Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.326 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 6 A revisit of common normal method for discrete modelling of non-spherical particles
Kildashti K, Dong KJ, Samali B
7 - 15 Effects of preparation parameters on the wetting features of surfactant-magnetized water for dust control in Luwa mine, China
Zhou Q, Qin BT, Wang J, Wang HT, Wang F
16 - 24 Experimental investigation on flowing characteristics of flexible tube coring in lunar sampling missions
Tang JY, Quan QQ, Jiang SY, Li H, Bai D, Tang DW, Deng ZQ
25 - 31 Fluid bed granulation as an innovative process to produce dry redispersible nanocapsules: Influence of cationic coating of particles
de Andrade DF, de Oliveira EG, Pohlmann AR, Guterres SS, Kulkamp-Guerreiro IC, Beck RCR
32 - 36 The process for making low density LAS surfactant detergent agglomerates using microwave heating
Sandhu MY, Saleh FS, Afridi S, Hunter IC, Roberts SNS
37 - 43 Capillary rheological studies of 17-4 PH MIM feedstocks prepared using a custom CSIR binder system
Machaka R, Ndlangamandla P, Seerane M
44 - 53 Dry fractionation of olive pomace as a sustainable process to produce fillers for biocomposites
Lammi S, Barakat A, Mayer-Laigle C, Djenane D, Gontard N, Angellier-Coussy H
54 - 61 Mechanical and wear performances of aluminum/sintered-carbon composites produced by pressure infiltration for pantograph sliders
Ma S, Xu EZ, Zhu ZF, Liu Q, Yu SM, Liu JW, Zhong HH, Jiang Y
62 - 68 Photoinitiator and anesthetic incorporation into mesoporous silica
Oliveira LSE, Marcal L, Rocha LA, de Faria EH, Ciuffi KJ, Nassar EJ, Correa IC
69 - 77 Moisture soft sensor for batch fluid bed dryers: A practical approach
Pla DL, Kamyar R, Hashemian N, Mehdizadeh H, Moshgbar M
78 - 83 LiCoO2 particle size distribution as a function of the state of health of discarded cell phone batteries
Pavoni FH, Sita LE, dos Santos CS, da Silva SP, da Silva PRC, Scarminio J
84 - 88 Additives-assisted electrodeposition of fine spherical copper powder from sulfuric acid solution
Lou WB, Cai WQ, Li P, Su JL, Zheng SL, Zhang Y, Jin W
89 - 100 The changes of surface properties and enhancement of B2O3 leaching ratio of boron concentrate via wet ball milling
Xu YZ, Jiang T, Gao HY, Chen WY, Xue XX
101 - 113 Process optimization of metallurgical dust recycling by direct reduction in rotary hearth furnace
Wu YL, Jiang ZY, Zhang XX, Xue QG, Miao Z, Zhou Z, Shen YS
114 - 122 Newtonian flow past a hollow frustum in vertical and inclined plane: An experimental observation for terminal velocity and drag coefficient
Samantaray SK, Rout BK, Mohapatra SS, Munshi B
123 - 136 DEM study of the effect of blade-support spokes on mixing performance in a ribbon mixer
Chandratilleke GR, Dong KJ, Shen YS
137 - 145 Influence of TiO2 addition on the oxidation induration and reduction behavior of Hongge vanadium titanomagnetite pellets with simulated shaft furnace gases
Li W, Wang N, Fu GQ, Chu MS, Zhu MY
146 - 150 Alterations in physicochemical properties and bile acid binding capacities of dietary fibers upon ultrafine grinding
Huang KH, Du B, Xu BJ
151 - 158 Microstructure and physical and mechanical properties of micro cemented carbide injection moulded components
Fayyaz A, Muhamad N, Sulong A
159 - 167 Waste steel scrap to nanostructured powder and superior compact through powder metallurgy: Powder generation, processing and characterization
Verma P, Saha R, Chaira D
168 - 180 Quantification of the influences of aggregate shape and sampling method on the overestimation of ITZ thickness in cementitious materials
Zhu ZG, Provis JL, Chen HS
181 - 189 Net-like porous activated carbon materials from shrimp shell by solution-processed carbonization and H3PO4 activation for methylene blue adsorption
Liu X, He CQ, Yu XJ, Bai YT, Ye L, Wang BS, Zhang LF
190 - 207 Population balance modelling to describe the particle aggregation process: A review
Jeldres RI, Fawell PD, Florio BJ
208 - 221 Lattice Boltzmann investigation of the wake effect on the interaction between particle and power-law fluid flow
Qi Z, Kuang SB, Rong LW, Yu AB
222 - 227 The process and mechanisms for the transformation of coarse grain to nanoscale grain in tungsten by ball milling
Wu ZM, Liang YX, Fu EG, Du JL, Wang PP
228 - 236 Investigating the settling behaviour of saline tailing suspensions using kaolinite, bentonite, and illite clay minerals
Liu D, Edraki M, Berry L
237 - 246 Simulation of orientation of fibre particles in a stirred tank and its influential factors
Fan L, Xu N
247 - 254 Photocatalytic degradation of methylene blue by magnetically recoverable Fe3O4/Ag6Si2O7 under simulated visible light
Chen HP, Chen N, Gao Y, Feng CP
255 - 264 Modelling the stability of iron ore bulk cargoes during marine transport
Chen W, Roberts A, Katterfeld A, Wheeler C
265 - 271 Physical properties, morphology and saltiness of salt particles as affected by spray drying conditions and potassium chloride substitution
Chindapan N, Niamnuy C, Devahastin S
272 - 280 Preparation of protonized titanate nanotubes/Fe3O4/TiO2 ternary composites and dye self-sensitization for visible-light-driven photodegradation of Rhodamine B
Chen PP, Cai YY, Wang J, Wang KW, Tao YS, Xue JD, Wang HG
281 - 287 Pressure wave attenuation in agas solid fluidized bed: Effects of particles size, density and the electrostatic charge
Nosrati K, Movahedirad S, Sobati MA
288 - 291 Cohesion and tensile strength estimation from incomplete shear analysis data
Peleg M, Normand MD
292 - 301 Functionality and performance evaluation of directly compressible co-processed excipients based on dynamic compaction analysis and percolation theory
Draskovic M, Djuris J, Ibric S, Parojcic J
302 - 321 Flow characteristics of coarse particles in horizontal hydraulic conveying
Uzi A, Levy A
322 - 326 Granular avalanches in slumping regime in a 2D rotating drum
Li R, Yang H, Zheng G, Sun QC
327 - 343 Particle design via spherical agglomeration: A critical review of controlling parameters, rate processes and modelling
Pitt K, Pena R, Tew JD, Pal K, Smith R, Nagy ZK, Litster JD
344 - 355 Preparation and characterization of high drug-loaded microgranules: Particle sizing and mechanical properties
Cho CH, Hwang KM, Hwang KM, Seok SH, Kim SH, Seo JW, Park ES
356 - 369 Analysis of heat transfer and pumping power for bottom-heated porous cavity saturated with Cu-water nanofluid
Biswas N, Manna NK, Datta P, Mahapatra PS
370 - 378 Mechanistic investigation on the performance of Huperzine A loaded microparticles based on ultra-fine particle processing system
Peng TT, Yang PP, Zhu CN, Zhang XJ, Wang XY, Ran H, Bai XQ, Zhang JW, Wu CY, Pan X, Wu CB
379 - 392 New simple correlation formula for the drag coefficient of calcareous sand particles of highly irregular shape
Wang Y, Zhou LX, Wu Y, Yang Q
393 - 401 Facile fabrication of Fe@MgO magnetic nanocomposites for efficient removal of heavy metal ion and dye from water
Ge LF, Wang W, Peng ZL, Tan FT, Wang XY, Chen JG, Qiao XL
402 - 410 Aqueous debinding of polyvinyl butyral based binder system for titanium metal injection moulding
Thavanayagam G, Swan JE
411 - 424 Impact response of concrete reinforced with hybrid basalt-polypropylene fibers
Fu Q, Niu DT, Zhang J, Huang DG, Hong MS
425 - 442 Impact of spray drying over conventional surface adsorption technique for improvement in micromeritic and biopharmaceutical characteristics of self-nanoemulsifying powder loaded with two lipophilic as well as gastrointestinal labile drugs
Kumar B, Garg V, Singh S, Pandey NK, Bhatia A, Prakash T, Gulati M, Singh SK
443 - 453 Effect of fractal gas distributor on the radial distribution of particles in circulating turbulent fluidized bed
Peng C, Lv M, Wang SN, Sun XL, Liu HJ, Tang ZY, Sun YH
454 - 466 Development of microwave-assisted functionalized nanosilicas for instantaneous removal of heavy metals
Mahmoud ME, Hassan SSM, Kamel AH, Elserw MIA
467 - 478 In situ formation of TiC-particle-reinforced stainless steel matrix nanocomposites during ball milling: Feedstock powder preparation for selective laser melting at various energy densities
AlMangour B, Grzesiak D, Yang JM
479 - 487 Facile Co-precipitation synthesis and ethanol sensing performance of Pd loaded Sr doped SnO2 nanoparticles
Shaikh FI, Chikhale LP, Mulla IS, Suryavanshi SS
488 - 497 Optimizing particle characteristics of nanocrystalline aluminum nitride
Ognjanovic SM, Winterer M
498 - 498 The sensitivity of filtered Two Fluid Model to the underlying resolved simulation setup (vol 316, pg 265, 2017)
Cloete JH, Cloete S, Municchi F, Radl S, Amini S