Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.340 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 7 PVP/ketoprofen coprecipitation using supercritical antisolvent process
Franco P, Reverchon E, De Marco I
8 - 16 Effect of seed nuclei combined with acoustic field on fine particles removal
Yan JP, Lin Q, Zhao SH, Chen LQ
17 - 25 Binding mechanisms of polysaccharides adsorbing onto magnetite concentrate surface
Lu SS, Yuan ZT, Zhang C
26 - 33 Experimental study on mixing behaviors of wet particles in a bubbling fluidized bed
Xu HB, Zhong WQ, Shao YJ, Yu AB
34 - 38 Flotation characteristics of oxidized coal slimes within low-rank metamorphic
Cai YC, Du ML, Wang SL, Liu L
39 - 51 Influence of particle-size segregation on the impact of dry granular flow
Jiang YJ, Fan XY, Li TH, Xiao SY
52 - 67 Discrete element method simulations and experimental study of interactions in 3D granular bedding during low-velocity impact
Horabik J, Sochan A, Beczek M, Mazur R, Ryzak M, Parafiniuk P, Kobylka R, Bieganowski A
68 - 76 Flow of Eyring-Powell dusty fluid in a deferment of aluminum and ferrous oxide nanoparticles with Cattaneo-Christov heat flux
Upadhya SM, Mahesha, Raju CSK, Shehzad SA, Abbasi FM
77 - 87 Modeling and simulation of continuous open circuit dry grinding in a pilot-scale ball mill using Austin's and Nomura's models
de Oliveira ALR, Tavares LM
88 - 98 Effect of baffle on hydrodynamics in the air reactor of dual circulating fluidized bed for chemical looping process
Feng X, Shen LH, Wang LL
99 - 115 Experimental and CPFD study of gas-solid flow in a cold pilot calciner
Nakhaei M, Hessel CE, Wu H, Grevain D, Zakrzewski S, Jensen LS, Glarborg P, Dam-Johansen K
116 - 130 Comprehensive analysis of fluid-particle and particle-particle interactions in a liquid-solid fluidized bed via CFD-DEM coupling and tomography
Zbib H, Ebrahimi M, Ein-Mozaffari F, Lohi A
131 - 138 Combustion behavior of granulated coke breeze in iron ore sintering
Xiong L, Peng ZW, Gu FQ, Ye L, Wang LC, Rao MJ, Zhang YB, Li GH, Jiang T
139 - 153 Undrained behavior of binary granular mixtures with different fines contents
Zhou W, Wu W, Ma G, Ng TT, Chang XL
154 - 162 Energy budget analysis of a dense gas-particle flow inside a fluidized bed
Haghgoo MR, Bergstrom DJ, Spiteri RJ
163 - 172 Hybrid modeling scheme for PM concentration prediction of electrostatic precipitators
Guo YS, Zheng CH, Xu ZW, Yang ZD, Weng WG, Wang Y, Lu JG, Gao X
173 - 180 Incrustation of wet dirt on glass surfaces through convective drying
Waters H, Khalilitehrani M, Daryosh F, Rasmuson A
181 - 193 Numerical modelling of an optical belt sorter using a DEM-CFD approach coupled with particle tracking and comparison with experiments
Pieper C, Pfaff F, Maier G, Kruggel-Emden H, Wirtz S, Noack B, Gruna R, Scherer V, Hanebeck UD, Langle T, Beyerer J
194 - 207 Valorization of grape pomace: Encapsulation and storage stability of its phenolic extract
Tsali A, Goula AM
208 - 216 Process intensification for scalable synthesis of ytterbium and erbium co-doped sodium yttrium fluoride upconversion nanodispersions
Pu Y, Leng JN, Wang D, Wang JX, Foster NR, Chen JF
217 - 226 Particulate flow characteristics in a novel moving granular bed
Yin SW, He Y, Wang L, Liu CP, Tong LG, Ding YL
227 - 233 Effects of low-temperature air plasma pretreatment on the surface properties of low-rank coal
Wang DP, Xu M, He JF, Guo C
234 - 242 Synthesis of Ni-Al-Ta composite coatings on Al alloy plates and the transfer of Al powder via mechanical milling technique
Yan CQ, Xiong DS, Li JL
243 - 252 Bed expansion characteristics in sound assisted fluidization of Geldart's group A powder
Cherntongchai P, Chaiwattana S, Leruk R
253 - 263 Heat and mass transfer enhancement of SWCNTs and MWCNTs based Maxwell nanofluid flow over a vertical cone with slip effects
Prabhavathi B, Reddy PS, Vijaya RB
264 - 273 On the multiscale simulation of squeezing nanofluid flow by a highprecision scheme
Seyedi SH, Saray BN, Ramazani A
274 - 289 Tracers used in granular systems: Review
Hernandez LG, Perez JG, Gaytan-Martinez M
290 - 298 Experimental investigation of stability and thermo-physical properties of functionalized beta-CD-TiO2-Ag nanofluids for antifreeze
Li WJ, Zou CJ
299 - 310 Experimental study of the deformation and breakage of 3D printed agglomerates: Effects of packing density and inter-particle bond strength
Ge RH, Ghadiri M, Bonakdar T, Zhou ZY, Larson I, Hapgood K
311 - 320 Strategy and consequence of intermittent segmented pulse-jet cleaning for long-box-shaped filter dust collector
Li JL, Wu DS, Kuang Q, Wu QQ, Wei LS, Huang H, Zhou FB
321 - 330 Modified cell-linked list method using dynamic mesh for discrete element method
Cai RH, Xu L, Zheng JY, Zhao YZ
331 - 343 Size-induced segregation of granular materials during filling a conical hopper
Zhang TF, Gan JQ, Pinson D, Zhou ZY
344 - 353 Aerosol filtration using hollow-fiber membranes: Effect of permeate velocity and dust amount on separation of submicron TiO2 particles
Bulejko P, Sverak T, Dohnal M, Pospisil J
354 - 361 Carbothermic reduction of ilmenite concentrate in semi-molten state by adding sodium sulfate
Lv W, Bai CG, Lv XW, Hu K, Lv XM, Xiang JY, Song B
362 - 369 Oxygen scavenging, grain refinement and mechanical properties improvement in powder metallurgy titanium and titanium alloys with CaB6
Zhang C, Yang F, Guo ZM, Wang HY, Lu BX
370 - 379 Effect of line dipole magnetic field on entropy generation of Mn-Zn ferrite ferrofluid flowing through a minichannel using two-phase mixture model
Shahsavar A, Ansarian R, Bahiraei M
380 - 388 Effect of oxygen and structural properties on the electrical conductivity of powders of nanostructured carbon materials
Perez-Rodriguez S, Torres D, Lazaro MJ
389 - 399 Numerical study on magnetohydrodynic CNTs-water nanofluids as a micropolar dusty fluid influenced by non-linear thermal radiation and joule heating effect
Ghadikolaei SS, Hosseinzadeh K, Ganji DD
400 - 410 Experimental and DEM studies on the distribution of voidage in the random filling bed of ellipsoidal particles
Luo XF, Zhao L, Zhang S, Dong H, Feng JS
411 - 419 Wet-granulation process: phenomenological analysis and process parameters optimization
De Simone V, Caccavo D, Lamberti G, d'Amore M, Barba AA
420 - 427 Enrichment of chalcopyrite using high-voltage pulse discharge
Yan GH, Zhang B, Lv B, Zhu GQ, Zhu XN, Zhao YM
428 - 439 Modeling granular material blending in a Tote blender using a finite element method and advection-diffusion equation multi-scale model
Liu Y, Cameron AT, Gonzalez M, Wassgren C
440 - 448 Experimental findings and analysis of terminal velocity and drag coefficient of Raschig Ring in vertical and inclined channel
Samantaray SK, Mohapatra SS, Munshi B
449 - 458 Development of powder distribution model of discontinuous coaxial powder stream in laser direct metal deposition
Wu JZ, Zhao PH, Wei HY, Lin QD, Zhang Y
459 - 464 Effect of different encapsulating agent combinations on physicochemical properties and stability of microcapsules loaded with phenolics of plum (Prunus salicina lindl.)
Li YB, Wu L, Weng MJ, Tang BS, Lai PF, Chen JC
465 - 472 Adhesive strength measurement of catalyst support
Yang JK, Blanco-Garcia P, Holt EM, Wagland A, Huang K, Salman AD
473 - 483 Characterization of LaB6 particulate-reinforced eutectic Al-12.6 wt% Si composites fabricated via mechanical alloying and spark plasma sintering
Tekoglu E, Agaogullari D, Yurekturk Y, Bulut B, Ovecoglu ML
484 - 494 Experimental and modeling study on mechanisms of sliding and rolling electrification
Hu JW, Gu PF, Zhou Q, Liang C, Liu DY, Chen XP
495 - 501 Non-isothermal kinetics study on carbothermic reduction of nickel laterite ore
Lv XM, Lv W, You ZX, Lv XW, Bai CG
502 - 510 Modeling filtration performance of pleated fibrous filters by Eulerian-Markov method
Feng ZB, Pan WX, Wang YW, Long ZW
511 - 519 Effect of karrooite on the gaseous reduction of pseudobrookite-karrooite powder under a CO-Ar atmosphere
Lv W, Lv XW, Song JJ, Xiang JY, Zhao P, Song B
520 - 527 Change in phase, microstructure, and physical-chemistry properties of high chromium vanadium slag during microwave calcification-roasting process
Gao HY, Jiang T, Xu YZ, Wen J, Xue XX
528 - 536 Attrition of hematite particles for chemical looping combustion in a conical jet cup
Monazam ER, Galinsky NL, Breault RW, Bayham SC
537 - 542 Effect of flotation conditions on froth rheology
Li C, Runge K, Shi FNA, Farrokhpay S
543 - 552 Balance and stability between particle collection and re-entrainment inawide temperature-range electrostatic precipitator
Zheng CH, Liang CS, Liu SJ, Yang ZD, Shen ZY, Guo YS, Zhang YX, Gao X
553 - 562 Encapsulation of anthocyanin-rich extract from blackberry residues by spray-drying, freeze-drying and supercritical antisolvent
Machado APD, Rezende CA, Rodrigues RA, Barbero GF, Rosa PDVE, Martinez J
563 - 569 Study of the critical angles of granular material in rotary drums aimed for fast DEM model calibration
Hu Z, Liu XY, Wu WN
570 - 577 Tuning the water-alumina nanofluids impedance and dielectric relaxation by the diffuse coplanar dielectric barrier discharge
Ambrico M, Moravek T, Ambrico PF, Rahel J