Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.335 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Effect of coefficient of friction on arch network in shearing process under low confinement
Meng Y, Zhu HJ, Kwok CY, Kuo M, Jing L, Huang X
11 - 17 Quantitative Design of Seed Load Based on model identification of nucleation and crystal growth stages without transmittance data
Qian HL, Dai L, Jiang F, Shi YQ, Wang ZX, Liu W, Huang DC, Chen W
18 - 34 Particle scale modeling of heat transfer in granular flows in a double screw reactor
Qi FL, Wright MM
35 - 41 Optimization of spray drying parameters for Murraya koenigii (Linn) leaves extract using response surface methodology
Sablania V, Bosco SJD
42 - 53 Experimental study on gas explosion suppression by coupling CO2 to a vacuum chamber
Cui CB, Shao H, Jiang SG, Zhang X
54 - 61 H2SO4 induced mesoporous TiO2 nano-photocatalyst synthesized free of template under microwave
Zhang JJ, Li L, Li YX, Yang CF
62 - 69 Kinetics of immersion nucleation driven by surface tension
Pitt K, Smith RM, de Koster SAL, Litster JD, Hounslow MJ
70 - 76 Random adhesive loose packings of micron-sized particles under a uniform flow field
Liu WW, Chen S, Li SQ
77 - 90 Studies on stability and properties of micro and nano-particle-laden ionic microbubbles
Ruby K, Majumder SK
91 - 102 Discrete element simulation of particle motion in ball mills based on similarity
Jiang SQ, Ye YX, Tan YQ, Liu SS, Liu JG, Zhang H, Yang DM
103 - 113 An integrated approach for production of stainless steel master alloy from a low grade chromite concentrate
Zhu DQ, Yang CC, Pan J, Lu LM, Guo ZQ, Liu XQ
114 - 123 Impact of grinding aids and process parameters on dry stirred media milling
Prziwara P, Hamilton LD, Breitung-Faes S, Kwade A
124 - 136 Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) for mixing of cohesive solids in rotating cylinders
Escotet-Espinoza MS, Foster CJ, Ierapetritou M
137 - 146 Role of coprecipitation and calcination of precursors on phase homogeneity and electrochemical properties of battery active materials
Dong HX, Wang A, Koenig GM
147 - 155 The influence of orifice shape on the flow rate: A DEM and experimental research in 3D hopper granular flows
Wan JF, Wang FG, Yang GH, Zhang S, Wang MK, Lin P, Yang L
156 - 163 Adsorption of heavy metal ions using zeolite materials of municipal solid waste incineration fly ash modified by microwave-assisted hydrothermal treatment
Qiu QL, Jiang XG, Lv GJ, Chen ZL, Lu SY, Ni MJ, Yan JH, Deng XB
164 - 170 Effect of ethanol on the crystallization and phase transformation of MgCO3 center dot 3H(2)O in a MgCl2-CO2-NH3 center dot H2O system
Cheng WT, Zhang CY, Cheng HG, Chen ZL, Liao HQ, Cheng FQ
171 - 185 Oily bubble flotation technology combining modeling and optimization of parameters for enhancement of flotation of low-flame coal
Chen SJ, Li LL, Qu JZ, Liu QZ, Tang LF, Tao XX, Fan HD
186 - 194 Experimental study on particles agglomeration by chemical and turbulent agglomeration before electrostatic precipitators
Hu B, Yi Y, Liang C, Yuan ZL, Roszak S, Yang LJ
195 - 203 Calcium carbonate chain-like nanoparticles: Synthesis, structural characterization, and dewaterability
Kezuka Y, Kuma Y, Nakai S, Matsubara K, Tajika M
204 - 210 Flotation kinetics of coal in the Inflatable Cyclonic Flotation Column
Li NB, Li YF, Fu XQ, Gao FL, Zhang CQ, Xia WC, Liang L
211 - 221 Shape factor of the flake-like particle in thermal spallation and its effects on settling and transport behavior in drilling annulus
Hu XD, Song XZ, Li GS, Shen ZH, Lyu ZH, Shi Y
222 - 234 Particle resolved direct numerical simulation of free settling particles for the study of effects of momentum response time on drag force
Zaidi AA
235 - 249 SIPHPM simulation and analysis of cubic particle mixing patterns and axial dispersion mechanisms in a three-dimensional cylinder
Gui N, Yang XT, Tu JY, Jiang SY
250 - 257 Experimental measurement of the normal coefficient of restitution of micro-particles impacting on plate surface in different humidity
Dong M, Mei YK, Li X, Shang Y, Li SF
258 - 274 A multiphase meshfree particle method for continuum-based modeling of dry and submerged granular flows
Nodoushan EJ, Shakibaeinia A, Hosseini K
275 - 284 Production of spherical semi-crystalline polycarbonate microparticles for Additive Manufacturing by liquid-liquid phase separation
Kloos S, Dechet MA, Peukert W, Schmidt J
285 - 300 Synthesis of Cu-Al LDH nanofluid and its application in spray cooling heat transfer of a hot steel plate
Chakraborty S, Sarkar I, Ashok A, Sengupta I, Pal SK, Chakraborty S
301 - 314 Study on the multiphase fluid-solid interaction in granular materials based on an LBM-DEM coupled method
Ding WT, Xu WJ
315 - 326 Development of sericin/alginate beads of ketoprofen using experimental design: Formulation and in vitro dissolution evaluation
de Freitas ED, Rosa PCP, da Silva MGC, Vieira MGA
327 - 333 Structure analysis on the packing of ellipsoids under one-dimensional vibration and periodic boundary conditions
Gan JQ, Zhou ZY, Yu AB
334 - 343 Diphosphonated comb-like copolymers synthesis as suspensions dispersants and their resistance to ionic competition phenomenon
Tramaux A, Azema N, El Bitouri Y, David G, Negrell C, Poulesquen A, Haas J, Remond S
344 - 353 Effect of filter layer thickness on the filtration characteristics of dual layer granular beds
Xiao GH, Yang GH, Yang Q, Tian SR
354 - 359 The effects of egg shell and shrimp shell on the properties of baked starch foam
Kaewtatip K, Chiarathanakrit C, Riyajan SA
360 - 370 High aspect ratio Ca6Si6O17(OH)(2) nanowires: Green hydrothermal synthesis, formation mechanism, optical and photoluminescence properties
Xu L, Sun PP, Chen XP, Li J, Zhai PY, Zhang H, Zhang ZS, Zhu WC
371 - 374 A model for solid surface viscosity of iron powders at high temperature: Influence of particle size distribution
Zhong YW, Gao JT, Guo ZC
375 - 387 Effects of graphene oxide silicon oxide hybrid nanomaterials on rheological behavior of water at various time durations and temperatures: Synthesis, preparation and stability
Ranjbarzadeh R, Akhgar A, Musivand S, Afrand M
388 - 400 Effect of particle morphologies on the percolation of particulate porous media: A study of superballs
Lin JJ, Chen HS
401 - 408 Characteristics of foam sol clay for controlling coal dust
Xi ZL, Jin LW, Liew JYR, Li D
409 - 426 Variation of drag, lift and torque in a suspension of ellipsoidal particles
He L, Tafti D
427 - 439 Computational approaches to predict the effect of shear during processing of lubricated pharmaceutical blends
Ketterhagen WR, Mullarney MP, Kresevic J, Blackwood D