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ISSN: 0170-0839 (Print) 

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1175 - 1187 Structural characterization using SAXS and rheological behaviors of pluronic F127 and methylcellulose blends
Boonrat O, Tantishaiyakul V, Hirun N, Rugmai S, Soontaranon S
1189 - 1211 Synthesis and characterization of ZnO NPs-doped PMMA-BDK-MR polymer-coated thin films with UV curing for optical data storage applications
Ahmad AA, Alsaad AM, Al-Bataineh QM, Al-Akhras MAH, Albataineh Z, Alizzy KA, Daoud NS
1213 - 1230 Preparation of high-performance natural rubber/carbon black/molybdenum disulfide composite by using the premixture of epoxidized natural rubber and cysteine-modified molybdenum disulfide
Jiang Y, Wang JY, Wu J, Zhang Y
1231 - 1252 Quantitative probing of static and dynamic mechanical properties of different bio-filler-reinforced epoxy composite under assorted constraints
Kumar R, Bhowmik S
1253 - 1273 Effect of triblock copolymers based on liquid natural rubber and low molecular weight poly(lactic acid) on physical properties of poly(lactic acid)/natural rubber blend
Srisuwan S, Ruksakulpiwat Y, Chumsamrong P
1275 - 1291 Rheological investigation of the viscoelastic thixotropic behavior of synthesized polyethylene glycol-modified polyacrylamide hydrogels using different accelerators
Ali I, Shah LA
1293 - 1311 Improving the efficacy of PES-based mixed matrix membranes incorporated with citric acid-amylose-modified MWCNTs for HA removal from water
Parsamanesh M, Mansourpanah Y, Tehrani AD
1313 - 1329 Influence of different aligning surfaces on the morphology of dichroic squaraine films
Grytsenko K, Lytvyn P, Navozenko O, Ksianzou V, Schrader S
1331 - 1352 Tannic acid-modified tin oxide nanoparticle and aromatic polyamide: from synthesis to their application for preparation of safe p-PVC
Shabanian M, Khaleghi M, Allahyari F, Attar F, Ahmadi HR, Roohani M, Seidi F, Khonakdar HA, Wagenknecht U
1353 - 1377 Chelation of zinc(II) with poly(gamma-glutamic acid) in aqueous solution: kinetics, binding constant, and its antimicrobial activity
Akter B, Khan AI, Karmaker S, Ghosh P, Saha S, Polash SA, Islam Z, Sarker SR, Hossain MS, Yasui H, Saha TK
1379 - 1391 Hydrophilic modification and cross-linking of polystyrene using the synthesized N,N '-(hexane-1,6-diyl)diacrylamide
Modarresi-Saryazdi SM, Rahmani S, Zahedi P
1393 - 1405 Enhancing the dielectric properties of compatibilized high-density polyethylene/calcium carbonate nanocomposites using high-density polyethylene-g-maleic anhydride
Ali SFA, Elsad RA, Mansour SA
1407 - 1421 Highly crystalline and thermally stable poly(aniline-co-2-nitroaniline)
Waware US, Rashid M, Hamouda AMS, Adnan R
1423 - 1440 Sorbent system based on organosilane-coated polyurethane foam for oil spill clean up
Zimmermann MVG, Zattera AJ, Fenner BR, Santana RMC
1441 - 1452 Interaction of PEO with LiI/NaI: a density functional approach
Rao BK, Singh R, Verma ML
1453 - 1463 Temperature dependence of the specific volume of Lennard-Jones potential and applying in case of polymers and other materials
Al-Raeei M, El-Daher MS
1465 - 1488 Direct ionization and solubility of chitosan in aqueous solutions with acetic acid
Giraldo JD, Rivas BL
1489 - 1504 Effect of temperature and solvents on ultrasonic speed and related acoustical thermodynamic parameters of epoxy resin of (2E,6E)-bis(4-hydroxybenzylidene)cyclohexanone solutions
Parsania PH, Sankhavara DB, Chopda JV, Patel JP
1505 - 1533 Removal of Co2+, Cu2+ and Au3+ ions from contaminated wastewater by using new fluorescent and antibacterial polymer as sorbent
Qureshi F, Memon SQ, Khuhawar MY, Jahangir TM
1535 - 1550 Synthesis and characterization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) fibers grafted with N-(hydroxymethyl) acrylamide by free radical: its application in elimination of Congo red
Arslan M, Gunay K, Gok ZG, Yigitoglu M
1551 - 1571 Fabrication of nano-CuO-loaded PVA composite films with enhanced optomechanical properties
Aslam M, Kalyar MA, Raza ZA
1573 - 1584 Epoxy polymers modified with polyetherimide. Part I: rheological and thermomechanical characteristics
Korokhin RA, Shapagin AV, Solodilov VI, Zvereva UG, Solomatin DV, Gorbatkina YA
1585 - 1607 Fabrication of organo-modified carbon nanotube with excellent heat resistance and preparation of its polymer-based nanocomposite by simple melt compounding
Abiko Y, Hayasaki T, Hirayama S, Almarasy AA, Fujimori A
1609 - 1635 Influence of cellulose nanocrystal/sisal fiber on the mechanical, thermal, and morphological performance of polypropylene hybrid composites
Agarwal J, Mohanty S, Nayak SK
1637 - 1669 Preparation and characterization of carboxylated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber/carboxylated styrene butadiene rubber (XNBR/XSBR) nanocomposites in the presence of dichlorocarbene-modified SBR (DCSBR) compatibilizer and montmorillonite
Azizli MJ, Parham S, Abbasizadeh S, Mokhtary M, Rezaeinia S, Darabi MJ
1671 - 1682 CuO/LDPE nanocomposite for active food packaging application: a comparative study of its antibacterial activities with ZnO/LDPE nanocomposite
Esmailzadeh H, Sangpour P, Shahraz F, Eskandari A, Hejazi J, Khaksar R
1683 - 1701 Morphological, structural and cytotoxic behavior of starch/silver nanocomposites with synthesized silver nanoparticles using Stevia rebaudiana extracts
Valera-Zaragoza M, Huerta-Heredia AA, Pena-Rico MA, Juarez-Arellano EA, Navarro-Mtz AK, Ramirez-Vargas E, Sanchez-Valdes S
1703 - 1720 Optoelectronically suitable graphene oxide-decorated titanium oxide/polyaniline hybrid nanocomposites and their enhanced photocatalytic activity with methylene blue and rhodamine B dye
Baruah S, Kumar S, Nayak B, Puzari A
1721 - 1733 Plasticized kafirin-based films: analysis of thermal, barrier and mechanical properties
Patil DA, Tated S, Mhaske ST
1735 - 1751 Effect of casting solvent on the structure development, electrical, thermal behavior of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)-carbon nanofiber (CNF) conducting binary and hybrid nanocomposites
Ramanujam BTS, Adhyapak PV, Radhakrishnan S, Marimuthu R
1753 - 1754 The effect of increasing soaking time on the properties of premixing starch-glycerol-water suspension before melt-blending process: comparative study on the behavior of wheat and corn starches (vol 36, pg 531, 2020)
Altayan MM, Ayaso M, Al Darouich T, Karabet F