Polymer, Vol.64 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1 - 7 High temperature size exclusion-liquid adsorption chromatography (HT-SEC LAC): Full isocratic separation of parent isotactic polypropylene homopolymer from ethylene-propylene copolymers
Cheruthazhekatt S, Pasch H
8 - 13 Temperature induced complex formation-deformation behavior of collagen model peptides and polyelectrolytes in aqueous solution
Terao K, Kanenaga R, Yoshida T, Mizuno K, Bachinger HP
14 - 18 High pressure effects under phase separation of aqueous solutions of poly(N-isopropylacryamide): A HS-DSC study
Grinberg VY, Senin AA, Grinberg NV, Burova TV, Dubovik AS, Potekhin SA, Erukhimovich IY
19 - 28 Structure and permeability relationships in polymer nanocomposites containing carbon black and organoclay
Nawani P, Burger C, Rong LX, Hsiao BS, Tsou AH
29 - 38 Healing-on-demand composites based on polymer artificial muscle
Zhang PF, Li GQ
39 - 45 Synthesis of disk-shaped nanoparticle aggregates organized in hierarchical structures in block copolymer matrixes
Davidi I, Shenhar R
46 - 50 Morphology of melt-crystallized beta' phase crystals of monodisperse poly(9,9-dioctylfluorene)
Liu J, Wang QL, Liu CF, Tian HK, Geng YH, Yan DH
51 - 61 Improvements in the melt and solid-state properties of poly(lactic acid), poly-3-hydroxyoctanoate and their blends through reactive modification
Nerkar M, Ramsay JA, Ramsay BA, Vasileiou AA, Kontopoulou M
62 - 68 Identical steady tribological performance of graphene-oxide-strengthened polyurethane/epoxy interpenetrating polymer networks derived from graphene nanosheet
Xia SL, Liu YL, Pei FY, Zhang LQ, Gao QJ, Zou WJ, Peng J, Cao SK
69 - 75 Free radical competitions in polylactide/bio-based thermoplastic polyurethane/free radical initiator ternary blends and their final properties
Zhang LS, Xiong Z, Shams SS, Yu RL, Huang JC, Zhang RY, Zhu J
76 - 83 Synthesis and characterization of precisely-defined ethylene-co-aryl ether polymers via ADMET polymerization
Song SF, Miao WJ, Wang ZB, Gong DR, Chen ZR
84 - 92 Controlled degradation of disulfide-based epoxy thermosets for extreme environments
Johnson LM, Ledet E, Huffman ND, Swarner SL, Shepherd SD, Durham PG, Rothrock GD
93 - 99 Conformations and dynamics of single flexible ring polymers in simple shear flow
Chen WD, Li YQ, Zhao HC, Liu LJ, Chen JZ, An LJ
100 - 111 MALDI-TOF/TOF CID study of poly(1,4-dihydroxybenzene terephthalate) fragmentation reactions
Gies AP, Stow SM, McLean JA, Hercules DM
112 - 121 Chitosan surface modification of fully interconnected 3D porous poly(epsilon-caprolactone) by the LbL approach
Mehr NG, Hoemann CD, Favis BD
122 - 129 Amphiphilic polymer conetworks with defined nanostructure and tailored swelling behavior for exploring the activation of an entrapped lipase in organic solvents
Sittko I, Kremser K, Roth M, Kuehne S, Stuhr S, Tiller JC
130 - 138 Unusual viscosity behavior of polyacrylonitrile in NaSCN aqueous solutions
Xu L, Qiu F
139 - 152 Styrenic block copolymer-based nanocomposites: Implications of nanostructuration and nanofiller tailored dispersion on the dielectric properties
Helal E, Demarquette NR, Amurin LG, David E, Carastan DJ, Frechette M
153 - 162 Coating of silica particles by fluorinated diblock copolymers and use of the resultant silica for superamphiphobic surfaces
Grozea CM, Rabnawaz M, Liu GJ, Zhang GW
163 - 175 Enhanced rate of formation of trigonal phase in blends of homogeneous isotactic propylene-1-hexene copolymers
Janani H, Alamo RG
176 - 182 Contributions of intramolecular and intermolecular energy changes to strain-induced enthalpy relaxation in uniaxially drawn poly(lactic acid) films
Kim MS, Chang JH, Lee SC
183 - 192 Substantial spatial heterogeneity and tunability of glass transition temperature observed with dense polymer brushes prepared by ARGET ATRP
Lan T, Torkelson JM
193 - 195 Special issue-New application of organic reactions for controlling polymer architectures
Li ZC, Chen YM
196 - 201 C(sp(3))-C(sp(3)) coupling polymerization of alkyl dibromides for preparation of polymers with precisely located phenyl pendants
Zou L, Long ML, Zhou HB, Zhu W, Zhang K, Chen YM, Xi F
202 - 209 Well-defined cyclopropenone-masked dibenzocyclooctyne functionalized polymers from atom transfer radical polymerization
Sun P, Yan GW, Tang QQ, Chen YM, Zhang K
210 - 215 One-pot polymer conjugation on carbon nanotubes through simultaneous pi-pi stacking and the Biginelli reaction
Ren X, Yang B, Zhao Y, Zhang XY, Wang X, Wei Y, Tao L
216 - 220 Synthesis of soluble conjugated polymeric nanoparticles through heterogeneous Suzuki coupling reaction
Deng S, Zhao P, Dai Y, Huang BL, Hu AG
221 - 226 A novel multicomponent reaction and its application in sequence-ordered functional polymer synthesis
Zhang Z, You YZ, Wu DC, Hong CY
227 - 233 Vinyl epoxide accelerators for the photoinitiated cationic polymerization of oxetane monomers
Crivello JV
234 - 239 Ring-opening polymerization of rac-lactide using anilinotropone-based aluminum complexes-sidearm effect on the catalysis
Li M, Chen M, Chen CL
240 - 248 Cylindrical polymer brushes with dendritic side chains by iterative anionic reactions
Zhang HF, Qu CK, He JP
249 - 259 Facile synthesis of A(2m)B(2n)-type starlike copolymers with two types of V-shaped arms by combination of RAFT, ATRP and ROP processes
Liu HH, Jiang X, Bian RJ, Tong M, Tang DD, Zhou XD, Zhao YL
260 - 267 Acetal-protected acrylic copolymers for dismantlable adhesives with spontaneous and complete removability
Sato E, Yamanishi K, Inui T, Horibe H, Matsumoto A
268 - 276 Synthesis of temperature and pH/CO2 responsive homopolymer bearing oligo(ethylene glycol) unit and N,N-diethylamino ethyl group and its solution property
Jiang X, Feng C, Lu GL, Huang XY
277 - 284 Surface-tunable colloidal particles stabilized by mono-tethered single-chain nanoparticles
Zhang Y, Zhao HY