Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.318 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 7 Stable formamide/palygorskite nanostructure hybrid material fortified by high-pressure homogenization
Xu JX, Wang WB, Wang AQ
8 - 22 Recent developments in ZnS photocatalysts from synthesis to photocatalytic applications - A review
Lee GJ, Wu JJ
23 - 32 Discrete element method simulations and experiments of dry catalyst impregnation for spherical and cylindrical particles in a double cone blender
Shen YY, Borghard WG, Tomassone MS
33 - 39 Effects of chemical properties of coal dust on its wettability
Xu CH, Wang DM, Wang HT, Xin HH, Ma LY, Zhu XL, Zhang Y, Wang QG
40 - 45 Calcination-temperature-dependent gas-sensing properties of mesoporous nickel oxides nanowires as ethanol sensors
Li XQ, Li DP, Xu JC, Jin HX, Jin DF, Peng XL, Hong B, Li J, Yang YT, Ge HL, Wang XQ
46 - 61 Convective heat transfer in slurry flow in a horizontal Y-shaped branch pipe
Nayak BB, Chatterjee D
62 - 67 Particle size distribution of tin powder produced by centrifugal atomisation using rotating cups
Zhang LP, Zhao YY
68 - 82 Two-fluid modeling of cratering in a particle bed by a subsonic turbulent jet
LaMarche CQ, Moran AB, van Wachem B, Curtis JS
83 - 94 On the significance of two-way coupling in simulation of turbulent particle agglomeration
Dizaji FF, Marshall JS
95 - 109 Accurate particle speed prediction by improved particle speed measurement and 3-dimensional particle size and shape characterization technique
Cernuschi F, Rothleitner C, Clausen S, Neuschaefer-Rube U, Illemann J, Lorenzoni L, Guardamagna C, Larsen HE
110 - 119 Effect of microencapsulation by spray drying on cocoa aroma compounds and physicochemical characterisation of microencapsulates
Sanchez-Reinoso Z, Osorio C, Herrera A
120 - 127 Sonochemically generated cerium doped ZnO nanorods for highly efficient photocatalytic dye degradation
Meshram SP, Adhyapak PV, Pardeshi SK, Mulla IS, Amalnerkar DP
128 - 134 Dual-functionalized strontium phosphate hybrid nanopowder for effective removal of Pb2+ and malachite green from aqueous solution
Zhang F, Chen X, Zhang WN, Ji YF
135 - 150 Influences of different operating parameters and gas/solid properties in rectangular cross-flow moving bed
Wang RJ, Fan YP, Lu CX
151 - 161 An experimental study of the aerodynamic dispersion of loose aggregates in an accelerating flow
Silin N, Tarrio J, Guozden T
162 - 169 Study of microencapsulation and controlled release of modified chitosan microparticles containing vitamin B12
Carlan IC, Estevinho BN, Rocha F
170 - 176 Experimental study on adsorption of potassium vapor in flue gas by coal ash
Liu YH, Duan XL, Cao X, Che DF, Liu K
177 - 185 Influence of particle size on inertial particle separator efficiency
Barone D, Loth E, Snyder P
186 - 192 Pentaethylenehexamine loaded SBA-16 for CO2 capture from simulated flue gas
Liu YM, Lin XY, Wu XH, Liu MY, Shi RH, Yu XJ
193 - 205 Comparisons of Eulerian-Eulerian and CFD-DEM simulations of mixing behaviors in bubbling fluidized beds
Lee JL, Lim EWC
206 - 213 Aggregation of nickel laterite ore particles using polyacrylamide homo and copolymers with different charge densities
Farrokhpay S, Filippov L
214 - 223 Modeling of a medium speed coal mill
Gao YK, Zeng DL, Liu JZ
224 - 229 Flotation separation of quartz from collophane using an amine collector and its adsorption mechanisms
Li XB, Zhang Q, Hou B, Ye JJ, Mao S, Li XH
230 - 230 Modeling the hydrodynamics of downer reactors based on the meso-scale structure (vol 314, pg 367, 2017)
Liu WM, Li HZ, Zhu QS
231 - 241 Air impact pulverization-precise classification process to support ultraclean coal production
Li Z, Fu YH, Zhou AN, Zhu CY, Yang C, Zhang Q
242 - 247 Fluidization of nanoparticles agglomerates enhanced by supercritical carbon dioxide
Martin V, Cocero MJ, Rodriguez-Rojo S
248 - 262 Numerical simulation and analysis of mixing of polygonal particles in 2D rotating drums by SIPHPM method
Gui N, Yang XT, Tu JY, Jiang SY
263 - 271 Surface charge of rare earth phosphate (monazite) in aqueous solutions
Zhang WC, Honaker R
272 - 281 The response of diasporic-bauxite flotation to particle size based on flotation kinetic study and neural network simulation
Zhang NN, Zhou CC, Pan JH, Xia WC, Liu C, Tang MC, Cao SS
282 - 292 Coarse-grained discrete particle simulations of particle segregation in rotating fluidized beds in vortex chambers
Verma V, Li TW, De Wilde J
293 - 305 Investigation of local heat transfer in random particle packings by a fully resolved LAM-approach
Kravets B, Kruggel-Emden H
306 - 313 Influence of inclined channels on the critical motion of particulate suspensions in a liquid-solid fluidized bed
Qi XQ, Li YF, Li NB, Zhang WJ, Xia WC, Li Y, Zhu RT
314 - 320 Three-dimensional CFD simulation of an MgO-based sorbent regeneration reactor in a carbon capture process
Ghadirian E, Abbasian J, Arastoopour H
321 - 328 CFD-DEM modeling the effect of column size and bed height on minimum fluidization velocity in micro fluidized beds with Geldart B particles
Xu YP, Li TW, Musser J, Liu XX, Xu GW, Rogers WA
329 - 336 Thermal conductivity analysis of an ash deposit on boiler superheater
Mendes LJ, Bazzo E, Azevedo JT
337 - 349 DEM simulation of wet granular-fluid flows in spouted beds: Numerical studies and experimental verifications
Zhang H, Li SQ
350 - 362 Computational particle-fluid dynamics simulation of gas-solid flow in a circulating fluidized bed with air or O-2/CO2 as fluidizing gas
Upadhyay M, Park HC, Hwang JG, Choi HS, Jang HN, Seo YC
363 - 382 Modeling, simulation, and analysis of the impact(s) of single angular-type particles on ductile surfaces using smoothed particle hydrodynamics
Dong XW, Li ZL, Feng L, Sun ZC, Fan CY
383 - 389 Experimental study on the erosion behavior of WC-based high-velocity oxygen-fuel spray coating
Zheng C, Liu YH, Qin J, Ji WX, Zhang SH, Ji RJ, Cai BP
390 - 400 Analytical solution and heat transfer of two-phase nanofluid flow between non-parallel walls considering Joule heating effect
Dogonchi AS, Ganji DD
401 - 410 Tuning roughness and gloss of powder coating paint by encapsulating the coating particles with thin Al2O3 films
Valdesueiro D, Hettinga H, Drijfhout JP, Lips P, Meesters GMH, Kreutzer MT, van Ommen JR
411 - 422 Grain-scale modelling of swelling granular materials; application to super absorbent polymers
Sweijen T, Chareyre B, Hassanizadeh SM, Karadimitriou NK
423 - 440 Design and performance optimization of gravity tables using a combined CFD-DEM framework
Kannan AS, Jareteg K, Lassen NCK, Carstensen JM, Hansen MAE, Dam F, Sasic S
441 - 450 Experimental investigation and modeling of thermal conductivity and viscosity for non-Newtonian hybrid nanofluid containing coated CNT/Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Shahsavar A, Bahiraei M
451 - 458 Ultrasonic dispersion of nanostructured materials with probe sonication - practical aspects of sample preparation
Marin RRR, Babick F, Stintz M
459 - 464 Development of a nitrogen-functionalized carbon adsorbent derived from biomass waste by diammonium hydrogen phosphate activation for Cr(VI) removal
Guo ZZ, Zhang J, Liu H, Kang Y
465 - 470 Immobilization of photocatalytically active TiO2 nanopowder by high shear granulation
Goedecke C, Sojref R, Nguyen TY, Piechotta C
471 - 483 X-ray tomography investigations of mono-sized sphere packing structures in cylindrical containers
Reimann J, Vicente J, Brun E, Ferrero C, Gan YX, Rack A
484 - 490 PM2.5 and SO3 collaborative removal in electrostatic precipitator
Hu B, Zhang L, Yi Y, Luo F, Liang C, Yang LJ
491 - 500 Radiometric methods in the measurement of particle-laden flows
Zych M, Hanus R, Vlasak P, Jaszczur M, Petryka L
501 - 506 Ureido-modified macroporous hollow silica microspheres for recovery of Wilkinson's catalyst in hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber
Ai CJ, Gong GB, Zhao XT, Liu P
507 - 517 Effect of Young's modulus on DEM results regarding transverse mixing of particles within a rotating drum
Chen H, Xiao YG, Liu YL, Shi YS
518 - 527 Theoretical and simulation analysis of abrasive particles in centrifugal barrel finishing: Kinematics mechanism and distribution characteristics
Li WH, Zhang L, Li XH, Yang SQ, Wu FF
528 - 542 The effects of rolling resistance and non-convex particle on the mechanics of the undrained granular assembles in 2D
Yang Y, Cheng YM, Sun QC
543 - 548 A combined experimental and DEM approach to determine the breakage of particles in an impact mill
Ardi EG, Dong KJ, Yu AB, Yang RY
549 - 557 Wear behavior of copper matrix composites reinforced by gamma-Cu5Zn8 nanoparticles
Safari F, Khosroshahi RA, Zolriasatein A
558 - 568 Towards a validated CFD setup for a range of fluidized beds
Laugwitz A, Rossger P, Schurz M, Richter A, Meyer B
569 - 588 Assessment of the pyrolysis, combustion and fractal dimension of fragmented oil shale particles
Haki A, El Hadi MA, Bouhafid A