Powder Technology

Powder Technology, Vol.224 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-5910 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Downer reactor flow measurements using CREC-GS-Optiprobes
Abbasi A, Islam MA, Ege PE, de Lasa HI
12 - 18 Synthesis and characterization of pure tetragonal nanocrystalline sulfated 8YSZ powder by sol-gel route
Heshmatpour F, Khodaiy Z, Aghakhanpour RB
19 - 27 Measuring the flowing properties of powders and grains
Lumay G, Boschini F, Traina K, Bontempi S, Remy JC, Cloots R, Vandewalle N
28 - 35 Influence of operating parameters on cake formation in pilot scale pulse-jet bag filter
Saleem M, Krammer G, Khan RU, Tahir MS
36 - 45 Modelling of turbulent gas-particle flows with focus on two-way coupling effects on turbophoresis
Stromgren T, Brethouwer G, Amberg G, Johansson AV
46 - 50 Effect of rectangular container's sides on porosity for equal-sized sphere packing
Roozbahani MM, Huat BBK, Asadi A
51 - 56 Chemosynthesis of monodispersed porous BaSO4 nano powder by polymeric template process and its characterisation
Nandakumar N, Kurian P
57 - 68 Indirect microwave heating to pharmaceutical excipients: Lactose hydrate
Cuevas LPC, Franco MA, Baltazar EH
69 - 75 Pressure fluctuation analysis of solid exchange in a dual-leg fluidized bed
Yang CZ, Duan YF, Hu HT, Zhao CS
76 - 85 Mechanical design and manufacture by powder technology of a new mandrel tool for the fabrication of assault rifle barrels
Urriolagoitia-Calderon G, Urriolagoitia-Sosa G, Verduzco-Cedeno VF, Hernandez-Gomez LH, Romero-Angeles B, Torres-Torres C, Torres-San Miguel CR, Wong-Angel WD
86 - 89 Rheological behavior of magnetic nanofluids containing spherical nanoparticles of Fe-Ni
Katiyar A, Singh AN, Shukla P, Nandi T
90 - 95 Investigation of compaction behavior of alumina nano powder
Saha BP, Kumar V, Joshi SV, Balakrishnan A, Martin CL
96 - 100 Preparation of Ca0.8Sm0.2MnO3 powders and effects of calcination temperature on structure and electrical property
Meng XW, Hao S, Li JL, Fu QY, Fu DS
101 - 108 Optimization of preparation conditions for activated carbons from date stones using response surface methodology
Theydan SK, Ahmed MJ
109 - 123 Evaluating the taste masking effectiveness of various flavors in a stable formulated pediatric suspension and solution using the Astree (TM) electronic tongue
Campbell GA, Charles JA, Roberts-Skilton K, Tsundupalli M, Oh CK, Weinecke A, Wagner R, Franz D
124 - 128 Synthesis and electrical resistivity analysis of ATO-coated talc
Wang LS, Lu HF, Hong RY, Feng WG
129 - 137 Radical tessellation of the packing of ternary mixtures of spheres
Yi LY, Dong KJ, Zou RP, Yu AB
138 - 146 Characterization of silica-water nanofluids dispersed with an ultrasound probe: A study of their physical properties and stability
Mondragon R, Julia JE, Barba A, Jarque JC
147 - 154 Synthesis, characterization and performance of porous Sr(II)-added ZnAl2O4 nanomaterials for optical and catalytic applications
Kumar RT, Selvam NCS, Ragupathi C, Kennedy LJ, Vijaya JJ
155 - 161 Vertical plug-flow pneumatic conveying from a fluidised bed
Watson RJ, Thorpe RB, Davidson JF
162 - 167 Nickel nanoparticles prepared by hydrazine hydrate reduction and their application in supercapacitor
Wu XZ, Xing W, Zhang L, Zhuo SP, Zhou J, Wang GQ, Qiao SZ
168 - 174 Development of a control system to anticipate agglomeration in fluidised bed coating
Prata AS, Maudhuit A, Boillereaux L, Poncelet D
175 - 182 Morphology-controlled synthesis, characterization, growth mechanism of SmOHCO3 with high uniform size and photoluminescence property of SmOHCO3:Eu3+
Zhang YJ, He HM, Yang XZ, Zheng A, Fan Y
183 - 188 Ultrafine wool powders and their bulk properties
Rajkhowa R, Zhou Q, Tsuzuki T, Morton DAV, Wang XG
189 - 195 Examining the failure modes of wet granular materials using dynamic diametrical compression
Smith RM, Litster JD
196 - 208 Analysis of the bulk solid flow during gravitational silo emptying using X-ray and ECT tomography
Grudzien K, Niedostatkiewicz M, Adrien J, Maire E, Babout L
209 - 216 Electrical fragmentation as a novel route for the refinement of quartz raw materials for trace mineral impurities
Dal Martello E, Bernardis S, Larsen RB, Tranell G, Di Sabatino M, Arnberg L
217 - 222 A correlation between Vickers Hardness indentation values and the Bond Work Index for the grinding of brittle minerals
Gent M, Menendez M, Torano J, Torno S
223 - 232 NIRS methodology for measuring radial and axial concentration profiles in flowing granular mixtures
Gil EC, Gosselin R, Abatzoglou N
233 - 240 Finite Element Method (FEM) modeling of the powder compaction of cosmetic products: Comparison between simulated and experimental results
Diarra H, Mazel V, Boillon A, Rehault L, Busignies V, Bureau S, Tchoreloff P
241 - 246 The effect of interlayer cations on the expansion of vermiculite
Huo XX, Wu LM, Liao LB, Xia ZG, Wang LJ
247 - 252 CO2 capture enhancement in a fluidized bed of a modified Geldart C powder
Valverde JM, Duran FJ, Pontiga F, Moreno H
253 - 259 Batch-to-batch control of particle size distribution in cobalt oxalate synthesis process based on hybrid model
Zhang SN, Wang FL, He DK, Jia RD
260 - 272 Surface particle motions in rotating cylinders: Validation and similarity for an industrial scale kiln
Demagh Y, Ben Moussa H, Lachi M, Noui S, Bordja L
273 - 280 On near-wall behavior of particles in a dilute turbulent gas-solid flow using kinetic theory of granular flows
Dehghan M, Tabrizi HB
281 - 286 Compactibility and compressibility studies of Assam Bora rice starch
Ahmad MZ, Akhter S, Anwar M, Rahman M, Siddiqui MA, Ahmad FJ
287 - 290 Preparation and characterization of pure anatase nanocrystals by sol-gel method
Liu XC
291 - 296 The effects of the pressing step on the microstructure and aging of NdFeB bonded magnets
Perigo EA, de Campos MF, Faria RN, Landgraf FJG
297 - 305 Experimental study on the influence of bed material on the scaling of solids circulation patterns in 3D bubbling gas-solid fluidized beds of glass and polyethylene using positron emission particle tracking
Laverman JA, Fan X, Ingram A, Annaland MV, Parker DJ, Seville JPK, Kuipers JAM
306 - 310 Coating single walled carbon nanotube with SnO2 and its electrochemical properties
Li ZJ, Chang TX, Yun GQ, Jia Y
311 - 322 Investigation of the particle-particle drag in a dense binary fluidized bed
Chao ZX, Wang YF, Jakobsen JP, Fernandino M, Jakobsen HA
323 - 330 Liquids' atomization with two different nozzles: Modeling of the effects of some processing and formulation conditions by dimensional analysis
Mandato S, Rondet E, Delaplace G, Barkouti A, Galet L, Accart P, Ruiz T, Cuq B
331 - 337 Photocatalytic activity of AgI sensitized ZnO nanoparticles under visible light irradiation
Vignesh K, Suganthi A, Rajarajan M, Sara SA
338 - 344 Mechanochemical reactions in nanocrystalline Cu-Fe system induced by mechanical alloying in air atmosphere
Azabou M, Ibn Gharsallah H, Escoda L, Sunol JJ, Kolsi AW, Khitouni M
345 - 350 Producing nanosilica from Sorghum vulgare seed heads
Balamurugan M, Saravanan S
351 - 355 The agglomeration kinetics of aluminum hydroxide in Bayer process
Bahrami M, Nattaghi E, Movahedirad S, Ranjbarian S, Farhadi F
356 - 359 Frequency and temperature effects on dielectric and electrical characteristics of alpha-MnO2 nanorods
Guan HT, Wang YD, Chen G, Zhu J
360 - 364 Effect of multiple pressures by magnetic pulsed compaction (MPC) on the density of gas-atomized Al-20Si powder
Park HY, Kilicaslan MF, Hong SJ
365 - 373 Simulation of flow behavior of liquid and particles in a liquid-solid fluidized bed
Wang SY, Guo S, Gao JS, Lan XY, Dong Q, Li XQ
374 - 389 Grains3D, a flexible DEM approach for particles of arbitrary convex shape - Part I: Numerical model and validations
Wachs A, Girolami L, Vinay G, Ferrer G
390 - 394 Effects of Ni doping on the luminescent and magnetic behaviors of ZnO nanocrystals
Zhao SX, Li P, Wei Y
395 - 403 Simulation of agglomeration/defluidization inhibition process in aluminum-sodium system by experimental and thermodynamic approaches
Kuo JH, Shih KM, Lin CL, Wey MY
404 - 409 Parametric effects of superficial gas velocity and cluster internal voidage on the penetrating flow through clusters
Meng FX, Liu XH
410 - 414 Preparation of SiC/Si3N4 composites with rod-like microstructure by combustion synthesis
Guo T, Jin HB, Lin YH