Powder Technology

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1 - 10 Effects of convex rib height on spherical particle milling in a lab-scale horizontal rice mill
Zeng Y, Jia FG, Chen PY, Qiu HL, Han YL, Meng XY, Xiao YW
11 - 23 Densification, microstructure evolution and fatigue behavior of Ti-13Nb-13Zr alloy processed by selective laser melting
Zhou LB, Yuan TC, Li RD, Tang JZ, Wang GH, Guo KX, Yuan JW
24 - 35 Flow characteristics in a horizontal liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed
Jiang F, Zhao PL, Qi GP, Li N, Li HJ, Jiang T, Li XL
36 - 40 Spheronization of micronized theophylline anhydrate and monohydrate using a mechanical powder processor
Kondo K, Kawamura M, Niwa T
41 - 53 Numerical investigation of the effects of size segregation on pulverized coal combustion in a blast furnace
Wu DL, Zhou P, Yan HJ, Shi PY, Zhou CQ
54 - 66 Experimental investigation on size degradation of bridging material in drilling fluids
Kang YL, Tan QG, You LJ, Zhang XW, Xu CY, Lin C
67 - 72 Generation of low ash fine clean coal powder by autogenous grinding process powder technology
Sriramoju SK, Rashmi, Suresh A, Dash PS
73 - 84 In-situ preparation and formation of TiB/Ti-6Al-4V nanocomposite via laser additive manufacturing: Microstructure evolution and tribological behavior
Cai C, Radoslaw C, Zhang JL, Yan Q, Wen SF, Song B, Shi YS
85 - 98 A decision-making based method to optimize energy efficiency of ecofriendly nanofluid flow inside a new heat sink enhanced with flow distributor
Bahiraei M, Heshmatian S, Keshavarzi M
99 - 107 Prediction on drag force and heat transfer of spheroids in supercritical water: A PR-DNS study
Zhang H, Xiong B, An XZ, Ke CH, Wei GC
108 - 117 Visualization of flow conditions inside spiral jet mills with different nozzle numbers- Analysis of unloaded and loaded mills and correlation with grinding performance
Luczak B, Muller R, Kessel C, Ulbricht M, Schultz HJ
118 - 130 Study of single-particle residence time in impulse, symmetric and asymmetric coaxial impinging streams
Liu XQ, Yue S, Lu LY, Gao W, Li JL
131 - 140 Preparation and thermal properties of stearic acid-benzamide eutectic mixture/expanded graphite composites as phase change materials for thermal energy storage
Ma GX, Sun JH, Zhang Y, Jing Y, Jia YZ
141 - 148 Effect of prolonged dry grinding on size distribution, crystal structure and thermal decomposition of ultrafine particles of dolostone
Guzzo PL, de Barros FBM, Tino AAD
149 - 155 Experimental investigation of the properties of dust suppressants after magnetic-field treatment and mechanism exploration
Wang HT, Xuan WF, Zhang ZZ, Qin BT
156 - 165 Application of quality by design for optimization of spray drying process used in drying of Risperidone nanosuspension
Nair A, Khunt D, Misra M
166 - 180 Effects of nanoparticles to present a statistical model for the viscosity of MgO-Water nanofluid
Khodadadi H, Toghraie D, Karimipour A
181 - 192 Biosynthesis of beta-cyclodextrin modified Schwertmannite and the application in heavy metals adsorption
Sun SJ, Zhu JY, Zheng ZH, Li JY, Gan M
193 - 203 Finite element analysis of anti-erosion characteristics of material with patterned surface impacted by particles
Zhao XB, Tang GH, Liu ZG, Zhang YW
204 - 213 Classification of particle breakage due to dust dispersion
Bagaria P, Li Q, Dastidar A, Mashuga C
214 - 223 Reduction behavior of vanadium-titanium magnetite carbon composite hot briquette in blast furnace process
Zhao W, Chu MS, Wang HT, Liu ZG, Tang J, Ying ZW
224 - 232 Microwave-assisted self-reduction of composite briquettes of zinc ferrite and carbonaceous materials
Ye Q, Li GH, Peng ZW, Lee J, Lin XL, Rao MJ, Zhang YB, Jiang T
233 - 245 Predicting the pressure drop of a biofilter and the specific surface area of the packing material
Woudberg S, Van Jaarsveld J, Dumont E
246 - 252 Spray-drying of konjac glucomannan to produce microparticles for an application as antitubercular drug carriers
Guerreiro F, Pontes JF, da Costa AMR, Grenha A
253 - 266 Numerical investigation of the cluster property and flux distribution in three-dimensional full-loop circulating fluidized bed with multiple parallel cyclones
Yang SL, Wang SA, Luo K, Fan JR, Chew JW
267 - 274 Investigation of the fluidization of LiF-barite binary mixtures
Zhang PY, Xia W, Yang XS, Yang L, Zhang ZY, Zhong YJ, Han XJ, Kong XJ
275 - 287 Effect of milling time on powder characteristics and mechanical performance of Ti4wt%Al alloy
Singh P, Abhash A, Yadav BN, Shafeeq M, Singh IB, Mondal DP
288 - 300 Effect of convergent boundaries on post laminar flow through porous media
Banerjee A, Pasupuleti S
301 - 307 Preparation and characterization of silver coated magnetic microspheres prepared by a modified electroless plating process
Kim SD, Choe WG, Choi J, Jeong JR
308 - 320 Measurement and analysis of H-2 and O-2 bubbles diameter produced era by electroflotation processes in a modified Partridge-Smith cell
Hacha RR, Merma AG, Couto HJB, Torem ML
321 - 327 Enhancement of filtration performance of polyester (PET) filters by compositing with schorl powder
He WD, Guo YH, Shen RQ, Liu QT, Liu JX
328 - 334 The effects of viscoelastic properties of the wetting liquid on the kinetics of the disc granulation process
Obraniak A, Orczykowska M, Olejnik TP
335 - 340 Particulate matter filtration of the flue gas from iron-ore sintering operations using a magnetically stabilized fluidized bed
Xu Y, Zhou ML, Hu JY, Xu YQ, Luo GQ, Li X, Yao H
341 - 347 Multi-staged granular beds applied to the filtration of ultrafine particles: An optimization of collector diameters
Charvet A, Wingert L, Bardin-Monnier N, Pacault S, Fournier F, Bemer D, Thomas D
348 - 355 Mineralogical characterization of the typical coarse iron ore particles and the potential to discharge waste gangue using a dry density-based gravity separation
He JF, Liu CG, Hong P, Yao YK, Luo ZF, Zhao LL
356 - 370 Understanding the varying discharge rates of lognormal particle size distributions from a hopper using the Discrete Element Method
Zhao Y, Yang SL, Zhang LQ, Chew JW
371 - 379 Selective laser melting of titanium parts: Influence of laser process parameters on macro- and microstructures and tensile property
Sun DS, Gu DD, Lin KJ, Ma J, Chen WH, Huang J, Sun XF, Chu MQ
380 - 387 Removal of ultrafine particles by porous nanomaterials with varied morphologies
Yin LK, Yang X, Xing Y, Lu P, Tsai CJ, Attoui M, Cui YK, Liu YS, Li ZY
388 - 396 Filler technology of adding granite dust to reduce cement content and increase strength of mortar
Li LG, Wang YM, Tan YP, Kwan AKH
397 - 403 Preparation and electrical properties of wollastonite coated with antimony-doped tin oxide nanoparticles
Wang CL, Wang D, Yang RQ, Wang HF
404 - 408 Vertical separation criterion of binary particles under external excitation
Li L, Wu P, Zhang SP, Wang L
409 - 417 Effect of basicity on the structure characteristics of chromium-nickel bearing iron ore pellets
Zhang F, Zhu DQ, Pan J, Guo ZQ, Yang CC
418 - 432 Investigation of causes of layer inversion and prediction of inversion velocity in liquid fluidizations of binary particle mixtures
Molaei EA, Yu AB, Zhou ZY
433 - 440 Packing density of mortar containing polypropylene, carbon or basalt fibres under dry and wet conditions
Li LG, Zhuo HX, Zhu J, Kwan AKH
441 - 456 A rheometry based calibration of a first-order DEM model to generate virtual avatars of metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) powders
Desai PS, Mehta A, Dougherty PSM, Higgs CF
457 - 463 The effect of ultra-fine coal on the flotation behavior of silica in subbituminous coal reverse flotation
Li YG, Li JW, Chen P, Chen JZ, Shen LJ, Zhu XN, Cheng G
464 - 474 Roller compaction: Improving the homogeneity of ribbon properties along the roller width
Omar CS, Al-Asady RB, Salman AD
475 - 485 Analysing the porous structure of packed beds of spheres using a semi-analytical approach
du Toit CG
486 - 490 The flotation separation of galena and pyrite using serpentine as depressant
Feng B, Zhang WP, Guo YT, Wang T, Luo GD, Wang HH, He GC
491 - 508 Assessment of nanofibre dustiness by means of vibro-fluidization
Brossell D, Heunisch E, Meyer-Plath A, Bager D, Bachmann V, Kampf K, Dziurowitz N, Thim C, Wenzlaff D, Schumann J, Plitzko S
509 - 516 Effect of the ignition delay time on explosion severity parameters of coal dust/air mixtures
Wang SY, Shi ZC, Peng X, Zhang Y, Cao WG, Chen WH, Li J
517 - 527 SeDeM expert system for directly compressed tablet formulation: A review and new perspectives
Dai SY, Xu B, Shi GL, Liu JW, Zhang ZQ, Shi XY, Qiao YJ
528 - 544 Dual exact solutions of graphene-water nanofluid flow over stretching/shrinking sheet with suction/injection and heat source/sink: Critical values and regions with stability
Aly EH
545 - 554 A novel potential flow model for granular flow in two-dimensional flat-bottomed packed bed with centric discharge
Wang CS, Mu XJ, He YY, Li DD, Shi YW
555 - 561 Surface modification of phosphorus-containing hydrotalcite using rare-earth coupling agent and its application in polypropylene
Xu S, Zhang M, Li SY, Zeng HY, Du JZ, Chen CR, Pan Y
562 - 571 Two-stage ball milling of recycled machining chips to create an alternative feedstock powder for metal additive manufacturing
Fullenwider B, Kiani P, Schoenung JM, Ma KK
572 - 584 Influence of separation properties and processing strategies on product characteristics in continuous fluidized bed spray granulation
Muller D, Buck A, Tsotsas E
585 - 593 Rheology of a colloidal suspension of carbon nanotube particles in a water-based drilling fluid
Anoop K, Sadr R, Yrac R, Amani M
594 - 606 Some observations on the influence of particle size and size distribution on stratification in pneumatic jigs
Ambros WM, Sampaio CH, Cazacliu BG, Conceicao PN, dos Reis GS
607 - 612 A modified packed bed radial porosity correlation
Mueller GE
613 - 620 Selective Laser Melting of Cu-10Zn alloy powder using high laser power
Zhang SS, Zhu HH, Hu ZH, Zeng XY, Zhong F
621 - 629 Improved multi-stage cross-flow fluidized bed classifier
Jayarathna CK, Balfe M, Moldestad BME, Tokheim LA
630 - 641 Determining the fragmented rock size distribution using textural feature extraction of images
Yaghoobi H, Mansouri H, Farsangi MAE, Nezamabadi-Pour H
642 - 652 Development of porous spray-dried inhalable particles using an organic solvent-free technique
Gallo L, Ramirez-Rigo MV, Bucala V
653 - 663 DEM analysis of the effect of particle shape, cohesion and strain rate on powder rheometry
Vivacqua V, Lopez A, Hammond R, Ghadiri M
664 - 675 Novel population balance model for granule aggregation and breakage in fluidized bed granulation and drying
Hayashi K, Watano S
676 - 689 Gas adsorption on commercial magnesium stearate: The origin of atypical isotherms and BET transform data
Lapham DP, Lapham JL
690 - 697 Desulfurization of high sulfur Indian coal by oil agglomeration using Linseed oil
Ken BS, Nandi BK
698 - 713 Extension of process models to predict batch screening results under the influence of moisture based on DEM simulations
Elskamp F, Kruggel-Emden H
714 - 724 The interfacial behavior in different liquid media and surface properties of mechanically activated boron concentrate samples
Xu YZ, Jiang T, Gao HY, Xue XX
725 - 734 Mesoporous hydroxyapatite derived from surfactant-templating system for p-Cresol adsorption: Physicochemical properties, formation process and adsorption performance
Ooi CH, Ling YP, Pung SY, Yeoh FY
735 - 743 Surface breakage of fired iron ore pellets by impact
Cavalcanti PP, de Carvalho RM, das Chagas AS, da Silveira MW, Tavares LM
744 - 763 Effect of tracer material properties on the residence time distribution (RTD) of continuous powder blending operations. Part I of II: Experimental evaluation
Escotet-Espinoza MS, Moghtadernejad S, Oka S, Wang YF, Roman-Ospino A, Schafer E, Cappuyns P, Van Assche I, Futran M, Ierapetritou M, Muzzio F
764 - 772 Theoretical and experimental investigation into the moisture migration characteristics of coal during oscillatory motion
Chen J, Williams K, Guo J, Chen W
773 - 779 Compaction-induced restructuring of aggregated nanoparticle films using the discrete element method
Baric V, Ciacchi LC, Madler L
780 - 788 Comparison between Microcrystalline Celluloses of different grades made by four manufacturers using the SeDeM diagram expert system as a pharmaceutical characterization tool
Nofrerias I, Nardi A, Sune-Pou M, Sune-Negre JM, Garcia-Montoya E, Perez-Lozano P, Tico JR, Minarro M
789 - 800 Hydrodynamics forces on a circular particle near a sinusoidal corrugated wall
Zarghami A, Ashorynejad HR, Padding JT
801 - 807 Numerical simulation of powder flow during spreading in additive manufacturing
Nan WG, Ghadiri M
808 - 816 Viscosity and rheological properties of antifreeze based nanofluid containing hybrid nano-powders of MWCNTs and TiO2 under different temperature conditions
Hemmat Esfe M, Raki HR, Emami MRS, Afrand M
817 - 828 Effects of electrostatic field and operating parameters on removing catalytic particles from FCCS
Li Q, Zhang Z, Wu ZJ, Wang ZB, Guo LF
829 - 839 Least squares fitting-polynomials for determining inflection points in adsorption isotherms of spray-dried acai juice (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) and soy sauce powders
Garcia-Tejeda YV, Barrera-Figueroa V
840 - 847 The interaction between diesel and surfactant Triton X-100 and their adsorption on coal surfaces with different degrees of oxidation
Chang ZY, Chen XM, Peng YJ
848 - 855 Preparation and characterisation of mechanically milled particles from waste alpaca fibres
Al Faruque MA, Remadevi R, Wang XA, Naebe M
856 - 863 A platform direct compression formulation for low dose sustained-release tablets enabled by a dual particle engineering approach
Sun WJ, Chen HB, Aburub A, Sun CC
864 - 872 Migration and distributions of zinc, lead and arsenic within sinter bed during updraft pre-reductive sintering of iron-bearing wastes
Zhu DQ, Li SW, Pan J, Yang CC, Shi BJ
873 - 879 Improvement on the thermal cracking performance of pellets prepared from ultrafine iron ore
Wong GJ, Fan XH, Gan M, Ji ZY, Chen XL, Tian ZY, Wang ZZ
880 - 886 Synthesis of silicon nanoparticles in a pilot-plant-scale microwave plasma reactor: Impact of flow rates and precursor concentration on the nanoparticle size and aggregation
Kunze F, Kuns S, Spree M, Hulser T, Schulz C, Wiggers H, Schnurre SM
887 - 898 Compression of anisometric granular materials
Penkavova V, Kulaviak L, Ruzicka MC, Puncochar M, Grof Z, Stepanek F, Schongut M, Zamostny P
899 - 906 Influence of inorganic coating over diamond particles on interaction force and dispersability in electroless solution
Liu P, Zhu YW, Zhong GY, Zhao X, Wang SC, Yang SF
907 - 916 Sand type effect on the behaviour of sand-granulated rubber mixtures: Integrated study from micro- to macro-scales
Li W, Kwok CY, Sandeep CS, Senetakis K
917 - 928 Evaluation of particle coalescence and its implications in laser sintering
Benedetti L, Brule B, Decraemer N, Evans KE, Ghita O
929 - 937 Exploring the effect of PVP on the spherical agglomeration process and micromeritic properties of ascorbic acid
Huang SX, Liu Y, Zhou YR, Li Q, Ren GB, Jing QF, Ren FZ
938 - 953 Synthesis and characterization of bimodal structured Cu-Fe3O4 nanocomposites
Predescu AM, Vidu R, Predescu A, Matei E, Pantilimon C, Predescu C
954 - 960 Patterns of particle convection in a mono-size granular system under coupling vibration and airflow
Li L, Wu P, Zhang SP, Wang L
961 - 971 Effects of size and loading rate on the mechanical properties of single coral particles
Ma LJ, Li Z, Wang MY, Wei HZ, Fan PX
972 - 984 Effect of different discretizations on the numerical solution of 2D aggregation population balance equation
Singh M, Vuik K, Kaur G, Bart HJ
985 - 991 A contact model for the normal force between viscoelastic particles in discrete element simulations
Olsson E, Jelagin D
992 - 997 Fabrication zone of OSDA-free and seed-free mordenite crystals
Idris A, Khalil U, AbdulAziz I, Makertihartha IGBN, Subagjo, Laniwati M, Al-Betar AR, Mukti RR, Muraza O
998 - 1007 A novel applicable experimental study on the thermal behavior of SWCNTs(60%)-MgO(40%)/EG hybrid nanofluid by focusing on the thermal conductivity
Hemmat Esfe M, Esfandeh S, Amiri MK, Afrand M
1008 - 1015 Spray-dried powders from berries extracts obtained upon several processing steps to improve the bioactive components content
Gagneten M, Corfield R, Mattson MG, Sozzi A, Leiva G, Salvatori D, Schebor C
1016 - 1016 RETRACTION: Ondansetron loaded pectin based microspheres for nasal administration: in vitro and in vivo studies (Retraction of Vol 221, Pg 168, 2012)
Mahajan HS, Tatiya BV, Nerkar PP
1017 - 1017 RETRACTION: Laminar flow and heat transfer of nanofluid between contracting and rotating disks by meshless least square method (Retraction of Vol 253, Pg 769, 2014)
Hatami M, Sheikholeslami M, Ganji DD