Polymer, Vol.69 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Self-healing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based on microencapsulated nucleophilic thiol-click chemistry
Zhu DY, Cao GS, Qiu WL, Rong MZ, Zhang MQ
10 - 16 Molecular aggregation states and wetting behavior of a poly{2-(perfluorooctyl)ethyl acrylate} brush-immobilized nano-imprinted surface
Shinohara T, Higaki Y, Nojima S, Masunaga H, Ogawa H, Okamoto Y, Aoki T, Takahara A
17 - 24 High-pressure rheological analysis of CO2-induced melting point depression and viscosity reduction of poly(epsilon-caprolactone)
Curia S, de Focatiis DSA, Howdle SM
25 - 38 Developing coarse-grained potentials for the prediction of multi-properties of trans-1,4-polybutadiene melt
Gao PY, Guo HX
39 - 44 Enhanced photoinduced electron transfer by multiwalled carbon nanotubes in self-assembled terpyridine polymer networks
Jeong DC, Song SG, Satheeshkumar C, Lee Y, Kim KS, Song C
45 - 51 On the synthesis and structure of resorcinol-formaldehyde polymeric networks - Precursors to 3D-carbon macroassemblies
Lewicki JP, Fox CA, Worsley MA
52 - 57 High bio-content polyurethane composites with urethane modified lignin as filler
Zhang CQ, Wu HC, Kessler MR
58 - 65 Synthesis of telechelic perfluorocarbon functionalized polystyrene and polybutylmethacrylate and characterization of their blends
Piunova VA, Hogen-Esch TE
66 - 72 Mesomorphic behaviour in copoly(ester-imide)s of poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalate) (PBN)
Jones SM, Meehan SJ, Sankey SW, MacDonald WA, Colquhoun HM
73 - 82 Film formation from Pickering stabilized waterborne polymer dispersions
Gonzalez-Matheus K, Leal GP, Asua JM
83 - 94 Development of polylactide bead foams with double crystal melting peaks
Nofar M, Ameli A, Park CB
95 - 102 Preparation of hydrophilic PCL nanofiber scaffolds via electrospinning of PCL/PVP-b-PCL block copolymers for enhanced cell biocompatibility
Cho SJ, Jung SM, Kang M, Shin HS, Youk JH
103 - 109 Poly(lactic acid)/polyoxymethylene blends: Morphology, crystallization, rheology, and thermal mechanical properties
Guo XJ, Zhang JW, Huang JJ
110 - 122 Viscosity contrast effects on the structure - Property relationship of multilayer soft film/foams
Rahman MA, Andrade R, Maia J, Baer E
123 - 128 Two step microwave plasma carbonization including low plasma power pre-carbonization for polyacrylonitrile based carbon fiber
Kim SY, Kim SY, Choi J, Lee S, Jo SM, Joo J, Lee HS
129 - 137 Influence of nanoimprint lithography on membrane structure and performance
Maruf SH, Li ZW, Yoshimura JA, Xiao JL, Greenberg AR, Ding YF
138 - 147 Preparation of fluorinated polyimides with bulky structure and their gas separation performance correlated with microstructure
Tong H, Hu CC, Yang SY, Ma YP, Guo HX, Fan L
148 - 158 Structural hierarchy and surface morphology of highly drawn ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fibers studied by atomic force microscopy and wide angle X-ray diffraction
McDaniel PB, Deitzel JM, Gillespie JW
159 - 168 Photocleavable epoxy based materials
Radl S, Kreimer M, Manhart J, Griesser T, Moser A, Pinter G, Kalinka G, Kern W, Schlogl S
169 - 177 A quantitative analysis of peroxy-mediated cyclic regeneration of eosin under oxygen-rich photopolymerization conditions
Wong J, Kaastrup K, Aguirre-Soto A, Sikes HD
178 - 185 Critical examination of chemically modified hybrid thermosets: Synthesis, characterization and mechanical behavior in the plateau regime of polyaminosiloxane-nitrile-DGEBA
Loayza A, Cabanelas JC, Gonzalez M, Baselga J
186 - 192 Stereocomplex crystallization and homo-crystallization of enantiomeric substituted poly(lactic acid)s, poly(2-hydroxy-3-methylbutanoic acid)s
Tsuji H, Sobue T
193 - 203 Nanostructured thermosets containing pi-conjugated polymer nanophases: Morphology, dielectric and thermal conductive properties
Li JG, Cong HL, Li L, Zheng SX
204 - 214 Concurrent curing kinetics of an anhydride-cured epoxy resin and polydicyclopentadiene
Rohde BJ, Robertson ML, Krishnamoorti R
215 - 215 Self- healing polymers
Binder WH
216 - 227 Improving autonomous self healing via combined chemical/physical principles
Michael P, Dohler D, Binder WH
228 - 232 Relationship between the network dynamics, supramolecular relaxation time and healing kinetics of cobalt poly(butyl acrylate) ionomers
Bose RK, Hohlbein N, Garcia SJ, Schmidt AM, van der Zwaag S
233 - 240 Linear rheology of bis-urea functionalized supramolecular poly(butylacrylate)s: Part I - weak stickers
Callies X, Fonteneau C, Vechambre C, Pensec S, Chenal JM, Chazeau L, Bouteiller L, Ducouret G, Creton C
241 - 248 Autonomic healing of PMMA via microencapsulated solvent
Celestine ADN, Sottos NR, White SR
249 - 254 Self-healing thermoplastic elastomer brush copolymers having a glassy polymethylmethacrylate backbone and rubbery polyacrylate-amide brushes
Chen YL, Guan ZB
255 - 263 Recombinant engineering of reversible cross-links into a resilient biopolymer
Degtyar E, Mlynarczyk B, Fratzl P, Harrington MJ
264 - 273 A dual crosslinked self-healing system: Supramolecular and covalent network formation of four-arm star polymers
Dohler D, Peterlik H, Binder WH
274 - 282 Self-healing response in supramolecular polymers based on reversible zinc-histidine interactions
Enke M, Bode S, Vitz J, Schacher FH, Harrington MJ, Hager MD, Schubert US
283 - 292 Optimisation of epoxy blends for use in extrinsic self-healing fibre-reinforced composites
Everitt DT, Luterbacher R, Coope TS, Trask RS, Wass DF, Bond IP
293 - 300 Perylene as an electron-rich moiety in healable, complementary pi-pi stacked, supramolecular polymer systems
Hart LR, Nguyen NA, Harries JL, Mackay ME, Colquhoun HM, Hayes W
301 - 309 Remote-controlled activation of self-healing behavior in magneto-responsive ionomeric composites
Hohlbein N, Shaaban A, Schmidt AM
310 - 320 Harnessing biomimetic catch bonds to create mechanically robust nanoparticle networks
Iyer BVS, Yashin VV, Balazs AC
321 - 329 Tuning the self-healing behavior of one-component intrinsic polymers
Kotteritzsch J, Hager MD, Schubert US
330 - 342 Synthesis of ruthenium catalysts functionalized graphene oxide for self-healing applications
Mariconda A, Longo P, Agovino A, Guadagno L, Sorrentino A, Raimondo M
343 - 348 Applications of ruthenium indenylidene catalysts on ROMP-based self-healing epoxy systems
Ozturk BO, Sehitoglu SK
349 - 356 Self-healing polymeric gel via RAFT polymerization and Diels-Alder click chemistry
Pramanik NB, Nando GB, Singha NK
357 - 368 Self-healing polymer nanocomposites based on Diels-Alder-reactions with silica nanoparticles: The role of the polymer matrix
Schafer S, Kickelbick G
369 - 383 Self-healing polymer nanocomposite materials: A review
Thakur VK, Kessler MR
384 - 393 UV-cured self-replenishing hydrophobic polymer films
Zhang Y, Rocco C, Karasu F, van der Ven LGJ, van Benthem RATM, Allonas X, Croutxe-Barghorn C, Esteves ACC, de With G