Polymer, Vol.82 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Fabrication and characterization of a glucose-sensitive antibacterial chitosan-polyethylene oxide hydrogel
Xiao Y, Gong T, Jiang Y, Wang YP, Wen ZZT, Zhou SB, Bao CY, Xu XM
11 - 21 Deep insight into the key role of carbon black self-networking in the formation of co-continuous-like morphology in polylactide/poly(ether)urethane blends
Xiu H, Zhou Y, Huang CM, Bai HW, Zhang Q, Fu Q
22 - 31 Vertical orientation of solvent cast nanofilled PS-b-PEO block copolymer thin films at high nanoparticle loading
Huq AF, Kulkarni M, Modi A, Smilgies DM, Al-Enizi AM, Elzatahry A, Raghavan D, Karim A
32 - 39 A well-defined poly(vinyl benzoxazine) obtained by selective free radical polymerization of vinyl group in bifunctional benzoxazine monomer
Liu YX, Ma HM, Liu Y, Qiu JJ, Liu CM
40 - 48 Kinetics of isothermal and non-isothermal crystallization of poly(vinylidene fluoride) by fast scanning calorimetry
Gradys A, Sajkiewicz P, Zhuravlev E, Schick C
49 - 56 Investigation of polyamide 11 embrittlement during oxidative degradation
Okamba-Diogo O, Richaud E, Verdu J, Fernagut F, Guilment J, Fayolle B
57 - 65 Intermolecular cooperativity and entanglement network in a miscible PLA/PMMA blend in the presence of nanosilica
Hao XQ, Kaschta J, Pan YM, Liu XH, Schubert DW
66 - 74 Nano-porous network of DMTD-Ag coordination polymer for the ultra trace detection of anticholinergic drug
Tiwari M, Kumar A, Prakash R
75 - 86 On the formation of defects induced by air trapping during cold pressing of PTFE powder
Gamboni OC, Riul C, Billardon R, Bose WW, Schmitt N, Canto RB
87 - 92 Digital image correlation analysis of strain recovery in glassy polymer network isomers
Heinz S, Tu JW, Jackson M, Wiggins J
93 - 99 Self-assembled three-dimensional structure of epoxy/polyethersulphone/silver adhesives with electrical conductivity
Kishi H, Tanaka S, Nakashima Y, Saruwatari T
100 - 104 Synthesis and properties of organic microporous polymers from the monomer of hexaphenylbenzene based triptycene
Zhang C, Zhu PC, Tan LX, Luo LN, Liu Y, Liu JM, Ding SY, Tan B, Yang XL, Xu HB
105 - 113 Superhydrophobic poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes with controllable structure and tunable wettability prepared by one-step electrospinning
Liu ZJ, Wang HY, Wang EQ, Zhang XG, Yuan RX, Zhu YJ
114 - 120 A facile synthesis of cost-effective triphenylamine-containing porous organic polymers using different crosslinkers
Zhang D, Tao LM, Wang QH, Wang TM
121 - 132 Functionalized graphene with polymer as unique strategy in tailoring the properties of bromobutyl rubber nanocomposites
Kotal M, Banerjee SS, Bhowmick AK
133 - 137 The surface activity of polymers in cosolvated systems determined from computational simulation
Mongelli GF
138 - 155 Model simulations on network formation and swelling as obtained from cross-linking co-polymerization reactions
Lang M, John A, Sommer JU
156 - 165 Ferroelectric polarization, pyroelectric activity and dielectric relaxation in Form IV poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Gan WC, Abd Majid WH, Furukawa T
166 - 171 Continuous micro-/nano-fiber composites of polyamide 6/polyethylene oxide with tunable mechanical properties using a novel co-extrusion technique
Wang J, Olah A, Baer E
172 - 180 Perylene bisimide-incorporated water-soluble polyurethanes for living cell fluorescence labeling
Wang L, Sun C, Li SF, Jia N, Jia N, Li J, Qu FR, Goh KL, Chen Y
181 - 189 Strain sensing, electrical and mechanical properties of polycarbonate/multiwall carbon nanotube monofilament fibers fabricated by melt spinning
Bautista-Quijano JR, Potschke P, Brunig H, Heinrich G
190 - 197 Measurement of multi-scale deformation of polycarbonate using X-ray scattering with in-situ loading and digital image correlation
Engqvist J, Wallin M, Hall SA, Ristinmaa M, Plivelic TS
198 - 205 Electric field as a tuning key to process carbon nanotube suspensions with controlled conductivity
Badard M, Combessis A, Allais A, Flandin L
206 - 216 Hybrid micellar network hydrogels of thermosensitive ABA triblock copolymer and polymer brush-grafted nanoparticles: Effect of LCST transition of polymer brushes on gel property
Hu B, Wright RAE, Jiang SS, Henn DM, Zhao B
217 - 227 Comparative study of gamma-irradiated PP and PE polyolefins part 2: Properties of PP/PE blends obtained by reactive processing with radicals obtained by high shear or gamma-irradiation
Fel E, Khrouz L, Massardier V, Cassagnau P, Bonneviot L
228 - 237 Side chain effect on poly(beznodithiophene-co-dithienobenzoquinoxaline) and their applications for polymer solar cells
Fan JZ, Zhang Y, Lang CL, Qiu M, Song JS, Yang RQ, Guo FY, Yu QJ, Wang JZ, Zhao LC
238 - 245 Characterizing shear transformation zones in polycarbonate using nanoindentation
Samadi-Dooki A, Malekmotiei L, Voyiadjis GZ
246 - 254 Morphological studies of poly-p-phenylenebenzobisoxazole (PBO) fibers on the process that determines the direction of the crystal a-axis along the radius direction during the formation of fiber structures
Kitagawa T, Funaki K
255 - 261 Biomimetic drug nanocarriers prepared by miniemulsion polymerization for near-infrared imaging and photothermal therapy
Han HJ, Zhang SM, Wang Y, Chen TT, Jin Q, Chen YJ, Li ZH, Ji J
262 - 273 Hydrogel-filled, semi-crystalline, nanoparticle-crosslinked, porous polymers from emulsion templating: Structure, properties, and shape memory
Damouny CW, Silverstein MS
274 - 284 Analysis of crystalline structure and morphology of isotactic polypropylene under the coexistence of organic montmorillonite particles and shear flow
Lei F, Yu HN, Yang S, Sun HM, Li J, Guo SY, Wu H, Shen JB, Chen R, Xiong Y
285 - 294 Synergistic bond strengthening in epoxy adhesives using polydopamine/MWCNT hybrids
Subramanian AS, Tey JN, Zhang LY, Ng BH, Roy S, Wei J, Hu X
295 - 304 Polymerization of vinyl fluoride in ionic liquid and ionic solutions
Mather BD, Reinartz NM, Shiflett MB
305 - 318 How many network chains of a densely crosslinked glassy thermoset deform cooperatively at yield?
Chattaraj S, Pant P, Pawaskar DN, Nanavati H
319 - 326 Degradable epoxy resins prepared from diepoxide monomer with dynamic covalent disulfide linkage
Takahashi A, Ohishi T, Goseki R, Otsuka H
327 - 336 Poly(methyl methacrylate) nanotubes in AAO templates: Designing nanotube thickness and characterizing the T-g-confinement effect by DSC
Tan AW, Torkelson JM
337 - 348 Viscoelastic and dielectric properties of composites of poly(vinyl butyral) and alumina particles with a high filling degree
Handge UA, Wolff MFH, Abetz V, Heinrich S
349 - 355 The structure of uniaxially stretched isotactic polypropylene sheets: Imaging with frequency-modulation atomic force microscopy
Uchida K, Mita K, Matsuoka O, Isaki T, Kimura K, Onishi H
356 - 365 Modeling of dynamic-mechanical behavior of reinforced elastomers using a multiscale approach
Ivaneiko I, Toshchevikov V, Saphiannikova M, Stockelhuber KW, Petry F, Westermann S, Heinrich G
366 - 377 Azo-aromatic functionalized polyethylene by nitroxide radical coupling (NRC) reaction: Preparation and photo-physical properties
Cicogna F, Domenichelli I, Coiai S, Bellina F, Lessi M, Spiniello R, Passaglia E
378 - 391 Gas permeation and mechanical properties of thermally rearranged (TR) copolyimides
Liu Q, Paul DR, Freeman BD
392 - 405 Controlled isomerization polymerization of olefins, cycloolefins, and dienes
Takeuchi D, Osakada K
406 - 431 Using carbon dioxide and its sulfur analogues as monomers in polymer synthesis
Luo M, Li Y, Zhang YY, Zhang XH