Polymer, Vol.59 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Single-walled carbon nanotube nanoring induces polymer crystallization at liquid/liquid interface
Wang WD, Huang ZY, Laird ED, Wang SJ, Li CY
10 - 15 Highly dielectric and flexible polyrotaxane elastomer by introduction of cyano groups
Inutsuka M, Inoue K, Hayashi Y, Inomata A, Sakai Y, Yokoyama H, Ito K
16 - 25 Transamidation determination and mechanism of long chain-based aliphatic polyamide alloys with excellent interface miscibility
Wang LL, Dong X, Gao YY, Huang MM, Han CC, Zhu SN, Wang DJ
26 - 34 Crystallization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) filaments by infusion of ethanol upon cold drawing
Khanum R, Takarada W, Aneja A, Kikutani T
35 - 41 Preparation and characterization of optically transparent and photoluminescent electrospun nanofiber composed of carbon quantum dots and polyacrylonitrile blend with polyacrylic acid
Alam AM, Liu YN, Park M, Park SJ, Kim HY
42 - 48 Nanoporous hypercrosslinked polymers containing T-g enhancing comonomers
Zhou X, Huang J, Barr KW, Lin ZX, Maya F, Abbott LJ, Colina CM, Svec F, Turner SR
49 - 56 pH responsive tragacanth gum and poly(methyl methacrylate-co-maleic anhydride)-g-poly(caprolactone) conetwork microgel for in vitro quercetin release
Hemmati K, Masoumi A, Ghaemy M
57 - 66 Modification of a donor-acceptor photovoltaic polymer by integration of optoelectronic moieties into its side chains
Yu LF, Ge CW, Wang JT, Xiang X, Li WS
67 - 92 Impact of pegylation on biopharmaceutical properties of dendrimers
Thakur S, Kesharwani P, Tekade RK, Jain NK
93 - 101 Water-soluble hyperbranched poly(phenyleneethynylene)s: Facile synthesis, characterization, and interactions with dsDNA
Huang YQ, Zhang R, Song CX, Jiang RC, Liu XF, Zhang GW, Fan QL, Wang LH, Huang W
A1 - A15 Backbone orientation in semiconducting polymers
Osaka I, Takimiya K
102 - 109 Investigation of microstructure and electric heating behavior of hybrid polymer composite films based on thermally stable polybenzimidazole and multiwalled carbon nanotube
Park J, Jeong YG
110 - 116 Nucleation of isotactic polypropylene with metal monoglycerolates
Bhatia A, Jayaratne VN, Simon GP, Edward GH, Turney TW
117 - 123 Gradient foaming of polycarbonate/carbon nanotube based nanocomposites with supercritical carbon dioxide and their EMI shielding performances
Monnereau L, Urbanczyk L, Thomassin JM, Pardoen T, Bailly C, Huynen I, Jerome C, Detrembleur C
124 - 132 Synthesis, characterization and 1,3-butadiene polymerization studies of cobalt dichloride complexes bearing pyridine bisoxazoline ligands
Guo J, Wang BL, Bi JF, Zhang CY, Zhang HX, Bai CX, Hu YM, Zhang XQ
133 - 143 Ionic aggregate dissolution and conduction in a plasticized single-ion polymer conductor
O'Reilly MV, Masser H, King DR, Painter PC, Colby RH, Winey KI, Runt J
144 - 154 Effects of specific anions on the relationship between the ion-adsorption properties of sulfobetaine gel and its swelling behavior
Ningrum EO, Ohfuka Y, Gotoh T, Sakohara S
155 - 165 Enhanced mechanical properties of short carbon fiber reinforced polyethersulfone composites by graphene oxide coating
Li F, Liu Y, Qu CB, Xiao HM, Hua Y, Sui GX, Fu SY
166 - 179 Branching determination from radius of gyration contraction factor in radical polymerization
Yaghini N, Iedema PD
180 - 186 Phase behavior of model poly(butadiene 1,3)-block-(dimethylsiloxane) copolymers
Gomez LR, Vega DA, Ninago M, Ciolino AE, Villar MA, Valles EM
187 - 193 Lipase-catalyzed synthesis of acid-degradable poly(beta-thioether ester) and poly(beta-thioether ester-co-lactone) copolymers
Wu WX, Qu L, Liu BY, Zhang WW, Wang N, Yu XQ
194 - 199 Selective determination of glass transition temperature and vibrational properties at the chain end of polystyrene by Fourier transform infrared measurement in combination with deuterium-labeling
Miwa Y, Urakawa O, Nobukawa S, Kutsumizu S
200 - 206 Characterization of fluorinated polyimide morphology by transition mechanical analysis
Jung Y, Yang Y, Lee S, Byun S, Jeon H, Cho MD
207 - 214 Synthesis and properties of novel sulfonated polyimides from 4,4'-(biphenyl-4,4'-diyldi(oxo))bis(1,8-naphthalic anhydride)
Guo XX, Yuan S, Fang JH
215 - 225 Novel thermo-responsive double-hydrophilic and hydrophobic MPEO-b-PEtOx-b-PCL triblock terpolymers: Synthesis, characterization and self-assembly studies
Petrova S, Venturini CG, Jager A, Jager E, Cernoch P, Kereiche S, Kovacik L, Raska I, Stepanek P
226 - 233 Gelation and cross-link inhomogeneity of phenolic resins studied by small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering and H-1-pulse NMR spectroscopy
Izumi A, Nakao T, Shibayama M
234 - 242 Bio-based alternatives in the synthesis of aliphatic-aromatic polyesters dedicated to biodegradable film applications
Jacquel N, Saint-Loup R, Pascault JP, Rousseau A, Fenouillot F
243 - 251 Size- and distance-dependent excitation energy transfer in fluorophore conjugated block copolymer - gold nanoparticle systems
Banerjee R, Maiti C, Dutta S, Dhara D
252 - 259 Synthesis and linear rheological property of comb-like styrene-based polymers with a high degree of branch chain
Lin YC, Zheng J, Yao K, Tan HY, Zhang GC, Gong J, Tang T, Xu DH
260 - 269 Viscosity-induced filler localisation in immiscible polymer blends
Plattier J, Benyahia L, Dorget M, Niepceron F, Tassin JF
270 - 277 Equilibrium sorption of ethylene in polyethylene: Experimental study and PC-SAFT simulations
Chmelar J, Smolna K, Haskovcova K, Podivinska M, Marsalek J, Kosek J
278 - 289 Epoxy nanocomposites functionalized with in situ generated magnetite nanocrystals: Microstructure, magnetic properties, interaction among magnetic particles
Sciancalepore C, Bondioli F, Messori M, Barrera G, Tiberto P, Allia P
290 - 297 Miscible blends of carboxylated polymers of intrinsic microporosity (cPIM-1) and Matrimid
Yong WF, Chung TS
298 - 304 Short-time synthesis of poly[4,6-bis(3'-(2-ethylhexyl)thien-2'-yl)thieno[3,4-c][1,2,5]thiadiazole-alt-9,9-dioctylfluorene], its photophysical, electrochemical and photovoltaic properties
Cimrova V, Kminek I, Vyprachticky D, Pokorna V