Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.264 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Selection and mathematical modelling of high efficiency air classifiers
Altun O, Benzer H
9 - 21 Combined adsorbents and reactive oxygen species (ROS) generators in soil for treating reverse osmosis concentrates
Joo SH
22 - 30 Study on gas-solid flow behaviors in a spouted bed at elevated pressure: Numerical simulation aspect
Jiang XF, Zhong WQ, Liu XJ, Jin BS
31 - 35 Changes in the hydrophobicity of anthracite coals before and after high temperature heating process
Xia WC, Xie GY
36 - 42 Microwave hydrothermal disassembly for evolution from CuO dendrites to nanosheets and their applications in catalysis and photo-catalysis
Yang C, Wang JD, Xiao F, Su XT
43 - 53 Mesh size effect on CFD simulation of gas-fluidized Geldart A particles
Sande PC, Ray S
54 - 60 Influence of emulsion composition and ultrasonication time on flaxseed oil powder properties
Tontul I, Topuz A
61 - 70 The use of artificial bee colony algorithm to speed up the nanopowders synthesis during high energy ball milling
Abdellahi M, Bahmanpour M, Bahmanpour M
71 - 77 Flash combustion synthesis of electron doped-CaMnO3 thermoelectric oxides
Mouyane M, Itaalit B, Bernard J, Houivet D, Noudem JG
78 - 85 System and criterial method of the identification and quantitative estimation of the geometrical shape of the abrasive powder grain projection
Petasyuk GA
86 - 95 Role of modification of natural zeolite in removal of manganese from aqueous solutions
Ates A
96 - 104 Transversal bed motion in rotating drums using spherical particles: Comparison of experiments with DEM simulations
Komossa H, Wirtz S, Scherer V, Herz F, Specht E
105 - 113 Mechanically induced reactivity of gibbsite: Part 1. Planetary milling
Alex TC, Kumar R, Roy SK, Mehrotra SP
114 - 127 Mechanisms of crack formation in die compacted powders during unloading and ejection: An experimental and modeling comparison between standard straight and tapered dies
Garner S, Ruiz E, Strong J, Zavaliangos A
128 - 132 Facile synthesis of novel cobalt particles by reduction method and their microwave absorption properties
Wen SL, Liu Y, Zhao XC, Cheng JW, Li H
133 - 139 Shear-induced particle size segregation in composite powder transfer films
Dougherty PSM, Marinack MC, Sunday CM, Higgs CF
140 - 148 Characterization of dry and wet sawdust porous beds
Parmentier N, Plougonven E, Leonard A, Jeanmart H
149 - 157 CFD modeling and analysis of the fish-hook effect on the rotor separator's efficiency
Guizani R, Mokni I, Mhiri H, Bournot P
158 - 165 Preparation and characterization of controlled release poly-epsilon-caprolactone microparticles of isoniazid for drug delivery through pulmonary route
Parikh R, Dalwadi S
166 - 176 Hydrodynamic similarity in liquid-solid circulating fluidized bed risers
Natarajan P, Velraj R, Seeniraj RV
177 - 183 Impact of loop seal structure on gas solid flow in a CFB system
Wang PN, Lu JF, Xing WC, Yang HR, Zhang M
184 - 189 Dynamic method to characterize rehydration of powdered cocoa beverage: Influence of sugar nature, quantity and size
Ben Abdelaziz I, Sahli A, Bornaz S, Scher J, Gaiani C
190 - 196 Microencapsulated beetroot juice as a potential source of betalain
Janiszewska E
197 - 202 Gas and solid flow patterns in the loop-seal of a circulating fluidized bed
Bareschino P, Solimene R, Chirone R, Salatino P
203 - 215 Nonlinear programming optimization of series and parallel cyclone arrangement of NPK fertilizer plants
Abdul-Wahab SA, Failaka MF, Ahmadi L, Elkamel A, Yetilmezsoy K
216 - 228 Models of agglomerate growth in fluidized bed reactors: Critical review, status and applications
Khadilkar A, Rozelle PL, Pisupati SV
229 - 235 Mechanically induced reactivity of gibbsite: Part 2. Attrition milling
Alex TC, Kumar R, Roy SK, Mehrotra SP
236 - 241 Drop test: A new method to measure the particle adhesion force
Zafar U, Hare C, Hassanpour A, Ghadiri M
242 - 255 Towards accurate three-dimensional simulation of dense multi-phase flows using cylindrical coordinates
Bakshi A, Altantzis C, Ghoniem AF
256 - 264 Study of the morphology of solidified binder in spray fluidized bed agglomerates by X-ray tomography
Dadkhah M, Tsotsas E
265 - 272 Ultrafast one step mechanosynthesis of nanocrystalline cubic Ti0.9Si0.1B and its microstructure characterization
Sen A, Kar T, Pradhan SK
273 - 277 The one-step method preparation of thermal responsive SiO2/poly-ether composites
Tai XM, Du ZP, Wang WX, Hou MF, Zhao YH
278 - 290 Synthesis and characterization of Al2O3/Zno nanocomposite by pressureless sintering
Bouhamed H, Baklouti S
291 - 297 Manipulation of morphology of strontium titanate particles by spray pyrolysis
Shih SJ, Tzeng WL
298 - 309 Microencapsulation of Gac oil: Optimisation of spray drying conditions using response surface methodology
Kha TC, Nguyen MH, Roach PD, Stathopoulos CE
310 - 319 Effect of particle morphology and size on roll compaction of Ti-based powders
Chikosha S, Shabalala TC, Chikwanda HK
320 - 331 Two-fluid modeling of turbulent particle-gas suspensions in vertical pipes
Patro P, Dash SK
332 - 342 Calibration of discrete element properties and the modelling of packed rock beds
Coetzee CJ, Nel RG
343 - 364 A comparative study on the influence of the gas flow rate on the hydrodynamics of a gas-solid spouted fluidized bed using Euler-Euler and Euler-Lagrange/DEM models
Almohammed N, Alobaid F, Breuer M, Epple B
365 - 376 Characterization of solid state forms of glipizide
Renuka, Singh SK, Gulati M, Kaur I
377 - 395 Regimes of liquid transport through sheared beds of inertial smooth particles
Mohan B, Kloss C, Khinast J, Radl S
396 - 400 Controlled growth of biomorphic CuO via an one-step thermal decomposition on biotemplates
Bo YY, Huang BJ, Zhang YG, Wang J, Lau WM, Zheng Z
401 - 408 The influence of pellet-barrel friction on the granular transport in a single screw extruder
Michelangelli OP, Gaspar-Cunha A, Covas JA
409 - 417 Production of nanocrystalline lithium fluoride by planetary ball-milling
Wall C, Pohl A, Knapp M, Hahn H, Fichtner M
418 - 422 Silver ions and silver nanoparticles in zeolite A composites for antibacterial activity
Jiraroj D, Tungasmita S, Tungasmita DN
423 - 429 Hydrodynamic studies on fluidized beds with internals: Experimental and ANN approach
Mathew RK, Begum KMMS, Anantharaman N
430 - 438 Modification and evaluation of Egyptian kaolinite as pigment for paper coating
Morsy FA, El-Sherbiny S, Hassan MS, Mohammed HF
439 - 445 Kinetics and mechanism of three stages of thermal transformation of kaolinite to metakaolinite
Ptacek P, Frajkorova F, Soukal F, Opravil T
446 - 457 One-pot synthesis of sub-micron organosilicate particles for the formulation of Pickering emulsions
Lorentz R, Rahali Y, Issa S, Bensouda Y, Holtzinger G, Aoussat A, Pense-Lheritier AM
458 - 465 Simulation of railway ballast using crushable polyhedral particles
Elias J
466 - 476 Numerical investigation on the solid flow pattern in bubbling gas-solid fluidized beds: Effects of particle size and time averaging
Askarishahi M, Salehi MS, Dehkordi AM
477 - 483 Effects of mechanochemical treatment on the properties of kaolin and phosphate-kaolin materials
Baccour A, Sahnoun RD, Bouaziz J
484 - 497 Soft sensing of particle size in a grinding process: Application of support vector regression, fuzzy inference and adaptive neuro fuzzy inference techniques for online monitoring of cement fineness
Pani AK, Mohanta HK
498 - 506 In situ fluidized hot melt granulation using a novel meltable binder: Effect of formulation variables on granule characteristics and controlled release tablets
Prado HJ, Bonelli PR, Cukierman AL
507 - 513 Preparation and properties of rubber powder from modified-SBR latex by spray drying process
de Paiva LB, de Oliveira AM, Gavioli RR
514 - 518 Synthesis of ZnO@Co2O3-Bi2O3-MnO core-shell structured nanoparticles for varistors applications
Wang MH, Zhou F, Zhang B
519 - 526 Effect of higher-order and lubrication terms on the stability of polygonal arrangements of sedimenting spheres
Bargiel M, Tory EM
527 - 535 Separation analysis of dry high intensity induced roll magnetic separator for concentration of hematite fines
Tripathy SK, Banerjee PM, Suresh N
536 - 540 Densification and microstructural studies of titanium-boron carbide (B4C) powder mixture during spark plasma sintering
Balaji VS, Kumaran S
541 - 543 Ferromagnetic granular exchange interactions of nickel and iron
Podolak KR, Spellman JK, Urtz TJ, Levasseur AM
544 - 549 Surface roughness effects on the tribo-charging and mixing homogeneity of adhesive mixtures used in dry powder inhalers
Karner S, Maier M, Littringer E, Urbanetz NA
550 - 560 Measuring granule phase volume distributions using X-ray microtomography
Dale S, Wassgren C, Litster J
561 - 569 Preparation of copper coated tungsten powders by intermittent electrodeposition
Xu JD, Yu G, Hu BN, Zhang J, Dong QZ, Zhang XY
570 - 576 Pulsating flow effect on the segregation of binary particles in a gas-solid fluidized bed
Saidi M, Tabrizi HB, Chaichi S, Dehghani M
577 - 582 The antibacterial activity and mechanism of mussel shell waste derived material
Li M, Yao ZTT, Chen T, Lou ZHH, Xia MS
583 - 591 The transition velocities in a dual circulating fluidized bed reactor with variation of temperatures
Seo MW, Goo JH, Kim SD, Lee JG, Guahk YT, Rho NS, Koo GH, Lee DY, Cho WC, Song BH
592 - 598 Investigation into the parameters of influence on dust cake porosity in hot gas filtration
Lupion M, Rodriguez-Galan M, Alonso-Farinas B, Ortiz FJG
599 - 607 A hybrid tabulation-scaling implementation of Thornton and Ning's plastic-adhesive particle contact theory
Loh JCY, Ketterhagen WR, Elliott JA
608 - 613 Briquetting of UBC by double roll press part I: The application and limitations of the Johanson model
Shigehisa T, Nakagawa T, Yamamoto S
614 - 619 Briquetting of UBC by a double roll press Part II: Improvement of the Johanson model
Shigehisa T, Nakagawa T, Yamamoto S
620 - 626 Challenges of DEM: I. Competing bottlenecks in parallelization of gas-solid flows
Liu PY, Hrenya CM
627 - 633 Challenges of DEM: II. Wide particle size distributions
Berger KJ, Hrenya CM