ti-6Al-4V feedstock composition for titanium powder injection moulding
Thavanayagam G, Swan JE
700 - 707 Molecular-level insights into the adsorption of a hydroxy-containing tertiary amine collector on the surface of magnesite ore
Liu WB, Liu WG, Wang BY, Zhao Q, Duan H, Chen XD
708 - 715 Structure, morphology, and magnetic properties of NiFe2O4 powder prepared by molten salt method
Liu JX, Yang H, Xue XX
716 - 726 Synthesis of carbon molecular sieve for carbon dioxide adsorption: Chemical vapor deposition combined with Taguchi design of experiment method
Morali U, Demiral H, Sensoz S
727 - 737 Particle size distributions of P(VAc-co-MMA) beads produced through nonconventional suspension copolymerizations
Azevedo GD, Pinto JCCD
738 - 754 The structure of spray-dried detergent powders
Farshchi A, Hassanpour A, Bayly AE
755 - 769 A model of pulse combustion drying and breakup of colloidal suspension droplets
Pramudita D, Tsotsas E
770 - 781 Impact of three-dimensional sphericity and roundness on heat transfer in granular materials
Fei WB, Narsilio GA, Disfani MM
782 - 792 Gasification of carbon/carbon composite prepared from pyrolyzed char of low-grade coke and low-rank coal
Mochizuki Y, Kubota Y, Uebo K, Tsubouchi N
793 - 807 One-pot synthesis of Au/N-TiO2 photocatalysts for environmental applications: Enhancement of dyes and NOx photodegradation
Luna M, Gatica JM, Vidal H, Mosquera MJ
808 - 819 An integrated framework for modelling virtual 3D irregulate particulate mesostructure
Naderi S, Zhang MZ