Polymer, Vol.51, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0032-3861 (Print) 

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2447 - 2454 Imidazole- and imidazolium-containing polymers for biology and material science applications
Anderson EB, Long TE
2455 - 2459 Visualization of nanomechanical mapping on polymer nanocomposites by AFM force measurement
Wang D, Fujinami S, Nakajima K, Inukai S, Ueki H, Magario A, Noguchi T, Endo M, Nishi T
2460 - 2464 Synthesis and helix-sense-selective polymerization of a novel phenylacetylene having a trisiloxanyl group and two hydroxyl groups and enantioselective permeability of the resulting chiral polymeric membrane: Effect of the trisiloxanyl group on the polymerization and enantioselective permeability
Liu LJ, Oniyama Y, Zang Y, Hadano S, Aoki T, Teraguchi M, Kaneko T, Namikoshi T, Marwanta E
2465 - 2471 UV-assisted grafting of polymers: A method towards biocompatible carbon nanotubes
Petrov P, Georgiev G, Momekova D, Momekov G, Tsvetanov CB
2472 - 2478 Synthesis of a poly(vinylcatechol-co-divinylbenzene) resin and accessibility to catechol units
Bernard J, Branger C, Beurroies I, Denoyel R, Blanc S, Margaillan A
2479 - 2485 Synthesis and characterization of tailorable biodegradable thermoresponsive methacryloylamide polymers based on L-serine and L-threonine alkyl esters
van Dijk M, Postma TM, Rijkers DTS, Liskamp RMJ, van Nostrum CF, Hennink WE
2486 - 2493 Organization of poly(2-ethyl-2-oxazoline)-block-poly(2-phenyl-2-oxazoline) copolymers in water solution
Trzebicka B, Koseva N, Mitova V, Dworak A
2494 - 2502 Synthesis and characterization of transparent alumina reinforced polycarbonate nanocomposite
Hakimelahi HR, Hu L, Rupp BB, Coleman MR
2503 - 2507 Bovine serum albumin as chain transfer agent in the acrylamide polymerization. Protein-polymer conjugates
Valdebenito A, Espinoza P, Lissi EA, Encinas MV
2508 - 2514 Castor oil-based thermosets with varied crosslink densities prepared by ring-opening metathesis polymerization (ROMP)
Xia Y, Larock RC
2515 - 2519 Cyclic poly(dimethylsiloxane) via ring-closing dehydrocoupling of alpha,omega-dihydroxy-PDMS with alpha,omega-dihydrido-PDMS in dilute solution
Foston M, Beckham HW
2520 - 2526 The effect of prepolymer crystallinity on solid-state polymerization of poly(bisphenol A carbonate)
Kim J, Kim YJ, Kim JD, Ahmed TS, Dong LB, Roberts GW, Oh SG
2527 - 2532 A new approach to controlled/living radical polymerization by DPE method
Chou IC, Luo YD, Chiu WY
2533 - 2539 Preparation of magnetite and tumor dual-targeting hollow polymer microspheres with pH-sensitivity for anticancer drug-carriers
Yang XY, Chen L, Han B, Yang XL, Duan HQ
2540 - 2547 Fe3O4@poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate)-graft-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) magnetic nanoparticles with branched brush polymeric shell
Yuan WZ, Yuan JY, Zhou LL, Wu SZ, Hong XY
2548 - 2555 Synthesis and characterization of a novel graft copolymer with poly(n-octylallene-co-styrene) backbone and poly(epsilon-caprolactone) side chain
Ni XF, Zhu WW, Shen ZQ
2556 - 2564 Novel supramolecular system of amphiphilic hyperbranched polymer with beta-cyclodextrin and hyperbranched topography cavities: Synthesis and selective encapsulation
Tian W, Fan XD, Kong J, Liu YY, Liu T, Huang Y
2565 - 2575 Estimation of thermal transitions in poly(ethylene naphthalate): Experiments and modeling using isoconversional methods
Papageorgiou GZ, Achilias DS, Karayannidis GP
2576 - 2584 Characterization of spatial inhomogeneities and dynamic properties of random cross-linked polystyrene networks by dynamic light scattering
Krahl F, Boyko V, Arndt KF
2585 - 2596 The effects of molecular weight and polymorphism on the fracture and thermo-mechanical properties of a carbon-fibre composite modified by electrospun poly (vinylidene fluoride) membranes
Magniez K, De Lavigne C, Fox BL
2597 - 2610 Hydrogen bonding effects in perfluorinated polyamides: An investigation based on infrared spectroscopy and density functional theory calculations
Milani A, Castiglioni C, Di Dedda E, Radice S, Canil G, Di Meo A, Picozzi R, Tonelli C
2611 - 2620 The role of interfacial viscoelasticity in the stabilization of an electrospun jet
Regev O, Vandebril S, Zussman E, Clasen C
2621 - 2628 Solid polymer electrolytes of blends of polyurethane and polyether modified polysiloxane and their ionic conductivity
Wang SS, Min K
2629 - 2635 Preparation and properties of poly(ethylene glycol)-block-poly(acrylic acid)-coated cobalt nanocrystals
Martinez-Castro N, Zhou ZH, Liu GJ
2636 - 2642 Fouling release nanostructured coatings based on PDMS-polyurea segmented copolymers
Fang J, Kelarakis A, Wang DY, Giannelis EP, Finlay JA, Callow ME, Callow JA
2643 - 2651 Rheological behaviors and electrical conductivity of epoxy resin nanocomposites suspended with in-situ stabilized carbon nanofibers
Zhu JH, Wei SY, Yadav A, Guo ZH
2652 - 2660 Thermal and mechanical properties of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)/cellulose nanowhiskers composites
Ten E, Turtle J, Bahr D, Jiang L, Wolcott M
2661 - 2667 Hexagonally ordered arrays of metallic nanodots from thin films of functional block copolymers
Gowd EB, Nandan B, Bigall NC, Eychmuller A, Formanek P, Stamm M
2668 - 2675 Drug release kinetics from monolayer films of glucose-sensitive microgel
Liu PX, Luo QF, Guan Y, Zhang YJ
2676 - 2682 pH-dependent self-assembly of amphiphilic poly(L-glutamic acid)-block-poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) copolymers
Yang YN, Cai J, Zhuang XL, Guo ZP, Jing XB, Chen XS
2683 - 2689 Fabrication of polymer antireflective coatings by self-assembly of supramolecular block copolymer
Gao JP, Li X, Li BY, Han YC
2690 - 2699 Composites of polyamide 6 and silicate nanotubes of the mineral halloysite: Influence of molecular weight on thermal, mechanical and rheological properties
Handge UA, Hedicke-Hochstotter K, Altstadt V
2700 - 2707 The effect of random branching on the balance between flow and mechanical properties of polyamide-6
Steeman P, Nijenhuis A
2708 - 2720 Analysis of agglomerate dispersion mechanisms of multiwalled carbon nanotubes during melt mixing in polycarbonate
Kasaliwal GR, Pegel S, Goldel A, Potschke P, Heinrich G
2721 - 2731 Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene with improved plasticity and toughness by high temperature melting
Fu J, Ghali BW, Lozynsky AJ, Oral E, Muratoglu OK
2732 - 2739 Evaluation of the tear properties of polyethylene blown films using the essential work of fracture concept
Choi BH, Demirors M, Patel RM, deGroot AW, Anderson KW, Juarez V
2740 - 2747 Processing-microstructure-property relationship in conductive polymer nanocomposites
Al-Saleh MH, Sundararaj U
2748 - 2754 Effects of carbon nanotubes on rheological behavior in cellulose solution dissolved at low temperature
Lue A, Zhang LN
2755 - 2762 Novel ultraviolet-opaque, visible-transparent and light-emitting ZnO-QD/silicone composites with tunable luminescence colors
Yang Y, Li WN, Luo YS, Xiao HM, Fu SY, Mai YW
2763 - 2768 Kinetic analysis of co-polycondensation of AB(2) and AB type monomers in presence of multi-functional cores
Zhou ZP, Jia ZW, Yan DY
2769 - 2778 Barb formation in electrospinning: Experimental and theoretical investigations
Holzmeister A, Yarin AL, Wendorff JH
2779 - 2785 A DFT study on poly(lactic acid) polymorphs
Lin TT, Liu XY, He CB
2786 - 2794 Coarse grain modeling of polyimide copolymers
Chakrabarty A, Cagin T
2795 - 2801 Translocation of compact polymer chains through a nanopore
Yang ZY, Pan ZQ, Zhang LX, Liang HJ