Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.336 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Estimation of the solid circulation rate in circulating fluidized bed systems
Stollhof M, Penthor S, Mayer K, Hofbauer H
12 - 29 Gas-solid fluidization with liquid bridging: A review from a modeling perspective
Boyce CM
30 - 44 Impact of solids loading and mixture composition on the classification efficiency of a novel cross-flow fluidized bed classifier
Jayarathna CK, Chladek J, Balfe M, Moldestad BME, Tokheim LA
45 - 56 Effects of deswirler position and its centre body shape as well as vortex finder extension downstream on cyclone performance
Misiulia D, Antonyuk S, Andersson AG, Lundstrom TS
57 - 69 Solid distribution in fluidized and fixed beds with horizontal high speed gas jets
Koeninger B, Koegl T, Hensler T, Arlt W, Wirth KE
70 - 79 Experimental study of particle size, shape and particle flow rate on Erosion of stainless steel
Lin N, Arabnejad H, Shirazi SA, McLaury BS, Lan HQ
80 - 84 Experimental attrition study of FCC catalysts through 2D/3D contour plots and response surface models
Ebrahimi AA, Ghazvini SF
85 - 91 Coating process of Phyllanthus niruri Linn granules using spouted bed
Rocha APT, Lisboa HM, Alsina OLS, Silva OS
92 - 101 Roles of impurities on sintering structure and thermal strength of CaO-containing carbon pellet and the CaO sintering kinetic analysis
Gong XZ, Wang ZS, Wang Z, Cao JW, Zhang S
102 - 111 Simulation of agglomerate breakage and restructuring in shear flows: Coupled effects of shear gradient, surface energy and initial structure
Liu DY, Wang Z, Chen XP, Liu ML
112 - 121 Numerical simulation and optimization of hydrodynamics in a novel integral multi-jet spout-fluidized bed
Wu F, Zhang X, Zhou WJ, Ma XX
122 - 130 Estimation of powder mass flow rate in a screw feeder using acoustic emissions
Ruiz-Carcel C, Starr A, Nsugbe E
131 - 143 CuO-water nanofluid flow and heat transfer in a heat exchanger tube with twisted tape turbulator
Jafaryar M, Sheikholeslami M, Li ZX
144 - 149 On-line observation of the crystal growth in the case of the non-typical spherical crystallization methods of ambroxol hydrochloride
Gyulai O, Aigner Z
150 - 160 Effect of vibration frequency, size ratio and large particle volume fraction on packing density of binary spherical mixtures
Hettiarachchi HACK, Mampearachchi WK
161 - 167 Effect of nano-scale powder processing on physicochemical and nutritional properties of barley grass
Cao XH, Zhang M, Mujumdar AS, Zhong QF, Wang ZS
168 - 179 Research on flow field and kinematic characteristics of fly ash particles in rotary triboelectrostatic separator
Zhang L, Tao YJ, Yang L
180 - 190 Visualization of gas-solid flow characteristics at the wall of a 60-meter-high transparent CFB riser
Xu J, Lu XF, Wang QH, Zhang WQ, Liu CX, Xie X, Sun SC, Fan XC, Li JB
191 - 198 Combined sludge conditioning with NaCl-cationic polyacrylamide-rice husk powders to improve sludge dewaterability
Zhu C, Li F, Zhang PY, Ye JP, Lu P, Wang HJ
199 - 209 DEM study of liquid-like granular film from granular jet impact
Shi ZH, Li WF, Wang Y, Liu HF, Wang FC
210 - 219 Novel 3-D homogeneity metrics of multiple components in gas-stirred liquid systems
Xiao QT, Zhang YX, Zhu XL, Xu JX, Pan JX, Wang H
220 - 229 The onset of shock-induced particle jetting
Xue K, Cui HR, Du KY, Shi XL, Gan YX, Bai CH
230 - 239 Structure and properties of Ag3PO4/diatomite photocatalysts for the degradation of organic dyes under visible light irradiation
Zhu PF, Chen YJ, Duan M, Liu M, Zou P
240 - 254 Experimental evaluation of the effect of particle properties on the segregation of ternary powder mixtures
Asachi M, Hassanpour A, Ghadiri M, Bayly A
255 - 264 Discrete element model of particle transport and premixing action in modified screw conveyors
Pezo M, Pezo L, Jovanovic AP, Terzic A, Andric L, Loncar B, Kojic P
265 - 272 Towards a one parameter equation for a silo discharging model with inclined outlets
Olivares MCV, Benito JG, Unac RO, Vidales AM
273 - 281 Measuring attrition properties of calcium looping materials in a 30 kW pilot plant
Alonso M, Arias B, Fernandez JR, Bughin O, Abanades C
282 - 297 2D simulation of breakage of angular particles using combined DEM and XFEM
Raisianzadeh J, Mirghasemi AA, Mohammadi S
298 - 310 Investigating exergy destruction and entropy generation for flow of a new nanofluid containing graphene-silver nanocomposite in a micro heat exchanger considering viscous dissipation
Bahiraei M, Jamshidmofid M, Amani M, Barzegarian R
311 - 317 Influence of supercritical debinding and processing parameters on final properties of injection-moulded Inconel 718
Royer A, Barriere T, Bienvenu Y
318 - 331 Large Eddy simulations of particulate flows inside a square differentially heated cavity at Rayleigh numbers up to 10(11)
Aksouh M, Dehbi A
332 - 338 Effects of chemical composition and carbon residue on removal of coal-fired particles by vapor condensation
Xu JC, Yu Y, Zhang J, Yin YS, Zhong H
339 - 349 Transparent confined compression tests on particle beds: Observations and implications
Jiang H, Zhou YD, Chi CJ, Zhang CH
350 - 359 Time evolution of kinematic characteristics of variable-amplitude equal-thickness screen and material distribution during screening process
Jiang HS, Qiao JP, Zhou ZG, Zhao YM, Yang YZ, Duan CL, Luo ZF, Cai LH, Wang S, Pan M
360 - 374 Quantification of lubrication and particle size distribution effects on tensile strength and stiffness of tablets
Razavi SM, Gonzalez M, Cuitino AM
375 - 382 An investigation into the flowability of fine powders used in pharmaceutical industries
Garg V, Mallick SS, Garcia-Trinanes P, Berry RJ
383 - 392 Effect of working pressure, fluid temperature, nozzle type and nozzle orifice size, on spray characteristics using viscous feed additive DL-2-hydroxy-4-(methylthio)-butanoic-acid
Gaytan I, Nicolas B, Gouriou F, Leru JP, Mallarach J
393 - 405 The effect of temperature on the mechanical characteristics of individual particles
Portnikov D, Kalman H
406 - 414 A novel model of calculating particle sizes in plasma rotating electrode process for superalloys
Liu Y, Liang SJ, Han ZY, Song JM, Wang QX
415 - 425 Geometrically exact discrete-element-method (DEM) simulation on the flow and mixing of sphero-cylinders in horizontal drums
Yu FH, Zhang S, Zhou GZ, Zhang Y, Ge W
426 - 440 Modeling yield properties of compacted powder using a multi-particle finite element model with cohesive contacts
Loidolt P, Uiz MH, Khinast J
441 - 448 Modeling of stress relaxation kinetics of amorphous Fe0.7Nb0.1Zr0.1 Ti-0.1 alloy powder: A novel approach based on differential thermal analysis
Feizabad MHK, Sharafi S, Khayati GR, Ranjbar M
449 - 464 A nonlinear packing model for multi-sized particle mixtures
Chang CS, Deng YB
465 - 480 Double-MRT lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection in a C-shaped heat exchanger
Rahimi A, Saee AD, Baghban A, Kasaeipoor A, Ashrafi H, Malekshah EH
481 - 492 Dietary supplements containing vitamins and minerals: Formulation, optimization and evaluation
Rajakumari R, Oluwafemi OS, Thomas S, Kalarikkal N
493 - 505 A soft-sensor approach to mixing rate determination in powder mixers
Ratnayake P, Chandratilleke R, Bao J, Shen YS
506 - 515 Dynamics of coupled cylinders containing identical granules as potential new "granular braking" system
Yuliza E, Amalia N, Rahmayanti HD, Munir R, Munir MM, Khairurrijal K, Abdullah M
516 - 526 A re-evaluation of design equations for the established flow region of vertical dilute-phase pneumatic conveyors
Wheeldon JM
527 - 532 The effect of amino trimethylene phosphonic acid on the flotation separation of pentlandite from lizardite
Liu C, Ai GH, Song SX
533 - 545 CFD-DEM investigation of the fluidization of binary mixtures containing rod-like particles and spherical particles in a fluidized bed
Ma HQ, Zhao YZ
546 - 554 Fracture probability and fragment size distribution of fired Iron ore pellets by impact
Tavares LM, Cavalcanti PP, de Carvalho RM, da Silveira MW, Bianchi M, Otaviano M
555 - 566 Feasibility of near infrared and Raman hyperspectral imaging combined with multivariate analysis to assess binary mixtures of food powders
Achata EM, Esquerre C, Gowen AA, O'Donnell CP
567 - 572 On the effect of initial pressure on the minimum explosive concentration of dust in air
Di Sarli V, Sanchirico R, Di Benedetto A
573 - 583 Numerical simulation of hydrodynamic behaviors in a novel gas-solids conical downer
Lian WH, Yang JX, Li P, Wang JL, Zhang ZL, Fushimi C, Hao XG, Huang W, Guan GQ
584 - 593 Quantitative analysis of the three-dimensional roundness of granular particles
Nie ZH, Wang X, Liang ZY, Gong J
594 - 608 Effect of bed thickness on a pseudo 2D gas-solid fluidized bed turbulent flow structures and dynamics
Lungu M, Wang HT, Mwandila G, Wang JD, Yang YR, Chen FQ, Siame J