Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.344 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Particle dynamics of the passive layer within a granular drum using wavelet analysis
Mou SH, Yang H, Li R, Zhang GH, Sun QC, Kong P
10 - 16 Electrostatic separation for sustainable production of rapeseed oil cake protein concentrate: Effect of mechanical disruption on protein and lignocellulosic fiber separation
Kdidi S, Vaca-Medina G, Peydecastaing J, Oukarroum A, Fayoud N, Barakat A
17 - 26 Investigating the impact models for nanoparticles manipulation based on atomic force microscope (according to contact mechanics)
Korayem MH, Khaksar H
27 - 35 CFD simulation of gas and particle flow and a carbon capture process using a circulating fluidized bed (CFB) reacting loop
Ghadirian E, Abbasian J, Arastoopour H
36 - 45 Reducing comminution over-grinding of powder coatings with modified grinding pins in an air classifier mill
Li WH, Shao YY, Zhu JX, Zhang HP, Zhang H
46 - 57 Microscopic mechanism of the interaction between water and formic acid-sodium chloride aerosol
Zhang C, Wang YS, Wang HJ, Yang Y, Li CP
58 - 67 On-site manufacture of hot mix asphalt using pellets that can be melted by induction energy
Obaidi H, Gomez-Meijide B, Garcia A
68 - 78 Three dimensional simulation of hydrodynamic and heat transfer behavior of magnetite nanofluid flow in circular and rectangular channel heat sinks filled with porous media
Bezaatpour M, Goharkhah M
79 - 88 Granular dynamics in a vertical bladed mixer: Secondary flow patterns
Havlica J, Jirounkova K, Travnickova T, Stanovsky P, Petrus P, Kohout M
89 - 95 Chrysanthemum derived hierarchically porous nitrogen-doped carbon as high performance anode material for Lithium/Sodium ion batteries
Ou JK, Yang L, Zhang Z
96 - 102 Influence of physical, chemical and dual sewage sludge conditioning methods on the dewatering efficiency
Wojcik M, Stachowicz F
103 - 107 A novel insight of the effect of sodium chloride on the sulfidization flotation of cerussite
Liu C, Zhang WC, Song SX, Li HQ, Jiao XK
108 - 120 Hydro-mechanical analysis of calcareous sand with a new shape-dependent fluid-particle drag model integrated into CFD-DEM coupling program
Wang Y, Zhou LX, Yang Q
121 - 132 Theoretical study on particle velocity in micro-abrasive jet machining
Melentiev R, Fang FZ
133 - 139 Experimental study on high concentration entrainment of ultrafine powder
Zheng XL, Yin SW, Ding YL, Wang L
140 - 151 The analysis of the influence of the normal restitution coefficient model on calculated particles velocities by means of Eulerian-Lagrangian approach
Ludwig W, Pluszka P
152 - 160 Measuring bulk density variations in a moving powder bed via terahertz in-line sensing
Stranzinger S, Faulhammer E, Li JY, Dong RQ, Khinast JG, Zeitler JA, Markl D
161 - 168 The effect of saline water on the settling of coal slurry and coal froth
Zhang N, Chen XM, Nicholson T, Peng YJ
169 - 176 Effects of solid loading on pore structure and properties of porous FeAl intermetallics by gel casting
Duan BH, Shen T, Wang DZ
177 - 182 Frictional pressure drop characteristics of air flow through sinter bed layer in vertical tank
Feng JS, Zhang S, Dong H, Pei G
183 - 189 Enhanced acetone sensing properties of hollow SnO2 fibers using poplar catkins as a bio-template
Zhang XY, Xu GG, Wang HY, Cui HZ, Zhan XY, Wang XZ
190 - 198 Combination of freeze concentration and spray drying for the production of feijoa (Acca sellowiana b.) pulp powder
Henao-Ardila A, Quintanilla-Carvajal MX, Moreno FL
199 - 207 The modification of aluminium content of natural zeolites with different composition
Ates A
208 - 221 Surfactant assisted CaO-based sorbent synthesis and their application to high-temperature CO2 capture
Jamrunroj P, Wongsakulphasatch S, Maneedaeng A, Cheng CK, Assabumrungrat S
222 - 232 Powder caking and cohesion behaviours of coffee powders as affected by roasting and particle sizes: Principal component analyses (PCA) for flow and bioactive properties
Dogan M, Asian D, Gurmeric V, Ozgur A, Sarac MG
233 - 241 Effect of sodium silicate on the magnetic separation of ilmenite from titanaugite by magnetite selective coating
Zhao X, Meng QY, Yuan ZT, Zhang YH, Li LX
242 - 250 Combined effect of chemical and turbulent agglomeration on improving the removal of fine particles by different coupling mode
Sun ZK, Yang LJ, Shen A, Zhou L, Wu H
251 - 259 Revealing the mechanism of the force dragging the soft bag in the dynamic process of deep soil coring
Zhao G, Liu J, Cui JS, Wang HX, Wen GL
260 - 269 Calcium alkoxides for stone consolidation: Investigating the carbonation process
Tomasin P, Mondin G, Zuena M, El Habra N, Nodari L, Moretto LM
270 - 277 Filter layer structure effect on the most penetrating particle size of multilayered flat sheet filter
Lee KS, Hasolli N, Jeon SM, Lee JR, Kim KD, Park YO, Hwang J
278 - 285 Fine particle entrainment in fountain confined conical spouted beds
Estiati I, Tellabide M, Saldarriaga JF, Altzibar H, Olazar M
286 - 301 Numerical analysis of similarities of particle flow behavior in stirred chambers
Han YL, Jia FG, Meng XY, Cao B, Zeng Y, Xiao YW
302 - 306 Wettability-enabling coating on oxide particles through controlled milling
Auger JM, Martin S, Gruy F
307 - 313 Segregation of canola, kidney bean, and soybean in wheat bulks during bin loading
Narendran RB, Jian FJ, Jayas DS, Fields PG, White NDG
314 - 334 Quantification of the strain field of sands based on X-ray micro-tomography: A comparison between a grid-based method and a mesh-based method
Cheng Z, Wang JF
335 - 342 Coagulation and flocculation behavior of fines in foid-bearing rock processing plant (FRPP) wastewater at alkaline environment
Ozun S, Ulus DA
343 - 362 A Theoretical Packing Density Model (TPDM) for ordered and disordered packings
Roquier G
363 - 372 Effect of surface compositional difference on powder flow properties
Jange CG, Ambrose RPK
373 - 379 Encapsulation of carotenoid-rich oil from Gac peel: Optimisation of the encapsulating process using a spray drier and the storage stability of encapsulated powder
Chuyen HV, Roach PD, Golding JB, Parks SE, Nguyen MH
380 - 392 3D printed elastic mould granulation
Okeyo C, Chowdhury DF, Cheung K, Rahmanian N
393 - 403 Influence of quasi-static loading rates on crushable granular materials: A DEM analysis
Das SK, Das A
404 - 431 A comprehensive review on synthesis, stability, thermophysical properties, and characterization of nanofluids
Sezer N, Atieh MA, Koc M
432 - 442 Modeling dynamic variation of drag force acting on single hot particle
Duan MJ, Wang Y, Wang DC, Da G, Liu L, Yang Y
443 - 453 Pressure loss and friction factor in non-Newtonian mine paste backfill: Modelling, loop test and mine field data
Bharathan B, McGuinness M, Kuhar S, Kermani M, Hassani FP, Sasmito AP
454 - 462 Microwave plasma torch synthesis of Zn-Al oxides as adsorbent and photocatalyst for organic compounds removal
Hu CC, Shen JJ, Chang AL, Wei TC
463 - 474 Computational study on fluid flow and heat transfer characteristic of hollow structured packed bed
Guo ZH, Sun ZN, Zhang N, Ding M, Bian HZ, Meng ZM
475 - 486 Velocity field of EHD flow during back corona discharge in electrostatic precipitator
Krupa A, Podlinski J, Mizeraczyk J, Jaworek A
487 - 503 Particle upscaling: Calibration and validation of the discrete element method
Coetzee CJ
504 - 513 The methodical aspects of the friction modeling of plant granular materials
Wojcik A, Fraczek J, Wota AK
514 - 524 Numerical realization and structure characterization on random close packings of cuboid particles with different aspect ratios
Xie ZZ, An XZ, Yang XH, Li CX, Shen YS
525 - 544 Effect of material properties on the residence time distribution (RTD) characterization of powder blending unit operations. Part II of II: Application of models
Escotet-Espinoza MS, Moghtadernejad S, Oka S, Wang ZL, Wang YF, Roman-Ospino A, Schafer E, Cappuyns P, Van Assche I, Futran M, Muzzio F, Ierapetritou M
545 - 550 Effect of movement direction on resistance force in granular media
Liu CP, Wan HM, Wang L
551 - 560 Graphite cluster/copper-based powder metallurgy composite for pantograph slider with well-behaved mechanical and wear performance
Xu EZ, Huang JX, Li YC, Zhu ZF, Cheng M, Li DT, Zhong HH, Liu JW, Jiang Y
561 - 569 Synergistic effect of surfactant compounding on improving dust suppression in a coal mine in Erdos, China
Wang XN, Yuan SJ, Li X, Jiang BY
570 - 580 Effects of droplet formation patterns on the atomization characteristics of a dust removal spray in a coal cutter
Zhou Q, Qin BT, Wang F, Wang HT, Hou J, Wang ZR
581 - 589 MoO3-ZrO2 solid acid for enhancement in the efficiency of intumescent flame retardant
Chen XF, Huang CY, Shi YQ, Yuan BH, Sun YR, Bai ZM
590 - 597 Device-scale computational fluid dynamics modeling of carbon dioxide absorption using encapsulated sorbents
Wang C, Singh RK, Xu ZJ
598 - 610 Non-intrusive characterization of sand particles dispersed in gas-water bubbly flow using straight and bent pipes with vibration sensing
Wang K, Liu G, Li YC, Wang JB, Wang G
611 - 616 Waste colza oil used as renewable collector for low rank coal flotation
Xu MD, Xing YW, Cao YJ, Gui XH
617 - 627 Mixing study of non-spherical particles using DEM
Saeed MK, Siraj MS
628 - 635 The build-up of detergent agglomerates in an auger filler
Hewitt CD, Smith DJ, Greenwood RW, Ingram A
636 - 646 Novel evaluation method for the continuous mixing process of bimodal particles
Park C, Kim J, Landon RS, Lyu B, Cho H, Moon I
647 - 653 Applying Frechet distance to evaluate the discrepancy of product size distribution between single particle and monolayer multi-particle breakage
Yu P, Xie W, Liu LX, Powell MS
654 - 664 Effects of particle size on flotation performance in the separation of copper, gold and lead
Ran JC, Qiu XY, Hu Z, Liu QJ, Song BX, Yao YQ
665 - 672 Improved micromeritics, packing properties and compressibility of high dose drug, Cycloserine, by spherical crystallization
Kedia K, Wairkar S
673 - 683 CFD-DEM modeling of rod-like particles in a fluidized bed with complex geometry
Ma HQ, Zhao YZ, Cheng Y
684 - 692 The effect of ethylene oxide groups in dodecyl ethoxyl ethers on low rank coal flotation: An experimental study and simulation
Li B, Liu SY, Fan MQ, Zhang L
693 - 705 Quantitative bin flow analysis of particle discharge using X-ray radiography
Bacchuwar S, Vidyapati V, Quan KM, Lin CL, Miller JD
706 - 718 Effects of grinding aids on model parameters of a cement ball mill and an air classifier
Toprak NA, Benzer AH
719 - 729 Green nanosilica@folic Acid (VB9) nanocomposite for engineered adsorptive water remediation of bivalent lead, cadmium and copper
Mahmoud ME, Osman MM, Yakout AA, Abdelfattah AM
730 - 740 Feasibility of using marine sediments in SCC pastes as supplementary cementitious materials
Safhi AE, Benzerzour M, Rivard P, Abriak NE
741 - 755 The modelling of carrier-wall collision with drug particle detachment for dry powder inhaler applications
Cui Y, Sommerfeld M
756 - 772 Modeling collisions of arbitrary-shaped particles in simulations of particulate flows
Mohaghegh F, Udaykumar HS
773 - 783 Computational study of the industrial synthesis of tungsten powders
Donoso AAE
784 - 796 Numerical study on gas-solid flow characteristics of ultra-light particles in a cyclone separator
Zhou HL, Hu ZQ, Zhang QL, Wang Q, Lv X
797 - 803 Measurement of particle charging trajectory via rotating chute of 1/3-scale blast furnace and its comparing with numerical analysis using Discrete Element Method
Mio H, Narita Y, Matsuzaki S, Nishioka K, Nomura S
804 - 813 Particulate material fabric characterization from volumetric images by computational geometry
Sun Q, Zheng JX, He HT, Li ZC
814 - 818 Role of different types of clay in the floatability of coal: Induction time and bubble-particle attachment kinetics analysis
Xing YW, Xu MD, Guo FY, Luo JQ, Zhang YF, Cao YJ, Gui XH
819 - 829 Modified rivaroxaban microparticles for solid state properties improvement based on drug-protein/polymer supramolecular interactions
Chen N, Di PW, Ning SQ, Jiang WJ, Jing QF, Ren GB, Liu Y, Tang Y, Xu ZY, Liu GX, Ren FZ
830 - 841 Experimental and predictive research on solids holdup distribution in a CFB riser
Li YZ, Zhai GW, Zhang HT, Li T, Sun QW, Ying WY
842 - 848 Design and performance of a novel foaming device for plugging air leakage in underground coal mines
Zheng XZ, Zhang D, Wen H
849 - 863 Hydrodynamic investigations by a local optical measurement technique designed for high-temperature applications - first measurements at a fluidized bed immersed by vertical internals at cold conditions
Schillinger F, Maurer S, Kunstle M, Schildhauer TJ, Wokaun A
864 - 882 Recent trends and future perspective of pharmaceutical wet granulation for better process understanding and product development
Thapa P, Tripathi J, Jeong SH
883 - 896 The modulation of particles on coherent structure of turbulent boundary layer in dilute liquid-solid two-phase flow with PIV
Sun J, Gao TD, Fan Y, Chen WY, Xuan RX
897 - 913 A study of the feasibility of upgrading rare earth elements minerals from iron-oxide-silicate rich tailings using Knelson concentrator and Wilfley shaking table
Abaka-Wood GB, Quast K, Zanin M, Addai-Mensah J, Skinner W
914 - 925 Entropy analysis of nanofluid convection in a heated porous microchannel under MHD field considering solid heat generation
Hosseini SR, Ghasemian M, Sheikholeslami M, Shafee A, Li ZX
926 - 936 Investigation of the kinetic energy transformation pattern of gangue particles in a buffer system
Tai Y, Ju F, Han XL
937 - 946 Design and construction application of concrete canvas for slope protection
Li H, Chen HS, Li XY, Zhang FY
947 - 958 Adsorption-desorption characteristics and mechanisms of Pb(II) on natural vanadium, titanium-bearing magnetite-humic acid magnetic adsorbent
Lu MM, Zhang YB, Zhou YL, Su ZJ, Liu BB, Li GH, Jiang T
959 - 969 Numerical study of gas-solid two-phase flow around road-header drivers in a fully mechanized excavation face
Hu SY, Liao Q, Feng GR, Huang YS, Shao H, Fan YR, Ye YB
970 - 980 Characteristics of non-linear dynamics and energy transfer in a vibration gas-solid fluidized bed by using Hilbert-Huang transform
Zhang YD, Yang XL, Zhu FL, Li YJ, Duan CL, Yang JX, Dong L, Zhao YM