Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Microwave heating of magnesium silicate minerals
Forster J, Maham Y, Bobicki ER
8 - 16 Scale-up of fluidized bed drying: Impact of process and design parameters
Chen H, Rustagi S, Diep E, Langrish TAG, Glasser BJ
17 - 24 Modeling and sensitivity analysis of particle impact with a wall with integrated damping mechanisms
Marshall JS
25 - 38 Effects of pharmaceutical processes on the quality of ethylcellulose coated pellets: Quality by design approach
Thapa P, Thapa R, Choi DH, Jeong SH
39 - 45 Influence of particle shape and size on mechanical properties in copper-polymer composites
Eichner E, Heinrich S, Schneider GA
46 - 69 Effects of deterministic and stochastic forcing schemes on the relative motion of inertial particles in DNS of isotropic turbulence
Dhariwal R, Rani SL
70 - 80 Particle scale modelling of bubble properties in central air jet gas-solid fluidized beds
Shrestha S, Kuang SB, Zhou ZY
81 - 89 Analogue iron ore sinter tablet structure using high resolution X-ray computed tomography
Harvey T, Honeyands T, Evans G, Godel B, O'Dea D
90 - 101 Investigation of phases interactions and modification of drag models for liquid-solid fluidized bed tapered bioreactors
Koerich DM, Lopes GC, Rosa LM
102 - 110 Experimental study on the effect of mechanochemistry on coal spontaneous combustion
Li JH, Li ZH, Yang YL, Wang CJ, Sun LT
111 - 118 Thermal cycling leads grains to more homogeneous force networks and energy repartition
Wang XL, Bai DY
119 - 129 Thermal and rheological characteristics of refrigerant compressor oil with alumina nanoparticles-An experimental investigation
Sanukrishna SS, Prakash MJ
130 - 138 Self-assembled monolayers, the agglomeration binders of pyrolytic coke fines
Pourabdollah K
139 - 148 Rapid determination of the magnetization state of elliptic cross-section matrices for high gradient magnetic separation
Wang YH, Gao DX, Zheng XY, Lu DF, Li XD
149 - 166 Granular flow characteristics and heat generation mechanisms in an agitating drum with sphere particles: Numerical modeling and experiments
Sun ZP, Zhu HW, Hua J
167 - 181 A novel mixing index and its application in particle mixing behavior study in multiple-spouted bed
Chen M, Liu ML, Li TJ, Tang YP, Liu RZ, Wen YY, Liu B, Shao YL
182 - 191 Side-view-only determination of drag coefficient and settling velocity for non-spherical particles
Breakey DES, Vaezi GF, Masliyah JH, Sanders RS
192 - 198 Porous structure uniformity investigation of tungsten matrix prepared by jet milled and annealed tungsten powder
Li R, Qin ML, Chen Z, Zhao SJ, Liu CC, Wang XL, Zhang L, Ma JD, Qu XH
199 - 210 Discrete particle simulation in horizontally rotating drum: Uncertainty quantification of granular material physical parameters
Fernandes PMA, Pereira JMC, Pereira JCF
211 - 222 Effect of packing fraction on dynamic characteristics of granular materials under oblique impact
Ye XY, Wang DM, Zheng XJ
223 - 231 Investigation on heat exchange feasibility of internal solids circulation for an ultra-supercritical CFB boiler
Sun SC, Lu XF, Zhou SL, Wang QH, Chen JB, Li JB, Xie X, Liu CX
232 - 243 Improving efficiency of conventional and square cyclones using different configurations of the laminarizer
Fatahian H, Fatahian E, Nimvari ME
244 - 255 Inhaled non-steroidal polyphenolic alternatives for anti-inflammatory combination therapy
Lee SH, Heng D, Xavier VJ, Chan KP, Ng WK, Zhao YL, Chan HK, Tan RBH
256 - 263 The ball to powder ratio (BPR) dependent morphology and microstructure of tungsten powder refined by ball milling
Wu ZM, Liang YX, Fan Y, Wang PP, Du JL, Zhao YB, Fu EG
264 - 272 Quantitative evaluation of nanoparticle classification by size-exclusion chromatography
Suss S, Metzger C, Damm C, Segets D, Peukert W
273 - 280 On the separation of particle flow during pulse laser deposition of heterogeneous materials - A multi-fractal approach
Irimiciuc SA, Bulai G, Gurlui S, Agop M
281 - 295 Impact of dispersants on dissolution of itraconazole from drug-loaded, surfactant-free, spray-dried nanocomposites
Li M, Suriel I, Vekaria J, Proske J, Orbe P, Armani M, Dave RN, Bilgili E
296 - 305 Investigation of the pyrophoric tendency of the powder of corrosion products in an oil tank
Liu H, Zhao S, Xie ZW, Zhu K, Xu XM, Ding XH, Glowacz A
306 - 313 Automated cement fragment image segmentation and distribution estimation via a holistically-nested convolutional network and morphological analysis
Chen HA, Jin Y, Li GQ, Chu B
314 - 325 Preparation and experimental dust suppression performance characterization of a novel guar gum-modification-based environmentally-friendly degradable dust suppressant
Zhang HH, Nie W, Wang HK, Bao Q, Jin H, Liu YH
326 - 333 Cyclone separator for gas-liquid mixture with high flux density
Mikheev N, Saushin I, Paereliy A, Kratirov D, Levin K
334 - 343 Adsorption of the textile dye Dianix (R) royal blue CC onto carbons obtained from yellow mombin fruit stones and activated with KOH and H3PO4: kinetics, adsorption equilibrium and thermodynamic studies
Brito MJP, Veloso CM, Santos LS, Bonomo RCF, Fontan RDI
344 - 353 Particle motion and separation behavior of coal in gas-solid separation fluidized bed
Lv B, Luo ZF, Zhang B, Qin XZ, Zhu XN
354 - 367 Numerical simulations on airflow-dust diffusion rules with the use of coal cutter dust removal fans and related engineering applications in a fully-mechanized coal mining face
Zhou G, Feng B, Yin WJ, Wang JY
368 - 376 Experimental study on the particle velocity development profile and acceleration length in horizontal dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems
Santo N, Portnikov D, Tripathi NM, Kalman H
377 - 395 A systematic approach for numerical research of realistic shaped particle-fluid interactions
Ma SL, Wei ZY, Chen XL
396 - 407 Evolution of a generic, dynamic and multicomponent tumbling mill model structure incorporating a wide-range 4D appearance function
Yu P, Xie W, Liu LX, Hilden MM, Powell MS
408 - 418 Synthesis of Au decorated V2O5 microflowers with enhanced sensing properties towards amines
Yang XH, Wang WW, Wang CL, Xie H, Fu HT, An XZ, Jiang XC, Yu AB
419 - 433 Experimental and numerical studies on dense-phase pneumatic conveying of spraying material in venturi
Ji Y, Liu SY, Li JP
434 - 439 Observing slime-coating of fine minerals on the lump coal surface using particle vision and measurement
Ni C, Bu XN, Xia WC, Peng YL, Yu HS, Xie GY
440 - 445 Soft magnetic properties of Fe-based amorphous/nanocrystalline hybrid materials
Lee Y, Jeon J, Nam S, Jang T, Kim H, Lee M, Kim Y, Yang D, Min K, Choi H
446 - 458 Investigation of nozzle two-phase flow characteristics for nanometer aluminum powder combustion in a metal fuel motor
Wang JY, Yang ZL, Wang MJ
459 - 469 CFD-VOF-DPM simulations of bubble rising and coalescence in low hold-up particle-liquid suspension systems
Liu Q, Luo ZH
470 - 478 Influence of swirling intensity on lump coal particle pickup velocity in pneumatic conveying
Zhou JW, Du CL, Ma ZL
479 - 486 RuP2/CdS photocatalysts for enhanced hydrogen evolution in water spitting and mechanism of enhancement
Song LM, Zhang SJ
487 - 496 Design and experimental evaluation of a flooded-bed dust scrubber integrated into a longwall shearer
Arya S, Sottile J, Rider JP, Colinet JF, Novak T, Wedding C
497 - 505 End-wall effects on the mixing process of granular assemblies in a short rotating drum
Liu XX, Ma WC, Hou QX, Zhang Q, Gong BP, Feng YJ
506 - 520 Numerical study of inlet Reynolds number in fine particles deposition processes in a flue gas turbine
Pan JN, Wang JJ, Chen SF, Zhang XX, Liu S
521 - 533 Application of near-infrared spectroscopy combined with design of experiments for process development of the pulsed spray fluid bed granulation process
Tian G, Wei YD, Zhao J, Li WL, Qu HB
534 - 549 Interaction between super-quadric particles and triangular elements andits application to hopper discharge
Wang SQ, Fan YN, Ji SY
550 - 559 Inter-particle water infiltration dynamics of iron ore fines during granulation process
Higuchi T, Lu LM, Kasai E, Yamamoto T, Matsuno H
560 - 568 Effect of vibrating-type ultrafine grinding on the physicochemical and antioxidant properties of Turkish galls in Uyghur medicine
Lu MQ, Yan L, Wang B, Tian SG
569 - 584 Flow characteristics of circulating fluidized beds near terminal velocity: Eulerian model of a lab-scale apparatus
Jalali P, Nikku M, Ritvanen J, Hyppanen T
585 - 594 Preparation of submicron-sized quasi-spherical silica particles via ultrafine grinding with chemical dissolution assistance
Chen JY, Pan ZD, Wang YM
595 - 605 The effect of strain rate on particle breakage characteristics
Gong DZ, Nadolski S, Sun CB, Klein B, Kou J
606 - 614 Insights into the role of particle space charge effects in particle precipitation processes in electrostatic precipitator
Yang ZD, Zheng CH, Liu SJ, Guo YS, Liang CS, Zhang XF, Zhang YX, Gao X
615 - 624 Classification of particle height in a hopper bin from limited discharge data using convolutional neural network models
Chen SH, Baumes LA, Gel A, Adepu M, Emady H, Jiao Y
625 - 632 Sticking mechanism of low grade iron ore-coal composite in rotary kiln reduction
Zhong RH, Yi LY, Huang ZC, Shen XH, Jiang T
633 - 640 Investigation into the elutriation of fines from binary mixtures via CFD simulation with a multi-scale drag model
Wang S, Hu B, Liu SY, Yin WJ, Zhang K
641 - 650 Particle engineering of needle shaped crystals by wet milling and temperature cycling: Optimisation for roller compaction
Wilson D, Bunker M, Milne D, Jawor-Baczynska A, Powell A, Blyth J, Streather D
651 - 658 An experimental study of a freeze-thaw damage model of natural pumice concrete
Wang XX, Wu Y, Shen XD, Wang HL, Liu SG, Yan CW
659 - 676 Using a material property library to find surrogate materials for pharmaceutical process development
Escotet-Espinoza MS, Moghtadernejad S, Scicolone J, Wang YF, Pereira G, Schafer E, Vigh T, Klingeleers D, Ierapetritou M, Muzzio FJ
677 - 685 A phase-field model for solid-state selective laser sintering of metallic materials
Zhang X, Liao YL
686 - 694 Particle size-dependent viscosity behavior of a suspension using image processing
Park DY, Park SJ
695 - 701 Analysis of the performance of a novel dust collector combining cyclone separator and cartridge filter
Xie B, Li SH, Jin H, Hu SD, Wang F, Zhou FB
702 - 709 Development and characterisation of carotenoid-rich microencapsulates from tropical fruit by-products and yellow tamarillo (Solanum betaceum Cav.)
Garcia JM, Giuffrida D, Dugo P, Mondello L, Osorio C
710 - 716 pH-controlled dispersion of micro-fine siderite from hematite and quartz
Hao HQ, Li LX, Yuan ZT, Liu JT
717 - 727 Cavities spatial distribution confined by microcrystalline cellulose particles determines tablet disintegration patterns
Yin XZ, Maharjan A, Fang LW, Wu L, Zhang L, Shakya S, Qin W, Regmi B, York P, Sun HM, Zhang JW
728 - 746 Settling velocity of drill cuttings in drilling fluids: A review of experimental, numerical simulations and artificial intelligence studies
Agwu OE, Akpabio JU, Alabi SB, Dosunmu A
747 - 759 Critical Reynolds numbers of shear-thinning fluids flow past unbounded spheres
Vasukiran M, Kishore N, Yadav S
760 - 764 CFD-DEM solution verification: Fixed-bed studies
Fullmer WD, Musser J
765 - 774 Penetration rates into heterogeneous model systems and soluble food material
Kammerhofer J, Fries L, Dymala T, Dupas J, Forny L, Heinrich S, Palzer S
775 - 780 Sintering properties of Ti-27Nb alloys prepared by using Ti/TiH2 powders under argon and hydrogen sintering processes
Gui YW, Oh JM, Lim JW
781 - 788 Influence of pH on morphology, size and polymorph of room temperature synthesized calcium carbonate particles
Oral CM, Ercan B
789 - 800 A methodology for calibration of DEM input parameters in simulation of segregation of powder mixtures, a special focus on adhesion
Alizadeh M, Asachi M, Ghadiri M, Bayly A, Hassanpour A
801 - 808 Formation of porous silica nanoparticles at higher reaction kinetics
Meier M, Ungerer J, Klinge M, Nirschl H
809 - 816 Influence of length-scale on stabilization of boron carbide in Al-based metal matrix composites during plasma activated sintering
Wu CD, Luo GQ, Zhang J, Shen Q, Gan ZH, Liu J, Zhang LM
817 - 826 Experimental study of the particle motion in flighted rotating drums by means of Magnetic Particle Tracking
Zhang LY, Weigler F, Idakiev V, Jiang ZC, Morl L, Mellmann J, Tsotsas E
827 - 837 Capillary bridge force between non-perfectly wettable spherical particles: An analytical theory for the pendular regime
Zhao CF, Kruyt NP, Millet O
838 - 845 Influences of Gd3+ doping modification on the crystal microstructure and electrochemical performance of Li-1.20[Mn0.52Ni0.20Co0.08]O-2 as cathode for Lithium-ion batteries
Xie K, Qian JC, Zhou YY, Chen ZG, Lin Y, Chen F, Shen ZG
846 - 853 Optimization of penetration rate in rotary percussive drilling using two techniques: Taguchi analysis and response surface methodology (RMS)
Derdour FZ, Kezzar M, Khochemane L
854 - 862 Effects of the shape and inclination angle of DRI-flaps on DRI distribution in COREX melter gasifiers
You Y, Luo ZG, Li HF, Zou ZS, Yang RY
863 - 871 Experimental and numerical investigation into the softening Behavior of a packed bed of iron ore pellets
Baniasadi M, Peters B, Pierret JC, Vanderheyden B, Ansseau O
872 - 881 Amino-modified gamma-Fe2O3/sepiolite composite with rod-like morphology for magnetic separation removal of Congo red dye from aqueous solution
Wang QJ, Tang AD, Zhong LF, Wen X, Yan P, Wang JJ
882 - 893 Evaluating of the performance of a composite wetting dust suppressant on lignite dust
Zhou L, Yang SY, Hu B, Yuan ZL, Wu H, Yang LJ
894 - 902 Effects of external particles on the liquefaction property of natural gas in a Laval nozzle
Bian J, Cao XW, Yang W, Du H, Yin PB
903 - 910 Milling effect on the microstructural and hydrogenation properties of TiFe0.9Mn0.1 alloy
Zeaiter A, Chapelle D, Cuevas F, Maynadier A, Latroche M
911 - 921 The effect of inter-grain contact material on the dynamic fracture of short glass bead chains under impact
Jiang S, Shen LM, Guillard F, Einav I
922 - 929 Fractal dimension of demolition waste fragmentation and its implication of compactness
930 - 938 The exit impact on segregation of binary particles in the CFB system
Zhang Y, Zhang M, Yao X, Lyu JF, Yang HR
939 - 946 Encapsulation of carotenoid extracts from pequi (Caryocar brasiliense Camb) by emulsification (O/W) and foam-mat drying
Pinto MRMR, Paula DD, Alves AI, Rodrigues MZ, Vieira ENR, Fontes EAF, Ramos AM
947 - 957 Numerical study of diesel particulate matter distribution in an underground mine isolated zone
Xu G, Chang P, Mullins B, Zhou FB, Hu SY
958 - 969 Multi-scale nonlinear analysis of drying dynamics in the mixed pulsed drying fluidized beds
Li HW, Wang T, Chang C, Sun B, Hong WP, Zhou YL
970 - 973 Dynamics of quasi-static collapse process of a binary granular column
Zhu HW, Feng YD, Lu DF, Sandali Y, Li B, Sun G, Zheng N, Shi QF
974 - 984 Lattice Boltzmann simulation of nanofluid flow and heat transfer in a hollow multi-pipe heat exchanger considering nanoparticles' shapes
Rahimi A, Surendar A, Kasaeipoor A, Hooshmand P, Malekshah EH
985 - 994 Cu-water nanofluid flow and heat transfer in a heat exchanger tube equipped with cross-cut twisted tape
Nakhchi ME, Esfahani JA
995 - 1004 Hydrodynamic characteristics of sawdust in a pulsed slot-rectangular spouted bed
Takeuchi H, Wang ZL, Lim CJ, Grace JR
1005 - 1011 Theoretical study on submicron particle escape reduced by magnetic confinement effect in low inlet speed electrostatic cyclone precipitators
Zhang JP, Zha ZT, Che P, Pan WG, Hu DM, Li FQ