Powder Technology

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1 - 8 Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of Li2FexMn1-xSiO4/C (0 <= x <= 0.8) nanocomposite cathode for lithium-ion batteries
Shao B, Abe Y, Taniguchi I
9 - 17 Effect of hydrodynamic behavior on electrostatic potential distribution in gas-solid fluidized bed
Zhou YF, Ren CJ, Wang JD, Yang YR, Dong KZ
18 - 26 The mixing of cohesive granular materials featuring a large size range in the absence of gravity
Aarons LR, Balachandar S, Horie Y
27 - 32 Synthesis of nanocomposite TiO2/ZrO2 prepared by different templates and photocatalytic properties for the photodegradation of Rhodamine B
Fan MQ, Hu SX, Ren B, Wang J, Jing XY
33 - 41 Development of parallel DEM for the open source code MFIX
Gopalakrishnan P, Tafti D
42 - 54 Gas jet penetration lengths from upward and downward nozzles in dense gas-solid fluidized beds
Sauriol P, Cui HP, Chaouki J
55 - 69 Scale-up strategy for continuous powder blending process
Gao YJ, Muzzio FJ, Ierapetritou MG
70 - 75 A novel method for the synthesis of calcium carbonate (aragonite) nanoparticles from cockle shells
Islam KN, Bin Abu Bakar MZ, Ali ME, Bin Hussein MZ, Noordin MM, Loqman MY, Miah G, Wahid H, Hashim U
76 - 81 Preparation of Mn3O4 nanoparticles at room condition for supercapacitor application
Wang L, Chen L, Li YH, Ji HM, Yang G
82 - 90 3D turbulent flow modeling in the separation column of a circumfluent cyclone
Shi BC, Wei JJ, Chen PZ
91 - 102 Evaluation of a filtered model for the simulation of large scale bubbling and turbulent fluidized beds
Cloete S, Johansen ST, Amini S
103 - 109 Layer-by-layer deposition of luminescent polymeric microgel films on magnetic Fe3O4@SiO2 nanospheres for loading and release of ibuprofen
Wang L, Liao RM, Li XZ
110 - 114 Synthesis and characterization of NiAlxFe2-xO4 magnetic spinel ferrites produced by conventional method
Maghsoudi I, Shokrollahi H, Hadianfard MJ, Amighian J
115 - 120 CFD simulations for prediction of scaling effects in pharmaceutical fluidized bed processors at three scales
Parker J, LaMarche K, Chen W, Williams K, Stamato H, Thibault S
121 - 125 A facial method to synthesize Ni(OH)(2) nanosheets for improving the adsorption properties of Congo red in aqueous solution
Zhang F, Liu YJ, Cai Y, Li H, Cai XY, Djerdj I, Wang YD
126 - 135 Characterization modelling and validation of a two-point loaded iron ore pellet
Gustafsson G, Haggblad HA, Jonsen P
136 - 139 Whitening of bauxite tailings
Lu QH, Hu YH
140 - 147 Effect of calcium doping on LaCoO3 prepared by Pechini method
Kumar DA, Selvasekarapandian S, Nithya H, Leiro J, Masuda Y, Kim SD, Woo SK
148 - 157 Synthesis of magnesium hydroxide and its calcinates by a precipitation method with the use of magnesium sulfate and poly(ethylene glycols)
Pilarska A, Wysokowski M, Markiewicz E, Jesionowski T
158 - 162 Synthesis and electrochemical performance of xLi(2)MnO(3)center dot(1-x)LiMn0.5Ni0.4Co0.1O2 for lithium ion battery
He ZJ, Wang ZX, Guo HJ, Li XH, Yue P, Wang JX, Xiong XH
163 - 172 Mechanical activation of cement in stirred media mill
Mucsi G, Racz A, Madai V
173 - 179 Segregation in water fluidized beds of sand particles
Duris M, Garic-Grulovic R, Arsenijevic Z, Jacimovski D, Grbavcic Z
180 - 191 Two- and three-dimensional computational studies of liquid-solid fluidization
Zhang K, Guan YJ, Yao XY, Li YN, Fan XF, Brandani S
192 - 202 Investigations on thermal debinding process for fine 316L stainless steel feedstocks and identification of kinetic parameters from coupling experiments and finite element simulations
Belgacem M, Thierry B, Jean-Claude G
203 - 220 Traveling column for comparison of invasive and non-invasive fluidization voidage measurement techniques
Dubrawski K, Tebianian S, Bi HT, Chaouki J, Ellis N, Gerspacher R, Jafari R, Kantzas A, Lim C, Patience GS, Pugsley T, Qi MZ, Zhu JX, Grace JR
221 - 227 A gentle method to graft thiol-functional groups onto silica gel for adsorption of silver ions and immobilization of silver nanoparticles
Quang DV, Lee JE, Kim JK, Kim YN, Shao GN, Kim HT
228 - 237 Analysis of collective dynamics of particulate systems modeled by Markov chains
Tjakra JD, Bao J, Hudon N, Yang RY
238 - 247 CPFD simulation of circulating fluidized bed risers
Chen C, Werther J, Heinrich S, Qi HY, Hartge EU
248 - 255 Effect of nanosized Mg0.6Ni0.4O prepared by self-propagating high temperature synthesis on sulfur cathode performance in Li/S batteries
Zhang YG, Bakenov Z, Zhao Y, Konarov A, Doan TNL, Sun KEK, Yermukhambetova A, Chen P
256 - 262 Hydrodynamics of beds of small particles in the voids of coarse particles
Mandal D, Vinjamur M, Sathiyamoorthy D
263 - 270 Flocculation behavior of clayey dolomites in borax solutions
Hosten C, Cirak M
271 - 278 Minimum fluidization velocity of particles with wide size distribution at high temperatures
Ma JL, Chen XP, Liu DY
279 - 288 CuO supported Clinoptilolite towards solar photocatalytic degradation of p-aminophenol
Nezamzadeh-Ejhieh A, Amiri M
289 - 298 Design of superdisintegrant- and effervescent agent-less dispersible fast-release melt pellets
Razali S, Wong TW
299 - 302 Development of dextran microparticles loaded with IL-1Ra of high-encapsulation efficiency and high-bioactivity by a novel method without exposing IL-1Ra to water-oil interfaces
Liang D, Fu XJ, Liao ML, Yuan WE, Su J
303 - 306 Synthesis and characterization of NiTiO3 yellow nano pigment with high solar radiation reflection efficiency
Wang JL, Li YQ, Byon YJ, Mei SG, Zhang GL
307 - 311 The influence of the granulometric condition on the flow characteristics of shredded grain products in their dependence on the duration of storage
Furll C, Hoffmann T
312 - 321 Flow properties and arching behavior of biomass particulate solids
Miccio F, Barletta D, Poletto M
322 - 328 Synthesis of NaX zeolite: Influence of crystallization time, temperature and batch molar ratio SiO2/Al2O3 on the particulate properties of zeolite crystals
Zhang X, Tang DX, Zhang M, Yang RC
329 - 335 Gas dispersion characteristics of flotation reagents
Ravichandran V, Eswaraiah C, Sakthivel R, Biswal SK, Manisankar P
336 - 340 Mechanochemical polymerization of methyl methacrylate initiated by the grinding of quartz in an n-heptane solvent
Kimata M, Hasegawa M, Kotake N
341 - 348 Mixing variables for prebaked anodes used in aluminum production
Azari K, Alamdari H, Aryanpour G, Picard D, Fafard M, Adams A
349 - 358 Triboelectric characteristics of mannitol based formulations for the application in dry powder inhalers
Karner S, Urbanetz NA
359 - 367 Numerical simulations and experiments on heat transfer around a probe in the downer reactor for coal gasification
Cheng YP, Guan GQ, Ishizuka M, Fushimi C, Tsutsumi A, Wang CH
368 - 375 Effect of gas relative humidity on reactor wall fouling generated due to bed electrification in gas-solid fluidized beds
Giffin A, Mehrani P
376 - 385 Numerical simulation of particle-laden gas flow by Vortex in Cell method
Uchiyama T
386 - 394 Modeling and analysis for fluidized dense phase conveying including particle size distribution
Behera N, Agarwal VK, Jones MG, Williams KC
395 - 399 One-step synthesis of nanocrystalline ZnO via cryomilling
Fabian M, Tyuliev G, Feldhoff A, Kostova N, Kollar P, Suzuki S, Saito F, Sepelak V
400 - 404 An energetic approach of powder mixing by manipulating cohesive interaction in a magnetic field
Shi WX, Hajedemos D, Sprockel O
405 - 411 Application of Plackett-Burman screening design for preparing glibenclamide nanoparticles for dissolution enhancement
Shah SR, Parikh RH, Chavda JR, Sheth NR
412 - 421 A combined experimental and theoretical study on laboratory-scale comminution of coal and biomass blends
Doroodchi E, Zulfiqar H, Moghtaderi B
422 - 425 The effects of grinding media shapes on the grinding kinetics of cement clinker in ball mill
Qian HY, Kong QG, Zhang BL
426 - 430 Flocculation of yeast suspensions by a cationic flocculant
Mondal S, Leong YK, Liow JL, Wickramasinghe SR
431 - 436 Numerical investigation on two-grain-bed collisions in windblown sand transport
Duan SZ, Zhu W, Zheng XJ
437 - 442 Surface modification and paclitaxel drug delivery of folic acid modified polyethylene glycol functionalized hydroxyapatite nanoparticles
Venkatasubbu GD, Ramasamy S, Avadhani GS, Ramakrishnan V, Kumar J
443 - 453 Analysis of holdups in continuous ball mills
Nomura S
454 - 459 Structural, electrical and electrochemical studies of LiCoVO4 cathode material for lithium rechargeable batteries
Prakash D, Masuda Y, Sanjeeviraja C
460 - 466 Development of a new method for evaluating vortex length in reversed flow cyclone separators
Avci A, Karagoz I, Surmen A
467 - 474 Simple, green self-construction approach for large-scale synthesis of hollow, needle-like tungsten carbide
Chen ZY, Shi MQ, Ma CA, Chu YQ, Zhu AJ
475 - 478 Solvothermal synthesis, growth mechanism, and magnetic property of self-assembled 3D multileaf alpha-Fe2O3 superstructures
Liang J, Li L, Kang H
479 - 484 Structural and mechanical properties of transition metals doped ZnMgO nanoparticles
Arda L, Ozturk O, Asikuzun E, Ataoglu S
485 - 492 Low temperature synthesis of Li0.5ZrxCoxFe2.5-2xO4 powder and their characterizations
Gurav SK, Shirsath SE, Kadam RH, Mane DR
493 - 499 Breakage behavior of wood pellets due to free fall
Oveisi E, Lau A, Sokhansanj S, Lim CJ, Bi XT, Larsson SH, Melin S
500 - 515 Swirling gas-solid flow through pneumatic conveying dryer
Ibrahim KA, Hamed MH, El-Askary WA, El-Behery SM
516 - 519 A rapid, one pot microwave assisted synthesis of nanosize cuprous oxide
Bhosale MA, Bhatte KD, Bhanage BM
520 - 531 Performance comparison of a single and triple tangential inlet gas separation cyclone: A CFD Study
Winfield D, Cross M, Croft N, Paddison D, Craig I
532 - 539 Dissolution rate enhancement of loratadine in polyvinylpyrrolidone K-30 solid dispersions by solvent methods
Frizon F, Eloy JD, Donaduzzi CM, Mitsui ML, Marchetti JM
540 - 549 Effect of shear rate on aggregate size and structure in the process of aggregation and at steady state
Bubakova P, Pivokonsky M, Filip P
550 - 555 Aerodynamics of long fibres settling in air at 10 < Re < 100
Qi GQ, Nathan GJ, Kelso RM
556 - 562 Production of micro-crystalline boehmite from hydrothermal processing of Bayer plant alumina tri-hydrate
Oh CJ, Yi YK, Kim SJ, Tran T, Kim MJ
563 - 571 Design and construction of microcapsules containing rejuvenator for asphalt
Su JF, Schlangen E, Qiu J
572 - 580 Application of a hybrid Lattice Boltzmann-Finite Volume turbulence model to cyclone short-cut flow
Pirker S, Goniva C, Kloss C, Puttinger S, Houben J, Schneiderbauer S
581 - 589 Preparation and evaluation of hydrophobically modified core shell calcium carbonate structure by different capping agents
Deepika, Hait SK, Christopher J, Chen Y, Hodgson P, Tuli DK
590 - 598 The thermal-hydraulic calculation and analysis of the medium temperature platen superheater in a 300 MWe CFB boiler
Wu HB, Zhang M, Sun YK, Lu QG
599 - 605 Novel method for the obtainment of nanostructured calcium phosphate cements: Synthesis, mechanical strength and cytotoxicity
Volkmer TM, Lengler F, Barreiro O, Sousa VC, dos Santos LA
606 - 613 High temperature synthesis of single-phase Ti3Al intermetallic compound in mechanically activated powder mixture
Filimonov VY, Korchagin MA, Dietenberg IA, Tyumentsev AN, Lyakhov NZ
614 - 627 Experimental and numerical investigation on the influence of particle shape and shape approximation on hopper discharge using the discrete element method
Hohner D, Wirtz S, Scherer V
628 - 632 Precipitated calcium carbonate/poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposite using dolomite: Synthesis, characterization and properties
Mantilaka MMMGPG, Karunaratne DGGP, Rajapakse RMG, Pitawala HMTGA
633 - 639 Characterization and mechanical properties of phosphate-kaolin clay
Charfi A, Sahnoun RD, Bouaziz J
640 - 651 Characteristics of pellet flow in a Wurster coater draft tube utilizing piezoelectric probe
Lustrik M, Sibanc R, Srcic S, Perpar M, Zun I, Dreu R
652 - 660 Effects of solvent treatment and high-pressure homogenization process on dispersion properties of palygorskite
Xu JX, Wang WB, Wang AQ
661 - 668 Fluidization characteristics of a mixture of gasifier solid residues, switchgrass and inert material
Sharma AM, Kumar A, Patil KN, Huhnke RL
669 - 676 Estimation and experimental validation of the circulation time in a 2D gas-solid fluidized beds
Sanchez-Delgado S, Marugan-Cruz C, Soria-Verdugo A, Santana D
677 - 684 Formation of gemfibrozil with narrow particle size distribution via rapid expansion of supercritical solution process (RESS)
Baseri H, Lotfollahi MN
685 - 695 Generalized lift force for complex fluid
Nedeff V, Bejenariu C, Lazar G, Agop M
696 - 705 Cartesian grid simulations of gas-solids flow systems with complex geometry
Dietiker JF, Li TW, Garg R, Shahnam M
706 - 711 Preparation of MnO2 nanostructures by controlled crystal growth and its pseudocapacitive properties
Wan CY, Cheng M, Zhang QS, Jia NQ
712 - 716 One-step synthesis, growth mechanism, and optical properties of 3D YIO3 hollow microspheres consisting of nanotube arrays
Song LM, Zhang SJ, Wu XQ, Wang ZL, Wei QW
717 - 722 New anhydrous aluminum nitride dispersions as potential heat-transferring media
Wozniak M, Danelska A, Kata D, Szafran M
723 - 727 Consolidation of WC-Co alloys by magnetic pulsed compaction and evaluation of their mechanical properties
Song JW, Raihanuzzaman RM, Hong SJ
728 - 734 Synthesis of beta-Si3N4 powder from quartz via carbothermal reduction nitridation
Chen K, Huang ZH, Liu YG, Fang MH, Huang JT, Xu YG
735 - 746 The generality of the standard 2D TFM approach in predicting bubbling fluidized bed hydrodynamics
Cloete S, Zaabout A, Johansen ST, Annaland MV, Gallucci F, Amini S
747 - 755 Rapid detection of sub-scale particle features using invariant harmonic wavelet descriptors
Van Essendelft D
756 - 763 Impact velocity and compression force relationship - Equivalence function
Rozenblat Y, Levy A, Kalman H, Tomas J
764 - 782 Characterisation of pneumatic conveying systems using the Euler/Lagrange approach
Lain S, Sommerfeld M
783 - 786 A novel combustion method to prepare CuO nanorods and its antimicrobial and photocatalytic activities
Christy AJ, Nehru LC, Umadevi M
787 - 796 Frequency-based characterization of liquid-solid fluidized bed hydrodynamics using the analysis of vibration signature and pressure fluctuations
Sheikhi A, Sotudeh-Gharebagh R, Mostoufi N, Zarghami R
797 - 805 Development of spray-dried chitosan microcarriers for nanoparticle delivery
Tokarova V, Kaspar O, Knejzlik Z, Ulbrich P, Stepanek F
806 - 813 Effect of excess Nb2O5 on the growth behavior of KSr2Nb5O15 particles by molten salt synthesis
Liu LL, Gao F, Hu GX, Liu JN
814 - 822 Preparation and characterization of cyclo-1,3,5-trimethylene-2,4,6-trinitramine (RDX) powder: Comparison of microscopy, dynamic light scattering and field-flow fractionation for size characterization
Dou H, Kim KH, Lee BC, Choe J, Kim HS, Lee S
823 - 837 Mixing and segregation of solid mixtures in bubbling fluidized beds under conditions pertinent to the fuel reactor of a chemical looping system
Peng ZB, Doroodchi E, Alghamdi Y, Moghtaderi B
838 - 841 Flow properties of components for dry compound feed
Furll C, Hoffmann T
842 - 852 Flow abilities of powders and granular materials evidenced from dynamical tap density measurement
Traina K, Cloots R, Bontempi S, Lumay G, Vandewalle N, Boschini F
853 - 858 ZnO micro-flowers assembled on reduced graphene sheets with high photocatalytic activity for removal of pollutants
Pant HR, Park CH, Pokharel P, Tijing LD, Lee DS, Kim CS
859 - 865 Population balance for CFB-FGD systems
You CF, Li Y
866 - 872 Stress relaxation behavior of corn distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) in relation to caking
Kingsly ARP, Ileleji KE, Stroshine RL
873 - 879 Heat transfer of Cu-water nanofluid flow between parallel plates
Sheikholeslami M, Ganji DD
880 - 885 Synthesis of Sr and Mg double-doped LaAlO3 nanopowders via EDTA-glycine combined process
Qin GH, Huang XW, Chen J, He ZP
886 - 900 Estimate of solids circulation rate through an L-valve in a CFB operating at elevated temperature
Chovichien N, Pipatmanomai S, Chungpaibulpatana S
901 - 908 Effect of Acid Blue BRL on morphology and electrochemical properties of polypyrrole nanomaterials
Wang YJ, Wang X, Yang C, Mu B, Liu P
909 - 913 One-step flame synthesis of hydrophobic silica nanoparticles
Yue RL, Meng D, Ni Y, Jia Y, Liu G, Yang J, Liu HD, Wu XF, Chen YF
914 - 920 Comminution features in an impact hammer mill
Dey SK, Dey S, Das A
921 - 930 Hydrodynamics of liquid-solid semi-fluidized bed with irregular homogenous ternary mixture
Samal DK, Mohanty YK, Roy GK
931 - 939 On the possibility of suspended solid quantity estimation based on fractional density changes in a batch settler
Nocon W
940 - 952 Development of a laser displacement probe to measure particle impact velocities in vibrationally fluidized granular flows
Hashemnia K, Mohajerani A, Spelt JK
953 - 958 Magnetic, electrical and structural characterization of BiFeO3 nanoparticles synthesized by co-precipitation
Shokrollahi H
959 - 967 Revised drag calculation method for coarse grid Lagrangian-Eulerian simulation of gas-solid bubbling fluidized bed
Wu GR, Ouyang J, Li Q
968 - 974 Properties of AlMgB14 hot pressed with additions of ZrB2 and HfB2
Gaballa O, Ball JH, Cook B, Peters JS, Russell A
975 - 982 Mixing and packing of binary hydrophobic silica aerogels
Wang D, Pfeffer R
983 - 1000 Towards realistic and interactive sand simulation: A GPU-based framework
Longmore JP, Marais P, Kuttel MM
1001 - 1007 Sticking of iron ore pellets during reduction with hydrogen and carbon monoxide mixtures: Behavior and mechanism
Yi LY, Huang ZC, Jiang T
1008 - 1016 Grinding kinetics of nano-sized particles for different electrostatic stabilizing acids in a stirred media mill
Schilde C, Breitung-Faes S, Kampen I, Kwade A
1017 - 1024 In situ magnetization technique for synthesis of magnetic polymer microspheres
Wang LY, Yang TY, Yang J, Li Q, Hao DX, Yang JJ, Ma GH
1025 - 1029 Optimization of surface quality and shell porosity in low carbon steel hollow spheres produced by powder metallurgy
Behnam M, Golezani AS, Lima MM
1030 - 1037 The preparation of nano size nickel oxide powder by spray pyrolysis process
Yu J, Kim D
1038 - 1046 Heat-transfer from single horizontal tubes in fluidized beds: Influence of tube diameter, moisture and diameter-definition by Geldart C fines content
Merzsch M, Lechner S, Krautz HJ
1047 - 1052 Fabrication of cobalt nano-particles by pulsed wire evaporation method in nitrogen atmosphere
Yilmaz F, Lee DJ, Song JW, Hong HS, Son HT, Yoon JS, Hong SJ
1053 - 1059 The static contact statuses between granular materials and flat-bottomed steel silos
Wang XW, Yang ZJ, Shu XF, Feng JL
1060 - 1069 Hydrodynamic characteristics of a pilot-scale cold model of a CO2 capture fluidised bed reactor
Cotton A, Patchigolla K, Oakey JE