Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.331 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 6 The relationship among tensile strength, Young's modulus, and indentation hardness of pharmaceutical compacts
Sun WJ, Kothari S, Sun CC
7 - 19 Study on the distribution characteristics of flexible filamentous particle clusters in a fluidized bed dryer
Wu K, Li B, Gao LY, Yuan ZL, Luo DS, Guan L, Gu CH
20 - 27 Analysis of abrasive damage of iron ore pellets
Najafabadi AHM, Masoumi A, Allaei SMV
28 - 40 Mesh sensitivity analysis on hydrodynamics behavior of a fluidized bed containing silver oxide nanoparticle agglomerates: Transition from bubbling to slugging and turbulent flow regimes
Hamidifard S, Bahramian A, Rasteh M
41 - 51 Development of a novel MWCNT reinforced iron matrix nanocomposite through powder metallurgy route
Kumar A, Banerjee MK, Pandel U
52 - 59 Graphene-chambered interconnected nano-Si@N, P, S-codoped C spheres as anodes for lithium ion batteries
Huang X, Li D, Li MQ
60 - 67 Sifting segregation of ideal blends in a two-hopper tester: Segregation profiles and segregation magnitudes
Marucci M, Al-Saaigh B, Boissier C, Wahlgren M, Wikstrom H
68 - 73 Experimental study on electrostatic charges and discharges inside storage silo during loading of polypropylene powders
Choi K, Endo Y, Suzuki T
74 - 97 A review of powdered additive manufacturing techniques for Ti-6al-4v biomedical applications
Harun WSW, Manam NS, Kamariah MSIN, Sharif S, Zulkifly AH, Ahmad I, Miura H
98 - 106 DEM study in the critical height of flow mechanism transition in a conical silo
Zhang YX, Jia FG, Zeng Y, Han YL, Xiao YW
107 - 120 The effect of TiC:CNT mixing ratio and CNT content on the mechanical and tribological behaviors of TiC modified CNT-reinforced Al-matrix nanocomposites
Saba F, Haddad-Sabzevar M, Sajjadi SA, Zhang FM
121 - 128 Influence of material thermal properties and dispersity on thermal bed mixing in rotary drums
Nafsun AI, Herz F, Liu XY
129 - 136 Research on the volume and line fractal dimension of fragments from the dynamic explosion fragmentation of metal shells
Zhu JJ, Zheng Y, Yang YC, Li WB, Wang XM, Li WB, Qiao XX
137 - 145 Evaluation of RRSB distribution and lognormal distribution for describing the particle size distribution of graded cementitious materials
Gao P, Zhang TS, Wei JX, Yu QJ
146 - 154 Model based process optimization of nanosuspension preparation via wet stirred media milling
Flach F, Breitung-Faes S, Kwade A
155 - 161 Effect of calcium ionic concentrations on the adsorption of carboxymethyl cellulose onto talc surface: Flotation, adsorption and AFM imaging study
Jin SZ, Shi Q, Li Q, Ou LM, Ouyang K
162 - 170 Sustainable bovine bone-derived hierarchically porous carbons with excellent adsorption of antibiotics: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic investigation
Dai JD, Qin L, Zhang RL, Xie AT, Chang ZS, Tian SJ, Li CX, Yan YS
171 - 178 Numerical and experimental study of an innovative design of elbow in the pipe line of a pneumatic conveying system
Ghafori H, Sharifi M
179 - 191 Discrete element modelling of ellipsoidal particles using super-ellipsoids and multi-spheres: A comparative study
You Y, Zhao YZ
192 - 203 Effects of particle characteristics on the microstructure and mechanical properties of 17-4 PH stainless steel fabricated by laser-powder bed fusion
Irrinki H, Jangam JSD, Pasebani S, Badwe S, Stitzel J, Kate K, Gulsoy O, Atre SV
204 - 217 Spatial morphology of maltodextrin agglomerates from X-ray microtomographic data: Real structure evaluation vs. spherical primary particle model
Pashminehazar R, Ahmed SJ, Kharaghani A, Tsotsas E
218 - 225 Adsorption behaviors and mechanisms of dodecyltrimethyl ammonium chloride and cetyltrimethyl ammonium chloride on illite flotation
Jiang H, Gao Y, Yang QH, Khoso SA, Liu GR, Xu LH, Hu YH
226 - 235 Ball milling and sintering of neutron absorber Mo-based Tb2O3-Dy2O3 composite and its characterization
Lv D, Lu JQ, Ran G, Zhou W, Wang M, Feng QJ, Wu YZ, Li N, Shen Q
236 - 243 Control of a system of loss-in-weight feeders for drug product continuous manufacturing
Hanson J
244 - 249 A novel green-emitting phosphor of Ce3+-activated CaGd4F14: Synthesis, high efficiency, and thermal stability
Gao ZW, Zhao L, He JY, Yu RJ
250 - 257 Effect of pre-briquetting on the granulation of sinter mixture containing high proportion of specularite concentrate
Zhu DQ, Shi BJ, Pan J, Zhang F
258 - 269 Leaching behaviour of mechano-chemically activated bio-oxidised refractory flotation gold concentrates
Asamoah RK, Skinner W, Addai-Mensah J
270 - 275 Au modified single crystalline and polycrystalline composite tin oxide for enhanced n-butanol sensing performance
Wang XZ, Liu FJ, Xie X, Xu GG, Tian J, Cui HZ
276 - 285 Investigations on the residence time distribution of a three-chamber feed frame with special focus on its geometric and parametric setups
Dulle M, Ozcoban H, Leopold CS
286 - 295 Use of machine learning tool to elucidate and characterize the growth mechanism of an in-situ fluid bed melt granulation
Korteby Y, Kristo K, Sovany T, Regdon G
296 - 309 Research on screening mechanism and parameters optimization of equal thickness screen with variable amplitude based on DEM simulation
Qiao JP, Duan CL, Jiang HS, Zhao YM, Chen JW, Huang L, Wen PF, Wu JD
310 - 321 Research on the rheological properties of cross-linked polymer microspheres with different microstructures
Wang HY, Lin MQ, Chen DN, Dong ZX, Yang ZH, Zhang J
322 - 325 Synthesis of well-dispersed columnar Si3N4 using carbothermal reduction-nitridation method
Sun SY, Wang Q, Ge YY, Tian ZB, Zhang J, Xie ZP
326 - 337 Influence of magnetic field and thermal radiation on convective flow of SWCNTs-water and MWCNTs-water nanofluid between rotating stretchable disks with convective boundary conditions
Jyothi K, Reddy PS, Reddy MS
338 - 345 A novel theory for energy considerations in breakage function
Zolghadri M, Noaparast M, Tonkaboni SZS