Polymer, Vol.55, No.16 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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Long TE, Yuan JY
3289 - 3297 15th anniversary of polymerised ionic liquids
Nishimura N, Ohno H
3298 - 3304 Phosphonium cation-containing polymers: From ionic liquids to polyelectrolytes
Jangu C, Long TE
3305 - 3313 Cross-linked ionic resins and gels from epoxide-functionalized imidazolium ionic liquid monomers
McDanel WM, Cowan MG, Carlisle TK, Swanson AK, Noble RD, Gin DL
3314 - 3319 1,2,3-Triazolium-based poly(acrylate ionic liquid)s
Sood R, Obadia MM, Mudraboyina BP, Zhang B, Serghei A, Bernard J, Drockenmuller E
3320 - 3329 Crosslinked imidazolium-containing polyester networks containing a pendant imidazolium group: Swelling studies and thermal properties
Whittington CP, Daily LA, Miller KM
3330 - 3338 Clickable poly(ionic liquid)s for modification of glass and silicon surfaces
He HK, Averick S, Roth E, Luebke D, Nulwala H, Matyjaszewski K
3339 - 3348 Polymeric ionic liquids based on ether functionalized ammoniums and perfluorinated sulfonimides
Zhang H, Li L, Feng WF, Zhou ZB, Nie J
3349 - 3359 Protic and aprotic anionic oligomeric ionic liquids
Shevchenko VV, Stryutsky AV, Klymenko NS, Gumenna MA, Fomenko AA, Bliznyuk VN, Trachevsky VV, Davydenko VV, Tsukruk VV
3360 - 3369 Polymerized ionic liquid diblock copolymers with long alkyl side-chain length
Nykaza JR, Ye YS, Elabd YA
3370 - 3377 Patterning a pi-conjugated polyelectrolyte through sequential polymerization of a bifunctional ionic liquid monomer
Brombosz SM, Seifert S, Firestone MA
3378 - 3384 Anion and solvent responsive copolymeric gels - Morphology, annealing, and surfactant stimuli
Gu H, Texter J
3385 - 3396 Truly solid state electrochromic devices constructed from polymeric ionic liquids as solid electrolytes and electrodes formulated by vapor phase polymerization of 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene
Shaplov AS, Ponkratov DO, Aubert PH, Lozinskaya EI, Plesse C, Maziz A, Vlasov PS, Vidal F, Vygodskii YS
3397 - 3403 Simple route to prepare stable liquid marbles using poly(ionic liquid)s
Fernandes AM, Gracia R, Leal GP, Paulis M, Mecerreyes D
3404 - 3414 Post-polymerization modification and organocatalysis using reactive statistical poly(ionic liquid)-based copolymers
Coupillaud P, Vignolle J, Mecerreyes D, Taton D
3415 - 3422 Poly(ionic liquid) nanoparticles as novel colloidal template for silica nanocasting
Soll S, Antonietti M, Yuan JY
3423 - 3430 Functional mesoporous poly(ionic liquid)-based copolymer monoliths: From synthesis to catalysis and microporous carbon production
Kuzmicz D, Coupillaud P, Men Y, Vignolle J, Vendraminetto G, Ambrogi M, Taton D, Yuan JY
3431 - 3435 Shape memory poly(ionic liquid) gels controlled by host-guest interaction with beta-cyclodextrin
Yuan C, Guo JN, Yan F
3436 - 3453 Light-induced wettability changes on polymer surfaces
Wagner N, Theato P
3454 - 3457 Terminal defined chain-growth polycondensation of 4-chloropyridine
Nose K, Iyoda T, Sanji T
3458 - 3460 Evidence for'bottom up' growth during vapor phase polymerization of conducting polymers
Brooke R, Fabretto M, Hojati-Talemi P, Murphy P, Evans D
3461 - 3467 Hierarchically porous polymeric materials from ternary polymer blends
Wang J, Lessard BH, Maric M, Favis BD
3468 - 3474 Reduction of Cu(II) by photochemically generated phosphonyl radicals to generate Cu(I) as catalyst for atom transfer radical polymerization and azide-alkyne cycloaddition click reactions
Yagci Y, Tasdelen MA, Jockusch S
3475 - 3489 Transition into the gel regime for free radical crosslinking polymerisation in a batch reactor
Kryven I, Iedema PD
3490 - 3497 Nano-sized graphene oxide as sole surfactant in miniemulsion polymerization for nanocomposite synthesis: Effect of pH and ionic strength
Man SHC, Ly D, Whittaker MR, Thickett SC, Zetterlund PB
3498 - 3515 Tin-based "super-POSS" building blocks in epoxy nanocomposites with highly improved oxidation resistance
Strachota A, Rodzen K, Ribot F, Perchacz M, Trchova M, Steinhart M, Starovoytova L, Slouf M, Strachota B
3516 - 3524 High yield preparation of all-organic raspberry-like particles by heterocoagulation via hydrogen bonding interaction
Chenal M, Rieger J, Philippe A, Bouteiller L
3525 - 3532 Cross-linked degradable poly(beta-thioester) networks via amine-catalyzed thiol-ene click polymerization
Vandenbergh J, Peeters M, Kretschmer T, Wagner P, Junkers T
3533 - 3542 Metal ion functional polybenzoxazine based on phenol and 2-aminopyridine
Lekesiz TO, Hacaloglu J
3543 - 3550 Facile synthesis of tunable alkali soluble latexes
Dundua A, Landfester K, Taden A
3551 - 3556 Stimuli response of cationic polymer brush prepared by ATRP: Application in peptide fractionation
Scott C, Mitrovic B, Eastwood S, Kinsel G
3557 - 3563 Bis(perfluoro-2-n-propoxyethyl)diacyl peroxide initiated homopolymerization of vinylidene fluoride (VDF) and copolymerization with perfluoro-n-propylvinylether (PPVE)
Wu JY, Zhou XG, Harris FW
3564 - 3572 Stimuli-responsive polymers. 10. Photo-regulation of optical rotations in azobenzene modified poly(ester-amide)s containing highly structured, atropisomeric backbone geometries
Lynch JG, Jaycox GD
3573 - 3578 Diels-Alder polysulfones as dielectric materials: Computational guidance & synthesis
Lorenzini RG, Greco JA, Birge RR, Sotzing GA
3579 - 3590 pH-sensitive nanogels based on Boltorn (R) H40 and poly(vinylpyridine) using mini-emulsion polymerization for delivery of hydrophobic anticancer drugs
Abandansari HS, Nabid MR, Rezaei SJT, Niknejad H
3591 - 3598 Surface control of hydrophilicity and degradability with block copolymers composed of lactide and cyclic carbonate bearing methoxyethoxyl groups
Ajiro H, Takahashi Y, Akashi M, Fujiwara T
3599 - 3604 Triphenylsulfonium salt methacrylate bound polymer resist for electron beam lithography
Yoo JB, Park SW, Kang HN, Mondkar HS, Sohn K, Kim HM, Kim KB, Lee H
3605 - 3613 Low-bandgap copolymers consisting of 2,1,3-benzoselenadiazole and carbazole derivatives with thiophene or selenophene pi-bridges
Kim JH, Park JB, Shin SA, Hyun MH, Hwang DH
3614 - 3627 Microwave exfoliated reduced graphene oxide epoxy nanocomposites for high performance applications
Sharmila TKB, Nair AB, Abraham BT, Beegum PMS, Thachil ET
3628 - 3633 Benzocyclobutene-functionalized poly(m-phenylene): A novel polymer with low dielectric constant and high thermostability
Tong JW, Diao S, Jin KK, Yuan C, Wang JJ, Sun J, Fang Q
3634 - 3641 Novel soluble polyimides derived from 2,2'-bis[4-(5-amino-2-pyridinoxy)phenyl]hexafluoropropane: Preparation, characterization, and optical, dielectric properties
Guan Y, Wang DM, Song GL, Dang GD, Chen CH, Zhou HW, Zhao XG
3642 - 3647 Triptycene-based microporous polyimides: Synthesis and their high selectivity for CO2 capture
Zhang C, Zhai TL, Wang JJ, Wang Z, Liu JM, Tan B, Yang XL, Xu HB
3648 - 3655 Biobased poly(butylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate) and poly(butylene adipate-co-butylene 2,5-furandicarboxylate)s: From synthesis using highly purified 2,5-furandicarboxylic acid to thermo-mechanical properties
Wu BS, Xu YT, Bu ZY, Wu LB, Li BG, Dubois P
3656 - 3665 Initiating gradient photopolymerization and migration of a novel polymerizable polysiloxane alpha-hydroxy alkylphenones photoinitiator
Sun F, Li YX, Zhang N, Nie J
3666 - 3671 Optically active helical vinyl polymers via helix-sense-selective anionic polymerization of (S)-3-vinyl-2,2'-bis(methoxymethoxy)-1,1'-binaphthyl
Chen YH, Zhang J, Yang LW, Yang NF, Yang ZS
3672 - 3679 Remarkable structure effects on thermoresponsive properties of dendritic macromolecules
Tao X, Liu K, Li W, Zhang AF
3680 - 3687 Synthesis and characterization of graft copolymers with poly(epichlorohydrin-co-ethylene oxide) as backbone by combination of ring-opening polymerization with living anionic polymerization
Tang TT, Fan XS, Jin Y, Wang GW
3688 - 3695 Alternating copolymerization of carbonyl sulfide and Cyclohexene Oxide catalyzed by zinc-cobalt double metal cyanide complex
Luo M, Zhang XH, Du BY, Wang Q, Fan ZQ
3696 - 3702 A facile strategy for preparation of single-chain polymeric nanoparticles by intramolecular photo-crosslinking of azide polymers
Li G, Tao FR, Wang LP, Li YC, Bai RK
3703 - 3712 Synthesis of PAA-g-PNIPAM well-defined graft polymer by sequential RAFT and SET-LRP and its application in preparing size-controlled super-paramagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles as a stabilizer
Jiang XY, Zhai SJ, Jiang X, Lu GL, Huang XY
3713 - 3719 Anisotropy investigation of cobalt ferrite nanoparticles embedded in polyvinyl alcohol matrix: A Monte Carlo study
Mirzaee S, Shayesteh SF, Mandavifar S
3720 - 3728 Morphology and properties tuning of PLA/cellulose nanocrystals bio-nanocomposites by means of reactive functionalization and blending with PVAc
Pracella M, Hague MMU, Puglia D
3729 - 3735 A revisitation of the polymorphism of poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalate) from periodic first-principles calculations
Milani A
3736 - 3745 Photocurrent contribution from inter-segmental mixing in donor-acceptor-type polymer solar cells: A multiscale simulation study
Pershin A, Donets S, Baeurle SA
3746 - 3757 SWCNT induced crystallization in amorphous and semi-crystalline poly(etherimide)s: Morphology and thermo-mechanical properties
Hegde M, Lafont U, Norder B, Samulski ET, Rubinstein M, Dingemans TJ
3758 - 3769 beta-nucleated propylene-ethylene random copolymer filled with multi-walled carbon nanotubes: Mechanical, thermal and rheological properties
Papageorgiou DG, Tzounis L, Papageorgiou GZ, Bikiaris DN, Chrissafis K
3770 - 3781 On the importance of specific interface area in clay nanocomposites of PMMA filled with synthetic nano-mica
Ziadeh M, Fischer B, Schmid J, Altstadt V, Breu J
3782 - 3791 Influence of shear processing on morphology orientation and mechanical properties of styrene butadiene triblock copolymers
Mahmood N, Anton AM, Gupta G, Babur T, Knoll K, Thurn-Albrecht T, Kremer F, Beiner M, Weidisch R
3792 - 3800 Morphology of high-density polyethylene pipes stored under hydrostatic pressure at elevated temperature
Sun N, Wenzel M, Adams A
3801 - 3810 Phase separation in poly(butylene terephthalate)-based materials prepared by solid-state modification
Gubbels E, Jasinska-Walc L, Hermida-Merino D, Hansen MR, Noordover B, Spoelstra A, Goossens H, Koning C
3811 - 3817 A statistical theory of polymer network degradation
Gilormini P, Richaud E, Verdu J
3818 - 3824 Allyl-Functionalization enhanced thermally stable graphene/fluoroelastomer nanocomposites
Wei JH, Qiu JJ
3825 - 3835 Hybrid fillers of lignin and carbon black for lowering of viscoelastic loss in rubber compounds
Bahl K, Miyoshi T, Jana SC
3836 - 3845 Enhanced bone cell functions on poly(epsilon-caprolactone) triacrylate networks grafted with polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane nanocages
Cai L, Foster CJ, Liu XF, Wang SF
3846 - 3858 Evaluation of polyesters from renewable resources as alternatives to the current fossil-based polymers. Phase transitions of poly(butylene 2,5-furan-dicarboxylate)
Papageorgiou GZ, Tsanaktsis V, Papageorgiou DG, Exarhopoulos S, Papageorgiou M, Bikiaris DN
3859 - 3868 Cross link network rearrangement via reactive encapsulation of solvent in epoxy curing: A combined molecular simulation and experimental study
Jang C, Sharifi M, Palmese GR, Abrams CF
3869 - 3878 Polymyrcene microstructure revisited from precise high-field nuclear magnetic resonance analysis
Georges S, Bria M, Zinck P, Visseaux M
3879 - 3885 Exploring the backbone dynamics of native spider silk proteins in Black Widow silk glands with solution-state NMR spectroscopy
Xu D, Yarger JL, Holland GP
3886 - 3893 Dissociation and thermal characteristics of poly(acrylic acid) modified pluronic block copolymers in aqueous solution
Tian Y, Hatton TA, Tam KC
3894 - 3904 Time dependence of material properties of polyethylene glycol hydrogels chain extended with short hydroxy acid segments
Barati D, Moeinzadeh S, Karaman O, Jabbari E
3905 - 3914 Enhancement in interfacial reactive cornpatibilization by chain mobility
Bhadane PA, Tsou AH, Cheng J, Ellul MD, Favis BD
3915 - 3924 Structure, permeability, and rheology of supercritical CO2 dispersed polystyrene-clay nanocomposites
Yang F, Manitiu M, Kriegel R, Kannan RM
3925 - 3935 Poly(epsilon-caprolactone)-block-poly(N-vinyl pyrrolidone) diblock copolymers grafted from macrocyclic oligomeric silsesquioxane
Yi YL, Li L, Zheng SX
3936 - 3943 Room temperature self-healable epoxy elastomer with reversible alkoxyamines as crosslinkages
Zhang ZP, Rong MZ, Zhang MQ
3944 - 3950 High performance films of cellulose butyral derivative having a necklace-like annular structure in the side chains
Chang CY, Teramoto Y, Nishio Y
3951 - 3960 Electrodialytic properties of aromatic and aliphatic type hydrocarbon-based anion-exchange membranes with various anion-exchange groups
Higa M, Tanaka N, Nagase M, Yutani K, Kameyama T, Takamura K, Kakihana Y
3961 - 3969 Surface structure of stimuli-responsive polystyrene particles prepared by dispersion polymerization with a polystyrene/poly(L-lysine) block copolymer as a stabilizer
Itoh T, Abe I, Tamamitsu T, Shimomoto H, Inoue K, Ihara E
3970 - 3979 Conducive 3D porous mesh of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) made via emulsion electrospinning
Pal J, Sharma S, Sanwaria S, Kulshreshtha R, Nandan B, Srivastava RK
3980 - 3986 Conductivity of carbon black-based polymer composites under creep in the molten state
Stary Z, Krueckel J, Schubert DW
3987 - 3994 Upper critical solution temperature-type thermosensitive hydrogel phase equilibrium of poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)/water/n-alkanol mixtures
Kim YG, Bae YC
3995 - 4002 Self-assembly of a liquid crystal ABA triblock copolymer in a nematic liquid crystal solvent
Islam MT, Kamal T, Shin T, Seong B, Park SY
4003 - 4011 Protein functionalized Pt nanoparticles-conducting polymer nanocomposite film: Characterization and immunosensor application
Mishra SK, Srivastava AK, Kumar D, Mulchandani A, Rajesh
4012 - 4021 A micro- and nano-structured drug carrier based on biocompatible, hybrid polymeric nanoparticles for potential application in dry powder inhalation therapy
Al-Qadi S, Remunan-Lopez C
4022 - 4031 The impact of strain-induced crystallization on strain during mechanical cycling of cross-linked natural rubber
Albouy PA, Vieyres A, Perez-Aparicio R, Sanseau O, Sotta P
4032 - 4040 Observation of elastic modulus inhomogeneities in thermosetting epoxies using AFM - Discerning facts and artifacts
Haba D, Kaufmann J, Brunner AJ, Resch K, Teichert C
4041 - 4049 X-ray microtomographic analysis of alpha-tricalcium phosphate-poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanocomposite degradation
Barrett CE, Cameron RE
4050 - 4056 Thickness threshold of structural ordering in thin MEH-PPV films
Urbanek P, Kuritka I, Danis S, Touskova J, Tousek J
4057 - 4066 Dynamic study of polystyrene-block-poly(4-vinylpyridine) copolymer in bulk and confined in cylindrical nanopores
Maiz J, Zhao W, Gu Y, Lawrence J, Arbe A, Alegria A, Emrick T, Colmenero J, Russell TP, Mijangos C
4067 - 4076 Examination of the fundamental relation between ionic transport and segmental relaxation in polymer electrolytes
Wang YY, Fan F, Agapov AL, Saito T, Yang J, Yu X, Hong KL, Mays J, Sokolov AP
4077 - 4090 Extruded PLA/clay nanocomposite foams blown with supercritical CO2
Keshtkar M, Nofar M, Park CB, Carreau PJ
4091 - 4101 Enhanced gas barrier and mechanical properties in organoclay reinforced multi-layer poly(amide-imide) nanocomposite film
Yucel O, Unsal E, Harvey J, Graham M, Jones DH, Cakmak M
4102 - 4115 Machine direction orientation of high density polyethylene (HDPE): Barrier and optical properties
Chatterjee T, Patel R, Garnett J, Paradkar R, Ge SR, Liu LZ, Forziati KT, Shah N
4116 - 4124 High-strength superparamagnetic composite fibers
Chien AT, Newcomb BA, Sabo D, Robbins J, Zhang ZJ, Kumar S
4125 - 4135 Crystallization behaviors in the isotactic polypropylene/graphene composites
Zhao SM, Chen FH, Huang YJ, Dong JY, Han CC
4136 - 4149 On the mechanism of piezoresistivity of carbon nanotube polymer composites
Gong S, Zhu ZH
4150 - 4155 External normal pressure prevents preferential wetting of PS/PMMA blend thin films
Zhang Z, Wang Z, Ding YF
4156 - 4163 Supercritical carbon dioxide-assisted silanization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and their effect on the thermo-mechanical properties, of epoxy nanocomposites
Vennerberg D, Hall R, Kessler MR
4164 - 4171 Fracture-induced activation in mechanophore-linked, rubber toughened PMMA
Celestine ADN, Beiermann BA, May PA, Moore JS, Sottos NR, White SR
4172 - 4181 Effect of block copolymer concentration and core composition on toughening epoxies
Redline EM, Declet-Perez C, Bates FS, Francis LF
4182 - 4198 Strain gradient plasticity for amorphous and crystalline polymers with application to micro- and nano-scale deformation analysis
Voyiadjis GZ, Shojaei A, Mozaffari N
4199 - 4205 Dispersed polypropylene fibrils improve the foaming ability of a polyethylene matrix
Rizvi A, Park CB
4206 - 4215 Role of the segment distribution in the microphase separation of acrylic diblock and triblock terpolymers
Bergman JA, Cochran EW, Heinen JM
4216 - 4225 Quantification of layered silicate dispersion in polymer nanocomposites
Gou Q, Wetzel MD, Ogunnaike BA
4226 - 4231 Thermophysical properties of the dragline silk of Nephila clavipes spider
Xing CH, Munro T, White B, Ban H, Copeland CG, Lewis RV
4232 - 4240 Effect of Al2O3 fibers on the high-temperature stability of silicone elastomer
Yao YY, Lu GQ, Boroyevich D, Ngo KDT
4241 - 4247 Meltblown fiber mats and their tensile strength
Sinha-Ray S, Yarin AL, Pourdeyhimi B
4248 - 4257 Dependence of mechanical properties on crystal orientation of semi-crystalline polyethylene structures
Dong X, McDowell DL, Kalidindi SR, Jacob KI
4258 - 4269 The evolution of macromolecular packing and sudden crystallization in rigid-rod polyimide via effect of multiple H-bonding on charge transfer (CT) interactions
Luo LB, Yao J, Wang X, Li K, Huang JY, Li BY, Wang HN, Feng Y, Liu XY
4270 - 4280 In-situ microstructural changes of polyacrylonitrile based fibers with stretching deformation
Gong Y, Du R, Mo G, Xing XQ, Lu CX, Wu ZH
4281 - 4288 Phase behaviors of sphere-forming triblock copolymers confined in nanopores: A dynamic density functional theory study
Hao QH, Miao B, Song QG, Niu XH, Liu TJ
4289 - 4298 Probing the structure evolution/orientation induced by interaction between polyurethane segments and SiO2 surface in shape memory process
Huang MM, Dong X, Gao YY, Xing Q, Li WL, Wang DJ
4299 - 4306 Lamellae break induced formation of shish-kebab during hot stretching of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene precursor fibers investigated by in situ small angle X-ray scattering
Tian Y, Zhu CZ, Gong JH, Yang SL, Ma JH, Xu J
4307 - 4312 Combining fast-scan chip-calorimeter with molecular simulations to investigate superheating behaviors of lamellar polymer crystals
Gao HH, Wang J, Schick C, Toda A, Zhou DS, Hu WB
4313 - 4323 Highly toughened polylactide with novel sliding graft copolymer by in situ reactive compatibilization, crosslinking and chain extension
Li X, Kang HL, Shen JX, Zhang LQ, Nishi T, Ito K, Zhao CM, Coates P
4324 - 4331 Synthesis of bio-based copolyester and its reinforcement with zinc diacrylate for shape memory application
Guo WS, Shen ZL, Guo BC, Zhang LQ, Jia DM
4332 - 4340 Lamellar orientation of polyamide 6 thin film crystallization on solid substrates
Zhong LW, Ren XK, Yang S, Chen EQ, Sun CX, Stroeks A, Yang TY
4341 - 4347 The probable influence of in situ thermal reduction of graphene oxides on the crystallization behavior of isotactic polypropylene
Fan JS, Huang RJ, Ye SB, Li TJ, Feng JC
4348 - 4357 Flow-induced morphological instability in nanosilica-filled polyamide 6/polystyrene blends
Kong MQ, Huang YJ, Lv YD, Wang SH, Yang Q, Li GX
4358 - 4368 Synthesis and characterization of segmented poly(butylene succinate) urethane ionenes containing secondary amine cation
Wu F, Huang CL, Zeng JB, Li SL, Wang YZ
4369 - 4378 Fabrication and characterization of poly(L-lactic acid) gels induced by fibrous complex crystallization with solvents
Matsuda Y, Fukatsu A, Wang YY, Miyamoto K, Mays JW, Tasaka S
4379 - 4384 Study of the phase separation behaviour of native or preheated WPI with polysaccharides
Chun JY, Hong GP, Surassmo S, Weiss J, Min SG, Choi MJ
4385 - 4393 Swelling dynamics and swelling induced structural changes of polyelectrolyte ultrathin films
Samanta T, Mukherjee M, Lausi A
4394 - 4400 Crystallization behavior of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) chains confined in lamellar nanodomains
Nakagawa S, Tanaka T, Ishizone T, Nojima S, Kamimura K, Yamaguchi K, Nakahama S
4401 - 4404 Controlling of crystallite orientation for poly(ethylene oxide) thin films with cellulose single nano-fibers
Fukuya MN, Senoo K, Kotera M, Yoshimoto M, Sakata O