Polymer, Vol.54, No.17 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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4333 - 4350 The contemporary role of epsilon-caprolactone chemistry to create advanced polymer architectures
Sisson AL, Ekinci D, Lendlein A
4351 - 4382 New design strategies for second-order nonlinear optical polymers and dendrimers
Wu WB, Qin JG, Li Z
4383 - 4403 Metal complex oligomer and polymer wires on electrodes: Tactical constructions and versatile functionalities
Maeda H, Sakamoto R, Nishihara H
4404 - 4421 Orientation-induced crystallization of isotactic polypropylene
Liu Q, Sun XL, Li HH, Yan SK
4422 - 4426 Tuning biodegradable hydrogel properties via synthesis procedure
Hawkins AM, Tolbert ME, Newton B, Milbrandt TA, Puleo DA, Hilt JZ
4427 - 4430 Thermally reduced graphite oxide reinforced polyethylene composites: A mild synthetic approach
Todd AD, Bielawski CW
4431 - 4435 Flexible self-supporting supramolecular polymeric membranes consisting of 1,3,5-trisubstituted benzene derivatives synthesized by highly selective photocyclic aromatization of helical poly(phenylacetylene)s in the membrane state
Miyata M, Namikoshi T, Liu LJ, Zang Y, Aoki T, Abe Y, Oniyama Y, Tsutsuba T, Teraguchi M, Kaneko T
4436 - 4445 Microemulsion as the template for synthesis of interpenetrating polymer networks with predefined structure
Bourcier S, Vancaeyzeele C, Vidal F, Fichet O
4446 - 4454 The behaviour of honeycomb film formation from star polymers with various fluorine content
Zhang Z, Hughes TC, Gurr PA, Blencowe A, Uddin H, Hao XJ, Qiao GG
4455 - 4462 Titanium (IV) and zirconium (IV) chloride complexes on the base of chiral tetraaryl-1,3-dioxolane-4,5-dimetanol ligands in the polymerization of ethylene: The promoting role of lithium and magnesium chloride
Tuskaev VA, Gagieva SC, Maleev VI, Borissova AO, Solov'ev MV, Starikova ZA, Bulychev BM
4463 - 4471 A functional immobilization matrix based on a conducting polymer and functionalized gold nanoparticles: Synthesis and its application as an amperometric glucose biosensor
Kesik M, Kanik FE, Hizalan G, Kozanoglu D, Esenturk EN, Timur S, Toppare L
4472 - 4479 UV-cured transparent magnetic polymer nanocomposites
Nardi T, Sangermano M, Leterrier Y, Allia P, Tiberto P, Manson JAE
4480 - 4485 Synthesis of degradable polyHIPEs by AGET ATRP
Lamson M, Epshtein-Assor Y, Silverstein MS, Matyjaszewski K
4486 - 4492 Differences in molecular structure in cross-linked polycationic nanoparticles synthesized using ARGET ATRP or UV-initiated polymerization
Forbes DC, Peppas NA
4493 - 4500 New poly(arylene ether sulfone)s based on 4,4'-[trans-1,4-cyclohexanediylbis(methylene)] bisphenol
Zhang B, Turner SR
4501 - 4510 Catalyst-free click cascade functionalization of unsaturated-bond-containing polymers using masked-ketene-tethering nitrile N-oxide
Cheawchan S, Koyama Y, Uchida S, Takata T
4511 - 4520 A controlled morphology of polymeric nanocapsules via the density of surface vinyl group for the precipitation polymerization
Feng HL, Yan EW, Zhang J, Yang XL, Li CX
4521 - 4527 Novel temperature-responsive functional polymers based on poly(N-(2-hydroxy-tert-butyl) acrylamide)
Cui QL, Wang YJ, Wu FP, Wang EJ
4528 - 4537 Hierarchical self-assembly of miktoarm star polymers containing a polycationic segment: A general concept
Hanisch A, Groschel AH, Fortsch M, Lobling TI, Schacher FH, Muller AHE
4538 - 4544 Encapsulation of Nile Red in polypyrrole microvessels
Kepinska D, Budniak A, Kijewska K, Blanchard GJ, Mazur M
4545 - 4554 The effect of comonomer content on structure and property relationship of propylene-1-octene copolymer during uniaxial stretching
Li XW, Mao YM, Burger C, Che J, Hsiao BS, Kulkarni RR, Tsou AH
4555 - 4559 Aqueous reduced graphene/thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites
Liao KH, Park YT, Abdala A, Macosko C
4560 - 4569 Characteristics of water and salt transport, free volume and their relationship with the functional groups of novel cellulose esters
Ong RC, Chung TS, Helmer BJ, de Wit JS
4570 - 4577 Graft-type polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells prepared through radiation-induced graft polymerization into alicyclic polybenzimidazoles
Park J, Takayama T, Asano M, Maekawa Y, Kudo K
4578 - 4587 Synthesis and simultaneous enhancements in electrical and magnetic properties of oriented gamma-Fe2O3-nanoneedle/PANI nanocomposite films by cold stretching
Wu C, Xiao HM, Fu SY
4588 - 4593 Unusual process-induced curl and shrinkage of electrospun PVDF membranes
Sundaray B, Bossard F, Latil P, Orgeas L, Sanchez JY, Lepretre JC
4594 - 4603 Constitutive modeling of a SEBS cast-calender: Large strain, compressibility and anisotropic damage induced by the process
Caro-Bretelle AS, Ienny P, Leger R
4604 - 4616 Biodegradable poly(ethylene succinate) nanocomposites. Effect of filler type on thermal behaviour and crystallization kinetics
Papageorgiou GZ, Terzopoulou Z, Achilias DS, Bikiaris DN, Kapnisti M, Gournis D
4617 - 4628 All-polymer nanocomposites with nanofibrillar inclusions generated in situ during compounding
Jurczuk K, Galeski A, Piorkowska E
4629 - 4636 Optimal phase segregation in graft copolymers
Balog S, Adamcik J, Mezzenga R, Cho CG
4637 - 4644 On cross- and self-nucleation in seeded crystallization of isotactic poly(1-butene)
Cavallo D, Gardella L, Portale G, Muller AJ, Alfonso GC
4645 - 4652 In situ fibrillation of CO2-philic polymers: Sustainable route to polymer foams in a continuous process
Rizvi A, Tabatabaei A, Barzegari MR, Mahmood SH, Park CB
4653 - 4659 Higher-order crystalline structures of poly(oxyethylene) in poly(D,L-lactide)/poly(oxyethylene) blends
Tien ND, Hoa TP, Mochizuki M, Saijo K, Hasegawa H, Sasaki S, Sakurai S
4660 - 4668 Curing reaction of epoxy resin composed of mixed base resin and curing agent: Experiments and molecular simulation
Okabe T, Takehara T, Inose K, Hirano N, Nishikawa M, Uehara T
4669 - 4674 Power law in swelling of ultra-thin polymer films
Mukherjee M, Chebil MS, Delorme N, Gibaud A
4675 - 4685 The prediction of polymeric membrane characteristics prepared via nonsolvent induced phase separation by the apparent coagulation time
Ghasemi SM, Mohammadi N
4686 - 4701 Poly(vinylidene fluoride)-acrylic rubber partially miscible blends: Crystallization within conjugated phases induce dual lamellar crystalline structure
Abolhasani MM, Jalali-Arani A, Nazockdast H, Guo QP
4702 - 4709 Investigation of thermal conductivity of graphite flake/poly (p-phenylene sulfide) composite by experimental measurement and non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation
Ju SP, Haung TJ, Liao CH, Chang JW
4710 - 4718 The crystallization and crystal transition of PVDF in PAN nano-tube
Luo HJ, Huang Y, Wang DS
4719 - 4727 Different crystallization behavior of olefin block copolymer in alpha-and beta-polypropylene matrix
Zhou X, Feng JC, Cheng D, Yi JJ, Wang L