Powder Technology

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ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 7 A comparison between interparticle forces estimated with direct powder shear testing and with sound assisted fluidization
Chirone R, Raganati F, Ammendola P, Barletta D, Lettieri P, Poletto M
8 - 23 3D characterization of general-shape sand particles using microfocus X-ray computed tomography and spherical harmonic functions, and particle regeneration using multivariate random vector
Su D, Yan WM
24 - 44 A novel approach to calculate radiative thermal exchange in coupled particle simulations
Forgber T, Radl S
45 - 50 Two-fluid LES and RANS modeling of sudden-expansion gas-particle flows
Zhou LX, Liu Y
51 - 59 Permanent agglomerates in powdered nanoparticles: Formation and future prospects
Yeap SP
60 - 68 The mechanism and relief method of the coal seam water blocking effect (WBE) based on the surfactants
Ni GH, Li Z, Xie HC
69 - 75 Emergent composite structures following the amorphization of itraconazole with alpha-glucosyl rutin by over-grinding
Kadota K, Arima H, Shakudo R, Semba K, Uchiyama H, Sugiyama K, Tozuka Y
76 - 85 Measurement of the wall slip behaviour of a solid granular soap in ram extrusion
Bryan MP, Rough SL, Wilson DI
86 - 94 Highly efficient particulate matter removal by a fluidized-bed-type device operated in continuous regeneration mode
Yamamoto T, Yokoo K, Kusu A, Tatebayashi J
95 - 102 Explosion severity of methane-coal dust hybrid mixtures in a ducted spherical vessel
Kundu SK, Zanganeh J, Eschebach D, Moghtaderi B
103 - 114 Performance optimization of water-Al2O3 nanofluid flow and heat transfer in trapezoidal cooling microchannel using constructal theory and two phase Eulerian-Lagrangian approach
Khodabandeh E, Abbassi A
115 - 119 A novel method of synthesis and investigation on transformation of synthetic rutile powders from Panzhihua sulphate titanium slag using microwave heating
He AX, Chen G, Chen J, Peng JH, Srinivasakannan C, Ruan RS
120 - 127 Spatially periodic modulated thermal convection in granular fluids: A simulation study
Shinde M
128 - 138 CFD simulation of particle size change during the coal char gasification process using the population balance model with FCMOM
Ghadirian E, Abbasian J, Arastoopour H
139 - 148 Physical and functional properties of cheese powders affected by sweet whey powder addition before or after spray drying
da Silva DF, Ahrne L, Larsen FH, Hougaard AB, Ipsen R
149 - 154 DEM modeling on stress profile and behavior in granular matter
Zhao HY, An XZ, Wu YL, Qian Q
155 - 162 Production of liposomes loaded with antioxidants using a supercritical CO2 assisted process
Trucillo P, Campardelli R, Reverchon E
163 - 175 Simulation gas-solid flow in the downer with new structure-based drag model
Chen HZ, Gu SM, Li HZ
176 - 185 Granulation characteristics of molten blast furnace slag by hybrid centrifugal-air blast technique
Tan Y, Zhu X, He XY, Ding B, Wang H, Liao Q, Li H
186 - 194 Measurement of dispersity of ISO A2 fine dusts by shadowgraph method
Kang S, Lai WT, Chen SC, Pui DYH
195 - 202 Effect of coal ash on ring behavior of iron-ore pellet powder in kiln
Zhong Q, Yang YB, Jiang T, Li Q, Xu B
203 - 207 Low temperature synthesis of LaB6 nanoparticles by a molten salt route
Yu YP, Wang S, Li W, Chen ZH
208 - 218 Thermodynamic sorption properties, water plasticizing effect and particle characteristics of blueberry powders produced from juices, fruits and pomaces
Tao Y, Wu Y, Yang J, Jiang N, Wang Q, Chu DT, Han YB, Zhou JZ
219 - 229 Design and evaluation of nanocomposite microparticles to enhance dissolution and oral bioavailability of andrographolide
Chen YC, Liu Y, Xu JN, Xie J, Ma YQ, Yue PF, Zheng Q, Yang M
230 - 237 Microwave assisted modification of activated carbons by organic acid ammoniums activation for enhanced adsorption of acid red 18
Wang L, Chen ZZ, Wen H, Cai Z, He C, Wang ZX, Yan W
238 - 249 Discrete particle simulation of food grain drying in a fluidised bed
Azmir J, Hou QF, Yu AB
250 - 268 Modelling of pastes as viscous soils - Lubricated squeeze flow
Patel MJ, Blackburn S, Wilson DI
269 - 283 Validation and application of CPFD models in simulating hydrodynamics and reactions in riser reactor with Geldart A particles
Wu YY, Peng L, Qin LQ, Wang M, Gao JS, Lan XY
284 - 293 Numerical investigation of particle deposition in a triple bifurcation airway due to gravitational sedimentation and inertial impaction
Chen XL, Feng Y, Zhong WQ, Sun BB, Tao F
294 - 300 Multi-layered carbon coated Si-based composite as anode for lithium-ion batteries
Su MR, Wan HF, Liu YJ, Xiao W, Dou AC, Wang ZX, Guo HJ
301 - 309 Random non-convex particle model for the fraction of interfacial transition zones (ITZs) in fully-graded concrete
Xu WX, Han ZM, Tao L, Ding QH, Ma HF
310 - 322 A novel low-cost method of silica aerogel fabrication using fly ash and trona ore with ambient pressure drying technique
Wu XD, Fan MH, Mclaughlin JF, Shen XD, Tan G
323 - 336 Three-dimensional Voronoi analysis of monodisperse ellipsoids during triaxial shear
Zhao SW, Evans TM, Zhou XW
337 - 345 The fractal evolution of particle fragmentation under different fracture energy
346 - 356 Flame propagation and flow field measurements in a Hartmann dust explosion tube
Hosseinzadeh S, Vanierschot M, Norman F, Verplaetsen F, Berghmans J
357 - 366 The role of the intermediate stage of drying on particle in-situ crystallization in spray dryers
Shakiba S, Mansouri S, Selomulya C, Woo MW
367 - 373 A new correlation for predicting the thermal conductivity of ZnO-Ag (50%-50%)/water hybrid nanofluid: An experimental study
Esfahani NN, Toghraie D, Afrand M
374 - 384 A pseudo-coupled DEM-non-linear PBM approach for simulating the evolution of particle size during dry milling
Capece M, Dave RN, Bilgili E
385 - 392 Deformation analysis of shear band in granular materials via a robust plane shear test and numerical simulation
Lei D, Huang JF, Xu WX, Wang WC, Zhang P
393 - 402 A new multiple-time-step three-dimensional discrete element modeling of aerosol acoustic agglomeration
Zhang GX, Zhang LL, Wang JQ, Chi ZH, Hu E
403 - 415 Effect of vertical length on asymmetric flow and inclusion transport in vertical-bending continuous caster
Liu ZQ, Li BK
416 - 423 Microencapsulation of vanilla (Vanilla planifolia Andrews) and powder characterization
Calva-Estrada SJ, Mendoza MR, Garcia O, Jimenez-Fernandez VM, Jimenez M
424 - 432 One-pot solvothermal synthesis of fern leaf-like alpha-Fe2O3@C/graphene from ferrocene with enhanced lithium and sodium storage properties
Wu XC, Chen W, Key JL, Wu WW
433 - 444 Frequency domain characterization of torque in tumbling ball mills using DEM modelling: Application to filling level monitoring
Pedrayes F, Norniella JG, Melero MG, Menendez-Aguado JM, del Coz-Diaz JJ
445 - 453 Luminescence properties and charge transfer mechanism of host sensitized Ba2CaWO6:Eu3+ phosphor
Sreeja E, Gopi S, Vidyadharan V, Mohan PR, Joseph C, Unnikrishnan NV, Biju PR
454 - 485 Evaluation of correlations for minimum fluidization velocity (U-mf) in gas-solid fluidization
Anantharaman A, Cocco RA, Chew JW
486 - 494 Development of a novel bentonite-acrylamide superabsorbent hydrogel for extinguishing gangue fire hazard
Tang YB, Wang HE
495 - 506 Prediction of viscosity of several alumina-based nanofluids using various artificial intelligence paradigms - Comparison with experimental data and empirical correlations
Gholami E, Vaferi B, Ariana MA
507 - 517 Nanoparticle formation and growth in turbulent flows using the bimodal TEMOM
Chan TL, Liu SY, Yue Y
518 - 524 Dry beneficiation of fine coal using planar air jets
Yang XL, Wang S, Zhang YD, Zhao YM, Luo ZF
525 - 532 Measurement of solid mass flow rate by a non-intrusive microwave method
Pang L, Shao YJ, Geng CM, Zhong WQ, Liu GY, Liu LH, Tian WJ
533 - 533 EDITORIAL: Editors Choice from APT2015, Seoul, Korea
Kim KS, Pratsinis SE
534 - 547 CPFD study of a full-loop three-dimensional pilot-scale circulating fluidized bed based on EMMS drag model
Tu QY, Wang HG
548 - 557 Biphasic synthesis of amine-functionalized mesoporous silica nanospheres (MSN-NH2) and its application for removal of ferrous (Fe2+) and copper (Cu2+) ions
Naowanon W, Chueachot R, Klinsrisuk S, Amnuaypanich S
558 - 562 Design of micron-sized salt particles by ethanol vapour drying
Mansouri S, Chen XD, Woo MW
563 - 573 Cu/CNT nanocomposite fabrication with different raw material properties using a planetary ball milling process
Bor A, Ichinkhorloo B, Uyanga B, Lee J, Choi H
574 - 580 Influence of aluminum source on the color tone of cobalt blue pigment
Yoneda M, Gotoh I, Nakanishi M, Fujii T, Nomura T
581 - 587 Dry coating of electrode particle with model particle of sulfide solid electrolytes for all-solid-state secondary battery
Kawaguchi T, Nakamura H, Watano S
588 - 593 Production and separation of rice husk pyrolysis bio-oils from a fractional distillation column connected fluidized bed reactor
Huang AN, Hsu CP, Hou BR, Kuo HP